Update: Blog and Etc.

Updates and Etc.

So last night as I pushed the button “Publish” on my latest post about Day2 of POT5 Legacy , my wordpress database decided to crash, meaning the webhosting I currently use had a crash somewhere on their server. I pay for my webhosting monthly so their support is fairly decent. I log in to check on my ticket and see if they can help restore the database to a previous version and I get the infamous message. “We are sorry that we can not help you. You can export and import you’re posts , and etc via the Exporter/Importer for wordpress plug in. Then we suggest you delete the site, and reinstall either via FTP or our script installer. Again we are sorry that we are unable to help you.” I mean really I pay $6.99 a month of unlimited, and your fuck up causes me to reinstall wordpress yet again. So I did just that, backed up my posts, and etc. Now I’m starting a fresh wordpress install, reinstated all my posts, comments, and images, or at least I hope.


New Theme


So instead of going with one of my common freebie gamer type themes I decide to use the Parabola theme that I found on one of my other blogs, and decided it was a simple clean, fresh theme to use. Plus I can customize it to my liking and etc. Yes I prefer the darker blogs due to my light blindness issues I have from white backgrounds and black text. So that is the current theme I have going on right now. I may change it in a month or two, I like to keep things fresh. But that is the topic of new theme. If you have any suggestions on what type of theme I would like and what not, please drop a message in the comment section and I’ll check it out.


New Plugin’s & Etc.


So I’ve decided this time around to add Disquis to my comments plug-ins for wordpress all because I am a member of it and etc, and it’s just easier for a lot of people I believe. I had a problem with a friend not being able to log into my blog to drop a comment due to Jetpack. I installed it to help me battle those damn spam attacks I get from time to time. At one time I had over 100 spam messages dropped in my Akismet folder that I just deleted them at one time. I hate spam and well I don’t wanna grow a larger penis, I mean come on now, I don’t even have one why would I wanna grow a larger one, nor do I want a new pair of Rayban sunglasses. I just find it hilarious that they would post stuff like that on a fan base blog for a video game. Ugh, some people or bots just don’t care. I really hate spam, and not the kind you can eat either. Many probably do not even know there is a by-meat product out there that is called “Spam” …



I’ve also added a buddy press to this site, I’ll get around to figuring it all out sooner or later. Just right now well……..

I can’t remember all my links of SWTOR Blogs and Podcasts I had, but I will find them again, just give me time, if you believe I had you linked in my blog roll please also drop a message with your link, and I’ll get it added asap. Anyways I need to go play for a bit now. I realize working and maintaining a blog is hard work, but right now I’m done working, I need to play damn it!! :p

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