Couldn’t help it

I know I said in the past when they talked about the new expansion coming this month that I wouldn’t get into spoilers and etc. But I couldn’t help myself over twitch con and etc. I only watched a few things , and then of course when the Dev team held their own live stream, even though I tend to watch these things a day later as I tend to forget they are even online after being online most of the day. So I broke my cardinal rule, even though when I think about what was shown, I didn’t in all reality. I didn’t read any of the datamining posts that have been out there, or anything else in that nature. I did pretty much stay true to everything else. I just watched what the Dev Team allowed us  to see, so not sure if it’s entirely breaking my cardinal rule of no spoilers, or whatever. Curiousity got the best of me. I don’t pay much attention to Gen chat when I’m playing SWTOR , besides the blogs, and forums I read, I don’t listen to what people say much in gen chat as some are always well filled with BULLSH*T. Call me cynical or whatever in that sense but in all my time online I’ve come to realize that the truth level is lower then the lie level online. So I tend to take everything with a grain of salt. Meaning I don’t really believe unless I see the official source of it all because well you know how the rumor train goes. One person says one thing, passes it along and by the time you hear it. It’s so long and unbelievable that well you give up and decide not to go through it. So yeah I take it like that. I want hard cold facts before I believe anything that is put on the internet.


Am I excited?

Damn right I am. I am probably like many other fans that love story content, and yet I get asked this a lot. “You play an MMO but you solo a lot of the story content why?”, well lets see, just because it’s an MMO doesn’t mean I have to group up every time. The story line is meant to be a soloable thing. Even says so when you hover over the story areas in your story lines. Other players are only spectators. Meaning they do not and will not affect the outcome of your decisions in your story. The thing that I think escapes a lot of people is that this is not only an MMO it’s also an RPG which is a role playing game. So yes it’s an MMORPG. The MMO part wasn’t what kept me coming back. It was the RPG part that does. I don’t RP with others anymore as it tends to become to bothersome to me, but yet I will hang out on RP Servers and etc. Just like I’m no longer afraid of PVP servers. I have a few started legacies on them. I play low level PVP then just stop when I grow bored of it. I’ve started getting into Group Finder for Flashpoints. Not sure about Operations yet, as I still don’t think I’m up to that many players at once. Back to the reason I’m doing this post. Yes I’m excited and happy that in a few short weeks now,well merely days. I will be one of the ones with early access to the new content, and get all the goodies they offered as perks for subscribers to #KotFE. This month also marks my 1 year anniversay as being a subscriber to SWTOR. Yes it is officially one year since I took the plunge and dived into the subscription part of SWTOR and I will admit one thing. I will never downgrade my account unless I’m going offline for a long extended period. I pay for it monthly, and love all the perks I get from it. I know if I had to downgrade, my preferred bundle I get everytime I make a new character will help me out big time too.


Did I break my anti-spoiler?

After writing this post, I believe I haven’t. I only watched and read the content that was put out there by the Dev Team from SWTOR themselves. I didn’t play into the big hype of everything else that was being said online. So I saw some of how chapter one goes. That wasn’t really much of a spoiler or was it? I don’t really know and I don’t really care. I had fun watching the videos and listening to the staff talk about their game and the high hopes they have for it. I know some will be leaving SWTOR cause of the No new operations and No new end game content at the moment, and I feel for those guys and girls. I really do , because they wait so long to get something, and be told it’s not coming right away, I just feel bad. But I’m not to sad about it, because it is their choice to stay or go. Which reminds me of a song by The Clash.

Enjoy the video and happy gaming Friday.

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