Would he be good in HM FP’s?



Now I ask this because I’m seriously thinking of using him as a tank in HM FPs, Of course I’ll drop down to do lower level FPs and so forth because I want to learn to use him better. Plus once I start on the other servers, I can mirror his style to them. Other then the blue gear that is his belt, all his is orange, and I’ve added some of the Mods that I got from Ziost and Yavin-4, Rishi, sorry but once I put a character into their set gear, I don’t like changing it out, and I’m not to hip with outfit designer. He has no augments in any of the gear he has on, I just couldn’t be bothered, and have read that most use it to boost their stats in PVP. Health wise he’s got a good stat, I believe. Same with Armor rating. I’ll have to go ingame later to take a closer look at things, and will do here shortly. I’ll take screen caps of his entire gear settings and etc.


But this brings me back to question at hand? Would you want him as a partner in a group for a HM FP once I’ve learned how to use him? , and how else could I help him improve the stats he has currently. Would adding augs to his gear help or hurt him. I ask this because I’m new to the idea of FPs, and want to learn to use him fully so that when I roll on other servers, I can mask his stats as I level them up as well. He is designed to be a solid tank, and I’ve only tanked with him as a solo player during his class missions, but I’m looking for helpful answers, and etc that could make me a better player with him. My other lvl 60’s are just for show. I want to take one character to the next level and I believe this is the one so that I can apply what knowledge I gain for him, to the other classes that are well suited to tank mode.

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