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Rage hate & Rage Quit

For the last week I’ve seen a lot of rage hate ,and rage quitting in the game all cause certain things changed. Do I agree with a lot of the changes? No not really, but it’s not going to cause me to rage hate or rage quit the game I have come to love the most now. I have time and money invested into SW:ToR and I will not be quitting any time soon, sure I may go on hiatuses and what have you not but that does not mean I no longer want to be apart of the star wars community. I just take these breaks so that I don’t burn myself out with extensive game play. So before you go to the forums and post an “I quit this stupid game thread” try reading some of the posts there, and well for me I just can’t understand why so many threaten to quit a game they claim to have loved in the past, but because things have changed. Sure our companions in my opinion are better. Like I said in a past post I would spend most of my Comms and etc. on them to make them over powered in my eyes so they could help me in a battle. I pay this a month for the game $15.89. I have the security key attached to my cell phone as well. I have been a proud paying member of this community since Oct of 2014, granted I know that is not considered very long, but to me it is because it’s a game I’ve grown to love in all aspects minus the bullying and sexual harassment I encountered a few months back. Like many I have invested money, and my time, more so my time then anything else. I was never truly a free to play player when I started back in 01.14.13, so granted that I will becoming up on a 3 year mark in Jan of 2016, it doesn’t mean I haven’t invested anything into the game. For a while I did not play because I wasn’t sure if it was the game for me, until after my husband and I reconnected 2 years ago, and then last year he saw me playing and took an interest in the game himself. He has an account, but will never play for two reasons the 1st is because we have just one pc at the moment and he’s not kicking me off it anytime soon, and the 2nd reason is because he just doesn’t have the eye and hand coordination it takes to play these games. He prefers the consoles we have. PS2, and Xbox (Original).

Level Sync and how it’s hated

Apparently a lot of people don’t truly understand the mechanics of Level syncing or they just don’t care to adapt to this concept of it all. I had a taste of it over in Guild Wars 2 as the higher up you go, the more they drop your levels down to the specified area you are in. I think that is a great concept. Yesterday while I was running around on Tatooine with my Sith Warrior (Marauder)

swtor 2015-10-26 08-38-50-80

I did the story arc for the planet, and everyone knows the one base near the Com towers you must access to finish the last part of the quest is near a Republic base and they usually had level 55, then level 60 Champions there, well out of sheer curiosity I decided I wanted to take a closer look at the bosses that were outside the main entrance, and well I was level 30 or 31 when I spotted this champion, and I decided okay time to try this level sync thing out here. I smacked the first droid around a bit and HK killed him. Then I decided to take on the Boss there that was immune to knock backs and so forth. All the while a young and stupid Jedi Consular sat on the sand behind me and watch me beat this boss without trying to interfere and  just doing whatever he/she was doing. Probably telling others in gen chat that a Sith was beating on one of their NPCs, I killed this person and they prompted to follow me through the entire desert after that hitting the same towers as me as they were doing the story arc as well, until you come to the that has Imperials all over it. Then they had a tough time beating them down, and all the while I stroll in connect to the tower and move on. I then hit level 32 while inside the Czerka base and it dropped me down to level 30 or 31, I can’t recall at the moment, but still I was perfectly fine. But the other thing I noticed too was rewards and exp. When finishing that quest line I got a good set of exp from it, along with a decent amount of credits. Now if I recall a few months back during our Epic XP Boost people were bitching about being over leveled and not getting a good amount of XP for doing the main class missions. Now apparently the developers seen this and came up with a solution to this. And if some would bother to open up their mission logs and see that your class and planetary arc missions now sync with your level so that you are not losing experience. So yes while you feel that you are over powered for a certain mission and planet, look in your mission log and see what XP and credits you will generate from it once it’s finished. I bet if some would take the time to look into that, they wouldn’t be bitching as much. The developers listened to this request and came up with a good solution so that when you leave your starter planet, you’ll be dropped to appropriate levels and gain some credits along with it the XP you need to advance forward.

Crafting sucks now

Well I’m not all that hype on crafting as it was a time consumer for me after I got my characters to level 60 and had nothing to do since I’m not in it for endgame content. Even though most believed I should be. I was in SW for the story, not the group stuff, or operations. So my Sith Inquisitor who was able to hit level 60 before the Epic XP Boost was my master crafter in cyber tech, I crafted all the mods and etc when I thought about it for my alts.

swtor 2015-10-26 08-38-17-35

^^That guy right there is my master cyber tech crafter, now granted I know it’s probably pointless to brag about him, but he was the first Sith Inquisitor that I took through the entire story line and gained level 60 with him the long hard way. No grouping up to level him up, no flash-points  no PVP , no nothing. I was strictly a hard core solo player with him, did every little mission I could find for him. No his armor hasn’t changed since level 25 I believe, I just installed the mods and etc. to make him powerful, he is also augmented, not that it really matters anymore. I bought all the MK-10 Slots and installed  them on him, and so when he went into KotFE he was around 47K in HP, now I can’t recall what his HP is, I haven’t finished the KotFE with him yet, I started then I heard all the bitching about crafting and level sync that I dropped to my lower level characters to see what the hype was about. I understand that there are hard core crafter out there that feel that crafting is now pointless to keep yourself in the game, but please try to understand that they wanted to make it more about the story at the moment then the crafting and etc. For me it was boring as sin to run around all these planets collecting the needed items to craft certain Mods/ Armoring and etc.

Instant 60 and thoughts on it.

swtor 2015-10-26 08-38-28-49


Zoradz was the instant level 60 I chose to run through on the first run through so that I could get a handle of the story line, plus I wanted to romance Lana without a past companion getting jealous. By the time I hit chapter 4 which I believe is the Gravestone he hit level 65 and I was like really? I killed everything in my path and laughed the whole time because my hubby watched the 9 chapters, and went ,”Oh you’re really brutal with all the things you can kill.”, and I just turned and looked at him and responded with, ” Oh that,  it’s an imagination of everyone I would want to kill in real life including you when you’re being stupid.” It shut him right up, but he got the point of it all. I kill everything in my path. Creature, Solider, Droid, whatever gets in my way and I want it removed I go on a killing spree with NPCs in the game. Its a great stress reliever too. If you have a hard day, and are extremely frustrated, log into SW:ToR and have yourself a little killing spree with all the NPCs out there, or if you are into PVP , go there as well. It does truly relieve stress in a healthy way that only you can comprehend. If I would have put a little more thought into it, I wouldn’t have used the instant 60, but I did, and I won’t be wasting my cartel coins to get another slot, because I am not all that high up in it. I will use the 8 classes I have and bring them into the story. But there you have it, my thoughts on everything today. It’s a strange to proof read all that I just wrote, but it’s what I was planning on doing during the maintenance today

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