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Yesterday I decided it was time I really do an honest legacy level up, and new characters. So I went to POT5 after hearing everyone say that it’s a dead server, I decided for a newbie like me in PVP and Group stuff, that would be the perfect server. So I rolled a Chiss I.A. , so meet Rurn’ises’vimeo my newly created Imperial Agent Operative. Now code name:Cipher Nine. While running around DK doing my normal class quest, I qued for PVP, Group Finder, Star fighter. Just to get his feet wet so to speak, well I can say an Operative PVP is nice. I was used for a punching bag during one WZ match. I didn’t complain, it was done in all fun. I decided that I would really start fresh totally and with server transfer’s still down I figured well this was the perfect time to spread across yet another server. Well here is a sneak peak of my freshly designed Legacy:Starsnow

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All this was done in the 7 hours I played today. Yes I played 7 hours today and decided I had enough and wanted to go do a blog post, maybe some guild wars 2, even second life, before going to find a decent movie ondemand. Not to mention I did this while taking Raven out in between for her potty breaks. So yeah I have decided to give it a straight try and just more importantly have fun doing PVP and group stuff. I probably won’t be back on the other servers for a while now, but it’s not all that bad. I decided I wanted to do something totally off the wall from my everday normal and etc. Plus it will also help keep me from getting bored to much before the new content is released next month. I don’t even think I’ll be joining a  guild on this server, course I see next to no recruitment statements made in general chat, which is good for me, because it was getting to the point I wanted to shut off Gen chat anymore because of it. Not sure what else I will be rolling over on the POT5 server , but I started the Empire side first, I may end up rolling a Sith Warrior next, and so forth. Haven’t decided much of anything yet. Just figured this would keep me in SW:ToR until next month when everything comes out. Anyways Happy gaming Saturday!!

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