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Not a spoiler, but little well known fact.

I’ve decided that I would write this post for anyone that reads this blog and did not get early access to KotFE, as it was stated by Bioware themselves through their streams they do advise anyone that hasn’t finished their companion stories to do so, also to make sure you have everything set for your journey into the expansion, all because once you hit “Launch” there is no backing out. You must start the expansion. I won’t tell you what goes on through out the expansion because if you are like me, you want to start it with a spoiler free ride. Even though with all the leaked data-mined information that became available before the early release hit live on the streams. I was able to avoid all that information all because I did not look on twitter, dulfy , and or reddit to often when I wanted to know something about previous stories that we had done. I tend to avoid data-mined information for that sole purpose. I want to experience the story without spoilers, and I won’t be adding them at all for a good while. I will say this, once you start the story you really don’t want to stop and once you finish chapter 9 it does leave you wanting more. I feel 9 chapters was not a good start. I’m craving more and more at the moment, but alias I can go play other level 60’s now and get them up to 65 with ease. Hell I started listening to the companions I had and was instantly taken up to at least level 62 just by their stories and what not. So far I’ve used my 1 instant 60( He was made into a Sith Warrior (Juggernaut), a Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Sith Inquisitor, and thinking about starting with one my agents or whatever character I want, it’s totally unsure at this moment. But the most important advice I can give when this goes live tomorrow for everyone else is really just enjoy the game. Don’t let anyone ruin your star wars experience. It truly has become a better game with this latest expansion regardless of the nay-sayers and all. Now onto the next helpful topic


Shut off……………….

Right here and right now, shut off your general chat if you don’t want spoilers, because some in the community are heartless to other players that are just starting the first chapter, and will throw spoilers out left and right. And since we’ve had early access a whole week before the rest, well I won’t judge anyone that just didn’t subscribe during the summer. Most did not have the money, couldn’t be boggled down by the commitment, or well real life matters came up that they didn’t see the reason to renew a subscription,then there are the others that missed a reward by mere days and while Bioware did try to accommodate those that may have missed at least the 1st perk, Even though I was just mere hours late getting started I had to shut off general chat when I jumped into the chapters. I did not want anyone spoiling my start into the new stories. Even now that I’ve played through it. I still will not answer questions that pop up on my screen in whispers about it. I’m not going to be an asshole and spoil it for someone no matter how much they beg me. Now we all had the sneak peak into the first chapter that you will jump into via stream on Twitch with Eric, and at Twitch-con , but I’ve been asked what my answer was to “Did you kneel?” , my response to that question is well I’ll tell you in a blog post about it some time, and I’ll let you know in the far future. I may set up a thing here on the blog to see how many did kneel and did not kneel. But right now, I want the rest of the community to catch up and feel the impact of this story line. Now onto my final topic for this morning.


Have some damn fun playing this game 

Stop all the damn bickering about how this is the downfall of SW:ToR, while yes most are wanting end game content still and are whining on the forums and in chat about it. Give these guys some credit where credit is due. It was not easy to get the voice actors to act, nor was it easy to design at least 9 chapters for us to play, it was also not easy to build the worlds we have been given to play on. And for the love of all things in the Star Wars galaxy, stop crying about the stories. Past and present, and future. Seems most are only following along the lines of MMO and forget that there is an RPG at the end for this game. Right now Bioware has decided to focus on the RPG part of this game. Which for those that do not understand RPG it means Role playing game , if you were like me in the 90s and in 2000 with the launch of PlayStation (Original) not that small thing they called psone. But the bulky one and you played Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and so forth, then you understand the terms of RPG and how they work. Course even now for those that play Guild Wars , Guild Wars 2, Lord of the Rings, WOW and yes even the new Final Fantasy you are essentially playing a role playing game. Even those that play Star Trek Online you are playing an MMORPG, so your complaining is falling on deaf ears when you believe that the RPG part of these games should be erased, because let’s see, a break down of at least star wars without the RPG in it is just what.

  • PVP only
  • Group content that has no back story
  •  No lore or back story of each planet
  • Your classes would be mute and pointless
  • The list goes on and on

This is just a small list of what happens when you remove a story element from an RPG and make it strictly an MMO which seems to be what most are wanting. No stories, no involvement into creating back story or history (aka lore) into anything from planets, classes, and so forth. From what I’ve read on the forums and everything lately is most are upset about the PVP , endgame content, but what they have forgotten is to get new PVP worlds and new endgame content, one must have a back story (lore) to go with it in an RPG. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be upset about no new endgame content, Star Fighter, and PVP, it’s just give these guys time to create a story line to go with what we are now doing, and let it develop within from the writers. The writers are what I would call the Story tellers for the game , they are setting the scenes for us to play, and we act them out accordingly to each class and etc. So don’t get your pants in a tight spot because nothing new is here at the moment. Give these guys time to create, and let the graphic artists do what they do best. So before you throw out the infamous “Rage Quit” because of nothing new, just remember they dropped 9 wonderful chapters into our laps, and it will come in time, just right now, holiday season is coming up, the new star wars movies is set to be released in Dec. Just have a little patience and all good things will come to those that wait. Yes waiting suck, but alias we must wait to get new stuff handed to us. After all the bitching and whining has been exhausted, think back for a moment they just gave us access to a new content that could have easily cost us their normal fee of $19.99 plus taxes to access this content, even though few seem to believe that paying the $14.99 a month or how ever they pay for game time is still paying for the content. It’s free as long as you remain a subscriber to get the new chapters as they will be released, but right now you could drop your subscription and still have access to the 9 chapters once it’s live for everyone. So say next month you decide to drop your subscription, you still have access to 9 chapters. I see that as a win-win for everyone, because while we wait for the next set of chapters to be released you can play the previous ones, get ready at your own pace. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. It was a little longer then I intended, but ahhh, I had a few things going on in my head all at once, so if looks clustered, well welcome to my mind, it’s how my mind works!!


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