5 Days left and a threat of striking too!


It is almost time

So there is 5 days left before early access to the new Expac, yes I’ve finally broken down and called it an Expac. I’ve read no more spoilers, actually I’ve read nothing out on the internet all because well I don’t trust people enough to read it. I know roughly around 40-50 people got into what they call “Closed Beta” and aren’t allowed to talk about it, and that’s cool with me. I honestly don’t want to know anymore than I already do. I watched the live streams (granted a day or two later) over on YouTube  and got some of the info I wanted, but that was all I wanted. I just wanted to know about the changes coming out soon. So while I read the official SWTOR Forums and what not I still have to laugh because even though some are now just realizing that MMO does mean Massively Multi-player Online , they are bitching about it all being about the story content, I guess some forgot that RPG does end on the MMO part of SWTOR , I mean if you Google it, you’ll see MMORPG, even if you Google MMORPG’s it still shows up in searches for the most part. I understand that there is no new endgame content coming out during this story driven line they are giving us. But what gets me is those that bitch about things like this, do not realize at all that well it’s going to be ran like a series. We all have a favorite TV show that we watch regularly every fall. For me it’s How to get away with Murder, Supernatural, Empire, and now the new Fox one Rosewood. So they are going to break it down like a TV series, cool I’m down with that. I honestly thought it was the best concept of playing a video game anyways. It will keep people wanting to play it. I mean I’m not saying forget about all the other aspects of the game, but right now they are focused on more story lines. Now here is the big thing that not many are even aware of or even realize can happen.


Voice Actors may strike

That’s right, all those wonderful voice actors we talk about from various games, not just SWTOR itself, but all video games that have voice actors portraying our wonderful CGI characters have threatened  to strike in the gaming industry, so yeah there are problems all over at the moment. While I don’t know if they have started to strike, or not, back in the last week of September, they had threatened to strike because they are not simply paid enough to do more than just voice acting. Don’t believe me, well read the article here about it. Now I’m going to list a few websites about this current situation because as a lover of video games, I believe they should be paid accordingly.

List of websites reporting on Voice Actors Striking

So as you can see this may very well be happening. The last time I seen anything about Actors striking it gave us a very short season in Television as well. That strike was done by the writers guild and left us with roughly about 12-16 episodes during our beloved TV Season. I was bummed when Supernatural only had 16 Episodes that season and that was back in 2007-2008, so yeah we’re on the brink of yet another strike that will well leave us with a sour taste in our mouth if they do decide to strike, because let’s face it, it will halt production of our beloved video games. So before we start really complaining about a free content in game , just remember there are people out there that do this and get paid for it, but yet the gaming industry does not want to pay them right, or they are asking to much from these characters that are just suppose to be voice acting for us.

Such major game studios as Activision, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Rockstar, WB Games, and Disney Interactive have yet to respond to the guild’s demands following the failure of last June’s negotiations to produce the desired results.

This block quote was taken from the last site listed in the links above. Do you notice the one company that is a HUGE impact for us gamers. That is right EA is in the list of companies not listening to the demands of our beloved voice actors. So while you’re bitching about free content that is coming, and how it will be played out remember people are actually not wanting to strike, but they are refusing to live with next to nothing in a forum of a paycheck. I believe with the number of subscribers, and etc that these companies have, they should pay the voice actors accordingly. I understand it cost money to make a video game, and I’m sure a lot of these companies would not loose a nights of sleep if they paid accordingly but alias they aren’t paying and they aren’t listening to the voice actors we know in our games.

So as the days count down and we are eagerly awaiting the new content that is coming in SWTOR just remember there are people who are threatening to strike and cut our time in video games even shorter because the big companies are pocketing the money and not sharing it with those that deserve in my eyes, some extra income if they are being asked to do more and more of certain things. It’s not just acting they are doing in a studio anymore, some have even been doing stunts and etc. and trust me when I say that MO-CAP which is short for Motion capture is hard to do, I only know this because the same goes for inside the virtual world Second Life, there are people that use Mo-cap to bring to life our avatars that walk around, dance, and etc. so yeah be thankful to those that do all this. It has evolved over the generations and I’m proud to see some awesome Mo-cap stuff going on in games, movies, TV and etc. We as a community that loves to play video games, don’t take the time to say “Thank you”, to those that provide us with these awesome actions in our movies we watch, the video games we play, and etc. Without them we would still be in the stone-age of times with Mo-cap. Eh, whatever happy Thursday gaming and thanks for taking the time to read this if you do, if not, well still happy whatever day it is for you. I’m off to go find something to do.

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