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Has 4.0 killed the game?

I was recently browsing through the forums on again, yes I know it’s a habit of mine, if someone asks a serious question and doesn’t get an answer right away I will throw my 2 cents out into the mix just for them. But I recently came across a few forum topics that well has peaked my interest, first off here it the link to the post I’m talking about. 4.0 has killed the game, I kid you not someone actually in the off-topic section of the forums thinks that the latest patch 4.0 has killed the game. Now my thoughts on  that is 1 this person may be a troll that just wants to whine about how things were changed in the game.  2 they just don’t understand the changes that have happened recently. I don’t see 4.0 as being the game killer, granted I haven’t been around for long like most, but still 3 years is a good number to be involved into something as big as this. Nor have I been playing MMOs for long. This is all still foreign to me so to speak. My blog is just my ramblings and etc. Mostly fun comments, things I’ve done with my characters, the legacies I’m building grid wide and what not. I’ve been playing video games well since early to mid 1990s. I was one of those 80s that well spent time outside and what not. I didn’t have a lot friends growing up either. I was the odd ball in all forms because I wasn’t like everyone else. I was my own person and I never changed in all these years. I became an adult in 1995 when I was 17 and emancipated by the state of Pennsylvania. But ever since I was small I had an interest in computers, then I found online things to do once I had dial up, yes I hated that dreadful noise from the modem. So happy with Cable and in the past I was happy with my DSL. But back to topic. I don’t see how 4.0 has killed the game, I still see people complaining on how it’s to easy for them now, companions are now overpowered and all that , but they don’t bother to look at someone say like myself. I am not that fast, nor am I that great, I just play at my own pace, and granted since sometimes I like to watch the cut scenes of certain flashpoints and etc. I got kicked from groups even when I said I wanted to see them for the first time. So I waited until I was a higher level then revisited the flashpoints. Granted I haven’t taken a look at the new solo-able ones yet, and I will in the future once the passion of playing the new story content has become well less than acceptable anymore. I am what one would call a mouse clicker, I rarely use the keyboard unless I am otherwise preoccupied and by that I mean having Raven in my lap and petting her as I play SW:ToR, yes my dog loves to sit in my lap and watch the characters move around on screen. Plus while fighting at times I will talk to my hubby as well because that is how I do things. I multi-task to much for some. Sorry for making sure my outside life of SW:ToR is happy as well. Back to the story content though I am one that loves to take different choices on the matter. Like when asked to kneel, well that one I will still leave on silent mode. But I have played all 9 chapters to date so far. Some of my alts sit half way I think like Chapter 5 or something along those lines. I also heard some saying it’s harder to get credits now. Seriously ? Two of my characters are currently hold at least 1.5 million on each name. I am not spending them this time on mounts and etc. from the GTN. I am looking for 2 things here to get is why I’m not wasting my credits. First one I am looking for the Ceremonial Mystic’s Armor. I’ve always wanted it for a Sith Inquisitor and I will get it eventually. I have found the lower pieces of the armor cheap as 500 credits so naturally I bought it. It’s the Upper and Supplementary ones that are still way out of my price league. I understand that some people are in the game to make credits, but to rip someone off is just well unnatural for me. It was like when I did craft on Daeqius and put it on the market I went anywhere from 1 to 5 credits of underselling because I was not in it for a fast sale, or anything I wanted to make items to help out the fellow players. But after to many hate mails from other’s about how I was undercutting their profit margin I just went “F*** it” and just started crafting for my alts on his name.


KotFE a Huge let down?


Now this was a post I didn’t see until going to grab the URL link for the other topic. Fallen Empire,  Again I don’t know what it is with people that try the expansion and don’t like it so they take to the forums and rage quit, or give a long list of why they no longer want to pay to play. That is really on them I guess. I guess I really read the forums for a laugh from the trolls, or the rage haters because they feel they didn’t get what they wanted, or want a game to change to suit them. I am happy with the new story content it gives me a chance to revive some of my characters that had nothing to do after SoR and Ziost. I am in SW:ToR for story content, maybe some group stuff, maybe a guild in the future, but right now I’m just a solo player that does try to help out from time to time. I’m not saying their reasons behind quitting are not valid, everyone has a valid point, but a lot of these people do not what it takes to build a game platform, they just assume it’s easy. I belong to a community for some odd reason, because I was researching something else and came across this post of theirs. How do I create an MMORPG, while yes there are easy routes to take and no skills needed, but what people are not realizing is that Bioware is really an old company that started with a base of 100,000$USD to even start their development into video games. From 1996 until now 2015 they have become a bigger company allowing EA to buy the company as well. There are 4 branches of Bioware, base starting in Canada and ending in Austin, Texas. After reading Bioware’s blog and all. I found of something interesting. It’s free to take and maybe will open the eyes of what it is to be a video game programmer. Understanding Video Games,this is the information on the website that I was able to find so far.

About the Course

Understanding Video Games is an 11-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of analytical theory pertaining to video game media.

Video games are a globally entrenched entertainment medium that entertains, informs and challenges us. These games are defined by, and define our modern culture.

In this course, students will learn how to study games and engage in informed discussions about them. Ultimately, this course is about understanding the literacy of video games.

Understanding Video Games was created with the help of world renowned video game developer, BioWare Corp, located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Topics Covered

Play and game, emergence versus progression, game mechanics, story, interpretive theory, the culture of games, violence, sex and race in games, and finally, serious games.

Estimated workload: 3-5 hours/week for non-credit; 7-10 hours/week for credit.

There are two versions of the course:

  • to the world for free (no exams); and
  • to University of Alberta students for UAlberta credit (STS 351).

Here is even the Syllabus for the course

Lesson 1: Introduction
In this short lesson, students will learn what to expect from the course, and will be introduced to our avatar creation module.

Lesson 2: Play and Games
Here, students will gain an appreciation for the differences between play and games. Game taxonomy and a definition of rules will be covered.

Lesson 3: Emergent and Progressive Gameplay
This lesson focuses on the difference between two major gameplay types, and how they impact our experience of video games.

Lesson 4: Game Mechanics
Students are introduced to the concepts of ludology, structuralism and the mechanics-dynamics-aesthetics approach to game analysis

Lesson 5: Story and Games
We explore the concept of games as stories, as well as the importance of narrative in video game presentation. Campbell’s monomyth theory is thoroughly explained and applied to game stories.

Lesson 6: Interpreting Games
How can structuralist and post-structuralist analysis lead us to a better understanding of “how games mean?” This lesson will introduce students to a number of theoretical frameworks for analyzing games.

Lesson 7: Gaming Culture
Here students will be introduced to the concept of semiotics and how language is used in inclusionary and exclusionary game community practices. Indie game producers and modding groups are also discussed during this lesson.

Lesson 8: Violence and Games
Discussions around violence and games seem to go hand-in-hand. Why is this? What purposes are served by violence and its portrayal in video games? These are some of the questions engaged by this lesson.

Lesson 9: Sex and Games
In this lesson, the subjects of sexuality, gender and the portrayal of sex are discussed. In addition, there is a module on women in the game industry.

Lesson 10: Race and Games
The subjects of race and racial stereotypes are explored in this lesson. The student will discover that race and racial conflict drive gameplay and narrative in numerous game genres, yet is a subject seldom broached in scholarly discussions.

Lesson 11: Serious Games
Games can be used for teaching and training, and this genre is called serious games. Here, students will learn about industry’s co-opting of game theory and practice as they endeavour to engage their workforce. Methods of player retention are explored in this lesson.


Now I may even register to take the free course and get a better understanding into the world of video games. It’s free to take, and will help give a better insight to all that we love to play. Why some topics are heavier then others and so forth. So there you go. my thoughts on recent things I’ve read, and found enjoyment out of it all.

Bugs and Other Things

Referral Bug!!

So I’m have a little trouble, well not little, but a lot of trouble. We all have this wonderful refer a friend link for SW:ToR that well gets passed around and shared with people via forums, blogs, and etc. Well here is what mine currently looks like

As you can see the names have been well erased to ensure privacy, but what is bugging me is I was told contact CS with an in game ticket , so I did that, then in game ticket gets closed with this comment.




Thank you for contacting us regarding your Star Wars: The Old Republic Account.

In order to better protect your account, all Billing, Subscription and Account Security issues are dealt with via our Customer Service telephone support.

You can contact our Customer Service team over the phone for the price of a local call by calling the numbers listed below:

USA: (855) 345-2186
UK: (020) 3014 1826
Germany: (0221) 82829212 (Phone support available from 09:00 CET – 21.00 CET)
France: 04 81 68 10 51 (Phone support available from 09:00 CET – 21.00 CET)

Please note: Calls made from landlines are local-rate, while those made from mobile devices may be subject to additional charges from your provider.

If you’re calling from a country that is not listed above or if you would like to learn more about VoIP services such as Skype, Viber, Google Voice etc, please see this FAQ: International calls made using VoIP are generally substantially less expensive than calls made from a mobile phone or landline.

Customer support will be provided in English, French, and German only.

You can also avail of our self-help section on the website which contains many articles which can provide you with further information on our most frequently asked questions. For Account and Billing enquiries, you can visit our Help Center here:

If you have any questions relating to our Free To Play option, you can view them in our Help Center here:

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused. Should you require further assistance with any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


Protocol Droid M0-T0,
Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ Customer Service

So I did just that, and was told “well you have to create another ingame ticket because we don’t have the fancy tool that they have to access that information. I mean really? So yesterday I submit yet another ticket because I waited for a few days, called CS again and got the same information yet again. If you want us to refer people but not fix the current list of bugs for it, then why even have it. I mean granted I don’t care about the bugs , but for someone that lives on a fixed income meaning I’m on straight disability so I can only put some money into the game, I thought oh great people have used my referral link. I’ll be granted some Cartel Coins if they decide to stay, but instead shortly after they used this link all that ” subscriber has been inactive for over 90 days.” showed up and I just figured okay I’ll wait a while and see if anything changes, well upon looking at my cartel coin history via website in account settings, I see that I’m not being granted the 100Cartel Coins each month, as a matter of fact I’ve only gotten 200 Cartel Coins on this back in September. They use the link I get the initial credit, but nothing after that. I’m at a loss here because Customer support says file a ticket, the ticket says to call them. I mean it can’t really be like this can it? How hard is it to fix their mistake and say “Hey we screwed up?”, but alias Oh well I’ll try calling them again later  today and be in game during the time I’m on the phone with them so they can try and look for the right person to help with this. But onto my next topic here.

Heroics +2 for Star Fortress


Daeqius is now level 65 and he is who I am using at the moment doing the Star Fortress for the alliances in Knights of the Fallen Empire. If you should see this one running around on the planets I usually keep him companioned with Xalex, doing his story to get him back was fun none the less. I won’t say how it goes, but if you’ve done it for another character, it’s not the same as doing it for the Inquisitor since Xalex was originally an SI companion. For him I have opted to not use the terminal in the Commander’s quarters there at all. I want to get these companions back as the story progresses, even though I’m not entirely sure how Raynasia will take to not having her pirate husband around at first, but she’s on another server and I will get to her sooner or later. The reason I hold Daeqius in such a high manner as the rest of my characters is because well he was done the old fashion way before the Epic XP boost we had over the summer, I learned how to take a serious approach to crafting even if it was just for reverse, or for my alts on that server. He has never belonged to a guild once. I have done some low level pvp with him, I believe his valor rank is only like 4, and that was when he was on the Jedi Covenant server before I moved him to The Ebon Hawk server over the summer. I think if I recall correctly he hit level 60 right around Valentine’s day after working on various characters for a month. Plus with him I did every single planet quest, and etc that I could stomach, also spent like close to 400k in credits unlocking various things to help boost XP. It was truly a slow grind with him, but I am proud of myself for sticking with him. So right now I’m using him and doing the Star Fortress quests along with the alliance thing. Going to different planets, doing what I need to do since even Heroics are easy on the planets now. I think though once I unlock all the Heroics+2 for the star fortress itself, that is when I will see if anyone wants to group up and help me on it. I know it can be done solo, but I think he needs to earn some social points now. He’s been a recluse all this time. Which some may even find this funny, but for the life of me, I had literally forgotten what species he was. It wasn’t until all the cut scenes in the expansion did I realize he was a pure blood Sith. Once he got his mask I forgot what he was. I kept his mask on him for 2 reasons, 1 was because I wanted to show him as emotionless and 2 well DS V is hideous to look at.


Anyways thanks for reading and if you wanna drop a comment, feel free to do so. Happy gaming Thursday!!

The post I’ve been dying to write…

Knights of the Fallen Empire - Star Wars- The Old Republic 2015-10-19 03-46-22Consider me happy because now since the Knights of the Fallen Empire has been released for everyone, I can finally say what I want that I like it about it. For over a week I have been planning this post not to write story spoilers for it and etc. I am not that kind of person and never will I be. I’m just hoping that by now most have done the story’s in this new expansion or well are thinking of starting it. Now while I still frequent the forums on and all I still see this infamous topic “Nerf companions” please do not nerf the companions they are working way better, and now that I don’t have to waste time with minor things like gearing them up. I’m quite happy with them being just as they are. Last night while I was playing I decided to take my Sith Inquisitor who is my Sorcerer with Lightening and decided I wanted to finish out the beginning chapters into #KotFE and see more of his line progress. I am damn happy about it. I was especially happy with how well he stayed alive when using Lana in tank mode.


Companions are important

hk-51 To me this companion is extremely important to me. I know many people hate HK and etc. But I truly love him. His comments had me cracking up when I would use him to level. Grinding for him was no easy task either, but I loved HK-51, then they give us another HK unit to fall in love with, and well……

I will stop right there. If you have played the chapters, then well you know what happens from that point with the HK-55 unit. But upon finishing and seeing that Treek and HK were still apart of my crew for the Sith Inquisitor I was happy. Treek on the other hand, I couldn’t really care more for her. I like her because as a kid I loved the Ewoks and loved how they allowed us to have one as a companion. Which throws people off when they find out Treek is a girl. For the Inquisitor his companions are well, taken with a grain of salt if you’d believe what most say.


khem_val_armor_progression_1 Khem Val was one I did not fully understand until I finished his story after I saw how the inquisitor learned to control the ghosts and beat on Thanaton with Khem as his back up. I haven’t used Khem yet since the new companion stats have been unleashed in 4.0 yes I still have a lower level SI to play when extremely bored. But Khem was one of the ones I just wish would have better story line then what they gave him. It was always whining about Tulak and how he didn’t understand how his master locked him away for all those centuries. I think that is why I opted for HK or Treek when it came down to him because he is just one picky damn companion.


So as for the others in the Inquisitor’s line up. Well I didn’t really understand their purpose there, and still don’t really. I think they were fillers. I’m not into looking into the lore behind each one. Please don’t let me find Ashara Zavros I did not truly understand the reasoning on being forced with this one. I would have just rather left her there on Taris then to take her into my ship. But onto the biggest news we waited for since Shadow of Revan hit last year. The two people we always said we wanted as companions

Theron Shan and Lana Beniko

Shadow_of_Revan_promo That’s right so many had been wanting these two for companions. Now me, well I didn’t have much of a thought on them. I just found them hilarious when they didn’t really trust each other, but pretended to trust each other. Yeah that made no sense in Shadow of Revan. But everyone wanted them as companions and now we have them. I do love having Lana with my SI all because they mash well together. Course I haven’t really ventured more into the sides with the companions and how they are laid out for us now. I will later though as I have another legacy that is lvl 50, and 8 more classes on another server to do. Right now I’m just testing out everything on everyone to find my footing.

My over all take on companions and etc. is this. Love them or hate them, they do make up your little insane crew that are there for you when it mattered the most. Now for the ship droids, and well I’m sure by now everyone knows that Quinn is a traitor and deserves death, trust me I get that option in the future I will be throwing his ass out the airlock or something along those lines. At least on one of my Warriors. Unsure what I’ll do with him on the others. Same with all the other characters I have, I am unsure if I want their companions back at least the ones I found to be truly worthless in my eyes.


Instant 60

Now I did make the instant 60 and was amazed that I had a lot more fun with it then doing the hard core grind the old fashion way. I see a lot of people complaining about this “I Created my free instant 60 but no titles”, ahhhh that’s right apparently they did not pay close attention when they were told “Creating a fresh new level 60 will not give you anything other than what you have in your legacy unlocks already.” Meaning by that, NO Darth titles. No Lord, No nothing titles. Why? Because you did not do Chapters 1 -3 to earn those titles so they will not be throwing them out to you anytime soon. If one hasn’t done all the 3 chapters and unlocked the legacy buffs, well you won’t have them until you completed those characters either. I don’t see why people are now complaining about things that were said in Twitch con, and the live stream they did as well. Then again I don’t think many cared about what was being said, they just wanted to see the new game play. So what do they do, go to the forums and complain why they don’t have specific titles in the game. At least I thought with the start of #KotFE you’d get awarded the title “The Outlander-Your character name” That would have been cool to see in place of all the Jedi’s, Master’s, Darth’s, and etc. when you’re running around the new places. Then again I don’t think many would use the title “The Outlander” I would though because I thought that was an awesome title to give to players.


Heroics, Flash points, Operations.

2ql4ytvSeriously though some of the heroics are good, I recently did two of the new story arcs to gain in  the alliance on my instant 60. Alderaan and Nar Shaddaa, to gain an influence of at least rank 10 I ran and did the Heroics on Nar and gained the influence fairly quick. It is just doing the Star Fortress heroic 2 I ran into trouble for the one on Nar Shaddaa, so I guess if I want to finish these quests up, I will be breaking my gold rule of NO grouping up, naturally I’m a tad skeptical about grouping up because they believe I should know the entire class mechanics. I do in a solo setting with just my trusty companion not in a group setting as it’s designed. Course if I could find a set of friends that are interested in helping me out and wanting to go into a group setting , then again I could also try to find a guild again. Sighs….Decisions Decisions to make…….

All the….

Rage hate & Rage Quit

For the last week I’ve seen a lot of rage hate ,and rage quitting in the game all cause certain things changed. Do I agree with a lot of the changes? No not really, but it’s not going to cause me to rage hate or rage quit the game I have come to love the most now. I have time and money invested into SW:ToR and I will not be quitting any time soon, sure I may go on hiatuses and what have you not but that does not mean I no longer want to be apart of the star wars community. I just take these breaks so that I don’t burn myself out with extensive game play. So before you go to the forums and post an “I quit this stupid game thread” try reading some of the posts there, and well for me I just can’t understand why so many threaten to quit a game they claim to have loved in the past, but because things have changed. Sure our companions in my opinion are better. Like I said in a past post I would spend most of my Comms and etc. on them to make them over powered in my eyes so they could help me in a battle. I pay this a month for the game $15.89. I have the security key attached to my cell phone as well. I have been a proud paying member of this community since Oct of 2014, granted I know that is not considered very long, but to me it is because it’s a game I’ve grown to love in all aspects minus the bullying and sexual harassment I encountered a few months back. Like many I have invested money, and my time, more so my time then anything else. I was never truly a free to play player when I started back in 01.14.13, so granted that I will becoming up on a 3 year mark in Jan of 2016, it doesn’t mean I haven’t invested anything into the game. For a while I did not play because I wasn’t sure if it was the game for me, until after my husband and I reconnected 2 years ago, and then last year he saw me playing and took an interest in the game himself. He has an account, but will never play for two reasons the 1st is because we have just one pc at the moment and he’s not kicking me off it anytime soon, and the 2nd reason is because he just doesn’t have the eye and hand coordination it takes to play these games. He prefers the consoles we have. PS2, and Xbox (Original).

Level Sync and how it’s hated

Apparently a lot of people don’t truly understand the mechanics of Level syncing or they just don’t care to adapt to this concept of it all. I had a taste of it over in Guild Wars 2 as the higher up you go, the more they drop your levels down to the specified area you are in. I think that is a great concept. Yesterday while I was running around on Tatooine with my Sith Warrior (Marauder)

swtor 2015-10-26 08-38-50-80

I did the story arc for the planet, and everyone knows the one base near the Com towers you must access to finish the last part of the quest is near a Republic base and they usually had level 55, then level 60 Champions there, well out of sheer curiosity I decided I wanted to take a closer look at the bosses that were outside the main entrance, and well I was level 30 or 31 when I spotted this champion, and I decided okay time to try this level sync thing out here. I smacked the first droid around a bit and HK killed him. Then I decided to take on the Boss there that was immune to knock backs and so forth. All the while a young and stupid Jedi Consular sat on the sand behind me and watch me beat this boss without trying to interfere and  just doing whatever he/she was doing. Probably telling others in gen chat that a Sith was beating on one of their NPCs, I killed this person and they prompted to follow me through the entire desert after that hitting the same towers as me as they were doing the story arc as well, until you come to the that has Imperials all over it. Then they had a tough time beating them down, and all the while I stroll in connect to the tower and move on. I then hit level 32 while inside the Czerka base and it dropped me down to level 30 or 31, I can’t recall at the moment, but still I was perfectly fine. But the other thing I noticed too was rewards and exp. When finishing that quest line I got a good set of exp from it, along with a decent amount of credits. Now if I recall a few months back during our Epic XP Boost people were bitching about being over leveled and not getting a good amount of XP for doing the main class missions. Now apparently the developers seen this and came up with a solution to this. And if some would bother to open up their mission logs and see that your class and planetary arc missions now sync with your level so that you are not losing experience. So yes while you feel that you are over powered for a certain mission and planet, look in your mission log and see what XP and credits you will generate from it once it’s finished. I bet if some would take the time to look into that, they wouldn’t be bitching as much. The developers listened to this request and came up with a good solution so that when you leave your starter planet, you’ll be dropped to appropriate levels and gain some credits along with it the XP you need to advance forward.

Crafting sucks now

Well I’m not all that hype on crafting as it was a time consumer for me after I got my characters to level 60 and had nothing to do since I’m not in it for endgame content. Even though most believed I should be. I was in SW for the story, not the group stuff, or operations. So my Sith Inquisitor who was able to hit level 60 before the Epic XP Boost was my master crafter in cyber tech, I crafted all the mods and etc when I thought about it for my alts.

swtor 2015-10-26 08-38-17-35

^^That guy right there is my master cyber tech crafter, now granted I know it’s probably pointless to brag about him, but he was the first Sith Inquisitor that I took through the entire story line and gained level 60 with him the long hard way. No grouping up to level him up, no flash-points  no PVP , no nothing. I was strictly a hard core solo player with him, did every little mission I could find for him. No his armor hasn’t changed since level 25 I believe, I just installed the mods and etc. to make him powerful, he is also augmented, not that it really matters anymore. I bought all the MK-10 Slots and installed  them on him, and so when he went into KotFE he was around 47K in HP, now I can’t recall what his HP is, I haven’t finished the KotFE with him yet, I started then I heard all the bitching about crafting and level sync that I dropped to my lower level characters to see what the hype was about. I understand that there are hard core crafter out there that feel that crafting is now pointless to keep yourself in the game, but please try to understand that they wanted to make it more about the story at the moment then the crafting and etc. For me it was boring as sin to run around all these planets collecting the needed items to craft certain Mods/ Armoring and etc.

Instant 60 and thoughts on it.

swtor 2015-10-26 08-38-28-49


Zoradz was the instant level 60 I chose to run through on the first run through so that I could get a handle of the story line, plus I wanted to romance Lana without a past companion getting jealous. By the time I hit chapter 4 which I believe is the Gravestone he hit level 65 and I was like really? I killed everything in my path and laughed the whole time because my hubby watched the 9 chapters, and went ,”Oh you’re really brutal with all the things you can kill.”, and I just turned and looked at him and responded with, ” Oh that,  it’s an imagination of everyone I would want to kill in real life including you when you’re being stupid.” It shut him right up, but he got the point of it all. I kill everything in my path. Creature, Solider, Droid, whatever gets in my way and I want it removed I go on a killing spree with NPCs in the game. Its a great stress reliever too. If you have a hard day, and are extremely frustrated, log into SW:ToR and have yourself a little killing spree with all the NPCs out there, or if you are into PVP , go there as well. It does truly relieve stress in a healthy way that only you can comprehend. If I would have put a little more thought into it, I wouldn’t have used the instant 60, but I did, and I won’t be wasting my cartel coins to get another slot, because I am not all that high up in it. I will use the 8 classes I have and bring them into the story. But there you have it, my thoughts on everything today. It’s a strange to proof read all that I just wrote, but it’s what I was planning on doing during the maintenance today

Just a little help

Knights of the Fallen Empire - Star Wars- The Old Republic 2015-10-19 03-46-22

Not a spoiler, but little well known fact.

I’ve decided that I would write this post for anyone that reads this blog and did not get early access to KotFE, as it was stated by Bioware themselves through their streams they do advise anyone that hasn’t finished their companion stories to do so, also to make sure you have everything set for your journey into the expansion, all because once you hit “Launch” there is no backing out. You must start the expansion. I won’t tell you what goes on through out the expansion because if you are like me, you want to start it with a spoiler free ride. Even though with all the leaked data-mined information that became available before the early release hit live on the streams. I was able to avoid all that information all because I did not look on twitter, dulfy , and or reddit to often when I wanted to know something about previous stories that we had done. I tend to avoid data-mined information for that sole purpose. I want to experience the story without spoilers, and I won’t be adding them at all for a good while. I will say this, once you start the story you really don’t want to stop and once you finish chapter 9 it does leave you wanting more. I feel 9 chapters was not a good start. I’m craving more and more at the moment, but alias I can go play other level 60’s now and get them up to 65 with ease. Hell I started listening to the companions I had and was instantly taken up to at least level 62 just by their stories and what not. So far I’ve used my 1 instant 60( He was made into a Sith Warrior (Juggernaut), a Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Sith Inquisitor, and thinking about starting with one my agents or whatever character I want, it’s totally unsure at this moment. But the most important advice I can give when this goes live tomorrow for everyone else is really just enjoy the game. Don’t let anyone ruin your star wars experience. It truly has become a better game with this latest expansion regardless of the nay-sayers and all. Now onto the next helpful topic


Shut off……………….

Right here and right now, shut off your general chat if you don’t want spoilers, because some in the community are heartless to other players that are just starting the first chapter, and will throw spoilers out left and right. And since we’ve had early access a whole week before the rest, well I won’t judge anyone that just didn’t subscribe during the summer. Most did not have the money, couldn’t be boggled down by the commitment, or well real life matters came up that they didn’t see the reason to renew a subscription,then there are the others that missed a reward by mere days and while Bioware did try to accommodate those that may have missed at least the 1st perk, Even though I was just mere hours late getting started I had to shut off general chat when I jumped into the chapters. I did not want anyone spoiling my start into the new stories. Even now that I’ve played through it. I still will not answer questions that pop up on my screen in whispers about it. I’m not going to be an asshole and spoil it for someone no matter how much they beg me. Now we all had the sneak peak into the first chapter that you will jump into via stream on Twitch with Eric, and at Twitch-con , but I’ve been asked what my answer was to “Did you kneel?” , my response to that question is well I’ll tell you in a blog post about it some time, and I’ll let you know in the far future. I may set up a thing here on the blog to see how many did kneel and did not kneel. But right now, I want the rest of the community to catch up and feel the impact of this story line. Now onto my final topic for this morning.


Have some damn fun playing this game 

Stop all the damn bickering about how this is the downfall of SW:ToR, while yes most are wanting end game content still and are whining on the forums and in chat about it. Give these guys some credit where credit is due. It was not easy to get the voice actors to act, nor was it easy to design at least 9 chapters for us to play, it was also not easy to build the worlds we have been given to play on. And for the love of all things in the Star Wars galaxy, stop crying about the stories. Past and present, and future. Seems most are only following along the lines of MMO and forget that there is an RPG at the end for this game. Right now Bioware has decided to focus on the RPG part of this game. Which for those that do not understand RPG it means Role playing game , if you were like me in the 90s and in 2000 with the launch of PlayStation (Original) not that small thing they called psone. But the bulky one and you played Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and so forth, then you understand the terms of RPG and how they work. Course even now for those that play Guild Wars , Guild Wars 2, Lord of the Rings, WOW and yes even the new Final Fantasy you are essentially playing a role playing game. Even those that play Star Trek Online you are playing an MMORPG, so your complaining is falling on deaf ears when you believe that the RPG part of these games should be erased, because let’s see, a break down of at least star wars without the RPG in it is just what.

  • PVP only
  • Group content that has no back story
  •  No lore or back story of each planet
  • Your classes would be mute and pointless
  • The list goes on and on

This is just a small list of what happens when you remove a story element from an RPG and make it strictly an MMO which seems to be what most are wanting. No stories, no involvement into creating back story or history (aka lore) into anything from planets, classes, and so forth. From what I’ve read on the forums and everything lately is most are upset about the PVP , endgame content, but what they have forgotten is to get new PVP worlds and new endgame content, one must have a back story (lore) to go with it in an RPG. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be upset about no new endgame content, Star Fighter, and PVP, it’s just give these guys time to create a story line to go with what we are now doing, and let it develop within from the writers. The writers are what I would call the Story tellers for the game , they are setting the scenes for us to play, and we act them out accordingly to each class and etc. So don’t get your pants in a tight spot because nothing new is here at the moment. Give these guys time to create, and let the graphic artists do what they do best. So before you throw out the infamous “Rage Quit” because of nothing new, just remember they dropped 9 wonderful chapters into our laps, and it will come in time, just right now, holiday season is coming up, the new star wars movies is set to be released in Dec. Just have a little patience and all good things will come to those that wait. Yes waiting suck, but alias we must wait to get new stuff handed to us. After all the bitching and whining has been exhausted, think back for a moment they just gave us access to a new content that could have easily cost us their normal fee of $19.99 plus taxes to access this content, even though few seem to believe that paying the $14.99 a month or how ever they pay for game time is still paying for the content. It’s free as long as you remain a subscriber to get the new chapters as they will be released, but right now you could drop your subscription and still have access to the 9 chapters once it’s live for everyone. So say next month you decide to drop your subscription, you still have access to 9 chapters. I see that as a win-win for everyone, because while we wait for the next set of chapters to be released you can play the previous ones, get ready at your own pace. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. It was a little longer then I intended, but ahhh, I had a few things going on in my head all at once, so if looks clustered, well welcome to my mind, it’s how my mind works!!