What Cracks me up the most…………..

Is that all the rage and hatred I’ve seen about the new changes in SWTOR. I mean really what did we really expect here. Yeah we got some new stories, which by the way I love entirely. A brand new level sync for those are higher levels and want a way to go back and finish planet story arcs that some didn’t do over the Epic XP boost we ran through all summer and better part of Fall. Legacy wide datacrons finally (even though I don’t collect them really cause I hate hunting for them and finding others that are searching.) , being able to chose our companions role now from Tank, DPS, and Healer. Makes it so much easier to run through things. I do not agree with them taking away certain weapons and etc. from the companions. Like many I miss having Jorgan running around with a cannon attached to his back like my newly created level 30 something trooper, but I’ll deal with it. I do love the fact that again will I never have to waste comms on gearing those companions. Which brings me to this topic.


Are companions Overpowered now?

I’ve seen people complain about this all over the game, in the forums and etc. They are complaining that comps are now Overpowered, and well I tend to agree, it’s nice to see that they are higher in stats then us, I always tried to keep my companions higher in HP and all that than me because I wanted them to last longer especially if they were my tanks. They should have higher abilities, and more HP then the character I am playing. So I applaud Bioware for that because I want my companions alive with me during the entire fight, not dying within 15 seconds because of overpowered NPC. I haven’t had the pleasure of running into the True shots killers yet on Alderaan in the library for the Sith Inquistor quest yet , even though I have a level 30 something sitting somewhere, or the assassin droids on Corellia that you have to kill during one of the planet missions for Republic side yet. I am trying to remember where all the overpowered NPC’s are at but having a tough time remembering. When playing I can spot them when I hover over them and see “True Shot” under their names in the stats part, but eh, whatever. Being able to solo flashpoints with an overpowered companion. Heroics well I haven’t tried any of them yet on the planets. I know I will miss being a higher level and going back down to lower planets to them, but eventually I’ll find a group on each planet that wants to do  them. If not, well I just won’t do them. But beware with all the complaining because you remember when a group tends to complain so much, they nerf things, look at our abilities in the past, some where taken away, others got nerfed, like FS and FL for the consular and inquisitors, along with all the other classes.


Legendary Status


While running around yesterday finishing up quests on my other Agent:Operative I ran into a new player on Nar Shaddaa and had an interesting conversation via “whisper” here is the conversation that I can remember, it was short one and he thanked me for taking the time to explain things to him.

Him: Hey can I ask you a question?

Me: Sure go ahead.

Him: How long have you been playing?

Me: Roughly for almost 3 years now.

Him: Is that how you got the legendary status icon next to your name?

Me: No, you get that when you finish all 8 class stories on one server.

Him: Oh thanks, I did not know that, I’ve only been playing for a month, and most just shined me off when I asked about that, and said go google it.

Me: Yeah some give the community a bad name for that and feel they are above all others since they’ve been around since launch and etc.

Him: Yeah I can see that now, some of the players are extremely toxic.

Me: No arguments there from me on that, is why I don’t do high level PVP because of the toxicity.

Him: Well thanks for answering my questions, I’m leaving Nar, and going on now, have a good day.

Me: You too, and thanks, you’re welcome, and don’t let the toxicity drag you down, remember it’s your game, and how you want to play it is all that should matter.

End of Whisper.

I don’t understand why some players feel the need to tell someone who admits to just joining the game because they’ve seen the trailers on youtube, or had a friend tell them about SW:ToR and etc. and get them to join up and play to go “Google things”, If you are a higher level, and just waiting around and so forth, it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain a little thing like “Legendary Status”, normally some whispers/tells I tend to ignore, especially when they are just filled with chat speak, all cause I’m not waisting 15 minutes trying to figure out two letters that are meant to make up a whole world. I will admit somethings pertaining to SW I will look up because I don’t do chat speak all that well. The most of my chat speak is LOL=Laugh Out Loud, ROLF=Rolling on the Floor, LMAO= Laughing my ass off, ROLFLMAO= Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. Stuff like that. That is my chat speak. When I have to figure out what anything more, it tends to give me a headache and make me say shit in real life like, “How the hell did you graduate school with grammar like that?” I mean I don’t have the best of spelling anymore, but gesh at least I have spell check in my blog posts activated so I can correct my words, even though standard dictionary on wordpress sucks ass because some of their word corrections make me scratch my head.


Temp Bars for Heroic Ability

Now I do like this feature, because in the past it took one solid quickbar to place those legacy abilities out there to use when Heroic was activated, but what I did notice, that I haven’t seen anyone bitch about yet is Force Lightening from the Inquisitor’s ability. It was in the past force storm, now it’s Force lightening. I mean really? Bioware took that away and made it just shooting lightening from fingers now. Which looks funny when non force users use it. Like the Agent, Bounty Hunter, Trooper and Smuggler. At least they left the others alone though. For that I’m happy about, but who knows what they were thinking. I don’t understand them at all at times. But having a temp bar that pops up and lets you use them not once, but twice, possibly three times. Well that is well worth it, just like that temp bar will pop for other things as well not just the heroics when activated. When you have to use a mission item, that temp bar pops up as well. Only thing I seen about complaints was apparently reading or watching a video for some is a tad of a chore because they don’t know you have to retrain for your heroic again, which is stupid since you get it at level 15, but yeah it sucked having to go and get it again, but I did, just pulled out my portable trainer and clicked on it again.

But anyways that is all for today, when I think of more to write about, I will, but well close to 1300 words , yeah time to go play some star wars now, Happy Gaming Saturday!!  Also if you read this and want to catch me on Ebonhawk, here is the legacy that lives there. The Spyderbane Legacy.

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