On the search yet again

So after a long hard thought and etc. last night I opted to leave the guild I was in , after a month I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t for me. I want a causal friendly guild that wants to do all content, mostly Story stuff together, some PVP, and etc. My RP days in SWTOR have not been the greatest, and I really no longer care about RPing my character, yes I will create a back story for him, give out detailed information and such, but I won’t be RPing it to death like most want, or wanted me to do. I just want to do what most want to do now, have fun and be in a causal active friendly guild that does content, not get upset and rearrange a Stronghold when things start to look bleak. So I’m back to searching for the guild for me. Of course so many have told me to just make it, but that is where the problem lies for me. I don’t have friends in game that aren’t apart of a guild, and I honestly don’t know them all that well to ask for an invite to their guild.

I love being apart of something like I was, but in the long run when trying to rebuild something and everyone has a different vision of what it is they are looking for, it just doesn’t seem to fit right with anyone. Unlike the guild Trayvae helped Co-found, where everyone left ,and didn’t say a word, or was kicked by the GM because it wasn’t with people he wanted in the guild. So now I’m back on the search on the Ebon Hawk server to find my place in a good casual guild that just wants to have fun and play the game in all aspects. Whether it be Random Flashpoints, PVP, PVE stuff, or just overall goofing around. I am sure I will find my place one day in SWTOR but right now I’m also thinking of doing a let’s play video series for my YouTube channel as well, maybe by doing that I will find the people that want to create a fun , friendly guild where Alts will not be an issue. Only thing I ask if and when that day comes is to log into the alts once in a while. I know some will think of me being a tad picky, but in reality I’m not, I just want to find something to do in game with a lot of people and have fun doing so.

Even got myself some new guns for my healer as well. I am not deleting him, I plan on keeping him, and using him, just not sure where yet. Course each day I do log in and see what the CXP bonus for the day is with him, because before I jump into doing Star Fortresses and what not, I want the level 10 so when it’s  time to jump into the heroics of it , I can do that, plus I want to grind for more alliance crates by doing heroics and etc. I just want to have fun in the game, and while I do love some of the stories and what have you, I just crave more in game now. It’s the whole reason for me taking on different roles, and right now I just want to focus on being a healer, from a Merc down to a Sorc healer, sadly though there aren’t all that many specs for healing, when the time comes I plan on making a new trooper and making them into a healer, since I know that Mercs and Troopers are mirror classes, just like when I do the Operative Healer, I will be replaying through the Smuggler story as I know that is a Mirror class to Agent, and same with Sorc, I will make a healing Sage since I know that is yet another mirror class. I do love the fact that people all over our wonderful community takes the time to write guides for us that don’t know what most of what we’re doing.


I don’t want to do solo stuff anymore, yeah sometimes it’s fine, but let’s face it, in a game like SWTOR there is so many more options, and that is what I always thought the joy of being here was. I love the stories, but I also crave more. I don’t want to be that person that just keeps going on and on as a solo player. It gets boring, and lonely at times where I just log out, and go off into a solo style game like my driving simulators. Of course though if I can’t find a guild I like on the Ebon Hawk, I have other servers to try and find that perfect guild for me. The one that just lets us have fun within the game and not demand things. Role playing is not for everyone, and as I have stated in the past, and above. I am no longer really interested in it anymore. Oh well  the hunt will continue for a guild where I fit into it. Until then, happy gaming!!

Poaching and Guilds

Recently I’ve been noticing a trend since I joined a new guild after leaving <Elite Imperial Vanguard>, the reason behind leaving that guild yet again was well, issues with ex GM and myself, but I won’t go there. Just that I left it and am no longer using Trayvae as a main at the moment. Instead I started a new Bounty Hunter and made him a healer. Which I’m finding to be a good spec to play. I also joined a new guild last month called <Mandalorian Gladiators>, The GM there and I hit it off really well, and I was accepted into the guild. So for the last month we’ve been trying to build this guild. For him it’s a rebuild, and for me it’s a new experience all together because I want to do more things now as a group, so for time being we group up when flashpoints are the Bonus in CXP, and etc. It’s been a lot of fun. I am also learning a lot more about Mandalorians as well. But lately every time we have recruited someone into our guild, a poacher from another guild will come and steal this person from us. All cause we’re not a high end game type of guild ,and our real lives take priority over the game itself. Now up until I decided to join this guild, I had never heard of poachers for guilds, but recently I’ve been witnessed to it, as he had a stalker from another guild show up where ever he was, and would follow him all over the place.He was able to get that person to stop and we have a truce with them for now. But we’ll see how far that goes.

No one had contacted me or tried to talk me into joining their guild until the other day. I am guessing this person thought because I was online, and they didn’t even search for him, even though if you typed in “Gladiators” into the search, it showed us both online, well this person thought she would be slick and try to talk to me into leaving the guild I’m in now, and join theirs. But here’s the thing, I screen shot the whole conversation, and I was in guild chat with him letting him know what was going on, then copy and pasted this persons name to him. As he was talking to them, she went silent on my end of the conversation which is par for the course. As we were talking in guild chat, he said she tried to claim she was just interested in having a RP session, and etc. But of course like I told him it was basically a lie because she was asking me questions about our guild, if we were set on rebuilding and etc. So yeah him and I both came to the conclusion that she was trying to poach me for her guild.

Leadership and Class Spec

Since the time I joined this guild I have learned a lot more. I am learning to become a leader, when we go out for for flashpoints and etc. I am learning to sit back and be a healer while he tries to protect me and all. That’s good. I have a level 70 Bounty Hunter, who is responsible. This is the first time I have really taken to being a healer very serious. During the Gree event, he took me into the area even though we were in a PVP open area, we didn’t get bothered, but still with just him and I we went into the open area to do the heroic. He took a lot of damage while I kept him healed and cleansed free from the debuffs that happen. Then we did Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint were I kept him healed, along with our companions as well. We had a successful run with just us, and I again amazed myself at how much technique is really required for healing. I am so use to playing DPS that I am now learning to fall back, and keeping an eye on health bars, I still have a long way to go, but I am learning and that is the best thing about this. I am willing to learn, and work forward on that. My next thing I want to do is PVP to get Pierce from my mission log. And I know if it’s during the CXP Bonus, we’ll group up and join a PVP match here and there. I am really enjoying this side of me. While I do love my DPS , I am learning to love being a healer too. Just wish there were more classes that allowed for healing, but I’m happy playing Bodyguard to heal everyone that needs it.  I also know that I may ask him for help on the EC all cause well Chomper just chomps me to deal and my Nexu is max 50 influence, and he’s a beast for sure. But I couldn’t get past Chomper at all, so I may ask for his help , to get Bowdaar into my alliance, then we were talking about teaming up to do Star Fortress Heroics/Flashpoints for Decorations for the guild (if they still drop) I haven’t gotten to do that yet. I may see if he wants to team up for some Rakghoul dailies when that event comes around, I am really learning to become a team player.


Some huge changes…..

I have brought my main back into SWTOR and started using him again. I’m taking my time going through the chapters of KotET this time. I’ve also begun to do some Galactic Command Grind. On another note as well the guild I helped Co-found has welcomed me back into the fold as well. So Trayvae is home. I didn’t leave the guild because of anything bad. It’s just I was pulling away from everything. SWTOR itself, and I went on a break and would play here and there, but wasn’t really logging in the hours like I did in the past. I guess you can say after KotFE I was officially burned out totally. Plus being bored, I just couldn’t find it in me to stay playing at the time. Even though I did some of the DvL event. I got Heroic, Legacy and Valiant levels done. I was close to doing Eternal but burned out. I only had to get a Imp up to lvl 65, if I would have stayed, I would have asked for help to get the Eternal done, but I wasn’t staying, so I didn’t even bother. Ironically the Imp was only 3 levels away from hitting 65, but I just couldn’t do it anymore, and I just grew tired of SWTOR and wanted to walk away, so I did. On the Ebon Hawk server I went from 20+ alts down to I believe 15-16, I deleted a lot of the ones I no longer had a desire to keep around, only after robbing them of their credits, and stuff they had that wasn’t bound to them so that worked out nicely.

I have another issue now and I’m sure many wouldn’t understand it. As you see Trayvae runs around with a Nexu at times, or Kaliyo sometimes. She is married to this agent, even though he was tempted to kill her for screwing things up as usual, but he didn’t. Guess the agent loves the chaos she brings to his life.  But enough about that brat wife of his. The issue I have is a companion fetish. The ones that have been coming in the Cartel packs as of late.

As you can see, I am highly addicted to them. I am missing just the 4, but soon it will only be the 3 because I plan on getting the last one that was released hopefully with some (B-day cash) I’ll probably get from my family and what not in the next week or so. I doubt I’ll ever get the Akk Dog or the Probe Droid as those packs are gone, and prices for them are outta this world, or no one is just selling them because they want not just an arm or leg, but the whole damn body. I think I like these companions more all because they don’t speak during the fights, well minus Treek, but she can be overlooked if you like Ewoks and I sure as hell do. (Sorry for language),

Plus I have an GC Rank of 5 now on Trayvae, and he’s been lucky when opening up the Command Crates, he was able to get his first 230 piece of gear which was a new sniper rifle. I may one day just rip out the mods and put them back into the one I got a while back outta a chance cube. The sniper rifle he got back then was Infiltrator’s Compact Sniper Rifle, so he’s been using that since he kicked Arcanns ass. I am taking my time with Trayvae and going through KotET instead of doing the 12 hour marathon I did with Darrien Ryder my Light Side Jedi Knight who actually saved Senya and Arcann, so now he runs around the republic side with Arcann as his companion.

He didn’t rule on the dark side at all when I went through with him, I made it strictly Light Side only and choose to save both Senya and Arcann in KotFE and in KotET. So yeah he is my main over on the Republic Side at Ebon Hawk Server. He is guild-less and I probably will keep him that way. He has gotten some unique pets from the Command Crates as well. But at the moment I am working on maxing out my crafters yet again. I still have them, and most are half way through KotFE , but I doubt I’ll take them all the way through it. Even my Trooper is not done in KotFE and I doubt I will finish taking her through it as well. Same with my Smuggler, he got his Wookie back and I stopped going through. The story was good, and all , but I don’t think I wanna take anymore characters through it for a good long while.

Now my main focus is taking Trayvae through KotET all cause I’ve seen the light side, and even though I have watched some YouTube videos about it. I want to experience the Dark Side with Trayvae there. So yeah it will be at a slow pace. Course I bounced between Darrien Ryder, and Trayvae for the Relics of Gree, and I may do some more before the event is over on Tuesday, I’m not trying to do so many things at once on all the names or servers anymore. I’m just sticking to what works for me and at a pace I want. Who knows I may even try my hand at an Uprising or two since I’m getting some good story type gear, course I still need to do Heroic 4 for Shroud on Trayvae just to get the damn thing out of mission long, same with Op for Oricon as well. They’ve been sitting there since he got the quests, and that has been since this past spring I believe. But yeah I’m back home in the guild I once helped start, things are looking up, and I’m back on my main again.

Influence and Companions

So this is going to my little guide to help people out that just don’t want to take the time, or don’t know how to achieve a good influence rank with their companions. Now with this new system there is no right or wrong way to achieve a good influence even for the new player. When you get your first companion they start out at the base of Level 1 and it is up to you to upgrade this or not. It’s not hard to do. By the time Jordelli was ready to hit KotFE he had an influence of at least base minimum of 10 on each of his companions. Same with Reinjasa, I got them to at least Rank 12 in influence, and here is my little secret that I do for every character I make and play with.

chperks1In this image you can see the “Companion” section in a legacy. I choose to show a clear legacy perk that has nothing. I found this image online, and just cut the piece I needed. To lazy to log in game at the moment to find it in my own legacy. Now I never really deal with the bottom two rows of this. I focus on the top. Once you get enough credits and get your legacy up there in a way. I forget what level it requires if any. I will check it out later when I am in game, and update this post then. But for at least the first two unlocks are 10,000 Credits a piece, It’s for gift giving, and conversations. Then there is the second one which I believe is 20,000 Credits a piece, and I can’t recall the 3rd tier’s cost at the moment, but regardless if you unlock those 6 pieces, you get a better chance of building a higher companion influence.

AricNow this is Aric post KotFE so far, and it was before then I wish I had taken a screenie of his influence before heading into KotFE, but I believe I already had him close to rank 30 in influence if not at 30,but right now I have a new trooper and believe it or not, with minor gifts that I have given him, and with the conversations I already have his influence to rank 20. Unbelievable huh? Not at the least. It is because in the above picture I unlocked the 3 perks for companions. I gain a base of 65 influence in conversations if I pick an option they don’t like, and their gift influences are based on the rank of gifts. On my new trooper I have seen the influence as high as 1700 for a base conversation during a mission that it showed at the end. 1700 is a good one, so is 1300, it builds quickly when you least expect it. Now mind you the Trooper is also Combat Medic and only at level 22 I believe, so yeah I have a rank 20 something with Aric already, and I haven’t even left Taris yet.

2016-04-12_05-47-17Now everyone you see here in Jordelli’s motley crew is all over rank 10 in influence. So when I wanted to get Bowdaar back it was simple. He was rank 20 influence, and once he rejoined me as a companion on my smuggler he went from 20 to 22 in a matter of a few conversations. My goal is mostly to get the main companions up to a higher influence of at least 20 before I jump into KotFE with most of my characters. I have found the higher their influence, the easier it is for me to use them as either Heal (which is rare), or DPS and Tank stance. I do love making them into tanks when I am a DPS fighter , it makes it easier for them to pull the focus off me and onto them as I beat them with my DOTS and what not. Now even my latest BH has a crew of at least 10 on most, except Skadge, I just can’t stand that annoyance they saddled us with.

2016-05-04_15-12-23Even this Motley Crew is at least 10 or better. Torian I believe is closer to 30, and this hunter isn’t even level 65 yet, or in KotFE , I don’t think I’ll be taking her through it just yet until the release of the next chapter is close to being live for us. I had her romance Torian, so it’d be a shame to see them separate so fast. I also believe now that KotFE is here, and everything, that earning credits in game is easier I remember struggling to keep up with certain things before KotFE, like gearing , then there was the myself and companion repair bills that were high at times, but now that companions gain nothing from their gear, it never needs to be fixed. I think my highest repair bill so far has been roughly about 6k and that was cause of TEC for Radqa, he is a tank, and they kept attacking him, plus I’d lag and get stuck in stupid. chperks10

So if you are able to focus on these 6 unlocks for roughly around 90-100k in credits, you’ll gain a lot more influence with the companions on both conversations and gift giving. Now here is a link to Dulfy’s Companion and etc since KotFE has come out, also has the list of what companion likes/loves each gift, and what not. So I hope this helps out a little more to understanding how I have manage to get at least one companion to rank 50, while some of my others are all high 20s to even the 30’s in influences. Also on another note, you can get a lot of companion gifts via on Odessen at the vendor in the Cantina area,they are leaning against the jukebox there, and there are vendors still on Capital Planets, and of course the fleets. Not sure if you still get a lot from the alliance crates when you turn them into the right ones like Military, Underworld,Force,and Research. I know they use to drop companion gifts, but I believe it may have taken a small nerf or whatever since then too. But it’s still relatively easy to get gifts for companions. I know certain crew missions still give gifts. So there you have it, my small way of how I get higher influences on my companions from a completely new character.

It is my personal goal to get most to rank 50, but I’ll be happy to get them to rank 30 at least. Anyways Time to log in and go play a character now. Thanks for reading.

Some awesome

Things have happened recently.

With the release of Chapter XIII I won’t go into detail, but I overall enjoyed the chapter, it had a lot of highlights that well I couldn’t resist doing, specially for the Warrior and Bounty Hunter. I haven’t taken all my characters through it yet, and probably will later on, just right now I’m excited about finally getting Trayvae’s mission log back down to manageable. I did the Heroic 4 Alchemy of Evil with 3 others that needed to have it done as well. We started out on Illum doing the Gree event that is going on at the moment, and well while I was finishing up my dailies there I see in chat “LFG Heroic4 Alchemy of Evil”, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to say I need that done as well or not, as I wanted to get back to my new bounty hunter that I’ve been leveling up this past week. So I went yeah, I need that done. I’ll help out. We started out with 4 players, None of us were healers, and none could change their specs, well 1 could, but we weren’t going to ask that of them. So once we seen we had no healers, we were like, It’s gonna be a challenge, but we accept it. We made it all the way to the Evil Dreadseed Sithspawn, and had a hell of a time getting him killed, until we remembered the old videos on YouTube that suggested having him jump on the barrels to explode, and we needed someone to interrupt his healing ability which I took it upon myself to disrupt whenever I could. One of group buddies kept getting disconnected so they left and never could get back, Course their re-log also put them on a different instance from us, and they couldn’t get back, Sorc. pulls out his level 50 companion and sets it to heal so we can attempt to kill the Sithspawn a 4th time I Believe. We got him down and went “F*** Yeah we did it.” , now is the final boss , and we stayed on him as the other sniper went around killing the color crystals and we defeated him with one attempt. Over all it was a blast to do. Not sure if I’m ready to take Radqa through it so he can get it done as well. Only thing left on Tray’s log is Oricon Ops, and The Shroud’s jumping barge game. I may try to do them again soon as with level sync his #2 shouldn’t be hard to kill, so that way I can have the final mission set up, and just look for a group for it somewhere. I know you still need a group to finish that quest line out completely.

2016-05-05_15-43-39 So yeah this deserved a screen shot for it’s sharing purposes only cause I am proud to not be afraid to group up anymore in the game when things need to get done. I decided to stop playing around with my high level characters after this and go back and take advantage of the Double XP this week, so I’ve leveled up another Bounty Hunter (female) and another Sith Inquisitor (Male), not sure why my SI’s are always male, probably cause I love the voice actors better, then that of the female, and I have a female Consular waiting to be leveled up as well. If I don’t get back to her before the Double XP is over. I’ll just wait until later in the month when they run it again to run it through the leveling system. I think with my female Bounty Hunter since she’s romanced Torian I am just going to wait before running her through KotFE until next month when Chapter is released so that she won’t be without her main squeeze for long. Course Torian is also a close to Rank 30 influence with some gifts, but mostly from the game’s conversations as he’s not to picky on what I choose.

Eternal Championship

I’ve tried to do this, and got up to the Drake and Noc fight and lost badly and after 4 repair bills of being 7k or better, I called it quits, course I think a lot had to do with the fact that I wasn’t properly geared for my warrior, so I’ve been working on him. But I’ve also sent a message to our GM who is offline at the moment, probably due to his wife about to drop a newborn any time now. But we were talking a while back and the term Operations came up, and well from what I’ve seen and experienced a little on my own. EC would be a great place for him and I go group up, and learn how mechanics run in Ops as that I’ve heard so many say that. So I dropped him an in-game mail about that and how he can access it only through having gone through 9 chapters of KotFE, I know he hasn’t taken any of his characters through it yet cause he told me so. I couldn’t stop and ask well “Why not?” , yeah some parts of KotFE are boring, and overkill on fighting, but it gets better trust me. This last chapter is the most fun I’ve had since the beginning of any story for me. Now I think they are priming us with all these companions coming back into our lives after 5 long years cause we all know the end of the season is coming up soon, and we will be facing the main man himself, and prove that he should have listened to those damn scions and understand that he is mortal just like everyone else, well except maybe Valkorion , we just don’t know what the hell he is, even though I thought it would have been interesting to see the Inquisitor to force bind him like the other ghosts, but I don’t think Valkorion is a normal ghost.

Epic Burn

Not sure if this is what is said for all characters, but when I decided to run Jordelli through Fallen Empire,I picked an option that well would fit the smart ass smugness of the smuggler. And the epic burn that followed through was quite interesting to say the least.








2016-04-27_11-28-22I picked the option of saying “Not enough room in my head” or something along those lines, and this was the response I got from Valkorion. Not what I expected, but was an Epic burn to a smart ass smuggler. All throughout the smuggler story I tried to pick the funnies all cause I wanted a good laugh, plus I pretty much made it where Jordelli was all about avoiding being killed, shot at, and pain. He even says so a time or two about not liking pain so much. But overall I am finding the game play fun, and I’m enjoying the KotFE so much that I never get bored of going through it, course some of my other characters are now just going back into RotHC and SoR as well as since I’ve taken a good break from them when I level up a new character I go through and relive those days that well were once the end of the game for a good bit unless you were into end game stuff. Which I’m trying too with the guild, but GM and myself are on different times again. So not sure what is going to happen with E.I.V. but I’m sure we’ll figure something out as well.

Disturbing thought

So as I was leveling up my new SI last night, I got this screen shot that well just makes all very disturbing to say the least. For anyone that has done the Inquisitor story then you’ll understand this screenie the most.

2016-05-07_13-34-48This is just plain disturbing coming from Khem Val even though we know Zash is sharing his body on this at the moment, but those words coming from this Beast of a Monster, well it’s remotely disturbing because we know Khem is male, but to hear it with Zash’s voice actor, is just disturbing and funny at the same time. I can never truly get tired of playing an Inquisitor , course this time I’m doing Assassin in Deception, and wow I have learned that class better, course the challenge will come when it’s time to go through KotFE, which I still need Toxi’k to do another chapt. but yeah, for those that have played the SI story and see this line, one must admit that the writers had a sense of humor for half the lines they put into the game and some were just well very disturbed individuals as well. But overall I’m having fun at the moment, and to me that is what this game is all about. Not a competition like some want it to be.