Something I’ve noticed

About Empire and Republic

Over the past week and this weekend I have noticed something I never paid much attention to before. The toxicity in general chat and how someone who is new, or just returning to the game may mistake it for a normal general chat just astounds me to no end. While over on the Republic side last week as I was bringing another trooper up through the levels, I saw helpful, and very interesting general chat on the majority of the planets. Some were silent, but others were talking, helping out players with questions, and being over all friendly. Course I saw the occassional guild recruitment messages mostly on the starter planet Ord Mantell for the trooper, and of course on Courscant as well, but then I’d log into Trayvae or Toxi’k (new alt) to do something for the Empire side, and walked into total toxicity. People belittling each other, making fun of their names, outfits they had chose for themselves and their companions, and I was like “Wow, talk about a total 180 degree turn here.” I get the whole Light vs Dark scenerio here and I understand that some people are well just douche bags in general, but it has me thinking, Do some people that RP their character honestly believe that even out of character they need to be so toxic and degrading to someone who asked a simple question, waited a few minutes then decided to use the infamous cap lock to get attention. I’m sorry but I had to stick up for this person in gen chat, because the pace chat was moving I’m pretty sure he thought his question wasn’t seen, so he decided to grab everyone’s attention by using the cap lock move, and low and behold someone saw it and started belittling him in general chat for it. This was Empire side on Nar Shaddaa as I was there with Toxi’k leveling him up. I was just amazed at the difference between the two, because I know these people play both sides, Empire and Republic, but the chats are usually just so much a like that well this past week or what have you, they were different. One was almost sweet, and helpful, and while the other was just so damn toxic that it made me wanna hurl a lightining ball at them and tell them to grow the hell up and stop acting like douche bags. There was no RP going on in general chat, it was just a bunch of people talking and it just exploded into toxicity fast. Then when I went to Hoth there was a guy there complaining about who knows what, but then he exploded into saying “There is no Santa, no Easter Bunny.”, and then went onto saying how all kids these days do not respect anyone, and that they need to be in bed by 7pm, or how they shouldn’t have spring break, etc. etc. you get the idea? He was just so negative that it blew my mind, because people were egging him on, and some even agreed with his statements that it made me stop and think for a moment. Is this what the future of gaming is becoming? Bitterness and Nastiness because they can get a way with it online , and not in their real lives? Also this has me thinking about my next topic.


As many that have read my blog know that recently I became involved with being a co-founder in a guild, Elite Imperial Vanguard, and well while we were doing good on recruiting, it has stopped. The players joined, and now are not returning or just quitting so it has me thinking that maybe we’re on the wrong side of the board here to be starting a guild. I mean republic side seems so much more laid back then the empire side. Course I also took a look through the guild recruitment forums on SW:ToR as well ,and seen that a ton are recruiting now. So it has me thinking that many are gearing up for the 1000 member limit that will be coming next month. We have talked and decided that we will not be like most and deny someone who has alts, because well lets face it, no one wants to sit on their level 65 main all day and grind heroics, some want or have to play the other stories to get the legandary status, or because they want too. For me it’s about crafting now, I am trying to max all the crafting abilities so that I can have them unlocked in my Legacy. So yeah I have to be on various names as I’m still working on a few , while some of my alts are just gatherings, there are a few that are the crafters in general. Of course though I also think many want to join a guild that has been around for a long time, and etc. But like we talked about it, if it’s just gonna be us for a while, then so be it, at least we are attempting to bring ourselves into the guild’s light, and trying to make something good for us. Eventually we’ll grow, just right now things are chaotic, and hellish for a lot. So who knows what the future holds for E.I.V. it may just end up being a group of friends that want to battle the galaxy and work as a unit instead of going solo.

Just a random

Thought or two….

I’ve been thinking that lately I am going to stick with just 2 of my 20 some characters on Ebon Hawk. I’m not pulling all them through KotFE anymore. It’s not that I don’t want too, it’s just well the joy of using lightsabers has died for me. I’m more into the Agent and Trooper, more so the Trooper than the Agent now. Of course it could also be that well for my Agent he’s tied to a guild and even though when I logged in last night on him to check on some things , mostly Common Data Crystals since I am trying to gain 50 influence with Jorgan on my new trooper that well I just can’t seem to be really bothered being in a guild. I guess I am just to use to be alone in the game, and have been for so long that being in a guild is difficult for me now. Course I also have ones that I never finished leveling up, or anything, or once they hit 55 I stopped playing. Of course though now that she’s now level 65, has Jorgan back I will probably start doing Heroics on the others if for anything, just to get the crates so I can give them between my Agent and Her to level up the alliance. Not sure if I’ll do the Heroics for Star Fortresses though as even though I see “LFG” for them on Odessen all the time, but yeah I’m just not sure if it’s a good idea for me to stay in this guild or not. I don’t know what to do at this point. I enjoy my alone time more than I do being around people. Course it could be also that the GM and I have become really good friends that we seek advice on things so much, that well this is a new area for me, and I don’t know how to deal with it. Last time I tried to have friends online well, I’m there, they know I’m there, but we don’t talk all that much anymore. Course I don’t even log into my second life as much either now.

The most heartfelt and most touching scene

In the latest chapter has been for the female trooper at least for me. The first time I played the trooper was back last summer and it was only to unlock the buffs and everything but I couldn’t stand Jorgan at first, or anything. I hated the idea of having him for a companion so I dumped the 1st chance I could, but over last weekend and this past week, well something in me has changed. I decided I wanted to see a female romance him, even though most wouldn’t go all the way and marry him I did on two of my female troopers, and their scene to be reunited was the most heartfelt one that I could even see in a game. I normally don’t cry about things like this, hell I think the last time I cried about a romance in a video game was back on my Playstation during the scene Cloud and Aerith and then in Playstation two with Tidus and Yuna during their special scenes. Odd I would remember those two scenes out of all the RPG’s I have played over the years. But back to the trooper, well being reunited with Jorgan well it just felt more real with those two than anything. I know it’s just a game, and I shouldn’t be that close to my characters, but I honestly did become close to them.

True love stood the test of time for these two.

True love stood the test of time for these two.

And it did for them all because even though in the game they say 5 years have passed since they were standing side by side, it was just touching to see the interaction with them. It was also nice to know that their romance would be continued without any complications too. Usually like most do after 5 years they move on and find love from another, but not Jorgan’s character, he remained faithful and with hope, even though after a while he started to lose that hope. But for me this scene when they reunited was the most heartfelt scene ever I have seen in a game. The Agents and Kaliyo wasn’t to much to jump up and down about, but this one sure was. So now that he’s almost level influence 50, and maxed level 65, I am thinking of also going back and going through some older missions I didn’t do just to earn credits and Common Data Crystals.

But yeah as for my Trooper’s name, well some have a hard time with it, because it’s a word play again. This trooper was named Reinjasa. I like odd names, and having that name generator helps me come up with some good ones, because if I see one name I like, then another, I just tend to put the two together and come up with a unique name. Course unlike the Agent, she’s guildless and probably staying that way too. Plus I may go and do the HK-51 Quest just for kicks since I didn’t see the need to spend cartel coins on him for this name because I wasn’t sure I was keeping her at first, but now I am. She’s my main on the Republic side now. So for Empire Side there is Trayvae who is my agent and main, and on the Republic side there is Reinjasa, so I am usually on one of those two more than any of my others anymore. I just needed a break from everything for a few days and get my head clear, but may start spending time on Trayvae again just for kicks since most seem to think he’s an asshole character, and he is. He’s the male counterpart to me in Real life, as for Rein, well she’s the tomboy side of me that is always true to who she is.


A few thoughts….

About everything.

So our GM came back online. Thankful for that because I did not want to inherit this guild, but instead I’ve been put as 2nd in charge. The other Co-founder has not been back in the game in the last 26-27 days. So now that leaves us with a question. We had agreed that after 30 days of inactivity that we will be kicking members from the guild. We want active members, and not be a guild that has the XP boost with dead members in it, plus we are creating a RP guild. Even though it will not soley be who we are. We just want to build a good community for others. I have also been working or trying to work on guild website. I decided to go with Enjin because it’s so vastly known all over the galaxy in SW:ToR. I have even written a back story for us, and it was agreed to use it. Which makes me feel good. Now we have a member that wanted a promotion in the guild so we gave him my old spot and he has already tried to make it his way. As a Council member, I was given the ability to give and take titles away from certain members, even though I never did, I just gave them to my Alts that are in the guild, and when the GM wanted to switch from his alt, to his main as GM owner. Which was good in my book. But now this other invited two new members and gave them our Wrath’s tag, and Recruiter tag, which is not how this guild works. We decided (GM and I) that all new recruits would remain intiates for 30 days. This was to weed out the bad seeds, and the not truly active members of the guild. Which you can’t blame us for, but this other did not know because 1 didn’t ask, and 2 because they helped him out in the past. So I reverted it back to Intiates, and sent him a mail ingame explaining that all new members must remain as this first tag for 30 days, not because of how they helped out someone or not. Plus when I had Trayvae in last night he started bitching about being put on a leash. Well yeah, abuse the power you have been granted, we will yank it. He was sitting on Tatooine which means he was probably at Outlaw’s Den again. A place I don’t go near unless I am doing the GSI missions and need to get in there to scan that one water vapor in there. Then I don’t even fully go in, I know how to get what I need without hitting the PVP flag too. I don’t PVP and trying to be forced into Outlaw’s Den well makes it easy for me to want to avoid that person now. So after about 20 minutes of hearing him whine about having a leash in place. I said I was going back to my trooper who I just recently started and got her to Illum last night. But I didnt even stay then, I ended up shutting down the game and going to bed for the night because he was trying to stress me out, and I don’t take the game seriously. If he was on when the GM came on last night, I am sure they got into it as well.

Being a good sport

A while back I had those Recovered Relics and Manaan Relics that you get from doing the FPs before Shadow of Revan and had collected like 10 of them each and left them sitting in my inventory when I ran across someone on the fleet looking for them. Even offered to buy them too. I decided that I needed to hop to my SH and grab them, because they weren’t doing me any good. Nothing at the two vendors for it that I wanted so I just grabbed the ones she needed and sent them over to her in game and told her “Present, free of charge”, she thanked me right after that because no one is that nice. If I have something I am not using, I will share it with others, or just give it away. Like I said I was not using them, instead I just play those FPs to get the 99×3 Common Data Crystals from completing all the FPs leading up to Rishi. I may take another run through it one the Trooper I am doing, or the Marauder that is currently doing the FPs too. Since SoR is so easy to breeze through it now. But the Trooper I am working with is a Female Rattataki who is currently at level 48 I believe. I finished her main class story last night and decided to move onto Illum. Which is funny because I had people stop and tell me that I wouldn’t be able to do anything on Corellia and well I did. I defeated General Rakton at level 46-47 I believe. Then again I also have a 29 Influence with Aric Jorgan too, so yeah that helps out a lot, plus he’s in tank mode. I haven’t used a healer comp in forever now. I don’t know if this is a bug or whatever but I have a very low maintence cost too when I need to fix gear. I never have to really repair Aric’s gear when he’s in tank. But there was another reason too I decided I wanted a female trooper finally as well, for romanceable purposes too. I have seen so many around the community say how they loved the interaction with their female trooper and Aric, that well even though I refuse to watch someone’s video on it. I wanted to experience it for myself. So yeah her love interest is Aric.

Cathar in Love with Rattakki

2016-03-18_15-28-06 I think the kids if they ever had any would be a little different for sure though. Even though they talk about adopting a pack of runts of their own. Still it would make for interesting babies. Then again all the characters would make for interesting parents in my opinion. No she’s not dark either, it’s just her set up that looks like that. Matter of fact I no longer do LS or DS anymore. Unless it’s my DS V warrior, inquisitor, or agent. Trooper I have been able to keep balanced as totally neutral. Mostly cause I wanted Aric’s greatly approved, or his approval to help our story progress from there. So yeah I had to make some LS and DS choices, but also because some of those choices just don’t make sense in the terms of LS or DS. Kill some innocents to save a planet (LS points) Save the innocents and lose a planet (DS Points) , that is just a sample, but some of the choices for LS and DS make no damn sense at all. I also did an easier way to boost influence with them as well I unlocked the Companion perks too, that helped a lot building up the influence I needed as well for 4x so I don’t have to PVP to get him back. His influence is at level 15 I believe. Elara is at level 13 I believe, as for Yuun too, but Tanno Vik’s, well his is only at level 5-6 I believe. I just can’t get into having him for a companion. Even though I should use him to just unlock his achievements and be done with it. But overall this game play has been truly fun for me this time around. Last time I did the trooper it was during the Epic XP boost which I breezed through it quickly, but this time I took the time and really played through the entire class story and watched the cut scenes. I may go back and finish some of the planet missions before making a final decision about SoR yet. Which I may just for the title they get at the end of Revan, even though they don’t boost you anymore during the solo fight cause normally when I hit there I was already at Max level so their boost was not working anymore. Which is working as they intended.

Breaks are good.

I decided when I made the trooper a while ago  that I would use her to take a break from guild life. Even though we are talking about making a guild for the Republic side once we get the Empire’s side up and running, just at the moment I use Taredj as a break from all the headaches. I am not going to let this guild run my life in SW:ToR if it becomes unfun for me, well I will back off and do other things that I find fun. Hopefully it will not become like that, but right now I am all for the guild life, and glad to be in one finally, and have a hand in creating it. But I also need the down time from it as well. While playing the trooper I have had not one invite to any guilds, or anything in that nature. So I’m happy about that. Anyways time to go work on the website for a bit, then jump into the game. Happy gaming everyone , and thanks for reading.

I’m just not……

Feeling it anymore.

With that being said, I am just not feeling it anymore to bring multiple characters across the KotFE story line. The game play is great, do not get me wrong there, but it’s becoming just like how RotHC and SoR is for me. Dull and well “been there done that,  tired of doing it” again and again. Plus I’m feeling a little disappointed with how they are forcing us to take certain companions that well I didn’t want in the original story lines, and still don’t want to this day. I am not a true huge fan of all the Companions I’ve ran across doing all 8 original class stories. I plan on revisiting my old list of how I thought some should just be well ignored totally. Plus now I realize I never touched base on the character companions on the republic side, only empire side, how shameful of me!?, not really I play empire side more then Republic side, as for I just mostly did it to get the legacy buffs when you click on your main buff on whichever character you are using. Now I have a list ready for all character companions. From Jedi knight all the way down to Bounty Hunter. I am only going to say minor things about each companion as there are a lot, and how I feel they either benefit or don’t benefit in KotFE.

Empire Side

Sith Inquisitor
Khem Val – Yes only cause I have used him a lot prior to 4.0, and still love a Dashade
Andronikos Revel – Off and ON about him, A space pirate that dumped the republic side. Yeah,
Ashara Zavros – No, kill her, or send her back to the jedi, just don’t force me to keep her.
Talos Drellik – Sure he loves to dig up devices and what not.
Xalek – Jury is out, not a fan of Kaleeshs anyways.


Sith Warrior
Vette – Sure a hacker is always good in tight spaces.
Malavai Quinn – Please NO, keep him where ever he is and not force him upon us.
Jaesa Willsaam – Sure a little psycho never hurts.
Lieutenant Pierce – Gated behind PVP for non Warriors, so fine by me.
Broonmark – Tzal are usually loyal to republic, but he’s just a homicidal maniac
Imperial Agent
Kaliyo Djannis – Eh, saddled with her again whether you want her or not.
Vector Hyllis – Can’t wait to see where he’s been, decent fighter so yeah
Doctor Lokin – Love getting him regardless of which character. Rakghouls are a favorite of mine.
Ensign Raina Temple – Please another Noooo,
SCORPIO- Couldn’t we just melt her down and make her into a shiny new weapon?
Bounty Hunter
Mako- She makes no sense for a BH Companion. Not even sure where she would fit in.
Gault- Only for pure comical enjoyment.
Torian Cadera- Sure if he’s grown a pair by now.
Blizz – Love having a jawa
Skadge- Please tell me he got locked up again.

Republic Side

Jedi Knight
T7-O1 -Universal Droid that gets into EVERYTHING!!
Kira Carsen- Hell No, let her be someone elses headache.
Doc – Please no again, I don’t want this womanizer back.
Sergeant Rusk- Sure he loves to kill everything and everyone.
Lord Scourge- Oh hell yeah, bring back this one for sure.
Jedi Consular
Qyzen Fess – Forced to keep him regardless
Tharan Cedrax- Ahhh, No
Zenith – Never used him in original story often, so (shrugs shoulders)
Lt. Felix Iresso- Great for cannon fodder.
Nadia Grell- Please no , another that made no sense into forcing upon us.
Aric Jorgan – Only for Republic side, as a DS Agent, he hates me already.
Elara Dorne – Eh, whatever traitor in my eyes.
M1-4X – Only got him on trooper, as gated behind PVP as well.
Tanno Vik- Killed in Asylum.
Yuun- Another forced one , No thanks, he sits in my base, and I dont use him unless to craft.
Corso Riggs- No more farm boy antics.
Bowdaar – Can’t wait to see his mission recruitment in the coming months.
Risha – Eh, queen for a day, no thanx
Akaavi Spar- Odd one, didn’t really use her much.
Guss Tuno- Only for comical relief.

There it is, my only personal list of companions. Not sure a lot of the republic, and empire original companions will ever truly make sense in KotFE, but I understand that the Empire and Republic we knew before KotFE has all been well almost dismantled, and destroyed. But on to my next topic.

Choices that matter

Now to me this is becoming a joke as I am playing, because well we were told our choices would matter on just about everything in KotFE. We decided whether or not to keep Tanno alive, or kill him. 9 times outta 10 I killed him. Same with Xalex once we got his recruitment, you could beat him in a duel, and gain his respect, imprison him, or just flat out kill him. I refused him once, and keep him afterwards. But also what has me a little peeved at the moment is that during Chapter X, as by now everyone has probably played through it. Well at the end when you’re in the war room and depending on your decision Koth either leaves, or stays, I’ve had him stay on my Smuggler only cause she’s romanced him, but leave on the Agent cause well. Let’s face it, my agent Trayvae is a dick at times. Forcing us to keep all these companions is well pointless, as we do not need this many unless they plan to make changes where we can summon more than just one at a time. Which for some things would be great, others , just no. Just like at the end of Chapter X when you’re standing in the war room and Koth has his hissy fit, or Temper Tantrum as Senya says. You can 3 choices to pick from. But when you pick the 3rd choice it doesn’t matter, as they force you right into Chapter XI without any acknowledgement from picking the 3rd choice. I have done that one of my other agent, and yet when they released Chapter XI, it got ignored. Instead you have to well, I won’t say anymore about Chapter XI, but yeah. And this blocking out the ability of summoning other companions because well , “They placed Story restrictions” there is well mundane all the way around. I want to use a companion with a higher influence then the one I am saddle bagged to run with through an entire small portion of Content. An influence of rank 1 on a new companion because 1, you’ve never had that companion before, and 2, you just don’t want to use them for anymore than cannon fodder is pointless. But yet when you click on the main mission to click the little purple “Play button”, they allow you to pick a companion to go with you. I haven’t checked to see if in game you can swap out, but I’m guess my answer will be “NO” you must use the low level influence ranked one that you are recruiting regardless. I mean seriously? Now my influence with Kaliyo was in high 20’s when I ran my main agent through there, so was happy to place her in tank stance and run with it. But now I’m working on the Trooper Zanedyl and well I’m saddle bagged with her , since I didn’t want to be bothered so much that well last night after getting killed by the two pointless bosses blocking on of the node she needs to place a detonator on. I just said “hell with it, and logged out completely.” One my machine is not that great, and two, with Chapter XI , the damn planet lags more than anything and my abilities have a window of a 5 second delay. But choices matter my ass, as they are proving they don’t matter and if they do, it’s only when you pick the one they want you to pick. So thanks for killing the dream of allowing our choices to really matter. Can’t wait to see what kicks in the next episode.

My Own Personal Updates:

To Website/Blog….

Recently I decided that I know a many of my fellow SWTOR fans that do read my blog haven’t ever asked, because if they are like me. We all have a way to make our blogs stand out and shine with our personalities. While yes my is really dark natured which does not mean I’m a bad person. I just prefer the darker side of life. (Yes pun intended), I have now opted to give my fellow fan mates /familia, whatever you may wish to call us a different look on my blog. It may take a few refreshes, dump your cookies (not the kind you eat), but whatever you may, there has been a change here to my personal fan blog. I have redone the color settings for the main articles and what not for it to be easier for people to read. I took this into consideration after reading a forum post on the official forums yesterday about someone asking for a color scheme change because the dark background with like a goldish text was hard for them to read. Yes I do admit at times I hate reading the forums because there is no way to change the colors. When I ran an online gaming forum for my Vampire: The Masquerade , I gave everyone the option to pick the best color suited forum for them. I was not without merit there because I believe in choices, specially since no one but us usually ends up going to the Eye Doctors to have our eyes checked out, and I also know a lot in the gaming community are actually color blind. So I was looking for a new theme for wordpress when I realized that my current one has various theme color schemes built right into it. This is the theme I am using now. It has multiple color schemes, and best part is that it was “FREE” yes I do love the free word in a sense because I am paying for my own hosting, but I don’t want to shell out a ton of cash for a decent theme. I picked today to do it of all days because I knew SWTOR would be down for the maintenance which I tend to call it “break things/then try to fix them a few days later” time. So I figured I’d do some updating on various things, crank up the winamp player, and write a few posts, work on Trayvae’s  back story and what not, while waiting for them to bring the servers back online. Plus I’m also looking into other things at the moment as well so I take pauses in between things. Not sure what I’m going to do though for next topic.

With this guild…

I have recently talked with the kid that wants me to be the new guild master, but yet we are waiting for the switch since according to Bioware, since they have implemented the transfer service to automatically move onto the next subscriber after a period of 30 days of inactivity with current one. I am now running a guild, and now this is where it gets tricky. How do you recruit for something that you can’t control just yet? By that meaning the little display message that pops up when they have a “Daily message” to show, or even change titles, then there’s not able to decorate the SH due to no gold keys being given. Do I feel a little out of my league at the moment? Well yeah I do because this is hard. While the other active member that was in the guild with me has decided to leave, claims he just doesn’t want to risk becoming guild leader in case I’m not on. Um hello, that won’t happen, 1 he’s isn’t a co-founder, and 2, I am on daily with Trayvae. I have not once went a day without logging him in. He’s my Armormech crafter, so I log him in daily to craft and sale some things on the GTN for others to use. I’ve also gotten a guild bank and placed it in my stronghold, and have another one waiting to come off timer so I can donate it to the guild as well. All the while I am also looking into websites for guilds.  I know there is Shivtr, Gamer Launch, and Enjin. Which most seem to use Enjin the most, but I’m also looking at it like this, I can’t afford to pay their prices either. Truth be told I am not even sure what exactly Elite Imperial Vanguard is anymore. It originally started to become a RP guild , but at the moment I’m thinking it will be better to keep it as a social guild until more players join. Then again most will bitch about that too, but I’m not giving up. I keep researching information about the guild setups and everything. I know that once I get control of it, the titles will be changed. Course I am also thinking the recruiting message will be changed as well, to something like this. “<Elite Imperial Vanguard> is currently recruiting new and active members, at the moment we are a social guild that would love to become something more. We have a SH ,Bank, and working on everything else, if interested in joining or want more info, Send me a whisper for info/invite and help us create our legacy.”  Course I don’t believe in sitting on starter planets spewing that out every 5-10 minutes. I’ve found some of the best guilds don’t go on recruitment drives like that, but to get our footing into the door I know I have too. So all my time online wasn’t totally wasted while waiting for the game to update, I managed to look into a few guild hosting website, and now my launcher is updating. Sweet. I only have been up since 9:30am est time. So before it all finishes, and I can start playing. I have recently decided that what ever may happen with the guild, it will. I am not going to stress about it because it’s not worth it for me to at the current moment. I still have like 16-17 days before it’s able to become fully mine.

2016-02-27_05-47-46 But I just can’t wait to log in, and finally get chapter x to progress for him. I’ve waited all this time patiently waiting for him to get past the end of Chapter X, and go recruit Blizz. I need to work on my trooper for Chapt. XI