MMO vs SOLO and how ugly it can get.


Now recently I’ve been reading the forums for the swtor community and one post by another player spiked this topic for me. He/She is complaining about the attitudes of some that no longer want to group up while doing class missions. Now from what they may understand or not understand I do not know, but every one that sees the letters MMO think you have to instantly group up with others and etc. Wrong and right. MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online. Now you add the RPG at the end and you MMORPG=Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Now from what I’ve read online through wikiapedia and from various other things. MMO does NOT mean you have to group up with everyone you meet in the game. MMO just means you’re online with a lot of people at once. It gives you a social aspect to interact with people that have the simular interests as you do. WoW has them, GW (Guild Wars) has it, as does SW:TOR. It’s also easier for people to create guilds/clans etc to accept other players with same interests. Now some of the interactive MMOs that are listed in games, but in reality aren’t games are programs like Second Life. There is no end game there, it’s just a virtual world where there as well you can play games within it, and have the chance to do something. Now MMO’s do generate a large income for not only the companies , but for people that spend their hard earned money into them. I’ve even ran across threads that says you CAN NOT solo in an MMORPG. Soloing in an MMO is hard to do when you  run across an extremely tough boss,  but let’s just say this. You’re doing your class mission in SWTOR and you decide to group up during a class mission. You have people yelling at you “Spacebar” meaning  , click your spacebar to bypass most of the cutscenes, but if you’re like me, you want to experience your class story and don’t want some twerp yelling at you because he/she has already done that story mission. Now the Heriocs , and Operations, World Bosses, Flashpoints that some do require a group, and that I won’t deny, but I’m clueless on doing group things in SWTOR because of past experiences that all ended badly.



I enjoy the missions in SWTOR that I can solo, some of the older flashpoints, and etc. I do tend to solo after I’m a higher level because of how the community reacts to someone that hasn’t done them in the past. Most grind these out for the deco, credits, or gear they all want. I’ve also seen how people are treated sometimes, not saying that all gamers are like this, but if you get someone like me for instant that types in “New player, hasn’t seen the story, etc. ” some of the remarks can be a bit discouraging from wanting to join groups. Because some people will complain and say things like  this, “FFS you’re a sub and still don’t know how your class works.” I know how my class works in solo mode, but not in group mode, nor in pvp. I only know what my class can do in PVE, so it hinders me from ever joining group finder again. Or you get an invite to a guild for Ops , and raids, pvp , and I respond with , ” NO thanx don’t think I’ll be a good fit, as I have no clue about Ops, raids, or even pvp.” Mind you, I have 8 level 60’s on the Jedi Covenant server that just craft, sell, and I log into sometimes to do dailies to earn some extra creds for. I get invites all the time to join this guild or that guild because I’m a level 60, and they believe I know what I’m doing. Yeah I do know what I’m doing when going against the environment, I have no clue what I’m doing in Ops, Raids, or even PVP. I have often thought about this, and feel that part of me is missing more of the game play that can come from having these maxxed out characters, but fear of being made fun keeps me from even trying. I tried to PVP in the past in unranked and was laughed at because I didn’t understand the mechanics of it. I do read a lot of guides online, and etc, but was laughed out of PVP unranked because I didn’t and still don’t understand the mechanics of it. It’s different from PVE. It can steer some from asking questions as well cause you’ll get those a-holes that insist on mocking you the whole time, or they’ll go “FFS, you are dumba**” , Sorry but those are the kind of responses I steer clear from. I choose to play an MMO, I just choose not to be insulted because I asked a question. So I tend to just avoid that social aspect of gaming. Would I like to be able to PVP, or go on Raids, ops, and so forth, oh hell yeah, but because of how some treat people that have no clue, or just really don’t understand all the lingo aka chat speak, they are mocked, laughed at, and feel isolated in that area. So to avoid my embarrassment I just opted to go Solo in an MMO.

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