ERP? I mean seriously?

ERP Seriously?


Okay before I even get started on this, let me say this first and foremost. I don’t care about one’s personal methods of self pleasure,(Yes I’m being or at least trying to be nice here). I have been online for roughly around 17 years, I’m not entirely sure when I joined the interweb. But I’ve seen a lot in these years from poor shotty online chat rooms, to virtual worlds. From IRC down to an chat room, yeah I’m old don’t rub that in. After the close of certain chats, there emerged one that was just a virtual chat room with avatars, (no not second life) Second life wasn’t even thought of yet. The image below will show you what they called “Virtual Chat” back then.


This image was how I spent a lot of my time online back then. Sitting in a non animated room that was created by someone, and used random images to pose as “yourself” while hiding behind a screen name. It was a great place to get lost when you had nothing to do. Also remember back then during this time there was really only Dial-up internet providers like Earthlink, and a few others. Most would cost I believe $21.99US a month sometimes even more. DSL, and Cable (not unless you had a high paying job), there also was no WI-FI. Imagine living in a world like that today? Yeah , no I can’t either. AOL was good for sending those free cds in the mail and etc to get you to sign up for an online provider, giving you so many free hours, but alias they had a catch 22, unless you had friends and etc. that hated AOL and would give you the cds, you were gonna pay for it. Anyways back then it wasn’t called “Erotic Role-play” it was straight up “Cyber-sex” Follow this link and read what usually happened to some , not me because I was never hype on this kind of stuff. Even sometimes after you’ve become friends and hung out in the same chat rooms and etc for months, it became a Friends with benefits kind of thing. I get people will call it whatever they want, but to me it’s just masturbating to words on a screen. I guess it truly is whatever floats ones boat. I will probably catch slack for this blog post, but in all seriousness since I’ve rolled on the Ebon Hawk server. I see guilds recruiting all the time with this line in it. “<Insert Guild Name Here> is currently recruiting, we are a heavy RP with ERP included, we live by the Sith Code’s one Line “There is only passion.” It’s not the exact wording, but yeah you get the idea of what they are looking for. I mean we all have tried to Role-play at some point in our lives. I came from the age old Pen and Paper of Vampire The Masquerade, then upgraded to para (paragraph) RP, forums that were used to RP with, and etc. Being online made it easier for the Role players to turn their characters into something more then just a name on a piece of paper. Then there is second life. Where I spent a good 3 years lost in it. I became an avid RPer for vampires, then got a job to support my shopping habit in there, I became an online DJ, but all the while I watched new SIMS (Not the game) but pieces of land in there, pop up with advertisements about becoming an escort , and some even have dark theme rp places, they like to RP with rape.  Why anyone would RP that is beyond me? It’s not a joking matter, but yeah there are some twisted people in this world. But back to SW:ToR though, I understand everyone has their perference in playing this MMO, and because they see the game with “RPG” in it , must mean well we gotta Role-play. That is not what the RPG meant in all reality. It was designed with the story element in mind. Final Fantasy, Guild Wars, those are RPGs , and well from now what I’m reading online that even ERP has been there and back again.

I’ve even had the displeasure of someone even believing they were actually married to their companion. While running a group content a while back, this guy wanted to use Mako (He was a BH) and insisted on me leaving HK-51 on the ship because he wanted to bring his wife with him. I didn’t even go there. I said whatever floats your boat, and dismissed HK. I understand that we can romance our companions in the game, but I believe some people take that a little to far. Yeah I crack jokes about mine but gesh. I would never insist on having that characters “Wife/Husband” with them all because they romanced them enough too. But what I’m not understanding , and I’ve had a few blame this one age, is I don’t get the hype of ERP online at all. I understand if you wanna add spice to your RL that you can make up stuff like that, and in reality that is where ERP should be. Between two people that can actually fullfill that fantasy better. I understand it all comes to ones imagination but let’s face it here. In the end you are still alone playing with yourself in front of your computer (unless you go to video conference) which some have done that too. Maybe I just like being a mysterious figure online. I rarely let my voice heard, my real name get out, anything really. I’ve had many bad experiences with stalkers online that I just choose now to live in the shadows (yes pun intended), but the stalker bit is for another post in the future possibly. Who knows. I never do. I just get inspiration sometimes when I can. I just don’t know. Think it’s time to go kill Darth Zhorrid now though as I’ve finally woken up enough I can log into SW:ToR and play.

HK-51 and His comments

Well I recently blogged bout our favorite companions and while no one has bitten on that yet. I’ve decided I was going to give a little more info into why I’m so addicted to HK-51. I just recently rolled a new character at Ebon Hawk, and was accepted into the Guild that Zernebog told me about. This time I rolled another Imperial Agent named : Ericzack

Now because it’s not easy to get HK at some point because a lot don’t want to do the quests, but of course I see a lot more now that people are doing his quest alone, and that’s great. I even started to help a guildie get his HK, and well never mind I won’t be going there.


Normally when I got companions I didn’t pay much attention to them at all. I got Treek back around the X-mas season when she was , I believe half off for a time. I unlocked her so I could have her on all my toons. Just something I wanted to do at the time, plus that time of year, it was around my birthday, and that was my gift to myself. Wasn’t until after I beat Revan, and etc that I group up and decided to start hunting for the HK parts. (That was my bad guild experience from the past) so when I got all his parts, and went to unlock HK-51. I knew on the Shadowlands server which was my home sever for so long only cause of the “Shadow” in the name, and plus being a total noob, I didn’t know you could roll on any server really just as long as you knew what you were picking. I knew Shadowlands because an ex-friend introduced me to SW:ToR and well that’s another past about online friendships that don’t turn out how they want. I decided I was not going to go through the hassles of finding someone to run the heroics with so I could get HK again. I spent the Cartel Coins and unlocked him Legacy wide. Because of the CC that well to me is because it was real money that bought the CC’s to begin with. I tend to hoard them for a while at least, even my monthly amount which I do fair good on,but anyways I don’t always rush to get HK when I roll a new toon, because I am never sure until the last minute if I’m going to keep that toon or not because to me that’s wasting money on HK if I have no desire to keep the toon.


I never really paid much attention to him, got him mainly cause I heard people say he was good for crafting, and mission skills. Well lately I’ve been using him and A LOT. Since I’ve been using him, I’ve been finding out he’s quite comical if you really listen to his talks. More so then my other companions who just normally complain about something or another. But not DS Jaesa, there she’s just plain psycho. But anyways, here are some of HK’s famous sayings I’ve captured ingame, and resized to just show his text.






He does seem to keep my husband and I both laughing hard when he starts to talk. Matter of fact my husband will shut up just to hear HK talk, because he knows HK is probably the best smart ass droid in the galaxy of Star wars. I mean who would think that right? But even when you initially get him, one of his opening lines when you tell him about killing, he says this.

swtor 2015-06-28 22-31-09-57

Anyways happy reading, and enjoy the laughter, because I do.

What are your favorite Companions?

Ok recently I’ve been thinking about our companions in SW:ToR, and well we all have our favorites. I’m going to make a list of my favorite classes, and their companions that you get. Even the ones that you get for all characters.  Those are ones are Treek and HK-51, even though Treek is fairly reasonable and easier to get then HK-51, both are well worth the headaches. There is a huge LOVE/HATE on our companions in SW:ToR. It’s just how we are as a community. Now I have 3 Favorite Imperial Classes that I love to play. I will be using their companions along with the ones that are freely open to all factions/classes. First up I’ll show all the companions for Sith Warrior.

Star Wars- The Old Republic - HOLONET 2015-06-26 02-33-29









Sith Warrior’s Companions (The main ones)

  • Vette- You get her on Korriban and she unlocks the inner sith tomb. While some have removed that infamous shock collar, I tend to keep it on her for sheer amusement, while at first when I started playing the SW story line. I did take it off, but then well let’s just say I have a dark side, and I just wanted to see what happens if I left it on, so I did, and even let DS Jaesa have her fun with the collar control too (Evil—Maybe, but funny as hell to hear her say “Wookie poo, and “Bantha poo”), Course now she’s in a slaves outfit on the Ship and never used.
  • Malavai Quinn- Should have left and went anywhere he was told other than my damn SHIP. For a healer before I found out about Treek I thought Quinn was good. Sucked as a fighter, but was decent as a healer. I’ve always had a problem with the VA on this one. I found it quite annoying, and that “Holier than though Imperial Solider attitude of his.” , Course he whines to much for my taste too, always about some Moff that tried to ruin his career, which is why I ended up using him as a human shield. I just didn’t care for him, and after finishing the SW story and finding out that I had to keep a traitor on my ship, yeah I’d prefer to shove him out an airlock for that and many other reasons.
  • Jaesa Willisaam- This one was fun to chase down. I’ve never seen her light side, and I’ve been told she’s not very fun. Her DS option now is truly funny to watch. She goes from a sweet innocent girl into a full range mode of “CRAZY” , yes even though I hate labels, she needs that label. From her dark side humor, to well just in total awee with her new Master in all things. (That is freaky to hear at times) I have used her as an active companion, and loved her abilities and all her comments as she battles, but eh, let’s me be honest here. I can only stand so much sucking up before I become immune to it. So now she’s another that terrorizes Vette.
  • Lt. Pierce- I got him after the class mission on Taris. I’m not to gun-ho on another damn solider but at least he didn’t like Baras, and doesn’t like Mr. Stuffypants (Quinn). I did find his comments a few times I used him to be hilarious, but he just isn’t who I want to have my back during this time of war in the Sith Empire. I may go back and try to use him again, but eh, I’m just not into having a big mouth on my side.
  • Broonmark- a Tzal  that does not work for the REPUBLIC??? How is that even remotely possible. I aquired him on Hoth and refuse to use the hair ball. I prefer and most will find this strange, but I prefer basic speaking companions over those that have these strange language patterns.

Next up I’ll cover the annoying ship droid. 2V-R8

Star Wars- The Old Republic - HOLONET 2015-06-26 02-36-41




From what I heard from older players that he use to talk all the time and non stop everytime you boarded your ship. Now that would have made me wish to have his voice deactivated. Nah, cause I still want his voice deactivated. He’s really worthless,and I have to shake my head when I see people running around with him. To me he’s just one of those petty annoying droids that isn’t meant to do much of anything cept annoy you  to death with his trying to help you all the time. Eh, to each their own on this one. I just leave him on ship and ignore him.


Now onto the next Imperial Class that I love just as much as the Sith Warrior.


Sith Inquisitor’s Companions ( The Main ones)

Star Wars- The Old Republic - HOLONET 2015-06-26 02-37-13









  • Khem Val- When I first heard of Khem and that he was called a Dashade, I was like so many other’s a little curious as to why his former master locked him statis for all that time. I just never could fully understand how he was a consumer of force users, and etc. I guess much to the Dashade’s ill conceived past is just totally intriguing to me. Then again, I just find the story telling so well written him. Just even found it hiliarious when Zash and him had to share that body. Ohhhh that was freaky as hell, then again SI story is a strange one.
  • Andronikos Revel- When I first met him, I got the impression that he was a solider of sorts that went AWOL and never returned to his post again. But his lying about who he really was , well funny as I seen right through it. He was fun to play along side for a bit, but alias all good things come to an end when getting companions.
  • Ashara Zavros- I could not fathom the true need of this one. Why she was so important to the sith inquisitor story line, Her banter about not going against her teachings are truly annoying. No matter what choices the inquisitor makes, she’s never ever happy about them. Yet another one I tried to have killed and ended up with and hated having companions forced onto my character.
  • Talos Drellik- Really? Why do they keep giving us really bad Companions. Healer wise, eh, I didn’t use a healer all the way up to Hoth, so why even bother? Another whining character that I’d rather push out a damn air lock then deal with. Or better yet, let me find an unexplored Tomb,and throw him in there to uncover some more sith powers for the SI to consume.
  • Xalek- A good companion that matches the SI’s personality, but not all that trust worthy, and really dense at times. He wants to become “GOD” I mean really now? Out of all companions why would they allow this one to to want to become “GOD” like ..I just can’t wrap my head around him, then again I’ve also always believed the silent ones are the ones usually plotting your death of sorts. He probably is.


Imperial Agent Companion’s (Main Ones)

Star Wars- The Old Republic - HOLONET 2015-06-26 02-37-38







  • Kaliyo Djannis- I really did not care for her at all. Matter of fact I would have rather killed her than take her as a starter companion on my agent. I just didn’t care for someone that could and would betray at the next turn of events. I just found her utterly useless, and her banter of taunting was low and pathetic. Probably to make up for some sort of abuse her species was known for. Can I just dump her off at the next spaceport I land into????
  • Vector Hyllus- Now he has a nickname from me and I call him “BUG BOY”, I found him to be a remarkable companion. It wasn’t until after I got him on my Imperial Agent that eventually I kind of felt bad for the previous two classes killing members of Killiks you encounter on Alderaan. I used him a lot more after I aquired him over Kaliyo. Probably because he was so eager to please and was easy to work with. He had his faults, but he was way better then her in my opinion.
  • Dr. Eckard Lokin- Now when I first saw him I thought to myself great, they plague me with an old man. It wasn’t until the end of my class mission Taris that I saw the reasoning for them teaming him up with the imperial agent. You get your very own healer who at will can transform into your very own walking , talking RAKGHOUL. Awesome was what I thought when I first seen it. I was shocked when I saw him transform and found out that he was not only a great healer, but a damn good DPS too. What more could you honestly want? A human that can turn himself into one of the ugliest creatures on Taris..Good work there. I loved having him at my side in the past, and will probably use him again on a new Imp Agent I’m planning on rolling.
  • Raina Temple- Aquired on Hoth, but I have never used her outside of getting her on my ship. I don’t know, I don’t really care to use Miltary mostly on any of the classes if they are companions. So really don’t know much about her.
  • SCORPIO- Most love her, I personally don’t have a personality about her either way. I’m not fond of being forced into taking companions, and this seems to be the SW:ToR way. Some companions are better off never joining up at all, but yet they are forced upon us.


Now onto my current companion that I’ve been using since I re-rolled Radqa on the EH Server…………………………………………………………………………


HK-51 (my Current Companion on SW)


Star Wars- The Old Republic - HOLONET 2015-06-26 02-36






Manufacturer: Czerka Corporation
Model Age: 300+ Years
Classifcation: High-Efficiency Assassination Droid


Most get him for his crafting and mission boost he instantly gives. Now me, I went and got him during the SoR era only because I couldn’t get to lvl 55 or whatever before then. I didn’t play this game enough back then , nor did I really follow details about things they were releasing and what not. I had seen him running around with other players and well curiosity got the best of me. I wanted him, so I waited til I hit 60, and bored on my very first Sith Warrior Zo’ris, after defeating Revan and what not. I decided to take a trek through the Section X and get the quest for HK-51. Knowing that a lot of people did not want to help getting the HK Parts again, I opted to unlock him legacy wide. Well worth the cartel coins too on that option. Course since I’ve decided to start using him, some of the comments he says have me cracking up laughing. While traveling on the various planets he says this as shown in the gallery below. He’s really quite amusing to say the least. I’m pleased and proud to be using him as I conquer the galaxy.


TREEK ( Some love her, Some hate her)







This one is just a rather odd way to get a companion. You can get it via vendor in the cartel section of the fleet, or you can buy her off the Cartel Market. As for a Tank/Healer companion. She’s the best of the best in my opinion. But her voice is another thing, I’d wish she would shut up during the fights. I do find some of her banter amusing to say none the less, specially when she’s going on about taking someone’s bits as trophies later, or how they are stupid foes. But over all I use to use her faithfully since I did the whole account unlock after getting her, but now I just can’t really be bothered. Crafting and Mission gathering is what I use her for now. But over all if they could kill some of her chatter, I’d probably use her more often.


But there you have it , in a nut shell my favorite companion by far and to date is HK-51. He wins hands down, and while I was on Makeb finishing up leveling my SW Jugg, his praises, and comments were well welcomed. He loved it when I opted to kill others, and displayed my true power as a Sith Warrior. He’s also maxed on affection too, I think I have like 2k left before hitting the infamous 10,000 Affection with him!

You’re welcomed to reblog this, pingback, or even write a post about your favorite companions. Enjoy reading.

Gamers (It’s just a label)

This morning I read to very well written, thought out articles on “GAMERS” First one I read was from Gamersdecrypyed asking “What is a gamer?” and then followed up by with Defining “gamer” the Murf way, now both articles are very well detailed, and well written. So this left me to even think about a conversation I had with my husband recently. Yes we talk and as strange as it may sound. We have a good time talking about my “Lack of gaming” as he calls it. For months now when his friends ask him, “What does your wife do all day when you’re not home, or even when you are home?” He always responds with, “Oh she plays Star Wars, and Guild Wars, and whatever other games she can play, but she’s not a gamer.” So according to my husband , even though I do play video games I’m not a gamer. Funny and Strange I know. But what they do fail to realize I don’t put myself into a category of being a gamer, that is a label I avoid. Much like the label of “Goth”, Yes for most when they see me, I’m a gothic looking woman, something that most say is strictly for the teenage generation. But if they only knew. I’ve also been called an Emo, and while sometimes I am emotional, I’m not a damn screaming , whining. Since the young age of 14, I’ve been dealing with labels for so long that I gave up listening to them. I’ve had a lot of mental health labels over the years, now we come to the kind of music I listen too, and I’m clumped in with that genre label as well. Then this with video games. Now for me , and even my husband has explained this one to me, and as much as I would have loved to slap him silly, which come to think of it, I did verbally. He broke it down into 3 Categories.

Causal Gamer: Someone who plays when bored.

Semi-Hardcore Gamer: Someone that plays and has guides, and what not to help them advance to the next level.

Then his favorite.

Hardcore Gamer: Someone that eats , sleeps, and lives around a video game, and has all the consoles, the best of the best in PCs, all the add ons, all the accessories they need to play a game.


Now that I look at his thoughts of how he defines gamers, I must say, he can be most times quite brilliant in his thinking. This says a lot for someone who is completely pc, internet dumb. His words not mine, He claims to be a novice at the PC, and he really is. I’ve tried to get him involved and he just doesn’t have the focus. He’s more of the old school consoles that make up for a lot more of his life. Now at one time I had Nintendo , Super NES, Sega, Sega Genesis, Playstation, and Playstation 2. But I sold them because once I got hooked to the PS 2 , The graphics to me were dull in comparsion. But now I can kick myself for selling them because I probably could have gotten a lot more money now for the retro gaming systems. But if I had to put myself into the category of “What is a gamer?”, I would say I’m between my husband’s term of Causal to Semi-Hardcore. When I played the console games like Final Fantasy VII, and so forth. I did buy the brady game guides and got a discount on buying the two together. I use to keep an active subscription to Gameinformer from Gamestop. I still have my gamestop card, even though I no longer use it. So yeah if I had to be clumped into a catergory it would be causal to semi-hardcore. But I don’t believe in labels, and most don’t realize that those that use those kind of labels are actually trying to say “we as a gaming community are addicted to playing video games.” , now come on, I can think of worse things to be addicted too then playing video games. Do I get the shakes when I can’t play? Not at all. I just find something else to do. Like read blogs, read about new video games coming out. Or I play my RPG of Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines, or well like this morning. I was up and did that one blog post, then went back to bed after kicking hubby out for the day. I want and love my alone time to play. He has a habit of distracting me when playing sometimes with his comments, or even in general his breathing. Yes I am one moody damn woman and am not afraid to admit it. I’m gonna be 38 in Dec, and I’m going through a change of life early so yeah I’m moody. Deal with it. But this topic had me thinking even as I sleep. I think that is why I can’t really sleep that well. I tend to think of strange things as I’m sleeping as my brain does not take a minor break ever. If it did. I would be afraid.


Something that sparked a smartass comment to me over at Gamersdecryped was this
Gamers Decrypted


The highlight parted is what got my response from this.
My responce

So there you have it in a nutshell. My thoughts on what it is to be a gamer, and what is it. I like variety of games, but still mostly to what I care about more than anything. I have done the solo RPGs, I’ve done the action games. I love myself some need for speed, Test drive, etc. I am a fan for fast cars. In a nutshell. I just am myself and I love to play video games. Nothing more can be said. Now that SW:ToR is done installing the latest patch. I am going to go play now.! Happy tuesday gaming!

Truth be told Tuesday

Ok I’m not entirely sure this post will make much sense to anyone else but me, but I’ve been reading again, Thanks to servers going down in SW:ToR last night at 11pm Est time, about various things, and I’m going to touch a subject that it seems everyone has an opinion on as of late. That subject is exactly what is an MMO or more precisely an MMORPG.

According to Wikipedia this is how an MMO is explained.

A massively multiplayer online game (also called MMO and MMOG) is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously. By necessity, they are played over a network, such as the Internet. MMOs usually have at least one persistent world, however some games differ. These games can be found for most network-capable platforms, including the personal computer, video game console, or smartphones and other mobile devices.

MMOGs can enable players to cooperate and compete with each other on a large scale, and sometimes to interact meaningfully with people around the world. They include a variety of gameplay types, representing many video game genres.

Read the full article here, It may be outdated but still it says exactly what it means. Now we take into the RPG part of it, and that is well as anyone knows a Role playing game. Hence the “RPG” at that the end of an MMO, so there we have MMO, and then we have MMORPG.

Now most believe that since SW:ToR is an MMORPG that grouping up, and etc is a true requirement of the game itself. While many say no, many others say yes. When you think back to MMO’s you think back to WoW. Sadly most believe that WoW was the first MMO out there, but it’s not. There are more that predate back to the early 1990’s, so unless you’re an older generation player , like late 20’s and up. You really don’t get it that even though the internet has been around for ages, the true age of the “WWW” is still fairly young. Yes it is truly two different things, If you want to know more about the difference then here is a link for you to go read “How old is the internet“, and this one too, that was written a just year ago,”The Internet and the World Wide Web Are Not the Same Thing“, so yeah, as you can see there is a HUGE debate on all this still today. I remember when I first heard of being online and I was roughly around 16 years old. So yeah the first time I was ever online at a “WWW” was back then. I didn’t get into much of anything else until I was roughly around 21-22 years old. Eeeps. This topic now makes me feel old. But back then MMOs were just in their infantile stages. No one really knew how big they would eventually blow up, and how big the implact would have. Hell I was still happy with my Nintendo’s, Sega’s, Playstations, that I didn’t really care about a computer then really. Nor could I really afford High speed net. And then you had that infamous sound we all hated the most.

Now if you remember that sound. Yeah you’re like me. OLD. LOL

But back to this topic, the first true MMO was Neverwinter Nights that was just for graphical purposes , there was another that was just text based, and that one is called Legends of Future Past. Both of these predate anything someone says is younger. These are 1991 and 1992 , so yeah I never heard of either one, nor have I played them. Then again like I said, when the World Wide Web was introduced to me, I was still in that time frame that being outside was better then being indoors glued to a TV. Yeah I had my video game consoles, but I was still one of those ones that enjoyed being outdoors.

Now I found this listing, and I’m going to post it here


Click me to see full size










Now we come onto what SWTOR really is. It’s a Spiritual successor. The article on Wikipedia says it is this.

A spiritual successor,sometimes called a spiritual sequel, is a successor to a work of fiction which does not build upon the storyline established by a previous work as do most traditional prequels or sequels, yet features many of the same elements, themes, and styles as its source material, thereby resulting in it being related or similar “in spirit” to its predecessor.

Which here you can read the full article here.

I touch this one because everyone strongly believes that because of the characters in SW:ToR is based on Knights of the Old Republic. With all the talk about Knights of the Fallen Empire now being thrown out here thanks to Bioware, a lot more speculations are surfacing and what not. I am not saying it’s not good to get into speculating but I’m more of a person that wants to hear it from the Horses mouth so to speak. I’m not into a rumor mill of sorts.  But back to the term Spiritual Successor. It shows that techinally while yes some of ToR has some character bases, stories, and so forth. It’s not a sequel, or even a prequel.  ToR is in it’s own game.

Now here is even some more interesting facts that many do not know about Bioware and their baby SW:ToR. This is their first MMORPG ever. So while yes it’s got its bumps, and etc. This is their learning tool actually. Even though it does take place 300 years after Knights of the Old Republic, and more then 3,500 years before the SW Film series itself. It is still considered only as a Spiritual Successor. Nothing more, Nothing less. If you dont’ believe me, or want to read for yourself. SW:ToR on Wiki will tell you everything. Granted now I also tell you this, take what your read on Wiki with a grain of salt as it is written by people like you and me. That is why Wiki is often sometimes wrong too on some of their content.

The other truth be told part of this series is this. I’ve seen much debates around the forums and such, and everyone bases their classes off actual characters from the movies. HELLO people, this is all predated  before Anakin, Vader, Obi, all these characters we grew up watching, or watched as we got older. Yes the Jedi Knight story shows a resemblance to a young Anakin and how he was a Jedi Knight that fell to the dark side, and the Sith Warrior is what he ended up becoming in the end. Doesn’t mean that’s who the story is about. So in short of all this. Well, yes when nothing to do, and not able to sleep well, or play SW:ToR. I research a lot of things that I find of interest. Some things will never be made into blog posts unless I add another blog or go back to my vampyr ones. Cause yes I do still research that character I created a long time ago and keep alive in memory only now.

If you’re truly interested in the databanks of the characters, and so forth on SW..Well Disney has a nice page listed for that purpose only.