How I’ve been keeping busy

Are we done here?


As you can see, this was my Bounty Hunter crew. Yes yes, I know I have one BH at lvl 60 so why another one? Easy, I’ve decided to go back and unlock the species for my entire account the hard way. Getting them to level 50 at least. Only one I have paid for is the latest. Togruta , even though I have the option to make a character with it, I haven’t and probably won’t. I also bought the Cathar a while back. But everyone else has been unlocked via game play to lvl 50 or so.

Playable species

I just grabbed this image off the swtor Wiki page. I don’t want to log into SW:TOR at the moment and grab the one from one of my legacies. So let’s see of the 11 playable species I have 10, all I need now is the Mirialan species and I have all 11 unlocked. Only ones I purchased are the last two. Cathar and Togruta. While in the midst of everything that is going on in the community about KotFE I have just decided other than watching the youtube link of the live stream from yesterday during the live stream SWTOR did. I would just go about my merry way and ignore the morons that try to ruin my game play. Of course since I am once again guildless by my own choice. I’m back to being bombarded with RP Guilds now since I’m currently leveling up on the Ebon Hawk server still.  I have had a few bounty hunter guilds approach me, I’ve had some Jedi ones, and etc, and to be honest I’m just not cut out for the social aspect of SWTOR. So Radqa will always have the operation and heroics stashed into his mission log, because in all aspect unless I’m on those planets when people are looking for pugs to do it. I’ll never have them done, and I’ll never get any Ops listed in my legacy page. Am I upset? Nah, I’m not an endgamer like most. I finish the SoR and log that character out for a while and go work on a new one. It’s just the way I am. I can’t stay on one character for long in any rate.  So that is why I just can’t stay in a guild. Most want a person that is active on their main more than once a month or so. I have one main that is maxed on Crafting and that characters name is Daeqius , he was my slow level up to 60 before the Epic XP boost we got. So he had a head start in crafting , for him I went with cyber tech to maximize his mods and ear pieces so that I didn’t have to worry about not having the Comms at the time to upgrade his gear, course once he hit lvl 40 I put his perament orange gear on him and it stayed.

Screen Shot 02-14-15 at 11.37 PM


He once sat on the Jedi Covenant server until I transferred him over to Ebon Hawk a while ago. He was the first one to hit lvl 60 in a long time. As you can see the toolbar shows the date he was made level 60. February 14,2015. So earlier this year on Valentine’s Day none the less he hit lvl 60 and became my master cyber tech crafter. I recently just maxed out is other two skills as well. So I use him a lot on  Ebon Hawk. Him and Radqa are my favorites by far, both are pure blood sith characters. Now my latest Inquisitor who is an Assassin well has more of the Darth Nox look. Noxaxa is his name as well, which I found it fairly amusing when I beat the last chapter just a while ago and was adressed as Darth Nox in the final cut scenes.



I think out of all the stories I played, the Inquisitor’s, Warrior’s, Agent’s are by far my favorites for at least Empire side. Republic side, well hands down and only one that I enjoyed a lot was the Jedi Knight’s story the most. The others just left me with an “Oh god is this over yet” feeling in the pit of my stomach. But yeah that is what I’m doing now. Game play my way, and just unlocking things on my legacy now. Working on some datacrons, maxing affection with companions and what not. Just something to keep me going until the release of KotFE. Happy gaming folks!!

Elitist Mentality? No thanx I’ll pass on that.




The Mentality


Now while browsing the forums on, I hit a post that was posted in the newbie forums section. I go there from time to time to offer help or a suggestion about a mission, of what not, sometimes I’ll go there just to read the posts about the whiners as of late. Anyways I seem to always run across a post with this in it,

Playing this game since pre launch

Do all people who play MMO’s feel the desire to rub it around like a salt wound to new players that are just finding out about SW:ToR and what not ? I mean really who the hell cares if you’ve been here since pre-launch and what not. It’s a game, and sometimes with all the quests and what not, not everyone will remember how they beat so-so during a class mission. I just don’t see the mentality in this. If someone needs help and asks on the forums. Doesn’t mean well I need to post my creds for how long I’ve been playing this game. To me that speaks of being a total douche bag in my opinion. I don’t care how long you’ve been playing. That means nothing to me, because some people make accounts, pay for the subscriptions and ahhh well Real life comes into play, and you forget you are even apart of the gaming world, and etc. So just because I see words like “Been here before Pre-launch”, well doesn’t mean squat to me, because everyone has an excuse or two on why they no longer log in for a while.


While on the topic of Pre whatever. I also seen in another forum a while back about someone saying they’ve been online for 30+ years. I hated like hell to burst their bubble but I did it by linking information to them and saying they needed to relook at their time online because it is different thing totally. They replied back with “HUH?” , So I prompted to explain to them that the internet they were referring to is just 24 years old. Now how did I find that out, well easy, I googled it. and this is what I got as a result from google.



Now imagine that the first link is the one that said how old the WWW is. Don’t believe me, read it here. Little snip I took from the 20 years ago today link.

“On 6 August 1991, the World Wide Web went live to the world. There was no fanfare in the global press. In fact, most people around the world didn’t even know what the Internet was. Even if they did, the revolution the Web ushered in was still but a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye. Instead, the launch was marked by way of a short post from Berners-Lee on the alt.hypertext newsgroup, which is archived to this day on Google Groups.”

In 1991 I was 14 years old, and dealing with school, and other issues, so I knew about the WWW, but didn’t really get into it until late of 1995, so I can say I’ve been online for 20 years. But it wasn’t until around 1997 that I got into chat rooms and etc. My father welcomed me into the WWW age all because he was into doing word documents for companies and etc. and I would help him out by typing them out in DOS a long time before even windows was a big thing. So yeah I learned how to type at a young age. I even took word in H.S. too during a time, and was an ace at it. My last online test for typing was roughly about 75 words a minute, with few mistakes. My fingers can and do move faster than my mind and I sometimes leave words out in sentences then I have to proof read my mistake and go “WTF I’m missing something here.” but yeah I don’t carry the Elite mentality I see online so much.  I personally don’t care how good you claim to be at something, or how long you’ve been doing something. No one is perfect, and these elitiest I’ve seen claim to be just that, a perfection of everything in gaming now because they claim to be a veteran. I’m sorry only veteran’s I respect are the ones that have fought,bled, died,and defended our freedom which as most can guess isn’t really free at the cost of anothers life or handicap as so many have come back changed from their war time. But that topic will hit my other blog in a while.


I am so sick and tired of seeing people put their gaming resume’s out there or seeing them saying “I’ve been here since launch, or pre-launch.”, I mean really who the hell really cares that you’ve wasted that much time playing a video game?  I just recently went back into my Raptr account and disabled mine. I don’t care who knows when I’m playing or what not. I did not realize that was still posting to my twitter account so I just opted to turn it off for good now.  I have seen this same type of mentality though in all games, virtual worlds and etc. They believe because they have been apart of something so long, they are entitled to be a douche bucket of shit. Sorry but I’ll just ignore you if we cross paths. I don’t believe in anyone being better than the next person. So those with this mentality just know that I will not put up with it. I don’t have to pay  to put up with it. So I won’t. But anyways, Enjoy your sunday gaming! I know I will. I have one more species to unlock then I have all of them unlocked.

Wreckage Friday

So this week I’ve been off in another world inside my head doing my own thing inside of SW:ToR and just being totally random. Took my latest Sith Inquisitor up to I believe level 58, went back to Corellia and finished that planet’s mission, headed to Belsavis  to release the Dread Masters, just doing random things, plus working on legacy achievements and what not. I’m not all into maxing out everything on one character for my legacy, but lately I’ve just been bored enough to do that. Some planets I’ve maxed out to 100%, while most are like 20% if that. During the epic xp boost I just do class missions on the planets, and leave, never really returning, but I like pissing others off. Being a high level and going back to finish things I normally wouldn’t. Plus with the talk about them dumbing the characters down in the FPS, and Heroics and such. I’m sorry I personally don’t see the need to do it. Yeah they’ll be soloable, and etc, but that is not my point. They have just strange reasons to do what they do, but eh, it’s their game, they can design it and dumb it down, or whatever. I will still play it, and pay for it, but just doesn’t mean I have to like the changes. Yesterday I decided to take a break from my lvl 58, and work on my new jedi consular who is a shadow,  that is using infiltration. I know his skills will match to the lvl 58 on the empire side,but also because I have done one Jedi Consular’s story line, I wanted to see what happens when I go a different route entirely. I have one that is solid LS V, now I’ll probably see if I can  this one to be DS V now. Ironically though I have others like a Jedi Sent, and a Sith Maurader that I haven’t even finished their stories yet either, and now that the Epic XP boost is close to ending, like around the time KotFE comes out. I need to finish those up,or just say “eh, bump it, I’ll do them later.”  Course now I’m really debating whether or not I want another Imperial Agent. I must say I love that story the best, only cause it’s more like something I’m use to,  being lied to, abused, etc. Odd I would like that story the most, but I do. Damn just looked at the clock and realized I’ve been playing around with this post for close to 2 hours now. Wow, where has the time gone, Oh wait, I know. This is what happens when I wake up before the damn birds are even out making noise. Yes even though I waited til 11pm to lay down last night, come 4am, myself, Raven( the pup) and hubby all got up. It was a sleepless morning for us. Course now the Pup is laying next to me in a chair I have set up just for her as I listen to music and type this out, while checking out the new disturbed album. But, eh, happy gaming on a friday..I’m go and try a catch a few hours of sleep if possible!

Randomness Wednesday.



As I was traveling on Tatooine last night doing the GSI and the start of seeker droid, and macrobinculars searches I ran across this in the desert , and I am not sure if I did not just notice this before, or is it something linked to BH Week.  Everytime I was looking into the depths of the GSI Mission I would spot these in various places. Normally I like to look around as I’m traveling a planet, but in all honesty I did not need to go that far into Tatooine to even notice these in the past. I did my class missions there and left. Between Tatooine, and Hoth, they are hard on my eyes, and last night I decided I was going to travel it and just have fun with it after all. Other than putting a hurting on the Sand people, there really isn’t much left on Tatooine I can do for the imperial side. It’s the republic’s side that I need to finish it out before hitting a 100% on that planet. Also if you look in the images don’t mind the crap in the upper right hand side. I use the AMD Gaming Evolved app which allows me to record my ingame videos without having to talk to anyone. I haven’t quite figured out OS and Twitch yet, but eventually one day I will, and yes I do run an AMD rig. I have the AMD A-series Black Edition that has it’s own Graphics built into it. I run the AMD A10-6800K APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 4.10GHz (Quad-core) with 16 gigs of Memory installed. My dad built this system either over a year ago or a little older ,and when my last system finally died. He gave me this one. Now I know everyone has their own preferences about the CPU but me personally I do prefer the AMD Series. For me the graphics are just better, and don’t need updating all that much like the intel series sometimes do. But back to the pictures in the gallery I posted, I had honestly never noticed them in the past before. I think they are tied to the Bounty Contract week though because I can’t really recall if they were there in the past or not. I’ll have to check back later on this month after BC is over with.


Last night while I was traveling the various planets that even though I’m ready to start the prelude to SoR on my latest Sith Inquistior I just couldn’t really bring myself to start it yet at lvl 56. But while on Taris I decided I would solo the heroics there and make some credits, not much for Exp. anymore,just the credits. I was watching general chat and even though I have played the IA story line a few times now, I still wouldn’t do what this person did. Without thinking, and etc. He threw out the line “SPOILER’S” then proceed to spoil the rest of the story line in the same sentence. Then he justified or at least tried too saying we were the d*cks for even reading the whole post, and all the while we tried to explain to him that yes some parts of the IA story are A-holes, does not mean you have to spoil that line for everyone else that probably hasn’t played the entire IA story yet. I made a statement to the likes of this, “Regardless of your intentions, just because you’re playing the IA story and you’re character is being an a-hole doesn’t mean you have to be one as well, unless of course the human operating that said character is one in RL, in which case, doesn’t help out much. -turns off chat-” I did just that , clicked the tab to Other, and just watched my mission info instead of dealing with him. I will not spoil a story line for someone even if they beg me. I don’t like movie spoilers, or even when I’m reading a book that someone else has read. Then everyone started ragging on him because he had the XxxCharactersnameherexxX. Yeah reminded me of my times in virtual chat when it was hip and cool to have “X” in your name, but come on, that is so late 90’s. Then again I don’t understand how someone can name themselves Lordwhatever, and once they hit the area they get the title “Lord” all you see is “Lord Lordwhatever” , same with Darth, I don’t think a lot of people are really understanding that you don’t use those titles in your names because well let’s face it. Just look like a dork in the long run, but alias it their name, have fun with it, just not a lot will take them serious since they will now be double “Lord”, “Darth”

Since I’ve been back, I’m doing my own thing. Not into joining any more guilds, or anything. Just working on my legacy, and etc. If someone needs help and I’m on the planet I may help out, but I won’t join up to go group content. I’ve come to realize I’m just better off as a solo player. Even though I know some of my mission in my mission log will never get finished I just don’t really care anymore. I have just decided that when I came back to SWTOR, I would be ignoring the toxicity of it all. Do my own thing , write my own blog posts, comment on a few of them, etc. Just really trying to find my footing again. People just don’t understand me, and I’m happy with that. Anyways, Happy Gaming and enjoy your hump day, no matter how early or late it is for you!!


Nice and Easy

This is how I’ve been taking it when coming back into the blogging community along with the SWTOR Community itself. I decided that in between raising a 9 month old puppy that I would slowly come back into both communities for something to do. I have a tendency to let a lot of things get to me at one time, and I explode for no reason what so ever. It’s been said that my temper is volatile and extremely explosive. I have no clue what happened over the years but my temper has gotten worse. Recently I’ve been trying to add more to my game play, get myself back out there in the community and etc. But what I’m really doing now is taking my time with everything. I’m redoing all the stories for all 8 characters, but remembering my choices have changed. Ones I’ve done strictly dark side only, I’m now playing the characters as neutral. I’m also choosing different class specs say I roll a Sith Inquistor, well now I have one in Lightening, and Madness, my latest one that just hit in his 50’s last night was an Assassin

SWTOR Disciplines Calculator by swtor_miner - Dulfy 2015-08-17 10-52-17










This is what his current Discipline path looks like the current moment. He’s level 52 I believe, may be 53, not entire sure. But I finished his chapt 3 ending last night and here is the video to watch it to see the different path I took.

Its 21 minutes long because that is how long the ending is for me. From Korriban, all the way back to DK to make the final ending. I enjoyed it a lot , and also have created an account on Twitch, and to upload videos too. I figured since  AMD gave me the Gaming Evolved Application for free which runs Raptr for me, that I should start using it. I have yet to learn how to type and play with a puppy on my lap though. She seems to think that my lap is her favorite chair even though I have one set up right next to me for her to sit in when I’m playing on the computer, but it’s my lap she wants in all the time when Daddy isn’t home, then it’s a toss up between who’s lap is the best. That is the comical part of life with her so far. Then she hears the roar of the lightsaber, and instantly jumps from his lap to the floor back into my lap, because she’s not sure what that sound is. Then again she watched the ending of the chapt 3 with me too last night, and sat in my lap, then put her paws on the desk and tried to lick the screen when she saw these images here

swtor 2015-08-16 15-45-00-67





swtor 2015-08-16 15-56-18-97





But yeah she’s involved in on my game time as well. Normally she just curls up in the chair next to me with a paw on my lap, and falls asleep there for a while. So she’s really helping me even as I play SWTOR too as well. If anyone is interested in seeing what Raven looks like, well here is her picture.










Enjoy your monday and happy gaming all !