No spoilers here.

That’s right I won’t be posting spoilers to those that read my blog and have not yet started KotFE. That just is not how I roll and most know this by now, but I will start this post about what I like and dislike about the new game updates and so forth. As many of us know that since 4.0 went live, and just yesterday they did an update called 4.0a, I must say, even with the bugs and the constant lag now because well servers are extremely populated now because a lot of us are playing  through the new content, or doing things that haven’t been done in a long time. It really does depend on how you look at the game and so forth to see anything worth while. Now onto my likes and dislikes topics



  • Over all concept of how things changed.
  • No more dishing out comms or credits to keep companions on lower level characters geared up as I level up.
  • The new UI that they have created with the snap to grid. Being a builder of Prims and Mesh in second life. I love snapping things to grid, a little anal I know.
  • The new collections tabs that are all closed when looking in collections.
  • The story in general (Yes I have played all 9 Chapters, and no I will not spoil it for others)
  • Was able to get all maxed on legacy in  Companions I have before starting KotFE story line.
  • When playing KotFE story, no more pulling out portable trainer. Not sure how it is for other characters yet, but will post an update on it for lower level ones.
  • Being able to find Companion Gifts on both fleets

Now I know that list is small, but I haven’t really ventured through to much of anything. As I’m still learning about this new setup on how we get things, and etc. Just like I don’t know what I honestly think about this level syncing. While playing Guild Wars 2, I did not like it all that much, but now that I have played Guild Wars 2 for a while now, and seeing how it works in SWTOR, well lets just say, I miss being able to by pass a lot of mobs to get certain things for companions, or just over all quests.



  • Level syncing ( probably just because I’m not all that use to it, but it may become a like in the future)
  • The new over all stats and gearing. I’m a poor one to gear up before 4.0, but now I gotta learn what I’m looking at when buying new mods for main character.
  • The Loss of HK’s Assassinate.

Before 4.0 went live, you can see in the orange text, HK almost hit 100k in damage with his assassinate ability, so yeah that is a screen shot worth having in my collections and in memory with my most beloved companion.


That is all I can think of for the moment on Dislikes. Rather odd too because usually I have something more in dislikes than I do with Likes, but since the early access, and all. I haven’t complained at all about it. Probably because I’m just so damn happy to be apart of the subscriber stat, and over all just apart of the SWTOR community no matter how I play. I mean it is a game I pay to Play,so I play it my way. I may one day try and rejoin a guild,but Not for a while. I’m just doing things solo, and may occasionally pull up group finder to do things. But I have 8 classes to pull through KotFE , and a lot of bonus characters I need to max up to 60 just for fun. I’m going to sit down one day when I’m not playing, and get each and every character I have on all the US Servers and post them on this blog so that friends that read my blog on each server may find me, add me, and bug me about whatever. LOL. Anyways it’s 4am est, and I’m in the mood to play again, so after a few hours of sleep, I’m jumping right back in SW:ToR ….Yes I’m addicted and damn proud of it. Happy gaming Friday for everyone!!

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