The search begins

My name is Zo’rad and I’m on a quest to search for my long lost twin brother. While I know he’s out there someone in the galaxy I can’t help but to wonder what has happened to him. Growing up we were to never be torn apart until that fateful night when a Jedi came and killed our parents. Splitting us up and moving me to Tython and no idea where my brother had went too. I started to learn the ways of the light side in the force. I started training to be a Jedi Knight and lost track and all connections to my brother. I ache to this day to find out where he went too, and what has happened to the twin that I grew up with.

Hello and welcome

Welcome to the Dragosani legacy fan blog for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is a fictional site that is something I’m trying to do again. The legacy name you see is from a book series I read and fell in love with the last name, so thought it would be a cool name to use in SWTOR. I want to bring my characters to life with a back story, and it’s always a slow progress as I research their species , home planets, and how they age. So please bookmark this site and check back from time to time. You can always follow this on facebook and my personal twitter account. I’ll add their links here soon as well.