Are MMO’s Dying??

I was browsing my newly created site, and ran across this video in the video section with the hash tag #MMO!videos

Granted they were talking about Game of War that you can get on your cell phone, tablet, virtually anything you can take with you and play. So I decided to write a small post about this. If you watch the video below, it talks about a gaming theory, and I believe it is a good theory and speaks volumes on the would be dying genre of our beloved MMOs. I remember playing games in DOS and what not on older computers. Like the Commodore 64, the Atrai XL &XE series. Not to mention the original Atrai and Intellevision systems too. Yes I admit I’m old or at least that is what someone once told me that was just in their early 20’s because I told them I was in my mid 30’s, now I’m coming up into my late 30’s and remember when Nintendo first came out and all the games we played then too. Castlevania, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Legend of Zelda, Mario Brothers,Contra,Tecmo Super Bowl Football, etc. The list literally goes on and on. Now when Nintendo came out I was roughly somewhere between 10-12 years old. At this time we still went outside to play until the lights came on, or we got hungry whichever came first. Our take of an MM back then since we didn’t go online or anything like that was gathering a bunch of friends, and taking turns playing which ever game we were playing that day. We usually only played for a little bit after school, or at nights before bedtime when our parents allowed us. Now I didn’t own a Nintendo , my father’s girlfriends kids did. I didn’t get my first video game console until Sega Genesis was out, and by that time I was 16, and still wasn’t really into video games , but I did try a lot back then. Ninja Gaiden and After Burner II. Can’t forget also the tournaments you’d have with your friends on Mortal Kombat. Anyways enjoy the video, and then just read what I feel is a good or even decent opinion below the video………………………………………..

Now that you’ve watched the video and probably understand some of it, or all of it. This is my opinion on MMOs and if they are dying and what not. My opinion goes on as this:

For those that believe the genre of MMOs is dying, it’s not, they are evolving it, people don’t want to bogged down my heavily intense graphic computers anymore, laptops and etc. So they are making them smaller, faster, and using less space then say a book. Then you have things like Google Play, Amazon store, etc. All online. Yes they charge for the games, but you are also not bogged down by a monthly subscription and what not. You pay say $19.99 plus  tax, and that is it. No monthly fees afterwards. That is on some games, not saying all are going on that market , but yeah. It’s not the that the genre is dying, It’s evolving into a more smaller scale for where you can play your games virtually anywhere that has a wifi signal. I mean let’s face it, how many of us have a desktop pc with kick ass graphics, but also have a laptop that is used for gaming as well? A lot or some. I no longer have a laptop but when I did it was used for Second Life, so yeah I did some games on it as well. I even virtually turned my laptop into a desk top computer by adding a Monitor and keyboard & mouse via USB. Let’s face it, our technology is improving and we are moving a long with it in a sense that we feel that one genre of games is dying, but in reality it’s not, it’s moving as well with us as we grow into a different age.

This was just my opinion and some may agree or disagree, but either way it’s still just my opinion on how the genre we call MMO is evolving into the new age.


Little Known Ways to…

Stop being bored………….

As the blog title states. These are some of the ways I keep from becoming to bored with games in general. I have a vast amount of games on my steam account that I haven’t played or haven’t played in a long time. From a mega Star Wars pack to the Hitman series. Yes I have all 3 Hitman games for my ps2 in a collectors box set. Since I have multiple level 50 legacies, and have played all 8 class stories in SW:ToR, I have decided to go venturing into other avenues of gaming. While I have played a little of guild wars 2, and etc. I still find myself losing a desire to sit on my ass and be bored. While I do chat in game about various things and laugh, plus not to mention I’ve decided when I have low level characters for pvp, I will join a few WZ’s here and there, if not for anything but just to test myself, but mostly the comms you get from WZs, I figured if I save enough of them, I can get some neat damn deco for my strongholds. Yes I’m still saving up for a SH on Tatooine. Sorry but I just won’t be jumping on the Yavin-4 SH band wagon. I don’t like Yavin all that much. I would have preferred a SH on maybe a planet like Oricon, or even on Voss.

So this little gallery here is all the legacies I have created so far on SW:ToR. The only one I haven’t went to yet is The Bastion server, and I may or may not, depends really on my mood to be honest. I am not trying to play myself down at the moment, plus I’ve also played a little Guild Wars 2, and Star Wars The Force Unleashed. This is how I am playing the games anymore. I play a little here and there, of course on the Ebon Hawk I did start a new Bounty Hunter this time I went powertech with Tank. Took her into a WZ and a FP and no one complained. I really have been spreading myself around with various games and etc. It’s not that I’m not loving my time in SW:ToR, but I’m really waiting for the release of #KnightsOfTheFallenEmpire, yes yes I know it’s just a month away, even less if a subscriber, but it’s the time dragging of the time. I even watched the Twitchcon over the weekend after it was over. I enjoyed the mini spoiler I already seen and can’t wait to jump into the game. I will be making at least 1 level 60 instant character, but I will be also be using the ones I worked hard to get to lvl 60 now on the servers. Specially my light side Sith Warrior, and Imperial Agent. I will be working on the rest, over time, but right now I just want to enjoy the slow pace I’m putting myself within the game now. Not rushing to finish this character, or that character. Moving characters around and etc. when I have the Cartel Coins to do so. Plus I even thought of taking my newly Lvl 60 Sith Warrior and go do the HK-51 quest, get him the hard way. But eh, its late and I need to try this thing they call sleep!

Update: Blog and Etc.

Updates and Etc.

So last night as I pushed the button “Publish” on my latest post about Day2 of POT5 Legacy , my wordpress database decided to crash, meaning the webhosting I currently use had a crash somewhere on their server. I pay for my webhosting monthly so their support is fairly decent. I log in to check on my ticket and see if they can help restore the database to a previous version and I get the infamous message. “We are sorry that we can not help you. You can export and import you’re posts , and etc via the Exporter/Importer for wordpress plug in. Then we suggest you delete the site, and reinstall either via FTP or our script installer. Again we are sorry that we are unable to help you.” I mean really I pay $6.99 a month of unlimited, and your fuck up causes me to reinstall wordpress yet again. So I did just that, backed up my posts, and etc. Now I’m starting a fresh wordpress install, reinstated all my posts, comments, and images, or at least I hope.


New Theme


So instead of going with one of my common freebie gamer type themes I decide to use the Parabola theme that I found on one of my other blogs, and decided it was a simple clean, fresh theme to use. Plus I can customize it to my liking and etc. Yes I prefer the darker blogs due to my light blindness issues I have from white backgrounds and black text. So that is the current theme I have going on right now. I may change it in a month or two, I like to keep things fresh. But that is the topic of new theme. If you have any suggestions on what type of theme I would like and what not, please drop a message in the comment section and I’ll check it out.


New Plugin’s & Etc.


So I’ve decided this time around to add Disquis to my comments plug-ins for wordpress all because I am a member of it and etc, and it’s just easier for a lot of people I believe. I had a problem with a friend not being able to log into my blog to drop a comment due to Jetpack. I installed it to help me battle those damn spam attacks I get from time to time. At one time I had over 100 spam messages dropped in my Akismet folder that I just deleted them at one time. I hate spam and well I don’t wanna grow a larger penis, I mean come on now, I don’t even have one why would I wanna grow a larger one, nor do I want a new pair of Rayban sunglasses. I just find it hilarious that they would post stuff like that on a fan base blog for a video game. Ugh, some people or bots just don’t care. I really hate spam, and not the kind you can eat either. Many probably do not even know there is a by-meat product out there that is called “Spam” …



I’ve also added a buddy press to this site, I’ll get around to figuring it all out sooner or later. Just right now well……..

I can’t remember all my links of SWTOR Blogs and Podcasts I had, but I will find them again, just give me time, if you believe I had you linked in my blog roll please also drop a message with your link, and I’ll get it added asap. Anyways I need to go play for a bit now. I realize working and maintaining a blog is hard work, but right now I’m done working, I need to play damn it!! :p

Day 2 of POT5 Legacy

So today I started on day 2 of my pvp life and group content on POT5 server, and I must say I’m highly enjoying it. I didn’t think I would, but I am. Course my last pvp match for tonight left me just shaking my head all together. I zone into a WZ already in progress, they were already losing during the Alderaan WZ when as the match ended I see this in chat.

“Thanks you two lost us the game”,

That kind of made me stop and rattle my head so that my guages jingled together to make a metallic sound. I finished up what I was doing and clicked the “X” button on my client and logged out for the night. Decided that I would blog about day 2 in PVP and doing some group content with group finder. If you want, you can watch the video here. I decided I would upload it to my account.


I came in at mid point where it was already 350 v 350, and fell quickly from both ends. I did what the original Ops leader said, “Protect the Node”, so I tried that as much as I could. Sorry but when I roll into a WZ already in progress and see “Protect the Node”, well I’m going to go help out my fellow team member and protect that damn node. It’s not our fault that as you typed things in chat, you got your ass handed to you over and over again. I could see if it was a ranked WZ and this happened, but this is unranked, and solo mode, so we may never run into each other again, and well I also before logging out, muted that person because they were playing the elite mentality that I just will not deal with. I even did a few FPs today as well. First up was KDY for the 20 comms daily you get from grouping up, then it was Athiss FP that I jumped in to help. The moment we all zoned in the Sith Inquisitor Assassin says in group chat, “I don’t know why they made me a tank.”, well I asked what his spec was since he was an assassin and he says , “I have darkness.” well that was why they made you tank. You have the tank spec in Inquisitor so therfore your roll is tank. If you didn’t want to be tank, you should have changed your roll before queing for group finder. He thanked me and said next time he knows. I guess he is new, and just wanted to do DPS, which is cool. I have no clue on tanking so I always try and pick DPS, even though my Sith Juggs are always in Immortal, but do fairly good DPS damage in PVE enviroment.


Shakes head and decides, eh, enough blogging for tonight, I’m go get ready for a new TV series on Dest. America called “Alaskan Haunting”….yes I love paranormal chit!! :p

POT5 Server



Yesterday I decided it was time I really do an honest legacy level up, and new characters. So I went to POT5 after hearing everyone say that it’s a dead server, I decided for a newbie like me in PVP and Group stuff, that would be the perfect server. So I rolled a Chiss I.A. , so meet Rurn’ises’vimeo my newly created Imperial Agent Operative. Now code name:Cipher Nine. While running around DK doing my normal class quest, I qued for PVP, Group Finder, Star fighter. Just to get his feet wet so to speak, well I can say an Operative PVP is nice. I was used for a punching bag during one WZ match. I didn’t complain, it was done in all fun. I decided that I would really start fresh totally and with server transfer’s still down I figured well this was the perfect time to spread across yet another server. Well here is a sneak peak of my freshly designed Legacy:Starsnow

swtor 2015-09-19 10-17-07-02 swtor 2015-09-19 12-30-41-23 swtor 2015-09-19 12-47-12-50 swtor 2015-09-19 12-49-02-09 swtor 2015-09-19 14-04-35-42 swtor 2015-09-19 14-09-21-10














All this was done in the 7 hours I played today. Yes I played 7 hours today and decided I had enough and wanted to go do a blog post, maybe some guild wars 2, even second life, before going to find a decent movie ondemand. Not to mention I did this while taking Raven out in between for her potty breaks. So yeah I have decided to give it a straight try and just more importantly have fun doing PVP and group stuff. I probably won’t be back on the other servers for a while now, but it’s not all that bad. I decided I wanted to do something totally off the wall from my everday normal and etc. Plus it will also help keep me from getting bored to much before the new content is released next month. I don’t even think I’ll be joining a  guild on this server, course I see next to no recruitment statements made in general chat, which is good for me, because it was getting to the point I wanted to shut off Gen chat anymore because of it. Not sure what else I will be rolling over on the POT5 server , but I started the Empire side first, I may end up rolling a Sith Warrior next, and so forth. Haven’t decided much of anything yet. Just figured this would keep me in SW:ToR until next month when everything comes out. Anyways Happy gaming Saturday!!