How I got my start in SWTOR

So today I finally decided to write a blog post that will explain how I got into Star Wars: The Old Republic, and how over the last few years it’s become a game that I have enjoyed a lot. Like I have told a few in the past. I came from a Virtual Chat world called Second Life. As I was hanging out with a few friends in there, we were talking about video games and how Second Life was becoming a bore for me, I only really stayed in there for the fact that I use to DJ, I owned a shop (Still do), plus I was role playing a lot as a vampire, then in another system I became what they called a Hybrid (Lycan/Vampire), and I had a lot of fun doing it , but it was becoming trouble some for me, all because I didn’t always get along with others in the clans/hordes, and etc. So eventually I just stopped Role-playing, and opted to become a DJ where I would entertain the masses, and play some wicked music for everyone to dance too. I really enjoyed it, but when I started to get burned out. I retired from it. At one time I was DJing 7 days a week, My Role playing wasn’t just Vampire either, it was also in a world called Gor which is short for Gorean. I allowed myself to become a slave which wasn’t hard for me, as it’s part of my personality in real life as well, but no one really knows that. I tend to want to please others, and say hell with what I want, which after so long I opted to not do that anymore and now I focus on what I want and what have you, and put everyone else 2nd after taking care of myself. I still have my premium account for Second Life and I won’t give that up for anyone or anything. That is a place that I still hold dear to me, because I do have friends there that I go and visit from time to time, but we talk mostly on Facebook, and other means.

So this image I am sure everyone has seen a time or two is my main avatar in Second Life. I have recently changed her look, and I’m not sure if I am keeping it or not. But anyways I was hanging out one night and a friend of mine told me about Star Wars: The Old Republic. He told me he was playing it as he was hanging out with us in Second Life. Well this intrigued me, so I asked him all about it, like the questions, “Do I have to pay for it?”, if so How much? , what can you do in there, etc. I wasn’t really all that familiar with MMORPGs online, and such, hell my most extensive experience with MMOs was well WoW  (World of Warcraft), and that just didn’t seem to fit me, but being a huge Star Wars fan I was interested in this one. So I went over to the website and signed up for it. Didn’t take me long to drop cash into SWTOR and become a preferred player which I remained one for a good while too. Then as him and I were playing, we got into an argument because I wanted to do my class story and not help him out with his. Which was par for the course for me, I wanted to do things on my own, learn the class I was using, and etc. and he was having none of that, so he logged out and that was the last time I saw him in game too. Course this was on the Shadowlands server, so I decided to just keep playing for a while, then when I got so far into the game I think around Chapter 3 on some classes, I just opted to quit playing and delete the game. It wasn’t fun without friends in the game, so I went back to Second Life, and started Djing again, and I was going 7 days a week. Sometimes 2 shows on the weekends , by that I mean I’d Dj in one club, then later on that day/night I would go to my next one.

So I didn’t play it for a good year and totally forgot about it as well, until Blade and I reconnected and we were talking about video games and I said “You’re like me, we both like Star Wars, and I use to play a game online called Star Wars: The Old Republic.” He wanted to see what it was about, so I reinstalled it, and started playing it then came late 2014, he said I have something for you. He had me go to the bank and put money into the account, and said , “Along with Second Life, I want you to have a Premium account to SWTOR as well.” So it was my early birthday gift that year. December 10, 2014 I finally became a premium member to SWTOR. I haven’t regretted it since. I have taken quite a few breaks from the game though and that is because again it’s lonely playing by oneself , and when I have thought I was in a good guild and what not, it turned out to not be the case for me. So I just opted to go on breaks. Plus last year I opted to go into other games and see what they are like. It’s good to have a variety of games to play so that you don’t get bored with one. I may one day go back to LOTR , but right now I have to subscriptions for STO (Star Trek Online) and SWTOR. I’m having fun in both, still looking for the places where I can fit in nicely. So yeah that is the new thing for me. Finding a guild and Fleet where I fit in and can just have fun playing the games I love. So this was just a random post about how I got my start into SWTOR and etc.

Some huge changes…..

I have brought my main back into SWTOR and started using him again. I’m taking my time going through the chapters of KotET this time. I’ve also begun to do some Galactic Command Grind. On another note as well the guild I helped Co-found has welcomed me back into the fold as well. So Trayvae is home. I didn’t leave the guild because of anything bad. It’s just I was pulling away from everything. SWTOR itself, and I went on a break and would play here and there, but wasn’t really logging in the hours like I did in the past. I guess you can say after KotFE I was officially burned out totally. Plus being bored, I just couldn’t find it in me to stay playing at the time. Even though I did some of the DvL event. I got Heroic, Legacy and Valiant levels done. I was close to doing Eternal but burned out. I only had to get a Imp up to lvl 65, if I would have stayed, I would have asked for help to get the Eternal done, but I wasn’t staying, so I didn’t even bother. Ironically the Imp was only 3 levels away from hitting 65, but I just couldn’t do it anymore, and I just grew tired of SWTOR and wanted to walk away, so I did. On the Ebon Hawk server I went from 20+ alts down to I believe 15-16, I deleted a lot of the ones I no longer had a desire to keep around, only after robbing them of their credits, and stuff they had that wasn’t bound to them so that worked out nicely.

I have another issue now and I’m sure many wouldn’t understand it. As you see Trayvae runs around with a Nexu at times, or Kaliyo sometimes. She is married to this agent, even though he was tempted to kill her for screwing things up as usual, but he didn’t. Guess the agent loves the chaos she brings to his life.  But enough about that brat wife of his. The issue I have is a companion fetish. The ones that have been coming in the Cartel packs as of late.

As you can see, I am highly addicted to them. I am missing just the 4, but soon it will only be the 3 because I plan on getting the last one that was released hopefully with some (B-day cash) I’ll probably get from my family and what not in the next week or so. I doubt I’ll ever get the Akk Dog or the Probe Droid as those packs are gone, and prices for them are outta this world, or no one is just selling them because they want not just an arm or leg, but the whole damn body. I think I like these companions more all because they don’t speak during the fights, well minus Treek, but she can be overlooked if you like Ewoks and I sure as hell do. (Sorry for language),

Plus I have an GC Rank of 5 now on Trayvae, and he’s been lucky when opening up the Command Crates, he was able to get his first 230 piece of gear which was a new sniper rifle. I may one day just rip out the mods and put them back into the one I got a while back outta a chance cube. The sniper rifle he got back then was Infiltrator’s Compact Sniper Rifle, so he’s been using that since he kicked Arcanns ass. I am taking my time with Trayvae and going through KotET instead of doing the 12 hour marathon I did with Darrien Ryder my Light Side Jedi Knight who actually saved Senya and Arcann, so now he runs around the republic side with Arcann as his companion.

He didn’t rule on the dark side at all when I went through with him, I made it strictly Light Side only and choose to save both Senya and Arcann in KotFE and in KotET. So yeah he is my main over on the Republic Side at Ebon Hawk Server. He is guild-less and I probably will keep him that way. He has gotten some unique pets from the Command Crates as well. But at the moment I am working on maxing out my crafters yet again. I still have them, and most are half way through KotFE , but I doubt I’ll take them all the way through it. Even my Trooper is not done in KotFE and I doubt I will finish taking her through it as well. Same with my Smuggler, he got his Wookie back and I stopped going through. The story was good, and all , but I don’t think I wanna take anymore characters through it for a good long while.

Now my main focus is taking Trayvae through KotET all cause I’ve seen the light side, and even though I have watched some YouTube videos about it. I want to experience the Dark Side with Trayvae there. So yeah it will be at a slow pace. Course I bounced between Darrien Ryder, and Trayvae for the Relics of Gree, and I may do some more before the event is over on Tuesday, I’m not trying to do so many things at once on all the names or servers anymore. I’m just sticking to what works for me and at a pace I want. Who knows I may even try my hand at an Uprising or two since I’m getting some good story type gear, course I still need to do Heroic 4 for Shroud on Trayvae just to get the damn thing out of mission long, same with Op for Oricon as well. They’ve been sitting there since he got the quests, and that has been since this past spring I believe. But yeah I’m back home in the guild I once helped start, things are looking up, and I’m back on my main again.

Not really sure about KotET

swtor-icon-silverNo I won’t post spoilers here, but I will say this though. I’m not sure if this was worth the wait in all honesty. I was excited last year when they talked about releasing KotFE and I played the first 9 chapters then there was the wait for a new chapter each month after the beginning of the year, but this one. 9 Chapters and that is it. After playing the 9 chapters on Early access, it took me roughly about 12 hours to go through 1-9 chapters. I didn’t do the usual exploring and what not, because I just wanted to see the end of it all. I’m not entirely sure I want to continue replaying all this for another 7 times. I’m not a hard core end gamer, so I’ll never have the best gear, and I suck at my rotations and with them changing classes and what not, it’s not impossible for me to learn a new one , but still it’s almost like they are forcing you to come out of your comfort zones. They claim to have listened to the players and decided to make all these changes but in all honesty I doubt they really listened to anyone in the gaming community about changes we wanted. I didn’t voice my opinion and as a matter of fact even though I remained subbed through the entire thing is honestly surprising for some because most dropped their subscription when nothing new came out, but I remained with the ability to play when I wanted to play. I think after the end of Chapter 16 in KotFE I rarely logged in at all. I started some of the DvL event they had over the summer, was 2 parts shy of completing the Eternal level, and knowing that I can’t beat the bosses in the Eternal Championship run. I just opted to not even finish it at all. Then there was the 200% XP Boost they gave, and I started to get one last character to max level of 65 before KotET and just stopped playing.

It was odd because I loved playing this game, and even though still I have some favorite classes that I may replay the older content, I just don’t have it in me to really slug through another 7 times for the same stuff. I have the free Outlander token and doubt I’ll even use it, if I do it will be to get the starter gear and toss it into my cargo hold unless it’s BoE then I’m just stuck with it on one character. I watched the live streams, and kept quiet while doing so because I just didn’t feel like I belong in the SWTOR community anymore. I’m not one that has ever done much of anything in SWTOR. I have no operation experience, I don’t really care much for PVP, I just don’t feel like I fit into the community anymore of SWTOR and hence why this blog has been really quiet as of late. I don’t have friends in the game, I don’t belong to any guilds because again I’ve been burnt on the whole guild thing. I have Legacies all across the US Servers where they are maxed on all except two servers that were once strictly PVP ones, and I think I have a few over in the European servers, but I doubt I’ll ever use them. I loved the story for KotFE and I do love the story for KotET but I just can’t see slugging through all the trash fighting again over and over for 7 more times. I will be going through it again just so Blade can see the first few chapters as I started it and he stayed up with me when early access hit so he could see the boss fights and what not , and I only did it on my Light side Jedi Knight who was apart of the whole DvL event. So I have to take a Dark side character through it, and well it will be harder because I’ll probably use my Agent Trayvae who is a sniper, but since snipers are more mobile now I don’t think I’ll have that much of a hard time. I just have to relearn his rotation and the abilities they added, and fix my hot-bars with the ones they have added.

To be quite honest I didn’t game a whole lot this past summer either. I picked up a few games on sale at Steam, played some 7 Days to die, worked on other things, and spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos and interacting in that community that SWTOR in general became a back burner, then I also started spending more time with Raven, and taking her out for walks, and doing things with her, all because well she’s my best friend, even though some don’t understand the relationship one can have with a dog. For me it’s awesome because she relieves a lot of my anxiety and stress, and gives me a ton of emotional support when days are darker then most for me. Plus I had to make sure I had time to give to Blade as well after he was done with work each day, and spent time with him, so that my gaming life basically took a back burner to everything. In the last few months even though I rarely said much of anything. I also had a lot to deal with my Mother going in for a few surgeries and making sure she was okay and all. Last month was a scary month for me because I had almost lost my mother during one of the surgeries, and well it opened up my eyes even more. I may have not the greatest relationship with her, but I am there for her, even though at times I have had to distance myself from the others in the family that feel they are better for her than her own daughter and they are no longer family in my eyes since their father passed away. Plus I have been worrying about my father as well, even though technically my parents are younger than most. My father is almost 62, he will be on Jan 8th, and my mother just hitting 59 on the 13th of November, they have health issues, and being their only child I worry about them both. They have been divorced since April of 1989, so I keep my share of insanity with both of them.

I may do a fully first thoughts post with spoilers later on after everyone has played Knights of the Eternal Throne, but for right now this is just my entire thought process and where I’ve been since KotFE ended, and I ended up on a long extended break from SWTOR in general. Thanks for reading if you do, and sharing it if you do. Just in general Thank you.


The Scars we bare

The Scars we bare I know this is my second post since I really took a solid break from SWTOR and went into other realms of playing solo style type of games all because I got burned out with MMOs and in particular SWTOR. But the last few days I have been playing SWTOR again on my Jedi Knight who is in the Dark vs Light event, and I took him to level 65 last night and went through the story of Shadow of Revan, and Ziost last night. He is my pure light side Jedi as well. Which at times over the last few days I just didn’t feel like making the light side choices, but I am doing something different this time. I am doing everything I can to get him into the Light event. As I played through the story last night and I finally got to the quest the Jedi Knight has on Rishii with Orgus showing up one last time before finally becoming one with the force. It was then that I realized that title of the quest. “Scars we bare” It was mostly about the Jedi knights time under the influence of the Emperor and all the bad things he had done. But it made me stop and think as well as Orgus talked to us as we helped out around Rishii, the scars we bare is a true meaning not just in SWTOR or SoR but in life as well. We all have scars that are visible, and well some have scars that are not so visible to the naked eye. It was during the last part of that quest when you can chose to either let the past be and make you whole once again, let it define you as a person , or take it for the darkness that you lived under during that time. It was there that I really had to stop and think for a solid moment. That was a highly important decision to make during that time of the game play. It was also when you opted to be a Jedi that followed the code, or tried to at least, or let it all consume you and embrace the darkness that lived inside. Of course though I did pick the light side choice for it all cause I’m trying to get my Jedi Knight to tier V of Light Side. I don’t know why, I just am at the moment.

2016-08-26_20-37-43I also have a plan of taking this Jedi all through KotFE and not picking any dark side choices. Only cause I want to see the struggle he will face as he resists Valkorions way and try to keep a level head. But it will also probably spark a new little like mini series from me as I complete each chapter to show the true struggles for this character. For the first time in a long time I have finally reconnected with a SWTOR character for their personality instead of gender/ what side of the force they live on, and etc. It’s their personality that I am now identifying myself with. While yes my Jedi knight is a male (no shocker there), and yes he is a cyborg. I have a back story in mind for him as well. I may or may not publish it in it’s own section for everyone to read. I just don’t know what it is since I started logging in and playing again but for me everything looks fresh again. I also plan on posting a full complete series of thoughts as I play through out the KotFE just to give my rough overview of what it was to play as well a light side character that denied the Emperor, and 2, as a complete post that should be better than my last thoughts one I did right after the last chapter was released. It will give more in depth details as by now most should have played through all the chapters.  I tried my hardest on that one to keep it spoiler free, and now that we’re coming into a break from Knights of ______ since we now know that the next one is Knights of  the Eternal Throne or “KotET”, it will give me time to relive some of the moments from there as I played each chapter monthly as they came down. This time I will play all the way through KotFE without a month off because all chapters are released, and I’m just curious to see how it will all play through as a solid story this time around.

2016-08-26_22-48-33Now I am going to try and get into this event with another level 65 to hit the Eternal level that is required for the DvL event, but I may fail short cause of the EC Fights. It requires me to last past round 5. Well let’s face it , I just suck in EC because I can’t for the life of me get an idea of how to beat it with just 208 gear, I don’t do Ops or none of that so I can’t get the better gear, or the pieces I need to craft my own gear that would stand up, and Glowing Data Crystals are not entirely easy to get nor is the other. Because they require outrageous amounts for gear, and buying it off the GTN, No thanks. I am not wasting millions of credits for that kind of gear. So I’ll figure out how to make it to round 6 in 208 gear. I don’t really care for the new companion, but I just want to do it, to say I did it. If that makes any sense at all. But I have noticed something we may not know much about the new companions, but if I recall, and I will double check my Jedi Knight later when I log into the game but I do believe we have heard about Master Ranos, it was sent via mail in the game after or during my time in SoR. I will screenshot it and save it, but I believe that is the name at the end of the mail. So we just never saw this person until recently when they said it would be a Light side companion for us.  So if you’re on the Ebon Hawk server on the Republic side, Friend and say hello to me via Darrien Ryder , he is the one I am currently taking through. I have a Jedi Consular “Shadow” that I am going to take through on the Dark Side of consular , only cause I’ve done that story once, and kept deleting the others, but I plan on keeping this one as well. His name is Dante Ryder. He’s currently at level 18, and sitting on the Republic Fleet, so if you’re on the Ebon Hawk over in Republic side, friend those two names , and say “Hi”. I will respond back.

Ironic Really

IronicSo this image was taken off my website here just a few moments ago, and I find it ironic that with it being early start of the weekend. Saturday at 11:57AM EST Time , that the server status for SWTOR on the US Servers says “LIGHT” normally I see words like “Standard” , or whatever else they have, but I was checking my blogs today, and happened to click the link for this one and saw that and was like, “Um okay that is strange.” Now I haven’t logged into SWTOR at all recently. I know I should as I had stuff up on the GTN on the Ebon Hawk server for sale , but I hover over the image and say, “Nah, I’ll check it later”, and well later never comes. I just can’t find a reason to log in at the moment. Instead I’ve found my simulator type games I’ve been playing, watching YouTube videos of said simulator games, checking out MODs and etc. After hearing that Chapter 16 wasn’t coming out until next month now, I just couldn’t be bothered to go in and slog through the same ole content I’ve been doing over the last few years. I’ll watch my twitter feed go on and on about SWTOR, and I’m just like “Blah at the moment.” I don’t know what happened I was so excited to try this Dark vs Light event, then as I tried it, I just lost focus for it and decided “Ah to hell with it.” I’ll go find other things to do, so I did, I started two new blogs that I have been trying to keep my focus on since all things about SWTOR at the moment for me have died down. So if you’re interested in those blogs, well here are their links Shadowz Gaming Blog and Simulation Gaming Blog. Those two blogs are where I’m more so then say here at Dragosani-Legacies, and it’s not because I want to be, well part of it is just that,but the huge part of it is that I’m disappointed with SWTOR at the moment. So I have opted to stop logging in and playing SWTOR, and I have just opted to stop really writing for this blog. I may try and go back to it eventually, just right now I don’t have a lot of faith in the SWTOR game anymore. Then hearing them announce that the next season is going to be called “Knights of the Eternal Throne”, well just made me giggle a little because it is almost like they are trying to be a Star wars style to “Game of Thrones”, and well that is just not going to end well with the title, because a lot of memes will be started now with this new title and all.

2016-05-20_17-46-47I have even deleted my fictional fan stories I was trying to create for my characters, and companions conversations because it just doesn’t feel right to keep trying anymore. I am not sure if I am the only one that feels this way, but I know at the moment I just don’t have it in me to play SWTOR anymore. It’s the same old crap over and over again, and this Dark vs Light event is just more proof of how this is really designed for new players, and not the ones that have at least stayed and keep trying to relive certain things. I just don’t know what I feel anymore when it comes to the first MMO I have ever played in my life. Now I am starting to ask myself questions like these ones here. “Do I stay and try to keep playing?”, or “Do I just drop my subscription, uninstall and walk way from it all.” If I do the later, it will be like losing a friend, and since I have none in the game, it wouldn’t really matter, but for a period there, this game was a great relief for me. I could go and kill , maim, and terrorize all the NPC’s I wanted too, and it was fun, but having done all 8 stories at least once ,and finding out which ones I love the best, I just can’t find it in myself to recreate them again. Ahh, Oh well , time to go clean up my MYSQL databases, I have recently dumped a lot of things, and why web hosts don’t delete unused databases anymore is beyond me, Feel free to retweet this, ping back, comment or whatever floats your boat. Happy gaming though should you venture in SWTOR this weekend.