Ironic Really

IronicSo this image was taken off my website here just a few moments ago, and I find it ironic that with it being early start of the weekend. Saturday at 11:57AM EST Time , that the server status for SWTOR on the US Servers says “LIGHT” normally I see words like “Standard” , or whatever else they have, but I was checking my blogs today, and happened to click the link for this one and saw that and was like, “Um okay that is strange.” Now I haven’t logged into SWTOR at all recently. I know I should as I had stuff up on the GTN on the Ebon Hawk server for sale , but I hover over the image and say, “Nah, I’ll check it later”, and well later never comes. I just can’t find a reason to log in at the moment. Instead I’ve found my simulator type games I’ve been playing, watching YouTube videos of said simulator games, checking out MODs and etc. After hearing that Chapter 16 wasn’t coming out until next month now, I just couldn’t be bothered to go in and slog through the same ole content I’ve been doing over the last few years. I’ll watch my twitter feed go on and on about SWTOR, and I’m just like “Blah at the moment.” I don’t know what happened I was so excited to try this Dark vs Light event, then as I tried it, I just lost focus for it and decided “Ah to hell with it.” I’ll go find other things to do, so I did, I started two new blogs that I have been trying to keep my focus on since all things about SWTOR at the moment for me have died down. So if you’re interested in those blogs, well here are their links Shadowz Gaming Blog and Simulation Gaming Blog. Those two blogs are where I’m more so then say here at Dragosani-Legacies, and it’s not because I want to be, well part of it is just that,but the huge part of it is that I’m disappointed with SWTOR at the moment. So I have opted to stop logging in and playing SWTOR, and I have just opted to stop really writing for this blog. I may try and go back to it eventually, just right now I don’t have a lot of faith in the SWTOR game anymore. Then hearing them announce that the next season is going to be called “Knights of the Eternal Throne”, well just made me giggle a little because it is almost like they are trying to be a Star wars style to “Game of Thrones”, and well that is just not going to end well with the title, because a lot of memes will be started now with this new title and all.

2016-05-20_17-46-47I have even deleted my fictional fan stories I was trying to create for my characters, and companions conversations because it just doesn’t feel right to keep trying anymore. I am not sure if I am the only one that feels this way, but I know at the moment I just don’t have it in me to play SWTOR anymore. It’s the same old crap over and over again, and this Dark vs Light event is just more proof of how this is really designed for new players, and not the ones that have at least stayed and keep trying to relive certain things. I just don’t know what I feel anymore when it comes to the first MMO I have ever played in my life. Now I am starting to ask myself questions like these ones here. “Do I stay and try to keep playing?”, or “Do I just drop my subscription, uninstall and walk way from it all.” If I do the later, it will be like losing a friend, and since I have none in the game, it wouldn’t really matter, but for a period there, this game was a great relief for me. I could go and kill , maim, and terrorize all the NPC’s I wanted too, and it was fun, but having done all 8 stories at least once ,and finding out which ones I love the best, I just can’t find it in myself to recreate them again. Ahh, Oh well , time to go clean up my MYSQL databases, I have recently dumped a lot of things, and why web hosts don’t delete unused databases anymore is beyond me, Feel free to retweet this, ping back, comment or whatever floats your boat. Happy gaming though should you venture in SWTOR this weekend.

I just don’t have it in me

At the moment

To just log into SWTOR and play anything. Last time I played was 4 days ago when I logged in try the new event, just to see what it was all about. The blog known as “Legacies in SWTOR” has become a quiet place for me at the moment, and that is because I just can’t be bothered to log into SWTOR at all. I logged in for the first few days of this month, and hardly any last month all because of their recent slap in the face to players that aren’t really doing the event. I did it just to see the rewards, and what titles you get in legacy. Also I logged in long enough to get the new companion that wasn’t able to be unlocked right away because of some odd strange bug about it unlocking or not allowing for another companion that I already had. I read my twitter feed and see everyone posting new images for their characters and I’m like, “Glad they find this event joyful”, or “Wow they really do love this game”, but as for me, I’m slowly starting to think of cancelling my subscription and just deleting the game from my library now as it’s really becoming a pointless place for me to log into. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I don’t have friends in there to team up with. I refuse to join a guild again, and it’s becoming more and more of a headache then an enjoyable time for me. Instead I have been over on my other blog Shadowz Gaming Blog that went through the NBI 2016 Lite this year, and have been trying to find new and old MMOs that most people would overlook. Along with some single player games as well.

I did pull up the SWTOR page that gave us this neat little image.TheJoke I screenshot it and edited it in Photoshop just to show this portion of the page. This is not an event, this is a joke and that is what I titled the image as. I just don’t have it in me to keep attempting this event anymore. I’ve lost the interest in SWTOR at the moment, and I won’t be back in it until Chapter 16 is released now. I refuse to attempt this anymore all because to me it’s utterly and completely pointless and extremely boring as hell to do. I’m not slogging myself through another 8 class stories, especially since I already have the legendary icon in my name, and to be quite honest some stories I just couldn’t stomach again and I refuse to do them. For me the hardest story to stomach and get through is the Consular, I just don’t see the joy in that story line, and I’ve played it through from 1 to 65, tried taking him through KotFE and just stopped because to me I grew bored with the consular way to easy. But I have to laugh because they say they care about RPers and all, but when in reality this event is a slap in their face. Most RPers I have met on Ebon Hawk, are connected to their character, and so therefore sometimes their character is neutral, but now this event has them completely making new toss away characters, and only keep 2 of the 8 characters they want created, and tell them basically this. “Do not get attached to this character as it’s meant to be a toss away, and only pick Light or Dark Side choices as it will reflect solely on the game companion you’ll be rewarded, and being neutral is not the way the path to power.” I am just seeing a ray of light at the end of their tunnel, and it’s basically saying. “To hell with the people that supported us during our early years, to hell with all the beta testers, all the public server testers, and to hell with anyone in the past that has grind out their legacy to max level, maxed all crafting, companions, etc.”

Out of all the levels listed I’ve been able to complete the following two because they are the ones that are the easiest ones , but as for the rest I think I just gave up because I don’t like PVP, and well I don’t have any in the DvL event that are able to partake in Operations yet, and I don’t think I will. So out of the 6 levels to go through. I’ve gotten the Heroic one and Legacy Level done. As for the rest, well I quit. I will log in from time to time to check on my characters that have stuff up on the GTN to be sold, or have been selling, a little crafting here and there, but other than that, I have no desire to partake in this event anymore. It’s not geared for old players, it’s geared for the ones they want to bring in. While it may be a right step for them , but it’s also a wrong step for the players that have went through a lot of the BS to get their unlocks, and now they are pretty much slapping them in the face saying. “What you did in the past doesn’t matter, what you during this event matters the most.” So to me, I say this. I will wait for the HK chapter, and the season finale of KotFE and then go back into a dormant mode to play other games, and work on other things. What will happen with my subscription? Not sure, I just may keep it, and let those monthly Cartel coins just add up over time.

Okay I caved and tried

The Dark vs Light event

and well here is what I think of it. It’s utter and total BS all together. I made a new Jedi Knight on the Ebon Hawk server (My choice server) and decided that I wanted to attempt to try this event, got the HK-51 kills easy. Got the Rakghouls on Taris, and got the packs for the event via mail. But I wasn’t doing it for the event or anything. I was doing it because I love swtor and figured I would give them the benefit of the doubt on this and try it to say the least. Had they thought of an event like this in the past, say oh I don’t know, maybe 2 years ago when I first joined SWTOR I would have been excited, I was considered a noob then, and by far from most still am even though I have played all 8 Classes, and I’ve been working on various Advance Classes. I have a Rage Jugg that is pre-event, and now I have a focus Guardian that is going through Dark vs Light, and he is like Light III at the moment, but my complaint is about this. I don’t make my characters to be dedicated to just either the Light or the Dark side anymore. I use too before all companions are now able to fulfill all the roles. I did it with my warrior cause of needed both sides of Jaesa to get it unlocked as part of companion tab in legacy. Since then I have made my characters solely based on their ideas, how they would react and etc. Most of my characters are neutral for a reason. The reason they are so damn neutral that it’s not funny is because the options they give in their stories make no damn sense at all. Let me take my Knight for example. Kill so many Flesh Raiders, avenged some poor kids dad, get rewarded with DS points. Tell him it wasn’t about revenge get LS points. Now I’ll jump all the way to End of Chapter 3 for the Knight, where he has two options. GO kill the Emperor and ignore saving a friend, instant DS points, save friend, and put Emperor 2nd, LS points. I gave up trying to be all light or all dark once I unlocked Tier V in my personal legacy. I did it just for the achievements and buffs you get for being both sides. Even though I don’t use them. I did them just to say I did it, now they have this event going on,and it’s pure and utter BS in my eyes. Had this been in the past I would have been excited , but now I have 6 legacies that are maxed at level 50. Yes I cheated on a lot of them because I moved some older characters I came to love to other servers just for dormant reasons, and remained on the main one for a reason.


Grinding in general

That is all this event is really about. Grinding more characters and populate even more servers that aren’t that good at all. I haven’t even attempted to go to POT5 or Jung-Ma cause of the claims of them being dead, so that means if I wanted to go there since I have two fresh legacies there, I could, and would be stuck as most have jumped from that server during the cheap transfers. The rewards aren’t all that great to be honest. On my Jedi knight when he opened one of the BoP packs for the DvL event. I get Revan’s Supplementary Armor. Okay now I know the bashing on this post will probably start, but I honestly don’t give two shits about Revan’s Armor. I’m not a Revan fan. I never have been, and never will be. Every time in the past when I got Revan’s gear, I sold it. I know there a lot of Revan fans out there, but I’m not a fan of him at all. A Jedi who turned Dark, then back to light. I don’t care. He was just another pawn in the game to me. I’ve read the book, I’ve done the KOTOR watches to see where he is so high and mighty and important in the game, and I honestly can’t find it. He even tells you in Malestorm Prison FP that Revan isn’t even his real name, he has no idea what his real name is, so to me that proves my point. Revan is just a name, doesn’t say he was a man, or a woman, he could be some two headed beast stuck in Emperor’s beast pens for all we know. So now I have two pieces of Revan’s armor sitting in my personal cargo hold that I will never use because I just don’t give a shit. The legacy gear pieces I’ve gotten so far for the XP boost, well what a joke they are in all honesty. With the way XP is now, why even bother giving something like this. I managed to take this new LS Jedi Knight from 1-55 in 24 hours when I typed “/played” in the game to see just how long it took me. With the unlocks in my legacy for higher XP, Exploration,Flashpoints, not to mention the consumables I had tossed in legacy cargo hold. Yes I horde my Major XP boosts when I catch them on sale on the CM or get them for less then 200k on the servers in the GTN. I horde the hell out of them. But I did get my Knight from 1 to 55 by doing just the story, the 4 flashpoints for DvL Event, and some of the planets story missions. I’ve done next to none heroics. I got all the bonus missions inside the story missions and so forth. By the time I hit most planets I was over leveled anyways by 5-10 levels. I hit Taris on my Knight at level 25, so why give XP Boosted gear when it’s so damn easy to gear now in general.


Overall this event is piss poor in my eyes. You are celebrating what, 5 years that it’s manage to stay alive. Nothing new has come out except a two new warzones, nothing for the guys and girls that love endgame stuff, and well even though I do love the story for KotFE I just can’t find it anymore fun in taking all my characters allĀ  the way through it anymore. Let us not forget to mention that whatever companion comes out is based on the entirely population of the entire DvL Event. Meaning if you don’t want the LS Companion, and say LS wins, well you get stuck with said companion, and vice versus. So really this event is totally pointless in my eyes because if you don’t want one companion over the other, and the other side wins, you’re screwed. Again you are attempting to force people into doing things they can’t, or don’t want to to. I wouldn’t mind doing the Ops and etc, but some of these players well, have no desire to take someone who hasn’t done them before, regardless of them saying they watched the youtube videos, are willing to listen to advice. Most are just grinding with their friends, and guilds, while others like myself are left sitting on the bench going, “Oh well, another time maybe.” SO thanks for making it harder for people like myself that aren’t fast enough , and don’t use keybinds to do squat cause I just can’t get use to it. I guess I’ll keep playing my other MMOs, single player games and play very little of SWTOR until Chapt 16 is released, then go back and do other things while waiting to hear what comes of Season II.