Little Known Ways to…

Stop being bored………….

As the blog title states. These are some of the ways I keep from becoming to bored with games in general. I have a vast amount of games on my steam account that I haven’t played or haven’t played in a long time. From a mega Star Wars pack to the Hitman series. Yes I have all 3 Hitman games for my ps2 in a collectors box set. Since I have multiple level 50 legacies, and have played all 8 class stories in SW:ToR, I have decided to go venturing into other avenues of gaming. While I have played a little of guild wars 2, and etc. I still find myself losing a desire to sit on my ass and be bored. While I do chat in game about various things and laugh, plus not to mention I’ve decided when I have low level characters for pvp, I will join a few WZ’s here and there, if not for anything but just to test myself, but mostly the comms you get from WZs, I figured if I save enough of them, I can get some neat damn deco for my strongholds. Yes I’m still saving up for a SH on Tatooine. Sorry but I just won’t be jumping on the Yavin-4 SH band wagon. I don’t like Yavin all that much. I would have preferred a SH on maybe a planet like Oricon, or even on Voss.

So this little gallery here is all the legacies I have created so far on SW:ToR. The only one I haven’t went to yet is The Bastion server, and I may or may not, depends really on my mood to be honest. I am not trying to play myself down at the moment, plus I’ve also played a little Guild Wars 2, and Star Wars The Force Unleashed. This is how I am playing the games anymore. I play a little here and there, of course on the Ebon Hawk I did start a new Bounty Hunter this time I went powertech with Tank. Took her into a WZ and a FP and no one complained. I really have been spreading myself around with various games and etc. It’s not that I’m not loving my time in SW:ToR, but I’m really waiting for the release of #KnightsOfTheFallenEmpire, yes yes I know it’s just a month away, even less if a subscriber, but it’s the time dragging of the time. I even watched the Twitchcon over the weekend after it was over. I enjoyed the mini spoiler I already seen and can’t wait to jump into the game. I will be making at least 1 level 60 instant character, but I will be also be using the ones I worked hard to get to lvl 60 now on the servers. Specially my light side Sith Warrior, and Imperial Agent. I will be working on the rest, over time, but right now I just want to enjoy the slow pace I’m putting myself within the game now. Not rushing to finish this character, or that character. Moving characters around and etc. when I have the Cartel Coins to do so. Plus I even thought of taking my newly Lvl 60 Sith Warrior and go do the HK-51 quest, get him the hard way. But eh, its late and I need to try this thing they call sleep!

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