No you can not haz my stuff!!

That’s right, It’s been said..

I decided over the weekend to take a look into other games since there seems to be a numerous amount of bugs still lingering around in SW:ToR. So first game I decided to go back too was Guild Wars 2, where I seem to look at the icon on my desktop but forget to actually let the game update from time to time.

So this is a little video clip I did while playing that game for about an hour or so. Still love the graphics in it and all, but overall not really the highest game in my priority list. The next game I decided to try was LOTR (Lord of the Rings) and well it’s another slower grind to level up as well. Here is another clip of me playing.


Next up I decided to try Neverwinter I had heard a lot of talk about this game and decided well I wanted to give it a try because I remember hearing how it sucked and everything, but over all I enjoyed it a lot. Then again I do love fantasy stuff a lot. So here is a small clip of that gameplay as well.

I don’t use YouTube to upload videos as often because well YouTube is good, but honestly they are not really my favorite place to go often. I got into this other gaming website called “” the reason for them is because they are truly a video gamers paradise with all sorts of videos and etc. I found them through the Raptr, AMD gaming evolved application I get when updated a lot, and when I install a new AMD Driver for my CPU/Graphics. So I haven’t quit SW:ToR it’s just well I decided to take a break and go play something else for a change. I still love my SW:ToR and through it all this past year I have not once let my subscription lapse at all. I just decided well it was time for a change. But there is another reason I decided to take a step back at the moment. It’s not because of the bugs, or anything. It’s about things I’ve seen in gen chat that I didn’t think to screen cap, and a recent forum topic that got deleted and yet another player made a statement that well just doesn’t sit right with me.


No jokes about Mental Health Issues

Today (11-25-2015) I saw a forum topic that just screamed rage and so I went to go read it because a lot of the words in it were like this ******* meaning the offensive language filter was in place. So when I read the first part of it, it was because someone was upset about the down time they were giving today. Plus I just think it was someone looking to blow off steam about the disappointments lately in the game. I can’t say I blame them in all reality because it’s like that. But one person made a quote that well just does not sit right with me. He said that the person that made the topic was most likely had mental health issues like the ones that go inside a school , or whatever and shoot it up. Now to me that struck a nerve and a big one because I have mental health issues. I have a lot of them and I live with them on a daily basis. I do not really talk about what I go through on a day to day basis because well not many would understand it, and in the gaming community, it’d be laughed about or jokes would be made about “s0-so has issues” let’s pick on them. Not to mention a lot of triggers for people with mental health issues happen around the holidays when families gather in large groups and etc. But since this person decided to bash Mental Health on that one topic I have decided to give a little look into my daily life with mental health issues I deal with on a day to day basis, and why having Raven my furbaby is a perfect help to me.

A small look into what it’s like living with issues.

Morning: Wake up, do what I have to in the bathroom, grab a cup of coffee, light a cigarette, open up a browser and start looking around. [ Now to some that would seem normal in the sense that it is perfectly normal but here is what is going on behind the scenes in my mind] -Trying to make it through another day without a little bit of crying, feeling the pain so deep inside that it’s unbearable at times. Taking deep breaths  to keep myself calm and think rationally. Pushing back all negative thoughts that surround holiday season for me. Trying to keep bad experiences from surfacing on a day to day basis. Reaching over and petting Raven who sleeps in a chair next to me while I’m at the computer. Feeling the calming effect that petting her gives me inside to make it easier  to deal with the morning so far.

Lunch Time: Wondering what it is I want to eat, or even if I want to eat. Thinking about how to make it through this part of the day as  well while playing a video game, or watching even a little bit of tv. Nothing works so go crawl in bed, cover up and go back to sleep so that I don’t have to be awake and feel the pain inside while being alone. Raven curls up next to me, and lets me pet her as I fall asleep. All the while negative thoughts plague my mind and enter my dream state, which lucky enough for me I don’t remember my dreams anymore.

Dinner Time: Hubby is home, and all I can think is “Please make him shut up, or Please make him go away as I don’t wanna listen to his dribble about his drunk friends.”, What do I want to eat, am I even hungry, and why do I feel like shit inside when I should be at my happiest.

Evening right before bed: Watch a little tv or at least try too and instead get side tracked and think about shit that has happened in the past, or thinking about what is going to happen in the next 4 minutes, then that sudden urge of sadness creeps in and destroys the entire night. Try to go to sleep only to be up half the night with a mind that just will not let me rest.

Middle of the Night: Flipping through the TV stations trying to find something boring on to put me to sleep, or getting up and going on the computer to read forums, facebook posts, twitter feeds, etc. Anything to make my mind shut up and let me go to sleep for a few hours.

Next morning: Repeat the same events all over only on a different day. So before you decide to make comments about mental health issues, just remember this small glimpse into what some of my illness is like. I won’t describe in great detail of what else I go through, just what the downside of having a mind that plagues me on a daily basis is.

Also no where in this post did I once mention bout hurting others, so before you clump all the mental illnesses into massacres of school shootings, attacks on another human being those are not mental illnesses, those are just people that want to be total annihilators of humanity. While some yes do have mental health issues, not all are mentally unstable, you will never know who is unstable and stable in terms of mental illness because let’s face it. You can be perfectly fine and just decide to blow something up. So educate yourself before you look like an asshole on a public forum where many people can read what you write.

A little hobby of mine

This is my little hobby it is what got me into graphics and I had to learn more as I went along. I like to take images and try to make something out of them. They are my characters currently on the Ebon Hawk server in SW:ToR. There are a few Sith Inquisitors, Warriors, Imperial Agent, Bounty Hunter. Then we have the Jedi Knight, Consular, Trooper and Smuggler. All the names you see on them are their names and what I run around with from time to time.

  • Radqa-Sith Warrior
  • Daeqius-Sith Inquisitor
  • Ericzak-Imperial Agent
  • Kero’dow’urki-Bounty Hunter
  • Domicolt-Sith Inquisitor
  • Domidaqu-Sith Warrior
  • Noxaxa-Sith Inquisitor
  • Kostos-Smugger
  • Zanedyl-Trooper
  • Quitrtishich-Jedi Consular
  • Viper’r-Jedi Knight

All are roughly level 50 or better. Some are already doing the #KotFE, while others are just well doing whatever it is I do. But as you can see the Warrior, and Inquisitor seems to run my life. Those are the two best stories I like the best. Domidaqu is my light side warrior and trust me when I say it wasn’t exactly easy to keep him light, but to do so, I went with Diplomacy as a skill so I could use the light side things. But over all this is my hobby and I intend to keep playing with images that I think would make good images to show off.



Bodies everywhere

Is it a Murder scene from a movie?

swtor 2015-11-20 14-36-47-51 As you may have noticed recently that the despawning of dead bodies has been broken. So when you travel to a heroic area on any planet, all you see is the mass death bed with aliens, creatures, humans, etc. I for one saw this and instantly thought of the Drowning Pool song, “Let the Bodies hit the floor” a song that I still love to this day because it was something I enjoyed. It’s even funnier when you go into the Dark Temple there at Dromund Kaas and see all the dead explorers, imperial troops and etc. But seriously these bugs and that is all they are is bugs can be a deal breaker for some. So when venturing into areas on planets that you see a lot of dead bodies. Have fun searching for whatever goodies you are looking for in that area, it is a pain in the ass let me tell ya. But now onto the next topic of my post here. It’s a good one too. Well at least it was for me.

Some people never learn

I decided to venture over to the Jedi Covenant server today on my Bounty Hunter who is 60-61 and just go to the temple to see this mass murder site. Yes I’m an odd one and love to see things like this in video games. Upon entering the temple I see bodies piled up along the way. I am laughing hard because I know this is a bug, but also it saddens me because it does lag the hell out of any system at the moment. That much dead pixels clogs up your graphics rendering in an instant. So upon entering the temple I make my way through the bodies and see that the respawns are there already. Interesting to say the least.

J101-skull-with-two-middle-fingers-black-02I go to the heroic area there and get greeted by a guild who had me laughing as they were mostly just new alts or players. Whatever they are. Anyways I decided to use the infamous “/sit” and proceed to sit down and watch all the bodies still yet piling up when in general chat I get this “Dude please go away.” I ignore it, because I’m not there for the heroic and etc. Well I am, but I’m a nice player and let everyone have their chance before taking mine. It’s just called common courtesy. I tend to forget in any MMO not everyone is that nice, and they feel the need to whip it out and prove they are bigger and badder. Anyways I’m just sitting there watching the bodies pile up more and more with the two elites behind me, and the two in front of me. These guys respawn like crazy. Still just reading general chat when I see this. “Will all the people not with <Insert  Guild Name> Please leave the heroic area in the Dark temple.” That just made me go, “WTF” and well prompted me to turn into an instant asshole with a remark that had others just dying from laughter. My response was something along the lines of. “You can’t make me leave an area that is opened up to the entire public in an MMO, You don’t own this area, nor the game for that matter, and you tend to forget everyone has a right to go where ever the hell they damned well please.” Then he breaks out in all caps lock on me, and I’m like really dude? You’re gonna try and scare me with caps lock? Please I’m probably older than you, been online way longer then you have, and have words that even your grandmother would flip a lid on. By this time people are posting “LOL”, “LMAO” and etc because this kid if he was a kid thinks he is gonna scare me away from an area that mind you I’m not in the middle waiting for the respawn. I’m just sitting there watching them be dicks in my book. He says he’s been trying at least 10 times to get the respawn, but others just keep coming in and taking his kill after he attacks. Ahhh no it does NOT work that way pal. If you attack first, you get the goodies, not the other way around. Then another player says in chat that he was there about half an hour ago and all they were doing was dueling while waiting for the respawn. So Aha, you been busted there chump. I decide well hell with it. Let them be the little pussies they are, and before leaving I announce in gen chat that their guild name was wrong and should have named themselves “Unlimited Pussies” because that is all they are. They had to get their GM who was suppose to scare me at level 65, and all he did was stand there doing squat. So here is my two finger salute to you guys for proving a point I was testing out.

A recent whisper I had

So I went back over to The Ebon Hawk server and was doing things on Daeqius when a curious whisper pops on my end. They go, we’ve seen you around DK, and etc over the last few weeks, but when hovering it says you do not have a guild, so their question was why? It’s fairly simple. I don’t play on one character for long, and when I do, it’s only because I need something from said character, or whatever reason. Plus I am not really into the social aspects of a guild or anything. From the times I want to try Operations and etc. I just decline to even attempt because I do not want to become a liability for my fellow players. Same reasons I don’t really PVP anymore as well. I mean granted I watch a lot of YouTube videos and read a lot of mechanics and etc., but still I am just not into all that. I am a causal player that just does my own thing. I play solo because it’s what I’ve become good at. I do group up occasionally on lower things, or Kuat Drive Yards, but it is very rare that I do that now. Since the nerf of my companions Daeqius has all the Heroics for each planet sitting in mission logs not able to do them just yet. All I see on the planet are people asking for 220 Hilts, (main hand), 200+ gear and mods, and I haven’t been able to get all that yet. I don’t do end game stuff or I would have it. I know I keep trying and then just stop because I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t want to become a liability for another group. I have to much anxiety online even to attempt to make a real attempt anymore. I’m not a social butterfly as many think I should be. I just can’t deal with groups or crowds anymore. I want too, and I try, but I just fall short and realize that maybe just maybe. It is NOT meant for me. I’m sure a lot out there probably feel like this, and just are to afraid to admit it. It’s no longer fear of doing it. It is just when one’s anxiety level hits a point they know when to stop, and that is what I have done recently over the last few months. I stopped before it got to much to handle.

Flashy Friday

Leveling and Companions

So after the huge downfall of the nerf to our companions I decided I wanted to test this theory out on low level characters I did not get leveled up to at least 60 before the release of KotFE. So I’ve been working on Dredum who is a Sith Warrior in Marauder form with Rage as his discipline. When I stopped using him he was well squishy and still is, but he was sitting somewhere around level 30, still on Alderaan and hadn’t moved forward. So I took him through and got the insane DS Jaesa as well. I’ve been using her now and she has a influence rank of around 10 or something along those lines. While she does a base heal at the moment of 1218, her other heals get to be from about 210, and up. She sucks now as a healer. Course what I found interesting this time around is that I did not flirt with her at all and yet she still pursues the Warrior to sleep with her. I wasn’t going to romance her this time around as I wanted to see if she got upset that  I denied her advances. Well just have to see anyways. I went over to my other 60 lvl Sith Inquisitor who is an assassin hatred discipline and well he told Ashara no to just about everything. Even had a few disappointments along the way and at the end of their conversations they were talking about marriage, even after I had said “Forget it” to her. Now ironically when I made that Assassin I used a name generator to give him a unique name all on his own. He is named Noxaxa , so you can imagine my surprize at the end of the inquisitor story when Marr actually calls him Darth  Nox/Imperius/Oculus are the three you get. Nox if you are dark , Imperius if you are light, and Occlus if you are light. So he was dark, and got called “Darth Nox” and when my husband heard that, he smirked because he said wasn’t that the name of your SI anyways. Yes people had called “Noxaxa” Nox for short , so it had me laughing even because it was “Darth Noxaxa” who is a Zabrak.


Grouping vs Solo


Now I was reading on the forums and saw a post about why people do not want to group up. Well due to various reasons some had pretty pathetic rude comments about why they refuse to group up. Here are my reasons for why I rarely group up.

  1. The space bar screamers (Those that repeatedly yell to space bar a scene)
  2. The elitist mentality (The ones that require whatever whether it be gear, achievement, etc.)
  3. The other elitists (Ones that yell L2P at a noob who hasn’t been playing as long)
  4. The ones that need on everything (Not sure how it works now that comps no longer need gear)
  5. Just rude over all.

Now that flashpoints have a solo mode I plan to do them at my own time and everything, if anything just to get the story so that incase someone does ask for a group on a certain flashpoint I can space bar it , even though it will be rare, because I do like the stories they have made in the older flashpoints.

Heroics and grouping

While the planet heroics were something I rarely did until I was over leveled, I did not see the point in going back to the said planets and doing them, but during the alliance recruitment you have too, to gain the new companions and what not. While some are just a slow grid, others well it’s fun. I’ve seen a lot of people asking for the Star Fortress groups and their linking of the impossible. Okay I don’t buy gear to often from vendors because well let’s face it , the purple gear they sale is just way overpriced and ugly in my taste, and even though we have outfit designer, I’m not really into all that. Plus these people need to say right up front , must have “206/210/220 “mods in their gear. Only way I know to get stuff like that is from the Data Crystal vendors, and one vendor has a radiating crystals that you only get from Operations. First off I don’t do Ops, and second , not everyone plays the same style as they are demanding, so guess what , my heroics for the alliance are back burnered until I find gear, or something along the lines. I hate having to be forced into a group, so I’m going to work on a way to build up my influence with the base, and companions so that I can try to solo it, if not well I’m done until the release of future chapters.

Absolutely! It certainly may be a bit more challenging than before but you can complete them. The intent is that you can complete any [Heroic 2] with your Companion counting as one of the two. If you find this isn’t true for any Heroics tomorrow, let us know.


So this was an actual response on the forums during their talk about the changes in companions on the forum, and yet what they did not realize is by nerfing the companions like they did, the heroics are now not actually soloable at any stand point for a player. Course now they had a thread in the forums called Companion Feedback and it states what us as solo/causal players are now left to be in the grind again and laughed at because of all the recent changes. I can no longer craft mods because well they decided to move that to another crafter, and I haven’t maxed all the crafting things and etc. Plus Cybertech was my level 500 crafter who is well worthless now in my eyes. Dulfy’s guide on gearing in 4.0 so where does that level those that do know do operations and so forth. In the gutter is my guess. I don’t have the patiences nor the system to run an 8-man or even a 16-man run Operation. Vulkk is another one that I read a lot about and he has an interesting guide as well. So if you have a few minutes and feel the need to add your feed back, this is what they are asking on the forums.

Hey folks,

Following the Companion changes we made Tuesday in 4.0.2, we want to gather your feedback on your gameplay experiences. We hope by this point you have had some time to jump in and get your hands on the changes yourselves. First, before we get into the feedback we are looking for, let’s talk a bit about our specific design goals related to Companions:

  • Leveling Content – Challenge Level: Low. To complete this content, a player should have a basic understanding of game mechanics and have level-appropriate gear. Their companion’s role shouldn’t matter.
  • KotFE Chapters – Challenge Level: Low. Like leveling content, a player should have a basic understanding of game mechanics and have level-appropriate gear. Their companion’s role shouldn’t matter.
  • [Heroic 2] Missions – Challenge Level: Medium. To complete this content, a player should have a good understanding of their class and game mechanics, as well as level appropriate gear. Their companion’s role should begin to matter at this point, supplementing the player’s own Discipline. We expect some players to find these challenging initially—maybe even needing a friend’s help–but once the player earns better gear, a few levels of Influence with their companion, and has a greater understanding of the game, they should be able to solo the hardest of these missions.
  • Star Fortress – Challenge Level: Medium. These are similar to [Heroic 2] Missions. Star Fortresses should be similar to [Heroic 2] Missions. To complete this content, we expect you to have level-appropriate gear, a good understanding of your class, a companion with a few levels of Influence, as well as being in a role that supplements the player’s. We expect most players to be able to solo these with a little practice and effort on their part to gain some increased power.
  • Heroic Star Fortress – Challenge Level: High. At this point we expect players to really understand their class, their companion, and their gear. Players should have sought out gear upgrades, as well as increased their companions’ Influence level. These are meant to be challenging and difficult to do solo.
  • “The One and Only” Achievement should still be possible. As an Achievement, this is definitely intended to be extremely hard and rewarding to players. This means the Achievement can be exceptionally challenging, and similar to HM Star Fortress, you will need to be a skilled player, with moderate to high Influence level with your companion, and very good gear on your character.

Based on these statements above, do you think that these are true after Tuesday’s changes? What content is more or less difficult than you expected? Is there something that is just flat out impossible?

Please give us your feedback, and we simply ask you to be as constructive as possible. Include information such as:

  • Your level
  • Roughly Average Item Rating
  • Discipline
  • Companion
  • Companion role
  • Companion Influence level
  • Which Mission or Star Fortress are you playing (Solo Mode? Heroic Mode?)
  • Your personal experience while playing this content

If you have a video or other related content to go with your feedback, feel free to link that as well as it will allow us the best insight into your experiences.

The team will be reviewing all feedback, along with supporting data, to see what / if any future adjustments need to be made. Thank you all in advance for your feedback!


So in a nutshell of this all. SW:ToR was fun for me again and now it’s just a slow grind that well I’d rather pull out a console game and play that on an old PS2 system. Mainly my Need For Speed 2:Underground or Grand Theft Auto’s from back in the day. Happy Friday and have a great day/night gaming.

Latest patch thoughts and other random crap

Nerfed already?

So if you have recently played SW:ToR and went through that long round of updating last night, you know that our beloved companions got hit hard with a HUGE nerf. So thanks to all the whiners out there that cried that Companions were overpowered. Because of your boohooing they nerfed them, and it was not a small nerf either. They have lost most of their zeal that I loved having them with me. So I have an image for the whiners that got what they wanted.

J101-skull-with-two-middle-fingers-black-02 That’s right, I present you with the double salute. I honestly preferred to have my companions overpowered. I did not care that they did more damage nor healing then me. I wanted them to out heal me, and have a better attack rating then me. I had watched the forums and read gen chat so much that I became numb to the “Overpowered Companion” threads, and discussions taking place. But they were warned too, bitch about something and it’ll be taken away. Some players bitched about other classes being over powered and they got hit with a huge nerf. Like the Sith Inquisitor and their Force Storm, and Jedi Consular with the Force quake. Both were heavily nerfed that well most had to learn how to use their other abilities  I always tried to use all, and set up my own rotation that I enjoyed. I don’t do raids, I don’t do endgame content, so for me to be able to play solo has well hindered a lot for me now. Now this is not a deal breaker for me, nor will it make me unsub from this game because I do love it so much. I am just disappointed that the ones that cried out for the nerf got it.

How will this hurt the new player?

Easy, a new player that started to play before the nerf had a good start with a companion being almost god like if you want to call it that, could do a lot more without legacy unlocks and etc. A new player with no high level legacy was able to play their mandatory class and planet missions with a little ease being that the start companions were doing what they were intended to do after this release was done. For an example lets take Vette on the Sith Warrior. Once acquired she was able to become a healer, tank, or just straight up DPS, before KotFE she was just a DPS that stood in the back ground doing whatever it was she did. Just shoot things, then came KotFE and a completely revamped companion system that allowed us to use all our companions again. So for the new player this was a HUGE difference to them, they get to play with a super companion and did not have to worry about them dying, or their companion dying. Now the latest patch has killed that, because what new player has the influence build up on their newly acquired companion? None that I know of unless they are an ALT of an older toon. I haven’t done to much at the moment on some of my lower level alts. But I am going to test the theory today since I have another yet Sith Warrior only this time I made an Marauder and didn’t use him because well he was super duper squishy even in good gear. At the moment he is level 39 I believe and sitting on Taris awaiting to go after the War Trust. So I’ll see how bad they are now that he doesn’t have a high level of influence, and with no adaptive gear on the companion anymore, course at the moment he is running around with HK. My preferred companion when I decide to unlock him on certain characters. Course I may try to run with Jaesa since I got her now and yes she’s a psycho again.


Odd outfit for Jaesa

swtor 2015-11-17 21-21-26-91 Now this has me scratching my head. I bought the Imperial slave outfit from the security key vendor on DK when I was there getting my mission from Baras, (Fat ass wanna be Darth), While talking to Jaesa aboard the ship, this is what her outfit is, but outside of the outfit it looks normal. Odd that I know, because it should show her skin, but it doesn’t. I even opted to get her a customization from the Taris vendor , but I am not sure if I plan on keeping her like this, because I am not sure about it, may just send her back to her default when you get her as a Dark side

Swtor_Jaesa_Willsaam_Dark_Customization_4 I like the tattoos and the hair, but she is just sooooooo pale. so you can image what she looks like running around in a slave outfit with white/red dye pack installed. I know I don’t have to customize her gear anymore, but still hate the traditional crap they put them in when you get them. It’s bad enough that they won’t allow us to throw different outfits on the KotFE companions we recruit, so we all run around with clones of Lana, Koth, Theron and what not. I mean if you wanted to take crap away from us, take away the outrageous prices on some of the shit you place on the Cartel Market. Give subscribers better perks and what not to keep them happy. Don’t just take away strong points in the game that make those of us that play solo and make it to where you are forcing us to “GROUP UP”,  I am sorry but I still don’t group up for a lot of things I know that can be done solo. By forcing people to group up, you are ironically saying that this is not a “Solo” type deal. A lot of people are finally coming to the realization that SW:ToR is just an MMORPG, and that doesn’t always require to be forced into grouping. For months I watched the debates on the forums and etc. to help some understand that SW:ToR is just an MMO for multiple people online. It is a community driven gave with a role playing game added to it. If you take out the PVP, the chat, the GTN and etc. You end up with a story driven game that is well Solo in style.


Refer a Friend bug


For years, from what other forum posters have posted, to even my own experience this past year. Bioware Austin has finally admitted to finding a bug in their refer a friend program so for the time being they have disabled it. Well it’s about damn time this bug is being looked into. I had a response from a ticket I created back at the end of Oct. about this bug, and they said it was working fine, and credited me 100 Cartel Coins for the long wait. I used the coins for a transfer of my instant level 60 character to another low ball server I was on, because I wanted room. So in their words I got screwed because of this bug, they claimed that they checked into the past referrals I had gotten and suggested they did not subscribed or whatever, but sorry they are still wrong because within a day of them using my link, I got the initial credit grants, then nothing afterwards because of the bug that claimed they were inactive for over 90 days.
Stillnothing This image is from an older post, but still shows the truth be told. Subscription has been inactive for over 90 days. That was just a day after they used my link, so for the time being, you can’t use anyone’s link. Now on Monday night I had checked it again and seen that 2 more people used my link so now I’m up to 15 in game referrals, but what about those in the past that used my link and got hit with that, Nothing is going to happen. They claimed it was working just fine. WRONG! I was denied the monthly grants and they suggested that I get in touch with my friends and see if they got their rewards. Funny thing is , these people who used this link are not my friends. I have no friends listed in my friends list on my names. I am a SOLO player who had links used via forum signature, and or my blog here. So really how do you contact people you do NOT know? I guess I just got the good over bent over the table and screwed without lube because of this bug that they claim was “Working as intended”, but if it was working as intended, then why did they suddenly decide to disable this feature?? I guess it was NOT working as intended. I know most used the link for the free transfer and etc. I wonder if the person that I used their referral link is still getting the coins each month I stay subbed or did they get the screw too. Oh well who knows. Hopefully they will get their shit together one day or maybe not, but in the long process of this post. I will NOT unsubscribe because of bugs, I will just find other work around that will not be considered an exploit.