SW:ToR-In Today’s (WARNING: you will probably laugh)

Breaking News:

While the life day event has been going on since December 15,2015. I felt it was time for an amusing post to make us all laugh and smile during this adventurous end of the year fiasco  (yes even though the year is not a total failure, some of the game breaking bugs are though.)

So in today’s headlines the breaking story for the month is this

Life Day Event in SW:ToR breaks some events.

That’s right all, Life Day that only comes around once a year and lasts until sometime in Jan, has broken two of the events that run monthly.

Now you may already know which two events got broke this month, but in case you haven’t been paying attention. Many of us are in a grind to do our alliance in KotFE and we couldn’t this month, because they have locked a companion to a specific event, and that first event was the infamous Rakghoul. Which was also suppose to be slated to start on December 15 as well, and run for a solid week, but due to whatever known jawa bugs they have developed over the time. Life Day broke it and they could not get it fixed right away. Hopefully in the future they will figure out what they need to do to feed the damn jawas that decided to add their bugs, probably teamed up with the fingerlings from Alderaan from one of the many Killik nests they have on that planet.

In case you do not fully understand  the comments based in this post. Well here are a few images of said Jawas, and their Co-Conspirators. The fingerlings are harder to capture in an image, but they are like nats, they are annoying to no end.












In other breaking News from around the SW:ToR Galaxy

Bounties were not able to be given out as due to same unknown bugs, and or jawas playing their games, Bounty Contract week was broken as well. So the galaxy is unsafe at the moment because of the vicious cycle of bad guys that are wrecking havoc where ever they go because we can not hunt them down and either carbonite freeze them, or just plain ole kill them. Even though it’s frowned upon in the BBC but not uncommon. So what other events have been broken due to a bug like this, or worse. I will keep looking into the fun news as I can, if anything just for amusing posts like these.

Could not resist

If you are now reading this and still laughing I do not apologize for this post because well it was time to shine some humor on these bugs. I know they have been around probably forever,but you gotta admit there comes a point and  time where you just toss your hands up in the air, and go screw it. I’ve got better things to complain about, instead of some pointless bug  that probably will never be fixed in the time frame we want them fixed. But always remember this is just a game, and nothing is ever perfect. If it was, we wouldn’t have issues we have within ourselves, and in our world today as it stands. But always remember to find just a little time in life to smile and laugh, because it truly is the best medicine out there. Anyways thanks for reading, and Enjoy reading this post. Just wait til you see what may pop up next from this odd person.



End of the year reflections.

How do they hinder game play?

I recently read a forum post about a player that is physically disabled with CP (Cerebral palsy) and instead of the community stepping up and offering him helpful suggestions on how they could become a better tank, they started to bash them instead , calling them a troll, and what not. Contrary to what players say, you do NOT have to have lightening reflexes, you just have to know your class, and advance class, and all their abilities. Use key bindings if you have too, I have tried in the past, but I tend to stop looking at the screen and click on my mouse so much that I just forget to even attempt to try key bindings. Regardless of having physical issues, even mental issues, picking on someone because they come out and say “Hey, I’m a little slow because I have a disability” does not give you the right to bash them because they choose to play an MMORPG. Now I did read all the posts before I started this post, and saw a few had given him/her good suggestions on how to play better as a tank, and I hope those are the ones he/she will read instead of all the hate. But it still raises a question as to the whether or not about gamers having no heart or for that matter common sense. If you play a tank role, and have done well in solo style, and attempt to play in a group content , still does not give anyone the right to bash them. Now me, I never qued as a Tank, I played as a DPS with a tank setting, and it worked out well for me. Then again I only did KYD a few dozen times and it was fun to do with others that just didn’t care what spec I was. Just that I could keep a live, and do things like run around hitting Kolto stations, and etc. Course as of late I just don’t have it in me to play much like I was in the past. I think that is because I just don’t have it in me to spend countless hours there at the moment. Grinding for my alliance is boring, and life day event is just blah since it seems to break all the other things that were suppose to happen. But I do have a mental condition. So because I have a short fuse, and self esteem issues, I tend to avoid group content. I believe even my trooper now has the Op for Oricon.

Year End Reflections

So for 2015 it was a great year for me in SW:ToR and by that I mean. I’ve been a sub for over a year now, met some great people through the blogs, made a solid stand as a solo player that tends to try and help others in game, or even on a blog to bring a smile during some depressing times. Even though I tend to hide behind that and let my own issues stay silent because that is how I am. So I am going to break this down month by month for my year end review, I mean why not, there are only 4 days left in the year, and we’re on the last week of this month.


Would play and hit the first level 60 player and beat Revan in SoR so many times by then that I became instantly numb from the achievement. Mainly stayed to myself and became a solid solo player that would group up on occasions.


Got my first achievement in crafting with a 500 in Cyber tech and Scavenging. Also finally got my first Sith Inquistor Daeqius to level 60 and finished his story line. Also got a Imperial Agent to level 60 and finished his class missions.


Still did my own thing in soloing, but also started planning out this blog only after realizing I was paying for hosting and a domain name that was rarely being used. Also started looking into other MMOs but did not get involved in them. Just put them as a possibility.


Ahhh this month became something more to me, because I finally started to blog a little, while still playing and taking screenies of my game..


I was also a part of a Community on google+ that was for SW:ToR fans, matter of fact I just recently rejoined, but it’s where I met Zernebog, who then introduced me to others like Ravanel Griffon who then introduced me to taking part in a blogging type thing, that I totally did not entirely do because I just don’t feel that my blogging style fits in anywhere ,Here is my list from the NBI that I took part in.


This month had a lot of ups and downs. I was social, then became unsocial and went back to solo style playing again. Left a good guild, and just dropped out of sight, but still posted blogs here and there. Started playing GW2, and started to take breaks from SW:ToR all together. Had a ton of posts in June too,


Was not a good month for me, I was sexually harassed and I did not like it, and it prompted me to leave for a week or two, or just limit who I played with, which was mostly my male characters because well I’ll be honest ERP just turns me off in the worse way. So I don’t want to deal with anything of that sort.


This month was okay I guess for me. Nothing really big, I just started  to avoid all the spoilers that were lurking about the latest expansion in SW:ToR


So at the end of August , beginning of Sept. I finally unlocked all the species to play in SW:ToR and had to only buy two of them because you can’t unlock them through game play and by hitting level 50. So yeah I had some great achievements this year as well.


Celebrated my 1 year subscription to my favorite MMO. Also I got into the early access for the latest expansion. Knights of the Fallen Empire, and got all the subscriber rewards that were offered if one was subscribed. I loved it all too because it meant a new way to play. Sadly though those 9 chapters went by toooo damn fast and now we’re left grinding out our alliances.


I stepped away from SW:Tor for a bit, and went to play LOTR, and Neverwinter, GW2 of course. But of course I always come back to SW:ToR all because I have so much time and money invested too, then my computer issues started to show up, and I opted to cut a lot of game play out for the most part. Plus SW:Tor was filled with more bugs than anything, like the despawn timer on dead bodies that plagued Heroic areas specially on DK with all the vine cats being piled upon one another.


Now this month I have celebrated my birthday, made it through Christmas with no fighting, instead on Christmas night, I found a site online to watch the new SW movie and we watched it with a bad cam image, but at least now I can say I have watched Star Wars:The Force Awakens. No I won’t give you spoilers on that movie. Like video games I don’t do spoiling shit. I let other assholes do that for you. I also decided to go back into the virtual world Second Life and started blogging mens fashions there since there are so many female fashion bloggers out there. Outside of the virtual worlds and games I celebrated my 1st christmas with Raven and she is the best thing in my life even when my partner and I fight a lot and have been for the last few months.


100_1189 This is Raven and I on Christmas night. Hence the date. I felt it fitting to update my RL Facebook picture with one of her and I because I felt it was time to move on from losing my 1st pup Sammie this year.

I still think of Sammie on day to day basis, and I still miss her, but I know in my heart she would want me to share the same love I gave her over to Raven, so I have done so, and will continue to love her just as much if not more , but also keeping sammie alive in my heart.




319942_4728824614097_414774170_n This was my baby girl Sammie and even though she is no longer with me in her doggie form, she is still in my heart and has helped me so much and now I realize that I must let Raven do the same as Sammie did for me. I am a dog lover and always will be. No one will ever take that away from me.




Anyways to end this post. There are a few more days left to this year, and I plan to make the most of them and bring 2016 in a good way, what I will do, is beyond me because I’m not sure how I will celebrate it yet. Enjoy your holidays where ever you may be, and thanks for reading.

Haven’t disappeared

I haven’t disappeared just with issues now with this PC, and etc. I just haven’t found much time this past week to play. Matter of fact I didn’t play any this week unless you count a little bit on Monday, then PC issues struck me and of course it was my Birthday too back on the 15th. Ironic  to be born in the month of December, not only do I have Christmas knocking on my door, but also new years, but a little fun fact I found about Star wars in general. The year I was born was a strange year at that.

Star Wars was released theatrically in the United States on May 25, 1977. It earned $461 million in the US and $314 million overseas, totaling $775 million. I guess that was a good bit of money back in the day, now for some in the movie industry it’s like chump change, but overall that was when we were all first introduced to the Galaxy, and Republic, along with Empire. Now here we are 38 years later bring in the 7th movies, and yes folks there are 7 of them. Hence their titles, I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII

Some other strange facts for those that did not know what happened in the year of 1977 , This year also marks the 38th year that a full moon will happen on Christmas as well for those that celebrate it. Strange I did not get to enjoy any of that because well on Dec 15,1977 I was brought into this crazy hellish world we live in. So I am an 80s child. I grew up in that time, and I loved  that time to be honest. It was truly when kids were just that kids. We actually went outside to play, did not come home until street lights came on. Played Tag, made mud pies, and just had fun. Even our Halloweens were different back then too. I am sure most of remember getting dressed up in costume and going out at nights to get our treats. Course I was not a typical kid. Since I’m an only child with no siblings. I had a vivid imagination to keep me happy. I had imaginary friends. Then again I’m not even to sure they were all that imaginary now that I think back to being visited by dead relatives as a child so much. Namely my grandfather’s loved to pay their grand-daughter a visit here and there. But I also got a lot of slack for that kind of stuff so I kept it to myself, and of course I did come from the classic broke home. Parents divorced by the time I was 12 years old, and life became something else.

I did not disappear I just took last week off to do things outside of SW:ToR, and then the computer started acting up so I had reset windows 10 twice to get it to act right. Now it is for the time being, but hopefully next year will be a better year for myself, significant other, and our pup Raven. Course there are also 20 more days before I even get to dream of having HK-55 in my companion list. That’s right, 20 more days until they lock the deadline to be a subscriber to get HK-55 in my companion list. I am so excited I can hardly wait. 51 more days until the next chapter comes out in the Knights of  the Fallen Empire. I so can’t wait to play Chapter X too. The beginning of next year in SW:ToR for me is going to be awesome because I love the stories I’ve played so far, went back and restarted a few. I also finally got my reputation up on the Gree event when it ran too. I believe I’m close to Newcomer status. I know it’s not a big deal to most who have done it and got Champion status, but for me , I wasn’t around the first time they ran it, so I did not know that some of it has PVP, and I did damn well to avoid that. Grouped up with a few to do the heroics, and etc. Had a blast too. I mean it’s good when I am overcoming a lot of my shrug offs I did in the past. I wanted to do the Rakghoul event this past week, but they broke it and never fixed it. So oh well right? No sweat, they are running them monthly now so it’s not like a huge disappointment. I’ve even been doing the GSI dailies, Czerka’s dailies. Anything really to boost rep for me at the moment. Some flashpoints and etc. It just all depends on my mood when I log in on which I wanna play.


Plus on Facebook and Twitter I have changed my user pic so to speak. I opted to use this dual faction symbol

swtor-icon-silver I just like this one better than the gold. Probably cause I love silver. Also over the weekend Star Wars:The Old Republic had a birthday, and this is how we are celebrating it. Using the dual faction icons as user pics. Nice way to give them a warm birthday greeting. Anyways. That is all for now. I did not disappear, just had RL stuff to deal with. Happy Gaming Thursday or whatever day it is for you.

It’s been tried


This week I decided  that I would try my hand at the Relics of Gree event that is currently going on in SW:ToR and well I did the dailies, then I joined up with a group without the PVP to do the Heroics, and it was semi-fun. Course I only did this on my trooper as I haven’t been on the Imperial side often as of late. I just wanted a break from leveling up my Jedi Sent that I just logged into the next name that was in my loading area, and it happened to be Zanedyl.


I may be small, but I pack a punch.

He looks funny being this small character with this HUGE ass cannon on his back or in his hands, and I often wonder if they thought about back strain from carrying something so heavy like that all the time. Then again Dasru I believe my other  trooper over on the JC server, well he’s this big guy with a small rifle. So yeah I don’t know why did not pick the right spec for him, but alias to late, and I love my cannon on Zane. Course the best part of this week so far for me was when the new HK-51 Decoration was placed in the vendor for free. I have the Ebon Hawk on my wall in a few of the SH’s I have, but I really do love my HK Statues. So much that later in this post I will post an image of how I set it up, and I think you’ll like it. I know I did when I finally placed them in the a way that I thought was awesome. Course I may go back and do the dailies again to get more Rep again for the gree, only cause I do like some of the outfits that they have in the Reputation vendors. I think a few of my characters would look sweet in it. I’ve also been playing around with Outfit designer using the 1 that comes unlocked when it was first introduced. I currently have all the higher gear in front, and the Orange gear that I had on my trooper in the 2nd tab and it’s active, so that is all the see when he’s running around. I forget where his stats sit at the moment, but I believe it’s close to like 70k HP which is good.


Stronghold on Nar Shaddaa

Don't argue so loudly you two. I have a headache.

Don’t argue so loudly you two. I have a headache.

As you can see I have two HK-51’s at the side of my throne, and Marr and HK-55 on each side, and it looks like they are arguing. About what though, well that is to be determined by the one that reads this post. I should have turned off the nameplates, but well I forgot too. And what took precise balance was getting Zane to sit in the throne without the invisible chair being seen, so it actually looks like he is sitting in the throne, and not high up, or way in front. I really wish they would allow us to sit in our chairs in the SHs but they don’t. At least not for the time being. Things do change though and this is one that will probably change in the far future. Yesterday I did not play much because I’m now having issues with my PC and it’s pissing me off. I don’t know if it’s because of the power that has blown a few million times in our apartment building, or just because well the MOBO (Motherboard) is going. I hope not as I don’t have the cash to get a new system yet.


Quick to take payment

But slow as shit to give my monthly Cartel Coins grant. I’ve gotten the one for the security key, but not the full 500 yet, last month I got it around the 9th, now here it is the 10th. I have not gotten it yet. I’ve gotten the friends one, the key one, but not that main one. They sure do love to take the $15.69 a month I pay for it, but are sooooo damn lazy on granting the coins. They did manage to give me some coins when they finally answered my ticket about Referal’s being broken, they claimed it was right, but alias they did not understand that when I said it was showing people inactive within minutes of using my link, course right now the referrals are taken offline. I do hope they fix it soon, as I know I’ve gotten a lot of referrals from my blog. I don’t post often in the forums, so I know that is not how they are getting it, and even as a shameless plug I linked my referral code in second life in my profile as well.



Not much of one, but alias I wanted another header here for my closing. With all the headaches we have about the game in general. I will always support them and play for how ever long they last. Which I hope is a long time. I would be bored in general if I did not get my SW:ToR game play in each day. Yes I’m addicted and damn proud to be……..Happy gaming Thursday or where ever in the world you may be!!

It’s possible to

Level up

So I was over on Twitter today and seen this from the Old Republic.


Now me, I started a brand new Jedi Knight the other day and decided I was going to try and go at a slower pace. By that I mean doing Solo Flashpoints and Heroics that I haven’t done ever or did them in the past , and just never did them again. So I decided I was going to write a post about this since the servers are down at the moment for the usual maintenance that usually happens on Tuesdays. My newly created Jedi Knight is a Jedi Sentential with I believe watchman spec. Thanks to Vulkk for having his streams that I even wanted to try my hand at the Watchman spec for Jedi Sentential. So I spent the entire day playing this new Sent, on Coruscant and did most of the main missions along with story mission, also did all the Heroics, solo of course with my trust T7 at my side until I was forced to use Kira, I am not much of a fan with her because I just don’t like her. Her voice acting is one of those ones that I wanna rip the vocal cords out and etc. So I prefer to have T7 with me now. Course in the past it was Treek that I took with me all the time because of her epic healing abilities. Since 4.0 has went live and they changed how our companions are now, I don’t see the need to have Treek at my side all the time now. I still use her from time to time but not like I did in the past. She is and always will be the main companion for my Sith Inquisitor Daeqius because she was there from the door at level 10 when I was able to get her, and used her the most. But back to the story at hand. I decided I wanted to level up the long way, usually I do only story missions and forget everything else, so I arrive on Coruscant and take all the heroics, and do the Gree quest that you can do for the title. At the end of this starting main planet for her, she was leaving as a level 23, I believe. Next up was Taris, so they level sync’ed me down and I still walked away from the planet after all the main story arcs, the class missions and all the heroics at around 30 in my level. Before I left last night I used the famous “/played” to see how much time was used according to game time on them I did, it was sitting at 11 hours and 48 minutes of time played on that one character. So from level 1-31 I believe it took me almost 12 hours to get her up there. Now I’m on Nar Shaddaa and doing the same thing. Picking up heroics I missed in the past and said I would go back and do but never did. What I like the most about the leveling system is that if you only still do the class missions, and story arcs, you get decent XP and credits afterwards. With me, I decided I wanted to take the time and try to find a renewed interest in SW:ToR all the way around and I believe I found it this way. Plus with Heroics giving Common Data Crystals, and two pieces of gear it’s a great way for a new player to get what they need. The Relics are not bad, the implants and earpieces too, along with the other gear you get. I mean I really am enjoying this way to level up. It has also resparked an interest in my husband who stopped watching because it was the same old shit just a different character. He watched me go through the heroics, and different ways I did the class missions this time and it really sparked a good interest into him.

Life Day and Events

This month is all about events and celebrating Life Day, now for those of us that also have birthdays this month, along with Christmas, and New Years just gently knocking on our doors, it’s a great way for the community to have fun  too. Now ironically this years life day starts on my birthday to be exact. So  that’s a nice birthday gift from SW:ToR themselves. I celebrate my 38 years on this joyful planet we call “Earth” (Pun intended), But also today marks the start for the 4th Anniversary of SW:ToR as well. What an amazing feat this has been. So for those that do not know what current events are going on or will be going on, here is a snippet from the main website.


  • Dec 8 – Dec 15: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 8 – Jan 5: Log in for 4th Anniversary Rewards!
  • Dec 15 – Dec 22: The Rakghoul Plague
  • Dec 15 – Jan 5: Life Day
  • Dec 18 – Jan 1: Double XP
  • Dec 22 – Dec 29: Bounty Contract Week

For Life Day this year we have made a few changes to the rewards. All previously available rewards, including some items previously only available on the, are available for purchase with Snow-Covered Parcels from the Master of Ceremonies on each Faction’s Fleet. Additionally, we have a few new Cartel Market items in honor of Life Day and one of them might be a tank that shoots snowballs, seriously.


  • Dec 8: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 15: Rakghoul Resurgence
  • Dec 22: Death Mark
  • Dec 29: The Balance of Power

So there you have it in a nutshell all the goodies that are and will be going on for this month. Now me, well I don’t do conquests as I believe those are designed for Guilds, and since I still don’t join them anymore. I will just do what I normally do. I may take a few of my 65’s and try to build up my rep with the Gree , but other than that, I don’t normally do it. Anyways it’s time to load the launcher, update it, and go play for a few hours. Happy gaming Tuesday, and thanks for reading.