Thoughts about

Various things

So this blog post will be my thoughts about various things throughout the SW:ToR game, and etc. I decided today I wanted to do a blog post about things that I have had some time to think about and etc. I understand that some may agree or disagree with this, but these are my thoughts about various things. First up I want to give my thoughts about Eternal Championship, then who knows what will appear next. So if you don’t want to read, you don’t have too, but I am doing this because I want too.

Eternal Championship

I have tried it on Radqa, Reinjasa, and Trayvae, and I must say. I just suck. I have watched the videos provided by others like Vulkk, and etc. But I just can’t do it. I ran first with Radqa who is my Immortal Jugg Sith Warrior, and got up to Noc and Drake, and wiped. I retried it and wiped again. Then I started reading forums and what not and found out that best gear is like 216, well since I don’t have a group to get Ops gear, or the right Crystals for it. I am not going through it anymore. I got 6 of the trophies unlocked but would like to have the last 4, but once I found out that it resets after 15 minutes ah, No, I won’t be going back through it. Reinjasa has mostly 208-216 gear, augmented and all, and still wiped even with Aric at rank 50. And well Trayvae, lets just say a sniper does not play well in that either. I followed the simple line of “Don’t stand in stupid”, meaning when a red circle or whatever appeared to move quickly so not to get hit as much, but with Trayvae being a sniper,he’s suppose to be stationary for most of his abilities so yeah he got punched on a lot. And while I  could buy gear from other players that have RE and gotten the 220 gear, I just can’t afford it. On Ebon Hawk server most of the 220 gear made by other players on the GTN is over like 2million in credits. I refuse to spend that much for a piece of gear regardless how they made it, so I’ll be taking Reinjasa through the Star Fortress Heroics again here soon, all cause with Aric being rank 50, and all. Hopefully it won’t take an hour to two hours to complete one. Course I have found out though you can Farm the TEC for the Exotic Isotope stabilizer needed to craft with. So that is a good thing, not sure if it’s a bug or not, but when I took Radqa through a 2nd time and wiped on Ripper and etc. I got at least 3 pieces of the Exotic Isotope so I was happy about that.  The only thing I do not like is the most about TEC and I’m sure a lot have voiced their opinion about this, is if you are doing it just to do for yourself. Like I was. I didn’t like the fact that if you went inactive for 15 minutes, or you get a DC from the game for even 2 minutes. You have to restart it all over again cause it’s set to a timer, not sure if this will stay that way the entire time or if they did it for the speed-run contest they are currently having. But regardless I don’t like it. So regardless since a companion is gated behind TEC I don’t think the wookie will be making an appearance in any of my other characters that I have taken through KotFE so far. Jordelli got him back easy because of his high level of influence being at like 22 when I met up with the fur-ball again.

Comfort Zones and moving out of them.

Recently I blogged and talked about moving out of my comfort zone of playing hybrids, or even close to a hybrid, and straight DPS and went into Healing game play. I’ve been having fun playing a healer, even though I haven’t tried to group up with anyone yet. I’m still working on my own ways to heal, even though with our companions being like they are now playing a healer in solo mode well sucks a monkeys left , whatever. But I’ve also been playing around with how I want my abilities set up and etc. I tend to put all my DPS ones on the main bar, and healing abilities as I get them on the 2nd, and 3rd is set up for random ones , 4,5 ,6 all pretty much have my buff one , and quick travel along with Random Mount, and instant Fleet jumps, it also has my stims that I craft on Toxi’k  since he’s my maxed out Biochemist. I have found that I have now saved a butt ton of credits since I became a crafter for my own stims. The ones he crafts for my alts give an 8 hour buff so that’s cool. I don’t have to carry those 60 minute stims anymore. I can go and craft a ton, but end up only using 1-5 depending on how long I am playing that day or on that character. I haven’t went back to my agent yet as I’ve been on the Trooper kick again as a Combat Medic, and I enjoy it. I really did like the Trooper Story once I gave it a real option. Despite what the nay-Sayers have said about it. I enjoy the trooper. Only this time there won’t be no romancing Aric, cause well I have a male trooper this time. I just can’t bring myself to make a female trooper and romance Aric all over again. I think I’ll mix it up and play the Agent today, or just say bump it, and go make a Sorc, or Smuggler Healer and start. I have the room to do so.

From Guild to Guildless again

This is a big step for me, and it wasn’t an easy one to swallow either, but after recently events and all I have decided for the time being to just stay away from guilds. Even though HK-51 gave me a great idea for one in a conversation he had with my female Bounty Hunter. If you’ve done the HK-51 quest and have him on a bounty hunter, he does give a piece of information that well when he said it, I thought out loud to myself, “Now that would make a kick ass guild name.” I am staying away from the guilds and the ideas of making one again for a good while. I just hate being right a lot of the time in the game like this. I don’t have a big circle of friends, hell I don’t have any friends in the game to be honest least ones I could team up with and play with. So I’m back to being a solo player again. So yeah just for the time being I am just myself in the game, with hopes of maybe one day finding a group of friends that aren’t trying to force me into things I don’t like or don’t want to do. Sadly though I doubt that day will ever come for me, as even though I tend to keep my socializing to a bare minimum in game again. It’s just a big part of who I am, or why I play in an MMO.  Me+Guilds+Friends= Disaster usually. Enough of this, time to talk about something else.

Thoughts about Chapter XIII and other specs I play now.

I enjoyed Chapter XIII a lot. Especially on the Warrior and Hunter when they were reunited with companions. I have another warrior and hunter to take through, but my hunter and warrior are married to two of the companions, and on my female hunter she’s married to Torian, and at the moment on Makeb trying to finish that up before hitting SoR, and then off to KotFE, so she’ll be going through all this next. As for my warrior, well he did marry Vette, and yes I ditched psycho Jaesa as much as I could even though she flirted with me, I did not once flirt with her. I wanted to see the warriors cut-scene with Vette, and he is now in the process of finishing Rishii then hitting Yavin, then he’ll be going through KotFE here shortly.  When I created my last warrior I went with a different spec ,he is still very much a juggernaut but he is not immortal. I didn’t pick a tank this time, I went with I believe is Rage in his Advance Class, all because I wanted to see how he fairs up to others. I do this all cause I want to learn all the difference Advance Classes ,so that I have a wider spec to pick from then just what I normally go with. It has always been my comfort zone and now I am starting to break free from it all and enjoying it a lot. I have a Marauder that I need to finish with as well, but I was also going for certain achievements in my legacy for the Loyal to Imperial and Loyal to Republic for their legacy titles. I am collecting those odd things again. I doubt I will ever get the datacron Master one as I can’t ever find the damn things on Belsavis to get the last datacron there, or the ones on the fleet. I will have to take a screenie of what ones I am missing and post it here. Plus I’d like to have the Deco’s for it as well. I do know I need to redo some pages here on the blog about various things, and I will eventually. Like an update on what legacies are where, and who’s on them again.

Why I chose certain guides from people in the community?

I thought I would touch base on this one because well let’s face it, not a lot of people will say Thank you often to others in the community for all the hard work they do. Vulkk is one I support a lot cause his guides have helped me a lot of the time, Dulfy is another one I use a lot too for the hard work of others with their gearing up guides as well, along with other various guides there. But mostly I use Dulfy when I want to know which stat I should be stacking up on as I progress through my game play, even though I don’t do much end game content, if none at all, it’s just the general purpose of being able to gear up for the end until they come up with something else that will throw me off the beaten path again. But I give a huge thanks to Vulkk for his videos and commentary during this guides, and I give another huge thanks to Dulfy for all the hard work that community provides as well. Without these two out there, I would be at a loss on what to do and etc in the game. I don’t have a lot of money to provide them with a monetary thanks but a big shout out to them through a blog does help spread the word as well. They are also in my links as favorites, and I am subscribed to them both through RSS and email when something new comes out. My referral is on someone I thought was a friend and since I’ve never unsubscribed from SW:ToR I couldn’t use their referrals, but a link here on my blog, and now this shout out is a good way to say “THANK YOU” both for all the hard work you do.

Some Changes

Have been made.

For a few months I was one of the co-founders to a guild on the Empire side of the Ebon Hawk server, and well at first I thought I would inherit the guild cause the GM was offline, but he came back. Granted I didn’t care that he came back, matter of fact I was kind of happy about it, cause I thought great, we could work on building up the guild. We were for a while there, until he said to stop, so I did. Then it just went to being just us in the guild as our other members stopped logging in, or created new alts or whatever. Wasn’t important, but it was sad too. He got the SH, opened up the Guild bank, and we were starting to save up for a Flagship and all. I thought okay we’re taking a break from recruiting, but will go back out there and do it again soon. Soon never came. I understand that everyone of us has a life outside of SWTOR and I totally get that some have families too, but our times were crossed on when we both were online. He works and is on late nights, I don’t work and am on all day long, but couldn’t do much guild wise cause my hands were tied. So it all just started to remind me of how much of a solo player I was actually. So this past weekend I called it quits on my names. If he wasn’t going to be at least a little invested, and give me a little more leg room in the guild. What good was I there then? So not in a rage mode or anything I just went into SWTOR on Trayvae, Radqa, Mahais, and typed in “/gquit” and left. I did mail him a message wishing him good luck with it, as I know he doesn’t really care about the Empire side, as he told me recently he started a new guild over on the Republic Side, and wanted me in that. It was different from what we had, and it just reminded me of how we talked about getting one side of the guild set up, then going and creating another and make it like a sister guild , and with that dream now gone. I just did what was best for me. I quit. I’m not hurt over it at all. It happens. Shit happens really. I just wish that my dream of making a guild for people like me, would actually work out. I wanted the goal of the guild to be something for new and veteran players that just didn’t feel like they fit in anywhere in the SW:ToR galaxy. That’s just the type of person I am. I also think a lot had to do with the name of the guild as well. It just reminds me of how people perceive others in MMOs in general. The guilds name really annoyed me to no ends. I did not like it, and didn’t feel it fit us. “Elite Imperial Vanguards” or “E.I.V.” I think I wouldn’t have had much trouble with it if that damn word “ELITE” wasn’t in it. Just made me think that it’s something you see with the Elite mentality and thinking you’re better than everyone, in reality you’re not. I know for a fact I’m not better than anyone. I am just myself, and I play the way I want to play. That was my whole purpose for even attempting to create guild. I wanted a place for those that have a tough time with being social in a game to come, sit back, relax get a few perks that it has with being a guild, and getting help along the way. It was a noble cause, but it’s gone now. I’m not upset, just disappointed in it. So for trayvae, he’s just an Alt now, no more mains again. Unless I can be convinced to try again at a later date.

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Now what doe the title above mean? Easy, I stepped out of my comfort zone by creating new names, and new characters. I have two I am working on at the moment. A Commando Combat Medic, and an Imperial Agent Operative Healer. Normally I tried to steer clear of the Healers in SWTOR, all cause of the flak they take for not doing their jobs properly in group settings, but I also did this because of a few reasons that I will list below.

  1.  I am bored being a DPS or a hybrid mix of Tank/dps
  2. I wanted to try my hand at healing just for myself
  3. I wanted to learn a new talent in SWTOR
  4. Just to better myself over all.

That is just my small list of why I decided to start rolling healers in SW:ToR, I wanted to break free of my every day normal and try something new for me. Now why did I pick the Agent and Trooper knowing that their classes are not the mirrored ones. Easy, it gives me a challenge to break free from the everyday normal. I will have a Bounty Hunter Healer, and a Smuggler Healer, just right now I wanted to focus on Agent and Trooper cause of 2 reasons. 1 is that I love the stories for the 2, and because it’s my play style. Eventually I will have two force users as healers as well. I just have to find a way to stomach through the Consular story line again. Inquisitor I could do to the end of times because I love that story , but Consular I have so much trouble with. It’s to bland for me. Maybe next time I do roll a consular, I will turn them into a dark side consular. In a nutshell though I just wanted to do something different and try something new that I haven’t tried in the past. Course doesn’t change the fact that I am still myself, and that I will always find a way to better myself in the game. Course now I also think it’s time I sit down and learn all I can about a good Keybind, and I know of a great place to watch. Vulkk has a video on keybindings, and etc. so I think  I’m going to head over to his website and watch his video about keybindings so I can understand them better. I hope at least. Anyways Have a good day/night, Monday, or whatever where ever you are. Thanks again for reading.

A few thoughts….

About everything.

So our GM came back online. Thankful for that because I did not want to inherit this guild, but instead I’ve been put as 2nd in charge. The other Co-founder has not been back in the game in the last 26-27 days. So now that leaves us with a question. We had agreed that after 30 days of inactivity that we will be kicking members from the guild. We want active members, and not be a guild that has the XP boost with dead members in it, plus we are creating a RP guild. Even though it will not soley be who we are. We just want to build a good community for others. I have also been working or trying to work on guild website. I decided to go with Enjin because it’s so vastly known all over the galaxy in SW:ToR. I have even written a back story for us, and it was agreed to use it. Which makes me feel good. Now we have a member that wanted a promotion in the guild so we gave him my old spot and he has already tried to make it his way. As a Council member, I was given the ability to give and take titles away from certain members, even though I never did, I just gave them to my Alts that are in the guild, and when the GM wanted to switch from his alt, to his main as GM owner. Which was good in my book. But now this other invited two new members and gave them our Wrath’s tag, and Recruiter tag, which is not how this guild works. We decided (GM and I) that all new recruits would remain intiates for 30 days. This was to weed out the bad seeds, and the not truly active members of the guild. Which you can’t blame us for, but this other did not know because 1 didn’t ask, and 2 because they helped him out in the past. So I reverted it back to Intiates, and sent him a mail ingame explaining that all new members must remain as this first tag for 30 days, not because of how they helped out someone or not. Plus when I had Trayvae in last night he started bitching about being put on a leash. Well yeah, abuse the power you have been granted, we will yank it. He was sitting on Tatooine which means he was probably at Outlaw’s Den again. A place I don’t go near unless I am doing the GSI missions and need to get in there to scan that one water vapor in there. Then I don’t even fully go in, I know how to get what I need without hitting the PVP flag too. I don’t PVP and trying to be forced into Outlaw’s Den well makes it easy for me to want to avoid that person now. So after about 20 minutes of hearing him whine about having a leash in place. I said I was going back to my trooper who I just recently started and got her to Illum last night. But I didnt even stay then, I ended up shutting down the game and going to bed for the night because he was trying to stress me out, and I don’t take the game seriously. If he was on when the GM came on last night, I am sure they got into it as well.

Being a good sport

A while back I had those Recovered Relics and Manaan Relics that you get from doing the FPs before Shadow of Revan and had collected like 10 of them each and left them sitting in my inventory when I ran across someone on the fleet looking for them. Even offered to buy them too. I decided that I needed to hop to my SH and grab them, because they weren’t doing me any good. Nothing at the two vendors for it that I wanted so I just grabbed the ones she needed and sent them over to her in game and told her “Present, free of charge”, she thanked me right after that because no one is that nice. If I have something I am not using, I will share it with others, or just give it away. Like I said I was not using them, instead I just play those FPs to get the 99×3 Common Data Crystals from completing all the FPs leading up to Rishi. I may take another run through it one the Trooper I am doing, or the Marauder that is currently doing the FPs too. Since SoR is so easy to breeze through it now. But the Trooper I am working with is a Female Rattataki who is currently at level 48 I believe. I finished her main class story last night and decided to move onto Illum. Which is funny because I had people stop and tell me that I wouldn’t be able to do anything on Corellia and well I did. I defeated General Rakton at level 46-47 I believe. Then again I also have a 29 Influence with Aric Jorgan too, so yeah that helps out a lot, plus he’s in tank mode. I haven’t used a healer comp in forever now. I don’t know if this is a bug or whatever but I have a very low maintence cost too when I need to fix gear. I never have to really repair Aric’s gear when he’s in tank. But there was another reason too I decided I wanted a female trooper finally as well, for romanceable purposes too. I have seen so many around the community say how they loved the interaction with their female trooper and Aric, that well even though I refuse to watch someone’s video on it. I wanted to experience it for myself. So yeah her love interest is Aric.

Cathar in Love with Rattakki

2016-03-18_15-28-06 I think the kids if they ever had any would be a little different for sure though. Even though they talk about adopting a pack of runts of their own. Still it would make for interesting babies. Then again all the characters would make for interesting parents in my opinion. No she’s not dark either, it’s just her set up that looks like that. Matter of fact I no longer do LS or DS anymore. Unless it’s my DS V warrior, inquisitor, or agent. Trooper I have been able to keep balanced as totally neutral. Mostly cause I wanted Aric’s greatly approved, or his approval to help our story progress from there. So yeah I had to make some LS and DS choices, but also because some of those choices just don’t make sense in the terms of LS or DS. Kill some innocents to save a planet (LS points) Save the innocents and lose a planet (DS Points) , that is just a sample, but some of the choices for LS and DS make no damn sense at all. I also did an easier way to boost influence with them as well I unlocked the Companion perks too, that helped a lot building up the influence I needed as well for 4x so I don’t have to PVP to get him back. His influence is at level 15 I believe. Elara is at level 13 I believe, as for Yuun too, but Tanno Vik’s, well his is only at level 5-6 I believe. I just can’t get into having him for a companion. Even though I should use him to just unlock his achievements and be done with it. But overall this game play has been truly fun for me this time around. Last time I did the trooper it was during the Epic XP boost which I breezed through it quickly, but this time I took the time and really played through the entire class story and watched the cut scenes. I may go back and finish some of the planet missions before making a final decision about SoR yet. Which I may just for the title they get at the end of Revan, even though they don’t boost you anymore during the solo fight cause normally when I hit there I was already at Max level so their boost was not working anymore. Which is working as they intended.

Breaks are good.

I decided when I made the trooper a while ago  that I would use her to take a break from guild life. Even though we are talking about making a guild for the Republic side once we get the Empire’s side up and running, just at the moment I use Taredj as a break from all the headaches. I am not going to let this guild run my life in SW:ToR if it becomes unfun for me, well I will back off and do other things that I find fun. Hopefully it will not become like that, but right now I am all for the guild life, and glad to be in one finally, and have a hand in creating it. But I also need the down time from it as well. While playing the trooper I have had not one invite to any guilds, or anything in that nature. So I’m happy about that. Anyways time to go work on the website for a bit, then jump into the game. Happy gaming everyone , and thanks for reading.


Random oddness

So I decided that I was going to take a break from KotFE and all the chapter X hogwash as I like to call it, with some other choice words as well. I rolled two new characters. A Jedi Knight Sent, and a Sith Warrior Marauder. Now mind you I have them in their Tank forms as Guardian and Juggernaut but this time I wanted to try the dual sabers that they use. Plus I haven’t heard many say they were still squishy. Course now with the companions being like they are. It’s hard to even die as you level up anymore.  Well I killed the Emperor on the Jedi and stopped, she’s currently getting ready to make her republic mark on the planet Illum. So I jumped over to my Sith Warrior and took him from Korriban to DK, now he’s off to Balmorra so he can kill an agent of the dark side.

Jedi Knight-Sentinel-Watchman

2016-02-17_05-39-07 Now this is Awevae who is by chance a pure sith but I thought it would be interesting to have her as a Jedi Knight. I got her to level 51 and decided to take a break from her. She’s also in that slinky Republic Dancer outfit just for GP, I couldn’t decide what to dress her in ,and decided I wanted a different look for her. I have actually kept her pretty neutral when it came to Light Side and Dark Side decisions. I no longer go just for Dark Side, even though some of my natural instincts tell me too. Yes I am a dark natured person in general outside of SW:ToR, but I am a good person over all, and I try to reflect that in my character now as well. But a fellow SW:ToR player had inspired me to really play with a Dual wielding force user. Vulkk is a great person to learn from as I’ve watched a lot of his videos on YouTube for Jedi Knight-Sentinel spec in Watchman. So this got me thinking and after reading a few forums I decided I wanted to roll a new Sith Warrior as well.

Sith Warrior-Marauder-Annihilation

2016-02-17_19-20-20 Now this is the new Sith Warrior I made, Rhaqdon. I was on the main website watching the progression videos again trying to get an idea of how I wanted to customize him, even though I was not entirely sure of how it would turn out , or if anyone would notice, but some have actually. He looks directly like the progression trailer which you can watch here. The gear he has on is the Reaver set minus the head piece. The head piece I got from the level 8 Common Data Crystal Vendor on the fleet and it’s called Initiate’s Headgear , the light sabers are Dauntless Avenger’s Light Sabers , the color Crystals are Advanced Red Indestructible Crystal that I crafted on Awevae just for him. I may craft more and sale them on the GTN. But yeah I think he pretty much looks like this next image.

WarriorScreen01 This image is from the video I posted as a link above ,and I think I got him fairly close to looking like that one. But I’m happy with it, and as I was running around on the fleet before heading to DK to start his main missions, I got a whisper from someone that had noticed that I made a my marauder close to this progression trailer that we had all seen. It made me feel pretty damn good that someone had recognized that look, because I didn’t think people paid attention to the outfits anymore. Not since it’s so easy to change up, but this is his look for good at the moment. No dye packs, just in his all white glory ,and no He won’t be a nice guy either. The only thing I may change on his is the sabers if I find something else that I like. But with Awevae being a Artifice crafter now that is beginning to be an enjoyment sending idle comps off to either gather materials or craft for me as I play through. Course for as much as I can, I think I will also be using the Nexu companion I have recently unlocked as he does NOT talk at all. The affectionate hairball spit is something to be desired though, but he’s a kick ass companion that I’m happy to have. I’m now on the hunt for an Akk Dog. Then I’ll be happy. I don’t want no damn droids for my companions as HK’s and 2V-R8 and C2-N2 are enough droids for me. Anyways, this is what I’m doing now at the moment to fill the gap in between Chapters and not to burn myself out anymore on just finding fun things to do in SW:ToR.

8 to10 More days and

I’m not even bored yet

09 I decided a while back to roll a new smuggler since I seemed to have forgotten how to use them after hitting 60. So this is Kostos who is currently doing the story after her main class. I’ve decided I would do Illum before Makeb, or I may just bypass Makeb all together. I haven’t really made up my mind just yet. I know I will do the prelude into SoR all because well who could resist those wonderful 99×3 Common Data Crystals you get once you’ve headed off to Rishi. I leveled Kostos up the same way I’ve done it in the past. Solo style, No grouping, Solo Flashpoints, Solo Heroics, etc. You know my own play style. Of course though I was smart, I didn’t jump right into my modifiable orange gear for her until after I hit level 50. Only time I had to alter anything was her gun, She uses the Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster Pistol and I do love it totally. Rishia uses the Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster Rifle and I do love hearing the sound of out of this one. Even though I know we don’t have to put our comps in gear anymore, I still like to have a different look for them though. So I just slap on some orange gear, and go out and about. Plus I did spend the credits to get them a different look too for the over all appearance. Course the gear I did choose for Kostos is apart of the gree set. Red Scalene, I just didn’t use the head gear. I was so happy that I have finally came out of my shell and started doing the dailies for the Gree event to build up my rep there to at least get this set. Now her head gear is none other then that Bounty Tracker’s Hat and I got that by checking my cargo bays in a stronghold to see I had the 3 completed Contracts. Plus I did an extra one just to get it started on Kostos.

What I’m currently working on when not playing…..

Now I started this last month and haven’t even published the first post to it yet, but other than the random new one you get when you first start a new wordpress blog. It’s going to be my RP blog with Character background stories, but I haven’t even posted anything there yet. I have on my desk right now a torn out piece of paper with Kostos story just beginning. I will write when I have a thought that is longer than 5 seconds. I will be adding it to my links, but also here is the site address that will follow it. I have set up a twitter account for it and all. Character Stories- For My SWTOR Characters like I said it’s a brand new and everything. I haven’t done much because well even though I’m creative at times. I do tend to draw blanks a lot when trying to write. Then again Significant other has a mouth that won’t stop at times unless I threaten him with Staples, and Duct Tape. Of course like most that write, I want detailed information on what planet I am researching, what her other abilities are and etc. You know like a writer type thing. I want information that will make my character more believable then just what is written out. That takes time when one is doing so much on their own. In the process of doing this, we are trying to look for a new place to live. Much harder when you have pets, and about 75% of landlords hate dogs now cause of bad owners. So yeah a lot is going on in real life that well comes first and foremost. Oh yeah not to forget that significant other lost his twin sister at the start of 2016 too. Yeah it’s been a shitty start for us in RL so far.


In a nutshell

Kostos:No one can be talented, lucky and good-looking all the time. Or so I'm told.

Kostos:No one can be talented, lucky and good-looking all the time. Or so I’m told.

So far this year I’ve lived and learn. It’s all one can do when it comes to online gaming of any kind. The friend thing fell through the floor like I knew it would. Sometimes it sucks to be right about certain things, while other times it’s a blessing in disguise for me. But it’s also got me thinking that maybe I will stay in the solo realm for a good long time. I’m just not good at keeping friendships. I can make them and etc, but that is it. Course I bounce to much on alts to stay on one name for long. But yeah I can and will say this though. Regardless of the nay sayers out there about the death of SW:ToR , I am not going anywhere. I may take breaks and go do other things, but the time and money now invested into SW:ToR is not something I will give up so easily. I have fun there, even if I rarely do anything in group setting, and have no friends there. It’s not a lonely game that I play. It’s a smart game. I don’t put myself out there online and etc. I take other people’s feelings into consideration very seriously and not treat them like a game, because we play a game, does not mean I will play a game on them. I will play a game with them, and that is where a lot of people fail in any community. Lack of consideration for other’s feelings. We are real people operating a pixel after all.