Main vs Alt


Now since my last post. I’ve also been thinking about this topic as well. Main vs Alt. I’m sure some of you understand the lingo there. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but for me, some do look down on me. I have no main character in SW:ToR. I’ve played all 8 class stories, and loved each one, some I found more mundane then the others, but over all none of my characters are my main go to. I know I should have at least one or two mains,but I don’t really because I wanted to be the type of player that used all classes, and was able to become familiar with all aspect of their advance classes, but I do say I have a favorite and that is my Sith Warrior’s that are Juggernaughts. Zo’ris and Radqa. That is on the empire side, now if we go over to the Republic side, then I’d have to say are my two Jedi Knight Guardians. Dasru, and Darjade, now all 4 are on different servers. Zo’ris and Darjade are on Jedi Covenant , and Radqa, and Dasru are on Shadowlands. I haven’t made two on the other’s yet. I will eventually when I decide too buckle down again and make a new legacy on those servers. Even though I believe has one “Dragonrage legacy” started. My names are unique to say the least because well I use this Fantasy Name Generators and I like to mix the names up. Plus even though I’m a married woman, I tend to make more male characters then female ones. I just can’t really get into the female voices. Then again my husband seems to think I have the menality of a guy more so then a female, and he’s right actually. I think more along the terms of guys then I do females. I’m not the typical woman. Can’t stand make-up, getting all dazzy up to go out. I’m just blue jeans, t-shirt kinda gal. But enough of that. This is about the Main vs Alt mentality I’ve seen. I bounce a lot between class stories because I don’t want to get bored with just doing one class all the time, so that is why I have opted not to have a main. Instead all my characters are alts. They are all related to each other in some way. Does this make it harder for me to find the perfect guild? Yeah it does, because a lot can’t understand my way of thinking either. A lot don’t like it when you don’t have a main, and use Alts instead, so that brings me back to this problem. Plus there is the cross server issue, I jump servers when bored. Can’t say I’m the only one, but I do it because I do have a tendancy to become bored very easily. I suffer with ADHD and ADD, so yeah my attention span is short at times, especially with insomina thrown into that mix. I am not on meds like some have suggested in the past, but yeah enough of that as well.


ALT ( and I do not mean Alt on a keyboard)


Alt being alternative name, I do this because I like to experience the entire class mission by the various choices I am provided with. Now say we’ll take my Zo’ris who was an ass kisser to Baras the whole time I was leveling him up, that when I made Radqa, I went the other way with him. I made him hate his master from the very door. I made him defy his master’s words, threw in little funny comments, bout his age, and what not. I wanted to experience that reaction from both sides. Even my Jedi Knight’s I’ve tried to keep on the light side, only to end up in making them dark. I just can’t seem to find the logic in half of the lighside choices we are given. I did it with my Jedi Consular who is a Sage with strong in Teleknetics. Now the next Jedi Consular I have is Balanced, and already teired towards dark side. The Dragosani Legacy is both Light and Dark V, only time I ever made a truly balanced legacy, Greymoon Legacy is Dark IV at the moment. As for my reasons varying on not having a main name , well it’s because I like to toy around with all factions, and all classes. I just can’t see myself as a balanced player with one Class, or one Faction. I feel at times like this is also the reason I’m not to social, because my characters reflect my personality too. By nature I’m dark sided with a good heart, so yeah I have light and dark mixed into my personality, and sometimes way things come out , border on sounding mean when I don’t intend for them to sound mean, and I instantly apologize if it came across that way. I just can’t see bogging myself down to one class and faction only. I like a variety in my game play. Sadly console RPGs did that to me, made me not want to play them anymore because you only got one side of everything. That was why I ventured into the world of MMO’s.

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