Spammers go away!!!


Credit spammers and how they are ruining the game.

Like the image says above. Spammers stay out. As most of us in SW:TOR has seen recently a new take on these credit selling fools has taken shape. By that I mean, they now are able to whisper/tell to use about their lowest prices in the US, and their website’s link. F2P MMO’s all have these annoying tards running around, spewing their spam in general chat, but now in SW:TOR they do it all the ways they can find. They don’t even have names, they have just random letters , but I’ve found a pattern on some of the credit theives that makes a little sense. I spotted a group on Ord Mantell that well go me thinking when I rolled a trooper because I did not have one on the Shadowlands Server.

Image below.

swtor 2015-05-14 16-10-32-89In the image above, I’ve spotted a group. I’ve also noticed that they have “GSG” at the end of their random letters. Interesting to say the least. Could this possibly help us out during starter planets to find these groups of 4, and be able to throw them on ignore. I stood there for a good 15 minutes, and they all did the same thing, and when those beasts respawned they all attacked the same way. Now I know some will say that’s not frowned upon, but I don’t know, it just seems to me that they are all F2P and they do the same thing over and over again. Not sure about the Whispers we now recieved, but this has enabled me to just shut them off in general now. I understand that credit farming is something that every MMO has, and if you’re F2P it’s gonna happen? But don’t we , the SWTOR community that sinks hard earned money into a game subscription have some sort of protection from this? I believe we should, and we don’t. All we get is “Ignore them, report them.” I understand the more we report them, the easier it is for them to be disabled, but in other words we are being asked to sit back and  take it. It’s ruining games, and for those that are unsure about adding a subscription to their account. I understand the mechanics of Free 2 play. It’s giving you an option to try something before you buy it. I like that, but there should be even more restrictions to help curve these morons that want to ruin gaming for everyone. I’m sorry I’m trying not to call names, but this is one thing that just gets me. But as a subscriber to SW:ToR I’m just losing my patience with the amount of spam one person can take. Now sure about the rest of the community, well yeah, cause I frequent the forums on SWTOR Community Forums and find threads upon threads about this. So yeah the subscribers are getting annoyed with it. I was happy to read that they took down one of the largest credit spammers in SW, but now this, you think curving the path one way would want to stop it, instead these so called hack jobs just find a new way to annoy us even more. I can see how they are whispering to us. Stand on either the fleet, or planets, type in random letters and what not in the “WHO” tab for each planet, and finding us. But still we need more responces, and protection from these spammers. I don’t agree with how things are handled at this moment with them. You crush one, you bring in another not to long after. Reminds me of stink bugs, how if you accidently kill one, you end up with 20 more in it’s place. stinkbug_285 To me these spammers remind me of said STINK BUG!!!!!


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