So I took a break

2016-05-20_17-46-47I thought this image would sum up a lot for me as I write this post. As you have noticed that I haven’t blogged much or even said anything about being in SW:ToR at the moment, and that is because this weekend I took a break from it. Not because of anything bad, but when you have a Legacy Level of 50, all 8 class stories done, it really becomes a mute option if you’re not a raider, grinder, into PVP, or anything else in that nature. So I did what most do, I took a break, started a new blog, and got into some other types of MMOs, and Singleplayer games. Now why you may ask? Because I needed a break from SW:ToR, I needed to step back and breath in the fresh air so to speak. I needed to regain focus on why I love playing video games, and plus I just needed an overall break in general from SW:ToR. I’m not saying everyone should do that, but sometimes you just need to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. I gave up with the Healers in SW:ToR because they are designed for groups and well let’s face it. I’m not much of a group content type of person. I retried my hand at PVP only to give up after a few matches, even moved that character to another server before I went on a small break.

TwitterIf you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen a lot of this over the weekend. I started trying out other games, some newer, some older, but overall I just needed a break from SW:ToR and hence is why this blog came to life. Granted I will always love SW:ToR as it is extremely my 1st full time MMO that I have played, but let’s face it. I am also a story lover, and I can’t find anymore content in SW:ToR for me to get into that does not require a group, so I went some where else over the weekend while waiting for the new Chapter in KotFE. Nothing wrong with it really? Unless of course you’re one of those die hard fanatics that believes everything should revolve around a certain game. I’m sorry I just can’t do that anymore. I want to expand and explore other games. so I decided that with everything done I could do as a solo player in SW:ToR at the moment, that I would broaden my game library with some other games I wanted to try out. Plus go back to a few other games that I was neglecting. So no I’m not giving up SW:ToR and I’m still very much an active subscriber now, but I decided to not log into the website, the game itself much over the weekend as I wanted to try other things. Not that its all bad. I found a few new games I will be playing when I don’t want to play SW:ToR all the time, but also because it’s a relaxing thing for me. Trying something new, and enjoying it. So as I said in the beginning a break is always a good thing. So now it’s time to go find something else to do since I’m up wayyyy to early because of an over zealous dog that needed to go outside before the sun rose.


Part 2-Beyond Light and Dark

I said I was going to touch base once I took a non force user through KotFE ,and etc. Well I did just that and finished the chapters. So now I will be talking about how a non force user might actually fit into the this theory of mine about being able to use the force. Now I understand this a whole lot better because I’ve done some thinking, and I really watched the cut scenes, and played through it from the original story content all the way up to XIII in KotFE, and now I am beginning to understand where all this “Forcing is being put into play”, I want you to stop and think for a moment. This isn’t about being fully able to harness the force so to speak, but being a leader. The first 3 chapters into the original story were basically you becoming familiar with the whole system, and how to start to be a leader. The band of misfits you call your companions follow you not because they have too, but because they respect you, even if they don’t like your decisions on some things. So hence you are already starting to be groomed for being a respectful leader.

2016-05-22_12-51-26Now before I touch on this photo here. I want to explain something. Remember back on Makeb , if you were on the Empire side at least, Darth Marr gives you a huge amount of lead way, and tells you that you are in charge of getting whatever it is that the Hutts were hiding on Makeb and you went through the entire story line realizing that you were now a leader of sorts to a band of little misfits that really did not have a place in the Empire at all anyways, but still lived their lives accordingly with the devotion to the Emperor as always. That was the first step into becoming a Commander of something. Now we go to the Prelude of SoR, and this statement struck me as odd for a Bounty Hunter.

2016-05-22_12-51-52How can a non force user have all the fates of everyone in their hands? Knowing that they do not wield the force at all. I know this is a general saying that everyone gets, but still if you’re not a force user, and not really devoted to the Empire as say the Warrior, Inquisitor, or Agent, how can they truly have the fates of everyone in their hands. The same goes for the Republic side for a Smuggler who really has no ties to the Republic at all. Not like the Trooper, Knight, or Consular who are all devoted to helping the Republic take out the Empire and kill the emperor. So again how can the fates of everyone be in the hands of people who do not wield the force at all?

LighandDark01In this statement again it looks like you’re being groomed to become a leader even if you do not want to lead these people at all. So even in SoR you are being made into something you really don’t want. I mean in all reality of it all What kind of leader could a Bounty Hunter become, or even a Smuggler, after all they are in it for the money and the glory for themselves. Now there is something else that has always perplexed me beyond reasons and with the next image I will go into further details about it. But still you are about to lead these men and women into a battle that will test everything they once believed to be honest and true for them. Now we are fighting Revan in this and it’s taxing on some because none fully trust one another, and in all honesty why should they? Hasn’t it always been ideal that the Republic and Empire fight, and destroy each other no matter the outcome, but now you have to fight someone who is suppose to be dead.

2016-05-23_13-58-02The puzzle locks that well if you look at it from a Force users view , it would be simple enough to unlock ,but wait. I’m a bounty hunter, so this made me question. “How am I able to unlock these so easily and yet I do not wield the force?” I love puzzles and I look for them in just about everything I do both online and offline. But that isn’t the point here. The point here is if we are non force users, how are we able to unlock these mechanisms by using the force after all? Has the force been inside us all this time, but only dormant because we opted to take what some would say was a mundane path of go for the guns. Even after you unlock everything, you are visited by a spirit, yet again though you do wield the force , but yet Revan’s spirit chooses to speak to you instead of someone else. Yes I know he shows up for everyone, but for a non force user, it would be perplexing enough to try and understand how it happens.

2016-05-23_14-02-50Even Marr and Satele have seen this and knew you were visited by this manifestation. So wait a minute I’ve been visited by a ghost, yet I do not wield the force, how is that even remotely possible? I have never wielded the force , but yet I’m being visited by a dead man. Odd okay, so now we move onto the fact that you must find a way to gather the forces and march into battle. They need your example to lead them into the fight of their lives. Truly it becomes survival of the fittest when you go up against Revan and his cult.

2016-05-23_14-04-55The solo option to gather the forces, and  getting them to band together is not an easy task, but if you soloed it, this is what you had to do. Now mind you. I have never done any of the operations because of being a solo player, so this was the option I always picked. I opted to unit everyone into one further goal, and that was to go after Revan himself, and take him down. We could not let his goal of bringing back the Emperor come to life because it would destroy everything and everyone we know. So yeah we marched into his area, and kicked his spirit ass back into the force.

2016-05-23_14-55-47Here after the battle has ended, and the Emperor has come back to life, it is even noticed by the Spirit of Revan, “Bounty hunter. No outsider has ever held as much sway with the Empire as you hold now.” Hence you have even earned respect from Darth Marr as well, and that is a hard thing to get for being an outsider. He was not keen on asking a Bounty hunter to help out due to the past with Shae and Malgus. But you have earned a lot of respect in the Empire by the end of this fight, and you are now the go to person because of what you are capable of as someone who does not wield the force at all.

2016-05-23_15-00-24Even Marr knows you are there not just for yourself anymore, but as someone people can look up too because you’ve done what he and Shan could not , you got them to put their differences aside and work together long enough to end Revans threat. So yeah you’ve finally become respected in the Empire after all and have at least one dark council member on your side, along with Lana Beniko knowing that you are the right person to go in the event of a crisis, and she uses that again the future for Ziost as well.

2016-05-23_15-01-14Marr again acknowledges that you’ve held a unique position within the Empire , but yet you’re not from the Empire though. He now acknowledges you as a go to person himself. We all know how tough and hard Marr is to get a long with. But to get that kind of compliment from him meant a lot to the hunter, because now they realize they are an important part of the Empire even if they are not from the empire itself. But also means tougher times are coming and that you will the go to person for it all.

2016-05-23_15-01-26He really does realize now that your partnership with the Empire is high valuable, and accepted among the others. I felt respected as a hunter when he said that to my hunter. So yeah the hunter has truly earned his respect and not just on this encounter alone, but because you have been the go to person for a lot of reasons.


Now I am going to fast forward this and jump into KotFE. It is no surprise that I knelt. I have 1 character  that did not kneel to Valkorion all because I wanted to fight against him and Arcann for the aspect of having played the Expansion from both sides of the fence. But something caught me off guard this time, and it’s this next image that makes it strange.

2016-05-23_17-50-00Even in the beginning Arcann is impressed because he knows nothing of the bounty hunter, but yet he is impressed with how everyone in power seems to turn to you. Seeking your help and yet you do not wield the force at all. Interesting to say the least, because not many would understand it.Even though on this one, I chose to remain silent to annoy him, which I don’t think it worked, but still was fun to see the egg on his half face so to speak. I like to troll some NPC’s from time to time just to see if a reaction will break them, or make them smirk. But guess with Arcann he just doesn’t know how to live life without being in rage mode all the time.

LighandDark02Here is where becoming something greater starts. As you see Valkorion is starting to transfer his power into your body. So hence you are now accepting that the force is becoming a part of you with the help of Valkorion. This is what happens when you kneel and accept that power. When you don’t. you attempt to kill Valkorion and still his power washes out into a huge flash and you are thrown into carbonation chamber either way. But yet you’ve now wielded some small part of the force. I can see how many would feel that they are being forced if they picked the choice to kill Valkorion, or as I see it an attempt to kill him after all. So yeah on that note I would agree having Valkorions power surging through you is a bit forced, but if you chose to kneel. Then you weren’t forced at all. It was your choice that made that decision.

2016-05-23_18-00-28Even Valkorion is impressed with you. You can’t wield the force, but yet you triumph over powers far greater, he is highly impressed with your abilities, and believes he made the right choice in offering his power to you, at least in the beginning. But by the time you actually ask for his input he throws a tantrum and removes you from the easy way for you to get in touch with someone when he doesn’t give you the answers you need. Instead he throws into the wilderness and makes you fight him, and deal with matters that you really do not understand because you can not wield the force. Or could you wield it all that time, but didn’t because you chose to ignore who you truly are?

LighandDark03Before departing you for the time being, he gives you a token more of his power, and leaves you alone. To seek out how you must become greater than in the past. Not an easy task but none the less it’s a task you must now understand  and take head on. You must learn to look inward and find the answers you seek to become greater to Arcann and the rest so that you can defeat them and take the throne. Yet again you do not wield the force, but yet you now have powers that allow you to do just that. Are you being forced into using his powers again? Or are you making the decision for yourself now?



LighandDark04Since I am a non force user, regardless of my decision to kneel or kill him. I have been given powers and a way to use the force even though through it all I’ve been a non force user. But yet even Satele and Marr don’t understand in the ways you’ve changed, or how you are able to wield the force without being a force user after all, but this is now just the beginning of how you’ll be able to wield force powers.

I personally think it is not so much as being able to wield the force, but being able to lead the galaxy into a new way of life. It’s really about becoming a Leader people will truly look up too. For me and this is just again my own theory and opinion in it all, but I believe they have given us the stepping stones to use to become something greater than we were in the past. Letting us know what it is to be a non force user who finally awakens with the ability to harness just a little bit of this power, and for the force users to learn how to live beyond light and dark, and become fully united under one with the force. But none the less it is still about becoming a leader that everyone can look up too, and respect, because they want too, not because you put the fear of whatever into them. I hope you enjoyed this topic, and if you missed the others. Here are their links Force users and Beyond Light and Dark.


Creative Blogger Award

Upon waking up today I saw that I was nominated me by Faeldray for the Creative Blogger Award. Which I don’t even really know what the hell it is, but I’ll give it a shot, what the hell right?,

So here are the rules and what I must do.

So here’s what I gotta do:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and share a link back to their blog
  • Post 5 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15-20 people for this award
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So again Thank you very much for the nomination Faeldray, I did not expect to be nominated for much of anything. I usually try to be helpful in the community of SWTOR, and offer my own insane theories that may or may not be agreed upon. Now onto the facts that are about me, that I haven’t already told most in the past.

  1. I have a pen name that I use to blog or as most would say, write a book. I have been working on it for the last few months in secret, and only have let a select few read it, as the chapters are harder to write when I am planning everything out in my mind first, before putting it into print of any form. The name of that blog is “A Nightmare Chronicles
  2. I still go into a program called Second Life. It is there that my pen name in the above post is very much alive. Since I am more masculine then feminine I have a male alt name there and hence my pen name lives in second life. It is where I go for inspiration on creating for that blog.
  3. Yes I am a female too, but I am the exact duplication to my father. We look alike, so therefore I am mistaken for a boy a lot.
  4. I have a lot of mental health issues, and I find gaming and socializing online far more easier then trying in real life. I don’t have many friends in SWTOR, or on the server I am on, as I tend to steer clear of the annoyances, but I do offer help to whoever asks.
  5. I am an animal lover, but prefer to have dogs for pets, even though I never treat them as such, Dogs tend to become my children since the two children I do have are now 21, and soon to be 20. Yes I had kids in the past. Something I rarely tell anyone as I did not raise my daughters, but lost them due to mental health issues, so I keep it private.

Now here is my small list as I don’t know many people in the gaming community, but ones I have met last year through various ways, like the NBI


GamerLady@GamerLady|gaming,books and how I fill my free time

Shintar@Going Commando

FibroJedi@ Fibromyalgia and SWTOR

So it’s a small list as I do not have many friends in the blogger community, but I have read these blogs, and found them to be highly informative, and very friendly people.

Beyond Light and Dark

A while back, well not that long ago I put an interesting theory out there about Non-Force users, and Force users have an impact back on Chapter XII-Visions in the Dark, and well today I am going to talk more about it from a force users perspective and hopefully when I run through it later on with my new Bounty Hunter that is due to hit KotFE here soon, I will do the same topic again with a Non-Force user, and expand even further on this perspective and go through it from a Non-force users point of view. Now mind you, this is just a theory I have been toying it, and while some are still uneasy about being forced into all this. I am kind of enjoying it from both sides of the fence so to speak, and I wanted to expand on it a little further. Now when you’re done running around dealing with Valkorion and his little temper tantrum as well. You are tasked with finding out information about the camp you wake up in. Well upon investigating just about everything, you run across this piece of information after clicking on it.

BeyondLightandDarkThe codex entry reads this.

The Force: Beyond Light and Dark

To the Jedi, the Force is a partner to be respected. For the Sith, it’s a power to be harnessed. Others believe the Force can reach far beyond the narrow scope of these two opposing factions. These philosophies aren’t always so black and white.
In remote corners of the galaxy, far from the influence of the Republic or Empire, those sensitive in the Force develop their own beliefs and values. In the Valau tribe of Nagoa, Force sensitives are considered to be marked by the gods, chosen to act as instruments of their gods’ wills. Valau Force wielders undergo an intense ritual to shed their previous identities and act solely as conduits for these gods. The concept of light and dark is irrelevant. The will of the gods is unquestionable, and the Force is simply a tool to enforce it.

Now this brings up my next part of the topic. This image here that I am posting is from the talk you as the player has with Satele Shan after you find her in the camp.

BeyondLightandDark01When this question is asked, it didn’t make sense the first time I played through this chapter, but now I am starting to understand all the little quirks they are giving here. They are basically telling you that you must focus yourself into something better than a Jedi or a Sith. Now that question only pops if you ask how can you become better than them if they are already willing to sacrifice everything they are. It’s explained at how they believe being able to use the force is their reward for serving Valkorion without question. Which poses a greater answer.

BeyondLightandDark02So they devote their entire lives to the Eternal Emperor, whoever it may be, at one time it was Valkorion, now it’s Arcann who they have swore their lives too. They follow his orders without question, and believe their powers to be better for it. Now even though at times I did not agree with how the story was written, it is now starting to make more sense to the character I am currently running through this. It is no longer about Light or Dark, and it is no longer about being a solo whatever. Be it the Consular, Knight, Warrior, Inquisitor, Agent, Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler.

BeyondLightandDark03So now they have done what many feel is the impossible. Sacrificing everything for his victory. No matter the cost or whether or not they agree or disagree with the course of action, it is not their place to make that judgement, and they believe since they have that level of devotion. They are the strongest they can be. So here it is you the outlander that must become stronger than even them. To find a way to look past beyond your old ways and become better than ever. I know what you’re thinking right there, this is going to be an impossible task. But alas it’s not, if you stop fighting with the various light and dark side, and learn how to combine the two into one powerful force.

BeyondLightandDark04Now as you are running through the wilderness, they still talk to you, and give you helpful information if you are willing to listen to it. As you see, even Darth Marr tells you how you can become better than Arcann, and he’s right. You can’t beat Arcann through passion or righteousness all because he has abandoned all that a long time ago. He has no sense of anything but his own twisted view of how the galaxy should be ran.  Envy, Greed, Wrath are his tools now, if you care to look at it like that. We all know what happened to his brother Thexan, and everything. Just like the option in the very beginning to either kneel or deny Valkorions power. He shows his colors of Envy and wrath, if you chose to kneel, he murders his father and blames it on you so he can justify his attack on the core worlds that he wants to keep a choke hold on. If decide to deny the power and kill his father, he opts to still blame you, and justify his attacks yet again because of you. It’s all for personal gain. Hence where Greed comes into play.

BeyondLightandDark05Again Darth Marr points out that the enemy stole the empire through deceit and murder, so therefor he is a master of the dark himself. But that is where the training for you to become greater begins. You must learn to harness both the Light and the Dark and strike where he can not see. He has no happy medium, no gray area so to speak. He believes everything he is doing is because he is beyond whatever he believes he is beyond.

BeyondLightandDark06But you are not suppose to defeat the Eternal Throne, just remove him off it, and take over the entire Eternal Empire. At least if that is your true desire after all. Who knows what path some will take when that time comes, but still they are the greatest threat to the galaxy as long as Arcann is sitting on that throne. No one dares to defy him, or question him to his face as he’s been known to kill them out right. Even those that chose Exile are not safe from his temper and rage that he holds inside.

BeyondLightandDark07They even have you beginning to think about what path you will chose when the time comes. Arcann is destined to die, but yet you will have the decision of which path you want, to take the Throne , or walk away and leave it as is and watch it go into total chaos. So now you are starting to think of ways to become better than Arcann, to become better than those that swore their lives to utter devotion, and what not. Now it’s time to start thinking about where you want to go with your own personal saga here. Do you take the throne, and rebuild and reshape the Eternal Empire, or do you just drop it, and walk away into the shadows leaving it in pure chaos.

BeyondLightandDark08Even now they are willing to show you how to become better, how to drop the old ways, and learn the new ways that is needed to become better, to become something greater, and yes even stronger in the force than you have ever been. It’s just a matter of what choices will you make to determine that way. It’s always going to be up to the outlander on what choices they want to take their saga into.

BeyondLightandDark11For the Warrior this spoke volumes, because as the Emperor’s Wrath, then the Empire’s Wrath, you were sent to kill and do it without regard to others. It was just the way of life in the empire once you became the over all Wrath that was used to be an Enforcer, or as many thought of him/her as. The Executioner, but now you must become something better than the Wrath. You must become a leader, someone people will look up to, and not have to worry about the repercussion of someone who is suppose to be the all gotten mighty Wrath. The ultimate killer for the empire. The one that everyone feared the most when they felt they had disobeyed the emperors’ will.

BeyondLightandDark12It is here that you must drop the old ways, and learn the new ways to become someone stronger to be able to over throw Arcann and take the throne away from him, or at least attempt too. No one will ever truly understand the force, and how it moves beyond time and space, and makes others do the wills they do. You’ll never truly master it, or learn to live beyond it, but you must empower it ,and accept that the will of the force is there to guide and nurture you along the way.

BeyondLightandDark13This last part speaks the most volume in the whole chapter to me, because again it reminds you that the force is something no one can ever truly understand, in a sense of it all. It’s also an Enigma of sorts, because no one truly understands the force, and how it does the things it does, or drives people to do the things that they do whether it be light , dark, neutral, or whatever path they have chosen. But to me it speaks the highest volume because you must not only learn how to adapt with it, but change with it, and become something far more powerful even more than Valkorion ever was.

BeyondLightandDark14At the end before leaving that part of the mission. You are given a choice. Be it to fight the creature or stand your ground, or something else. I chose a light side option as they labeled it, and chose to voice this. It’s true, once you accept that death has power of you, it no longer is your enemy but an ally that requires that you don’t have to fight against it anymore. Much like the tides of destiny. No matter what it holds in store for the “Outlander” the cards are beginning to fall into place. Once you stop fighting against the Force, and begin to accept it only then will you truly become something far more greater than you were in the past.

I hope this article proved something useful other than my own random theory and like I said in the beginning I will be touching on this subject when I take a non Force user through KotFE in the future, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on Twitter for that post,because it will be happening soon. I hope so at least. But again , thanks for taking the time to read this long post, and I hope you enjoy my insane theory of how the KotFE is different for everyone.



Influence and Companions

So this is going to my little guide to help people out that just don’t want to take the time, or don’t know how to achieve a good influence rank with their companions. Now with this new system there is no right or wrong way to achieve a good influence even for the new player. When you get your first companion they start out at the base of Level 1 and it is up to you to upgrade this or not. It’s not hard to do. By the time Jordelli was ready to hit KotFE he had an influence of at least base minimum of 10 on each of his companions. Same with Reinjasa, I got them to at least Rank 12 in influence, and here is my little secret that I do for every character I make and play with.

chperks1In this image you can see the “Companion” section in a legacy. I choose to show a clear legacy perk that has nothing. I found this image online, and just cut the piece I needed. To lazy to log in game at the moment to find it in my own legacy. Now I never really deal with the bottom two rows of this. I focus on the top. Once you get enough credits and get your legacy up there in a way. I forget what level it requires if any. I will check it out later when I am in game, and update this post then. But for at least the first two unlocks are 10,000 Credits a piece, It’s for gift giving, and conversations. Then there is the second one which I believe is 20,000 Credits a piece, and I can’t recall the 3rd tier’s cost at the moment, but regardless if you unlock those 6 pieces, you get a better chance of building a higher companion influence.

AricNow this is Aric post KotFE so far, and it was before then I wish I had taken a screenie of his influence before heading into KotFE, but I believe I already had him close to rank 30 in influence if not at 30,but right now I have a new trooper and believe it or not, with minor gifts that I have given him, and with the conversations I already have his influence to rank 20. Unbelievable huh? Not at the least. It is because in the above picture I unlocked the 3 perks for companions. I gain a base of 65 influence in conversations if I pick an option they don’t like, and their gift influences are based on the rank of gifts. On my new trooper I have seen the influence as high as 1700 for a base conversation during a mission that it showed at the end. 1700 is a good one, so is 1300, it builds quickly when you least expect it. Now mind you the Trooper is also Combat Medic and only at level 22 I believe, so yeah I have a rank 20 something with Aric already, and I haven’t even left Taris yet.

2016-04-12_05-47-17Now everyone you see here in Jordelli’s motley crew is all over rank 10 in influence. So when I wanted to get Bowdaar back it was simple. He was rank 20 influence, and once he rejoined me as a companion on my smuggler he went from 20 to 22 in a matter of a few conversations. My goal is mostly to get the main companions up to a higher influence of at least 20 before I jump into KotFE with most of my characters. I have found the higher their influence, the easier it is for me to use them as either Heal (which is rare), or DPS and Tank stance. I do love making them into tanks when I am a DPS fighter , it makes it easier for them to pull the focus off me and onto them as I beat them with my DOTS and what not. Now even my latest BH has a crew of at least 10 on most, except Skadge, I just can’t stand that annoyance they saddled us with.

2016-05-04_15-12-23Even this Motley Crew is at least 10 or better. Torian I believe is closer to 30, and this hunter isn’t even level 65 yet, or in KotFE , I don’t think I’ll be taking her through it just yet until the release of the next chapter is close to being live for us. I had her romance Torian, so it’d be a shame to see them separate so fast. I also believe now that KotFE is here, and everything, that earning credits in game is easier I remember struggling to keep up with certain things before KotFE, like gearing , then there was the myself and companion repair bills that were high at times, but now that companions gain nothing from their gear, it never needs to be fixed. I think my highest repair bill so far has been roughly about 6k and that was cause of TEC for Radqa, he is a tank, and they kept attacking him, plus I’d lag and get stuck in stupid. chperks10

So if you are able to focus on these 6 unlocks for roughly around 90-100k in credits, you’ll gain a lot more influence with the companions on both conversations and gift giving. Now here is a link to Dulfy’s Companion and etc since KotFE has come out, also has the list of what companion likes/loves each gift, and what not. So I hope this helps out a little more to understanding how I have manage to get at least one companion to rank 50, while some of my others are all high 20s to even the 30’s in influences. Also on another note, you can get a lot of companion gifts via on Odessen at the vendor in the Cantina area,they are leaning against the jukebox there, and there are vendors still on Capital Planets, and of course the fleets. Not sure if you still get a lot from the alliance crates when you turn them into the right ones like Military, Underworld,Force,and Research. I know they use to drop companion gifts, but I believe it may have taken a small nerf or whatever since then too. But it’s still relatively easy to get gifts for companions. I know certain crew missions still give gifts. So there you have it, my small way of how I get higher influences on my companions from a completely new character.

It is my personal goal to get most to rank 50, but I’ll be happy to get them to rank 30 at least. Anyways Time to log in and go play a character now. Thanks for reading.