PVP,Group stuff, Over all fun in SWTOR finally!!

So yesterday I did the daily bonus for Galactic Command, and it was PVP, so our GM, our newest recruit and a friend of theirs joined us in a group, and we Que for PVP, now mind you I always said in the past that I wouldn’t be doing anymore PVP, but well things change, and I changed. I am getting into group content now. On days that Flashpoints are the Bonus, we run Black Talon a lot for our GMs one alt, he’s trying to achieve a higher social level and I’m all for that, so we run solo mode with those Jesus (Or God) Droids as they are called, which kind of lets me do some DPS damage, not much but some. But I do cleanse us both a lot. So now I am also Level 71 or 72 in Galactic Command now as well, and I have all 7 pieces of gear, most dropped from the Crates, but the last two pieces I was able to get with Unassembled Components and Command Tokens, which were the Boots and Body Armor, now mind you I am not really into the look for the gear, so I let it sit out, while I use the outfit Designer, and I plan on showing off some of the outfits Krumar Ordo wears in game. I have really changed this year, and I’m enjoying this side of SWTOR finally.

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This is something new for me, and I’m really finally enjoying it. Just like I did not think I would honestly love playing a healer spec, but I do. It’s something different for me, and now it has me wondering about trying my hand at tanking one day in the future as well. As you can see in the image up at the very top of this post. I did amazingly well as a healer in PVP, which to my surprise earned me a few MVP’s. I did manage to make some kills, only had one death myself as they ganged up on me and our GM and friends couldn’t peel them off me fast enough. Man they really do not like healers in PVP, and I can’t much blame them either. We do have a thing for trying to keep everyone alive in the matches. But yeah I’ve finally found a place in SWTOR where I’m comfortable, able to be myself and have fun doing so. No one has an issue with me being a woman that plays male characters. That makes it all more worth it to be honest. I won’t lie and say I didn’t know how I would be taken once I told the truth. But I won’t deny the fact that I am a female that games, and I enjoy the male voice actors more so on some characters then others. We even had a few death matches were we won all because I kept or at least tried to keep everyone alive, and we were able to win the matches and that made them really proud of me. Course I also had Blade sitting here cheering me on as well, even though he was quiet until after the matches so he didn’t break my concentration on keeping us all alive.  He’s being super supportive in all this as well. He was afraid that I would drop subscription and uninstall the game, but now that he’s seeing me doing other things, he’s proud of me for keeping at it. I know there are a lot of bad people in the game, but there are a lot of good people as well. I’ve noticed as well that sometimes it is not really the big guilds that will fit a person, but ones that are rebuilding, and are small are usually the best ones, especially for someone like me who has anxiety disorders. While I still do things as a solo player as well, but mostly I’m craving for group content now. I finally understand what everyone was saying in the past about being a team player, while yes SWTOR has a lot of solo content mainly the personal stories and etc, but it’s nice to group up, and go kick some arses from time to time too.

So also while doing some solo things, I leveled up my Nexu who I call “Shock” to influence level 50 and man let me tell you, he is a walking tank now, course that is the spec I put him in, all because with me being a healer, I needed to keep him alive while taking on the baddies in solo stuff from time to time, so that left me with another idea to level up another Cartel Companion so I opted to start leveling up my Mawvorr and get him up to level 50 and him I decided to name “Shadowstalker” I am even developing a story on how I acquired these beasts. Which will make for an interesting read once I am doing developing it. I am over all having fun now whether it be solo or in a group. Course next up for me is to get Bowdaar as a companion, but I am going to see if I can get some help for it since Chomper likes to chomp on me a lot. Course it may be different now that I’m in 230 gear, well minus the mods in my guns, which I need to upgrade soon to purple 230’s.



FOTM and how they are wrong

Flavor of the MONTH…..

I recently read a few twitter posts about how some are only playing FOTM short term for Flavors of the Month, give or take how one spells “Flavor”, some countries add a u, others don’t. USA doesn’t they spell words funky, we know this. LOL, anyways I don’t believe in FOTM or anything in that nature. Most find playing as a force user fun, others don’t, me, I’m in a cross at the moment, while playing a force user can be fun at times, it really doesn’t spark much of a challenge for me often. I do love my Force using characters minus the Jedi Consular, I keep wanting to replay them, but the voice actors, and the over all story for Consular is just well to damn vanilla for me. So I tend to avoid making a new character there. Even though I think that maybe the one class I may try as a healer. I’ve never played a healer before because well I’m only into saving my own ass and not everyone else, plus I hear healers get a lot of shit in group stuff, and etc. hence why I never played it, but I just may because it’s something different for me, and I would expect it to be a challenge for me since I’ve never done it. But all that aside I see on the fleet during various times, even start planets and capital planets this infamous questions “Which class and spec should I pick?”, Normally I just tell them to play whatever the hell they want to play, because let’s face it, no one but you is paying for the game right?, even if you are not paying, it’s still your game to play the way you want and not how anyone should say you need to play. Now I’m not suggesting that you don’t take advice from others about what classes and specs they think is good, or looking up certain guides and etc. Because it’s good to get some general knowledge, but don’t let anyone dictate how you are going to play this game, or any game for that matter. It’s one thing to ask for advice on certain classes, specs, and etc, but it’s another to make that choice for that person because so-so is the FOTM , nah, don’t fall into that hype.

How I pick a new class and it’s specs.

This is just one way I play and like I said it’s meant to be leaning towards a guide more so then an option. I look at all the classes, both Empire and Republic, then I look at all the specs on both sides again. Reading over the information provided, looking up the talent trees and so forth. I hover all the abilities and read which each one does and how much of a CD they have, and what not. Then I go back to the main page where it says to chose your path. After a good 10-15 minutes, also moving so often as they don’t log me out during this time period, I pick the AC I want, and then I go over the specs again, and re-read everything, but then I stop and go to dulfy’s guides for PVE gearing and rotations, all because even though gearing while low level is not required, I want to know what I should be stacking overall as I do level up. I don’t buy mods the entire time, I let all my Common Data Crystals grow til I hit SoR Prelude, do those flashpoints, get the 99×3 CDCs, then I’ll upgrade my weapons all the time, but that is like every 5-10 levels or so. I don’t use the Crystals again til I hit 65 and can at least get the new level 65 gear from the vendors. I’m not talking the 216-220 gear, I’m talking about the 208 gear, the basic starter gear for end game stuff, I do that because then it helps me go through KotFE if I chose too, which I normally do, cause I’m a creature of habit, plus I do like the story so far, and when I’ve leveled up a new character that hasn’t played all the way through, it’s more challenging too, instead of stopping at Chapt. IX, I can now play Chapter X-XII, which next time I level a character up it will be through chapter XIII, so yeah that’s my fun, and how I pick and decide things.

Guilds and their FOTM

I’ve seen a lot of guilds recently since the QoL changes moving from 500 members to 1000 members and how they are wanting to grow their numbers fast. I understand that a good guild runs multiple times a day and I’m all for that, but guilds should not be looking just for certain classes and specs. I have went to the other servers where I have characters at just to watch the guild invites spam from one end to the next. It’s like it is some sort of contest now to see who can max their guild out at 1000 members, then I know what will happen, for those that don’t play all the time, or have alts ,will get the boot after a period of inactivity. Then there is their FOTM , again I’m not entirely into this FOTM kind of hype I think it falls more on PVP then anything else,but still I just prefer to play the class I am comfortable with, and what I want to play since no one is paying for my subscription but me. I see a lot more guilds wanting force users than any other class now and it is mostly on the RP servers like The Ebon Hawk server, unsure about the others as I just have storage characters there. Ones I’ve played, and never went back too for some odd unknown reason, other than to have multiple legacies across the U.S.A servers. There isn’t a given time on the fleet, starter planets, even Capital planets that I don’t see at least 15 guild recruitment messages, now the guild I’m in “Elite Imperial Vanguard”, well we don’t spam gen chat with recruitment messages. But our GM and myself are usually on same time sometimes usually when my insomnia is around, or totally different times, we use to have rules and everything, but lately when we have talked we’ve decided to just drop them. Like I told him I want our guild to be more than just a guild, I would like it to become something along the lines of a support group for people who have a tough time doing group content, or wanting to interact with others. Even new players that want to belong somewhere but not sure where, so in retro spec, “Elite Imperial Vanguard” is an outcast guild, for those that just don’t fit in anywhere, whether it be a main , or an alt, it’s welcomed. But we don’t follow the FOTM , or anything in that nature because let’s face it. FOTM only last for so long then it’s moved on, and then you’re told you have to make a new FOTM and level them up as well. Nah, don’t fall into that hype with FOTM, or anything in that nature. Join a guild to make friends, help out on things, and become a force of friends that enjoys the game together or solo, don’t join because of a FOTM type deal.

Summary of it all

Play this game how you want to play and not how others want you to play. After all it is on your computer  that you installed it, created a log in , and decided to start playing. This game can be tons of fun with friends, and without, but it can also become quite toxic as well. Just don’t let others dictate how you should play a certain class, or how you should look, etc. It does nothing but make them feel like they have it all and you have nothing. That is no way to play a game with people. Regardless if they say this and that , and you decide to go another route and they kick you, well then that place was not for you after all. FOTM’s only last a few days, weeks, even a month, then it’s onto the next big thing. Just like I hear people talk about various VoIPs and what not, How they say Team-speak is the best, and etc, but I’ve heard some say others are good too and price cost is well good enough for them. Again don’t let others dictate how you do anything with your time online. It is after all your time online that matters the most, not theirs. So pick a Class you want, then pick it’s AC (Advance Class), that you want to play, not what everyone else is playing at the moment. Overall your choice matters to you in this game not anyone else.

Just a random

Thought or two….

I’ve been thinking that lately I am going to stick with just 2 of my 20 some characters on Ebon Hawk. I’m not pulling all them through KotFE anymore. It’s not that I don’t want too, it’s just well the joy of using lightsabers has died for me. I’m more into the Agent and Trooper, more so the Trooper than the Agent now. Of course it could also be that well for my Agent he’s tied to a guild and even though when I logged in last night on him to check on some things , mostly Common Data Crystals since I am trying to gain 50 influence with Jorgan on my new trooper that well I just can’t seem to be really bothered being in a guild. I guess I am just to use to be alone in the game, and have been for so long that being in a guild is difficult for me now. Course I also have ones that I never finished leveling up, or anything, or once they hit 55 I stopped playing. Of course though now that she’s now level 65, has Jorgan back I will probably start doing Heroics on the others if for anything, just to get the crates so I can give them between my Agent and Her to level up the alliance. Not sure if I’ll do the Heroics for Star Fortresses though as even though I see “LFG” for them on Odessen all the time, but yeah I’m just not sure if it’s a good idea for me to stay in this guild or not. I don’t know what to do at this point. I enjoy my alone time more than I do being around people. Course it could be also that the GM and I have become really good friends that we seek advice on things so much, that well this is a new area for me, and I don’t know how to deal with it. Last time I tried to have friends online well, I’m there, they know I’m there, but we don’t talk all that much anymore. Course I don’t even log into my second life as much either now.

The most heartfelt and most touching scene

In the latest chapter has been for the female trooper at least for me. The first time I played the trooper was back last summer and it was only to unlock the buffs and everything but I couldn’t stand Jorgan at first, or anything. I hated the idea of having him for a companion so I dumped the 1st chance I could, but over last weekend and this past week, well something in me has changed. I decided I wanted to see a female romance him, even though most wouldn’t go all the way and marry him I did on two of my female troopers, and their scene to be reunited was the most heartfelt one that I could even see in a game. I normally don’t cry about things like this, hell I think the last time I cried about a romance in a video game was back on my Playstation during the scene Cloud and Aerith and then in Playstation two with Tidus and Yuna during their special scenes. Odd I would remember those two scenes out of all the RPG’s I have played over the years. But back to the trooper, well being reunited with Jorgan well it just felt more real with those two than anything. I know it’s just a game, and I shouldn’t be that close to my characters, but I honestly did become close to them.

True love stood the test of time for these two.

True love stood the test of time for these two.

And it did for them all because even though in the game they say 5 years have passed since they were standing side by side, it was just touching to see the interaction with them. It was also nice to know that their romance would be continued without any complications too. Usually like most do after 5 years they move on and find love from another, but not Jorgan’s character, he remained faithful and with hope, even though after a while he started to lose that hope. But for me this scene when they reunited was the most heartfelt scene ever I have seen in a game. The Agents and Kaliyo wasn’t to much to jump up and down about, but this one sure was. So now that he’s almost level influence 50, and maxed level 65, I am thinking of also going back and going through some older missions I didn’t do just to earn credits and Common Data Crystals.

But yeah as for my Trooper’s name, well some have a hard time with it, because it’s a word play again. This trooper was named Reinjasa. I like odd names, and having that name generator helps me come up with some good ones, because if I see one name I like, then another, I just tend to put the two together and come up with a unique name. Course unlike the Agent, she’s guildless and probably staying that way too. Plus I may go and do the HK-51 Quest just for kicks since I didn’t see the need to spend cartel coins on him for this name because I wasn’t sure I was keeping her at first, but now I am. She’s my main on the Republic side now. So for Empire Side there is Trayvae who is my agent and main, and on the Republic side there is Reinjasa, so I am usually on one of those two more than any of my others anymore. I just needed a break from everything for a few days and get my head clear, but may start spending time on Trayvae again just for kicks since most seem to think he’s an asshole character, and he is. He’s the male counterpart to me in Real life, as for Rein, well she’s the tomboy side of me that is always true to who she is.


8 to10 More days and

I’m not even bored yet

09 I decided a while back to roll a new smuggler since I seemed to have forgotten how to use them after hitting 60. So this is Kostos who is currently doing the story after her main class. I’ve decided I would do Illum before Makeb, or I may just bypass Makeb all together. I haven’t really made up my mind just yet. I know I will do the prelude into SoR all because well who could resist those wonderful 99×3 Common Data Crystals you get once you’ve headed off to Rishi. I leveled Kostos up the same way I’ve done it in the past. Solo style, No grouping, Solo Flashpoints, Solo Heroics, etc. You know my own play style. Of course though I was smart, I didn’t jump right into my modifiable orange gear for her until after I hit level 50. Only time I had to alter anything was her gun, She uses the Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster Pistol and I do love it totally. Rishia uses the Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster Rifle and I do love hearing the sound of out of this one. Even though I know we don’t have to put our comps in gear anymore, I still like to have a different look for them though. So I just slap on some orange gear, and go out and about. Plus I did spend the credits to get them a different look too for the over all appearance. Course the gear I did choose for Kostos is apart of the gree set. Red Scalene, I just didn’t use the head gear. I was so happy that I have finally came out of my shell and started doing the dailies for the Gree event to build up my rep there to at least get this set. Now her head gear is none other then that Bounty Tracker’s Hat and I got that by checking my cargo bays in a stronghold to see I had the 3 completed Contracts. Plus I did an extra one just to get it started on Kostos.

What I’m currently working on when not playing…..

Now I started this last month and haven’t even published the first post to it yet, but other than the random new one you get when you first start a new wordpress blog. It’s going to be my RP blog with Character background stories, but I haven’t even posted anything there yet. I have on my desk right now a torn out piece of paper with Kostos story just beginning. I will write when I have a thought that is longer than 5 seconds. I will be adding it to my links, but also here is the site address that will follow it. I have set up a twitter account for it and all. Character Stories- For My SWTOR Characters like I said it’s a brand new and everything. I haven’t done much because well even though I’m creative at times. I do tend to draw blanks a lot when trying to write. Then again Significant other has a mouth that won’t stop at times unless I threaten him with Staples, and Duct Tape. Of course like most that write, I want detailed information on what planet I am researching, what her other abilities are and etc. You know like a writer type thing. I want information that will make my character more believable then just what is written out. That takes time when one is doing so much on their own. In the process of doing this, we are trying to look for a new place to live. Much harder when you have pets, and about 75% of landlords hate dogs now cause of bad owners. So yeah a lot is going on in real life that well comes first and foremost. Oh yeah not to forget that significant other lost his twin sister at the start of 2016 too. Yeah it’s been a shitty start for us in RL so far.


In a nutshell

Kostos:No one can be talented, lucky and good-looking all the time. Or so I'm told.

Kostos:No one can be talented, lucky and good-looking all the time. Or so I’m told.

So far this year I’ve lived and learn. It’s all one can do when it comes to online gaming of any kind. The friend thing fell through the floor like I knew it would. Sometimes it sucks to be right about certain things, while other times it’s a blessing in disguise for me. But it’s also got me thinking that maybe I will stay in the solo realm for a good long time. I’m just not good at keeping friendships. I can make them and etc, but that is it. Course I bounce to much on alts to stay on one name for long. But yeah I can and will say this though. Regardless of the nay sayers out there about the death of SW:ToR , I am not going anywhere. I may take breaks and go do other things, but the time and money now invested into SW:ToR is not something I will give up so easily. I have fun there, even if I rarely do anything in group setting, and have no friends there. It’s not a lonely game that I play. It’s a smart game. I don’t put myself out there online and etc. I take other people’s feelings into consideration very seriously and not treat them like a game, because we play a game, does not mean I will play a game on them. I will play a game with them, and that is where a lot of people fail in any community. Lack of consideration for other’s feelings. We are real people operating a pixel after all.

The Slow Wait

Is Killing me!!!

So I’ve been playing a lot of various games lately. I keep forgetting that once you install games on an external hard drive that no matter how many times you have to refresh your PC, said games are already installed so no need to reinstall them. So yesterday I played a little SW:ToR in the morning, went into second life, and then updated GW2 while I watched a little TV. I’m doing all this now because I’m patiently waiting for Chapter X to be released next month. So if this is what it will be like to wait for these damn chapters Monthly. I’m gonna go more insane than I already am. As for the friend I had in the game, well that lasted not to long. I have went back to doing what I do best, and that is play on my own.  Course I found out about the games being installed on Sunday night because the log in service for SW:ToR was down for a good few hours by my guess and what I read on the forums. Not that I’m missing much as I don’t really go near the forums again, and I don’t really check my twitter. Course I’ve also been playing some games on my facebook accounts. I have multiple accounts because I love to live a quiet life. I have very few friends anywhere anymore and I don’t know why. My RL account on Facebook has my parents, and I try to keep them away from my gaming life because even though I’m cleverly disguised as an adult. They don’t understand why I’m in my late 30s and love to play video games on the computer instead of my old generation consoles. Bless my parents for having me while they were young, I’m a lucky one even though a lot of bad shit happened as a child with them and etc. I’m lucky to  this day to say I have my parents both alive and kicking. My father just turned 61 on the 8th of this month, and my mother is 58, 20 years older than me. So when she hits 59 in Nov, a month later I will hit 39. Even though they are divorced from each other, they did have a common ground and still do. Just now neither has to deal with the other. But yet I’m still often conflicted between them even as an adult. But enough of that shit. Back to gaming. I really wanna take Raynasia through Knights of the Fallen Empire, but don’t want to reach chapter 9 just yet and be stuck at that grinding for alliances. Even though with her, I plan on romancing Theron Shan for a change. I never romanced nor tried too in SoR. So this will be a fun twist for this inquisitor.


Radqa has been in KotFE

I have him currently going through it and stop with him from time to time because well I’m trying to drag it out, and as fast as these chapters are. Well I want to experience the whole thing over and over again. Call me crazy if you will, but I am enjoying the story even though I’ve already seen it play out so far. Course I’m also taking different choices than I have with the other characters. Course Zanedyl is still stuck on a heroic Mission 2 for star fortress, Even with Companion at rank 20, and base alliances at level 10 or better. I get stuck on the last boss, and I just hate the idea of asking for help, but I may have too.

swtor 2016-01-18 10-42-30-99 Course though I am also still loving the comments made by HK-55. I still can not wait for him to join my crew next month as well. And even more so can’t wait until August to play his chapter. I can’t wait to see the twists and turns they are putting together for HK in general. I know a lot of hate is still going around about this being a subscriber perk to get new players to join, but in all honesty I feel this was a great perk to keep some of us as subscribers to the game. Also I was happy to hear in the latest  stream that pvp will be getting a small amount of love. Granted it’s not like how many were wanting, but at least they are getting some new love here in KotFE. I just know the PVP community is still highly upset about the lack of PVP for them and I truly do feel for them as I have tried PVP, but it just is not my cup of tea so to speak. So I stick with what I know better and that is PVE, I haven’t heard much about new operations and what not for the ones that love to do end game stuff. Hell I still have my last two quests for Seeker and Macro in a few characters quest logs, also have Op for the Dread Masters. I doubt I will ever get them done unless I find a bunch of noobs  that looking for Ops groups to do that one at least. But at least I still play the stories.


Poor Zanedyl

Zanedyl As I stated above I have tried to solo one of the heroic star fortresses and only to fail towards the end. He has decent gear now, 208 I believe, level 20 influence with Lana and Level 11 influence with Alliance base, and I get him to the last boss, and get the last boss to about 3% of health and he kills off Lana before I know it, and then kills me. I tried about 5 times but when my repair bill was 5k or better each time, I just left and went about other things. I think the Rakghoul event is running so may hop over and get what I need done for Lokin and be done with that quest as well. Like the Gree event I really do have fun hooking up with various people that want to group up for the heroics there, and etc. So yeah to make some extra credits I may just log in and go do some Rakghoul events and build my rep up on that as well. But yeah the slow wait is literally killing me I want to do more things in KotFE but must wait for new content. Hey, thanks for reading, feel free to drop a comment down below, and happy gaming whatever.