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Knights of the Fallen Empire - Star Wars- The Old Republic 2015-10-19 03-46-22Consider me happy because now since the Knights of the Fallen Empire has been released for everyone, I can finally say what I want that I like it about it. For over a week I have been planning this post not to write story spoilers for it and etc. I am not that kind of person and never will I be. I’m just hoping that by now most have done the story’s in this new expansion or well are thinking of starting it. Now while I still frequent the forums on and all I still see this infamous topic “Nerf companions” please do not nerf the companions they are working way better, and now that I don’t have to waste time with minor things like gearing them up. I’m quite happy with them being just as they are. Last night while I was playing I decided to take my Sith Inquisitor who is my Sorcerer with Lightening and decided I wanted to finish out the beginning chapters into #KotFE and see more of his line progress. I am damn happy about it. I was especially happy with how well he stayed alive when using Lana in tank mode.


Companions are important

hk-51 To me this companion is extremely important to me. I know many people hate HK and etc. But I truly love him. His comments had me cracking up when I would use him to level. Grinding for him was no easy task either, but I loved HK-51, then they give us another HK unit to fall in love with, and well……

I will stop right there. If you have played the chapters, then well you know what happens from that point with the HK-55 unit. But upon finishing and seeing that Treek and HK were still apart of my crew for the Sith Inquisitor I was happy. Treek on the other hand, I couldn’t really care more for her. I like her because as a kid I loved the Ewoks and loved how they allowed us to have one as a companion. Which throws people off when they find out Treek is a girl. For the Inquisitor his companions are well, taken with a grain of salt if you’d believe what most say.


khem_val_armor_progression_1 Khem Val was one I did not fully understand until I finished his story after I saw how the inquisitor learned to control the ghosts and beat on Thanaton with Khem as his back up. I haven’t used Khem yet since the new companion stats have been unleashed in 4.0 yes I still have a lower level SI to play when extremely bored. But Khem was one of the ones I just wish would have better story line then what they gave him. It was always whining about Tulak and how he didn’t understand how his master locked him away for all those centuries. I think that is why I opted for HK or Treek when it came down to him because he is just one picky damn companion.


So as for the others in the Inquisitor’s line up. Well I didn’t really understand their purpose there, and still don’t really. I think they were fillers. I’m not into looking into the lore behind each one. Please don’t let me find Ashara Zavros I did not truly understand the reasoning on being forced with this one. I would have just rather left her there on Taris then to take her into my ship. But onto the biggest news we waited for since Shadow of Revan hit last year. The two people we always said we wanted as companions

Theron Shan and Lana Beniko

Shadow_of_Revan_promo That’s right so many had been wanting these two for companions. Now me, well I didn’t have much of a thought on them. I just found them hilarious when they didn’t really trust each other, but pretended to trust each other. Yeah that made no sense in Shadow of Revan. But everyone wanted them as companions and now we have them. I do love having Lana with my SI all because they mash well together. Course I haven’t really ventured more into the sides with the companions and how they are laid out for us now. I will later though as I have another legacy that is lvl 50, and 8 more classes on another server to do. Right now I’m just testing out everything on everyone to find my footing.

My over all take on companions and etc. is this. Love them or hate them, they do make up your little insane crew that are there for you when it mattered the most. Now for the ship droids, and well I’m sure by now everyone knows that Quinn is a traitor and deserves death, trust me I get that option in the future I will be throwing his ass out the airlock or something along those lines. At least on one of my Warriors. Unsure what I’ll do with him on the others. Same with all the other characters I have, I am unsure if I want their companions back at least the ones I found to be truly worthless in my eyes.


Instant 60

Now I did make the instant 60 and was amazed that I had a lot more fun with it then doing the hard core grind the old fashion way. I see a lot of people complaining about this “I Created my free instant 60 but no titles”, ahhhh that’s right apparently they did not pay close attention when they were told “Creating a fresh new level 60 will not give you anything other than what you have in your legacy unlocks already.” Meaning by that, NO Darth titles. No Lord, No nothing titles. Why? Because you did not do Chapters 1 -3 to earn those titles so they will not be throwing them out to you anytime soon. If one hasn’t done all the 3 chapters and unlocked the legacy buffs, well you won’t have them until you completed those characters either. I don’t see why people are now complaining about things that were said in Twitch con, and the live stream they did as well. Then again I don’t think many cared about what was being said, they just wanted to see the new game play. So what do they do, go to the forums and complain why they don’t have specific titles in the game. At least I thought with the start of #KotFE you’d get awarded the title “The Outlander-Your character name” That would have been cool to see in place of all the Jedi’s, Master’s, Darth’s, and etc. when you’re running around the new places. Then again I don’t think many would use the title “The Outlander” I would though because I thought that was an awesome title to give to players.


Heroics, Flash points, Operations.

2ql4ytvSeriously though some of the heroics are good, I recently did two of the new story arcs to gain in  the alliance on my instant 60. Alderaan and Nar Shaddaa, to gain an influence of at least rank 10 I ran and did the Heroics on Nar and gained the influence fairly quick. It is just doing the Star Fortress heroic 2 I ran into trouble for the one on Nar Shaddaa, so I guess if I want to finish these quests up, I will be breaking my gold rule of NO grouping up, naturally I’m a tad skeptical about grouping up because they believe I should know the entire class mechanics. I do in a solo setting with just my trusty companion not in a group setting as it’s designed. Course if I could find a set of friends that are interested in helping me out and wanting to go into a group setting , then again I could also try to find a guild again. Sighs….Decisions Decisions to make…….

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