The countdown to mere hours now…..

Yup that is right, the countdown is just mere hours now that we are either eagerly awaiting the new expansion from Bioware Austin, or the countdown of those that just refuse to accept the fate of more story because they want more endgame content.


The one thing I keep hearing about other players is lack of information. I agree being silent a lot does hurt a game, but there are other pressing issues here. These guys and girls are playing the game, trying to make sure it will be able to launch for early access on the 20th. Nothing wrong with that, also there is the fact that some companies don’t want to reveal to much about a new product or what not. While I’m not for it, I just don’t see the need to whine and complain bout not being able to read more information about it. Now I have a theory on to why there is no new endgame content being published right now. Like I said, it’s a theory, you can disagree or agree to it.



Now this is the biggest thing many have yet to realize and or just don’t want to realize how this will work. On the 20 for early access or on the 27th when the game goes live for everyone else. We get handed 9 chapters to start our “Outlander” Saga in SWTOR. Most are believing it to be about an hour or so long to run through all these Episodes. Sorry to me they are episodes because even though our classes the main ones had 3 chapters, then RotHC and SOR became 4 and 5 chapters, with a prelude with Ziost. That ends that part of the saga, so now they are making a whole new series here with new chapters, and etc. From my understanding on how it was described during some of the live streams. It would run like a TV Series. By that I mean is this. Take your favorite TV Series you wait all summer to catch a new season and that season doesn’t start until Sept , sometimes even October. So come the 20th, some of us get access to early story, while others wait until the 27th. I think that is more along the lines of a pre-order tickets that allows you in to see even a Movie before the official release date. Yeah so as you see there is a pattern here forming along their lines of thinking. I believe they watched to many movies, and tv series. But back to the topic. Before the holiday season they are dropping 9 chapters=episodes into our laps. So will it be a weekly drop after that, or what? I mean it will be the holiday season and it’s been known that games even need a break, most don’t want to play games over some holidays because they want to spend time with their loved ones and families and so forth, and that is totally understandable and awesome. Gives great in-law jokes to be used at a later date. So the first 9 dropped into our laps, will take us into mid to late season. We get a break, they get a break, and after that they come back and drop the rest into our laps whenever they have the set date, not to mention if you seen the official website, after Chapt. 12, there is no names for those yet, meaning they haven’t finished developing them when they released their initial update on the new expansion. At least that is what I understood, and have had all this time to think about it.

Now onto the new topic.

No Endgame content

I know this was a real shocker to the community that have been dying for new endgame content in aspects of world bosses, new operations, and so forth. But let’s go back to the topic above for a moment. Would you want new endgame content added mid-way through a season of a series you watch faithfully on TV. I wouldn’t, I’d rather have the climatic build up to the end bosses and so forth. Further explanation at the end of this post. I know before you even start, but it’s an MMO, yes yes we all can agree that TOR is an MMO, but it’s also an RPG and the RPG part of it is that you go against the environment all on your own. Which seems to bum out a lot of people because they love the grouping up and so forth. That is cool, I mean it really is. I have always played this as an RPG first, then tried to get into endgame content, or group up in random PUGS, even though I haven’t lately due to taking time for my mind and everything that has happened in RL recently. But just because they said no new content for a while, does not mean they are giving up their beloved endgame content, or even possibly new pvp arenas, and let’s not forget star fighter which hardly anyone does now it seems. At least it’s like pulling teeth to get a random to pop anymore. So before you rage quit because of no new endgame stuff to do, or even PVP, just take the time and let them get to it. I mean after all some of us yelled out for more story content and they are delivering it to us in the next update and so forth. Now for the conclusion of all this…….


Conclusion ( Thoughts and examples)

So there you have it, my take on everything that will be released in the next day , and in the next week. My little break down of theories that plague my mind quite often. Now to my example I want to give about the end game content, well I’ll use my favorite TV series here. Supernatural season 4,

In the first episode they gave Dean back, and started talking about breaking the 66 seals to release Lucifer. Now if this was a game, Lucifer would be your endgame content. The final Boss Confrontation. He would be our world boss for whatever world, there would be group content and everything to confront this bad angel. Since that season was Episode 82 in the series, but Episode 22 in the season, they couldn’t just bring back Dean, introduce us to all these new characters,and dump us with a boss in the mid-season. Well they could have, but that isn’t how screen writers do it. They develop the base story line, and work up to the climatic season finale. So while you are reading this, understand that it is all a theory in my mind, and what I think it means when they said it would run like a TV series, you get the first episode and work our way into the end of the season finale. Plus with this line of thinking, I believe they haven’t gotten to working on endgame boss and etc just yet, they are learning the curves as they go as well, and also don’t forget, they have to get the OKAY from others now to continue onto the SW Saga in general, so before you rage quit, remember the TV series you watch, and how you wait each week for another episode to be dropped into your lap, and think of how they are now designing this part of our beloved Star Wars:The Old Republic.


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