Are MMO’s Dying??

I was browsing my newly created site, and ran across this video in the video section with the hash tag #MMO!videos

Granted they were talking about Game of War that you can get on your cell phone, tablet, virtually anything you can take with you and play. So I decided to write a small post about this. If you watch the video below, it talks about a gaming theory, and I believe it is a good theory and speaks volumes on the would be dying genre of our beloved MMOs. I remember playing games in DOS and what not on older computers. Like the Commodore 64, the Atrai XL &XE series. Not to mention the original Atrai and Intellevision systems too. Yes I admit I’m old or at least that is what someone once told me that was just in their early 20’s because I told them I was in my mid 30’s, now I’m coming up into my late 30’s and remember when Nintendo first came out and all the games we played then too. Castlevania, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Legend of Zelda, Mario Brothers,Contra,Tecmo Super Bowl Football, etc. The list literally goes on and on. Now when Nintendo came out I was roughly somewhere between 10-12 years old. At this time we still went outside to play until the lights came on, or we got hungry whichever came first. Our take of an MM back then since we didn’t go online or anything like that was gathering a bunch of friends, and taking turns playing which ever game we were playing that day. We usually only played for a little bit after school, or at nights before bedtime when our parents allowed us. Now I didn’t own a Nintendo , my father’s girlfriends kids did. I didn’t get my first video game console until Sega Genesis was out, and by that time I was 16, and still wasn’t really into video games , but I did try a lot back then. Ninja Gaiden and After Burner II. Can’t forget also the tournaments you’d have with your friends on Mortal Kombat. Anyways enjoy the video, and then just read what I feel is a good or even decent opinion below the video………………………………………..

Now that you’ve watched the video and probably understand some of it, or all of it. This is my opinion on MMOs and if they are dying and what not. My opinion goes on as this:

For those that believe the genre of MMOs is dying, it’s not, they are evolving it, people don’t want to bogged down my heavily intense graphic computers anymore, laptops and etc. So they are making them smaller, faster, and using less space then say a book. Then you have things like Google Play, Amazon store, etc. All online. Yes they charge for the games, but you are also not bogged down by a monthly subscription and what not. You pay say $19.99 plus  tax, and that is it. No monthly fees afterwards. That is on some games, not saying all are going on that market , but yeah. It’s not the that the genre is dying, It’s evolving into a more smaller scale for where you can play your games virtually anywhere that has a wifi signal. I mean let’s face it, how many of us have a desktop pc with kick ass graphics, but also have a laptop that is used for gaming as well? A lot or some. I no longer have a laptop but when I did it was used for Second Life, so yeah I did some games on it as well. I even virtually turned my laptop into a desk top computer by adding a Monitor and keyboard & mouse via USB. Let’s face it, our technology is improving and we are moving a long with it in a sense that we feel that one genre of games is dying, but in reality it’s not, it’s moving as well with us as we grow into a different age.

This was just my opinion and some may agree or disagree, but either way it’s still just my opinion on how the genre we call MMO is evolving into the new age.


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