Day 2 of POT5 Legacy

So today I started on day 2 of my pvp life and group content on POT5 server, and I must say I’m highly enjoying it. I didn’t think I would, but I am. Course my last pvp match for tonight left me just shaking my head all together. I zone into a WZ already in progress, they were already losing during the Alderaan WZ when as the match ended I see this in chat.

“Thanks you two lost us the game”,

That kind of made me stop and rattle my head so that my guages jingled together to make a metallic sound. I finished up what I was doing and clicked the “X” button on my client and logged out for the night. Decided that I would blog about day 2 in PVP and doing some group content with group finder. If you want, you can watch the video here. I decided I would upload it to my account.


I came in at mid point where it was already 350 v 350, and fell quickly from both ends. I did what the original Ops leader said, “Protect the Node”, so I tried that as much as I could. Sorry but when I roll into a WZ already in progress and see “Protect the Node”, well I’m going to go help out my fellow team member and protect that damn node. It’s not our fault that as you typed things in chat, you got your ass handed to you over and over again. I could see if it was a ranked WZ and this happened, but this is unranked, and solo mode, so we may never run into each other again, and well I also before logging out, muted that person because they were playing the elite mentality that I just will not deal with. I even did a few FPs today as well. First up was KDY for the 20 comms daily you get from grouping up, then it was Athiss FP that I jumped in to help. The moment we all zoned in the Sith Inquisitor Assassin says in group chat, “I don’t know why they made me a tank.”, well I asked what his spec was since he was an assassin and he says , “I have darkness.” well that was why they made you tank. You have the tank spec in Inquisitor so therfore your roll is tank. If you didn’t want to be tank, you should have changed your roll before queing for group finder. He thanked me and said next time he knows. I guess he is new, and just wanted to do DPS, which is cool. I have no clue on tanking so I always try and pick DPS, even though my Sith Juggs are always in Immortal, but do fairly good DPS damage in PVE enviroment.


Shakes head and decides, eh, enough blogging for tonight, I’m go get ready for a new TV series on Dest. America called “Alaskan Haunting”….yes I love paranormal chit!! :p

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