A little help is needed

So over the last 60+ days I went back into the guild I had originally started with a few so called friends over on the Ebon Hawk server, and well I did leave it last year due to my lack of active status in SWTOR in general, well I went back to it in December since I left the guild and the GM and I got a long great, it was just I grew bored with SWTOR, and everything, so I took a nice little Hiatus for myself. Nothing wrong with that right? No of course not unless you are some random die hard that believes no one should ever take a break. Anyways after being taken back in, the GM decides to stop logging in and it went like that for about 20 days, then we missed each other by mere hours one time, and I dropped him an in-game mail since I had no other way to get in contact with him. No response what so ever since either. I started checking the “Last Log-in” from the Guild tab and the days just started to stack, first it was 10, then 15, then 20, and so forth, until I logged in the other night and seen that I now had the full control of the guild. Now mind you I haven’t ever ran a guild in SWTOR at all in my time in the game. I have always been a solo type player, with very little group effort, but since this is now 2017 , and I have control of the guild. I really don’t know what to do with it. I mean, I won’t disband it, and I won’t sale it since I did help fund for the SH on Dromund Kaas, and helped unlock it, and decorate it fully. I think the GM lost interest in the game when he found out that gearing was being changed at the release of 5.0 in SWTOR, which is understandable a lot of people didn’t want the gearing change, and etc. So it’s just me in the guild now I had hopped he would have logged in one day so that I could pull my crafting alts into the guild and help build a base of supplies, like Med packs, Stims, Mods, Armoring, Hilts, Barrels, that sort of stuff along with Ear pieces, Implants, and so forth, but alias he never did, so my Imp alts are guild-less at the moment.

So Trayvae is a LvL 70 Imperial Agent that is now the GM of this guild <Elite Imperial Vanguard> or <E.I.V.> For short, I have created a discord chat channel, and I plan on making a new Enjin guild website since I gave control of the other to the old GM and he doesn’t even log into that at all as well. But yet I don’t know how to really run this guild, this was suppose to be a joint effort and sadly my effort died last year when I grew overwhelmed with the game, so I went on a break and rarely played and branched off into other games, so I was thinking for the time being that I put the RP part of the guild off and just start building a social aspect for everyone, even for people that have disabilities and shy about being in a guild and etc. Of course now that I have had the time to sit back and think as well, eventually one day I want a Pub side guild with a name similar or something along the lines of <Elite Republic Vanguard> with their SH on Coruscant with the option to upgrade to somewhere else in the far future.  For the time being I need suggestions and what not about how to advertise this guild. I was thinking along the lines of going to both Hutta and Korriban and posting something like this in general chat.

<Elite Imperial Vanguard> Under new management is a guild that is dedicated to helping others, and help form your legacy within the galaxy. So if you’re looking to help build a legacy within the guild just message me for details and invite. Thank you!

So I think that would or might work. If you are reading this and have any suggestions please let me know on how I can turn this guild around and get people involved, or if you have a character on the Ebon Hawk that is guild-less and want to help me out, just sent a message to Trayvae, add me to your friends list, and what not, and if I’m not on under that name , well look for these names instead.

Empire Side



Vhaem Ojers



Ezyra Ryder

Rein Shadeward


Republic Side



Darrien Ryder


I’ll update the list once I log into the game and pull all the names sitting there. I plan to have multiple crafters of each profession for both sides, Empire and Republic so that I can maximize the usage of crafting. Again if you have any suggestions and what not, or help , or even want to help me get this guild going, please just leave a  comment below, and or find me in game, again thanks for reading and have a good day/night where ever you maybe in the world.

Call Me Crazy……

But I decided that I would go through all the classes and take them through both KotFE an KotET only because I wanted to see certain things for each class, but I’m not taking all the ones I’ve already walked through KotFE with. Nope, I started too, but with way gearing was changed, how things were changed in their combats and etc. I decided to start fresh, I had a few characters over on the Begeren Colony that never made it past level 20, I had stopped playing there and walked away, so I went back to that server, deleted them after robbing them all blind of their credits, and started again with a new set of characters. First up to make it all the way through of course was my Republic Trooper Jasarein Ryder. I reversed her name from my main on Ebon Hawk from Reinjasa to Jasarein. I did move one character over from Ebon Hawk with a ton of credits, and all the stronghold unlocks, so now I have all 5 strongholds on Begeren as well. I did that so I could give each one a unique home to live in. This time Jasarein took the Yavin-4 SH and is currently working on it and how I want it to set up for the Republic Trooper to live. Vhaem Ojers who is currently coming through her main story as a Merc Bounty Hunter is taking Tatooine for her stronghold a Mando style stronghold is what I’m going to work with for her. I have decided this time I was going to do all the non force users first to get their stories out of the way and what not.

Of course as like with Rein, I decided I was going to romance Aric again on Jasa, only cause it seemed fitting. While so many are wanting to romance the newer companions I am still quite fond of some of the originals like Aric for instances. Now it took me roughly 3-4 days to get her to level 70, and into the CXP grind, and through all the stories that now I am going back to finish up some things I didn’t with her once I hit the ability to jump from RotHC, SOR, Ziost, and then into KotFE and then off to KotET. The other thing I wanted to point out too is that well before Jasa had hit KotFE I had already gotten Aric up to rank 35 in influence with my companions. I did that by using the 3 unlocks in the character perks system of my legacy, even though I rarely gave him any gifts most of his approvals came from the stories that I had played out with him.


I have no idea why I decided I was going to do this challenge for myself, only because I had gotten use how to play certain classes before 5.0 dropped that now I am wanting to relearn them from the beginning so that I know which was changed and what wasn’t. I hate having to use old characters to relearn anything, but I have them now as my crafters on the Ebon Hawk server, and I plan on taking some of the newer ones on Begeren and making them into crafters as well. One thing I did notice for Trayvae on the Ebon Hawk server is that I no problems getting Schematics from the CXP Grind crates. As for guilds well Jasa remains free from guilds and that is a good thing I did receive one invite to one without even being asked if I wanted to join it, and I declined it instantly as no information was given, and I didn’t care for the title of it. I understand people want one gender only type guilds, but in all honesty if they are saying “The badgirls Guild” or something along those lines. Doesn’t mean that women are actually playing women characters. I know a lot of males that play women characters and their thinking is like mine along those lines, if you’re going to be playing a character a lot to get them to level up and etc. If you are a male, you don’t wanna see a males ass all day long, so they opt to play females, and the same goes for some women, we don’t wanna see a woman’s ass day long, so we opt to play a male, but I generally play both cause I am a tomboy, and it’s easy for me to switch demeanor of being an all out girly girl, to a full fledged get in your face and knock you on your ass type attitude for me. I have also decided that all my classes will always be DPS, it’s not that I don’t want to learn how to be a healer or a tank, but I’m not looking for added pressure either in a game I just come in to play on my own time, and do things my way, and not get yelled at for it either. Tanks get a lot of heat, same with healers if you’re not up to par for the task, so yeah I’ll stick to just being a DPS fighter since it’s a comfortable zone for me and I enjoy it a lot more, since I make my companions into tanks all the time and I don’t have to worry to much about their health.

Some huge changes…..

I have brought my main back into SWTOR and started using him again. I’m taking my time going through the chapters of KotET this time. I’ve also begun to do some Galactic Command Grind. On another note as well the guild I helped Co-found has welcomed me back into the fold as well. So Trayvae is home. I didn’t leave the guild because of anything bad. It’s just I was pulling away from everything. SWTOR itself, and I went on a break and would play here and there, but wasn’t really logging in the hours like I did in the past. I guess you can say after KotFE I was officially burned out totally. Plus being bored, I just couldn’t find it in me to stay playing at the time. Even though I did some of the DvL event. I got Heroic, Legacy and Valiant levels done. I was close to doing Eternal but burned out. I only had to get a Imp up to lvl 65, if I would have stayed, I would have asked for help to get the Eternal done, but I wasn’t staying, so I didn’t even bother. Ironically the Imp was only 3 levels away from hitting 65, but I just couldn’t do it anymore, and I just grew tired of SWTOR and wanted to walk away, so I did. On the Ebon Hawk server I went from 20+ alts down to I believe 15-16, I deleted a lot of the ones I no longer had a desire to keep around, only after robbing them of their credits, and stuff they had that wasn’t bound to them so that worked out nicely.

I have another issue now and I’m sure many wouldn’t understand it. As you see Trayvae runs around with a Nexu at times, or Kaliyo sometimes. She is married to this agent, even though he was tempted to kill her for screwing things up as usual, but he didn’t. Guess the agent loves the chaos she brings to his life.  But enough about that brat wife of his. The issue I have is a companion fetish. The ones that have been coming in the Cartel packs as of late.

As you can see, I am highly addicted to them. I am missing just the 4, but soon it will only be the 3 because I plan on getting the last one that was released hopefully with some (B-day cash) I’ll probably get from my family and what not in the next week or so. I doubt I’ll ever get the Akk Dog or the Probe Droid as those packs are gone, and prices for them are outta this world, or no one is just selling them because they want not just an arm or leg, but the whole damn body. I think I like these companions more all because they don’t speak during the fights, well minus Treek, but she can be overlooked if you like Ewoks and I sure as hell do. (Sorry for language),

Plus I have an GC Rank of 5 now on Trayvae, and he’s been lucky when opening up the Command Crates, he was able to get his first 230 piece of gear which was a new sniper rifle. I may one day just rip out the mods and put them back into the one I got a while back outta a chance cube. The sniper rifle he got back then was Infiltrator’s Compact Sniper Rifle, so he’s been using that since he kicked Arcanns ass. I am taking my time with Trayvae and going through KotET instead of doing the 12 hour marathon I did with Darrien Ryder my Light Side Jedi Knight who actually saved Senya and Arcann, so now he runs around the republic side with Arcann as his companion.

He didn’t rule on the dark side at all when I went through with him, I made it strictly Light Side only and choose to save both Senya and Arcann in KotFE and in KotET. So yeah he is my main over on the Republic Side at Ebon Hawk Server. He is guild-less and I probably will keep him that way. He has gotten some unique pets from the Command Crates as well. But at the moment I am working on maxing out my crafters yet again. I still have them, and most are half way through KotFE , but I doubt I’ll take them all the way through it. Even my Trooper is not done in KotFE and I doubt I will finish taking her through it as well. Same with my Smuggler, he got his Wookie back and I stopped going through. The story was good, and all , but I don’t think I wanna take anymore characters through it for a good long while.

Now my main focus is taking Trayvae through KotET all cause I’ve seen the light side, and even though I have watched some YouTube videos about it. I want to experience the Dark Side with Trayvae there. So yeah it will be at a slow pace. Course I bounced between Darrien Ryder, and Trayvae for the Relics of Gree, and I may do some more before the event is over on Tuesday, I’m not trying to do so many things at once on all the names or servers anymore. I’m just sticking to what works for me and at a pace I want. Who knows I may even try my hand at an Uprising or two since I’m getting some good story type gear, course I still need to do Heroic 4 for Shroud on Trayvae just to get the damn thing out of mission long, same with Op for Oricon as well. They’ve been sitting there since he got the quests, and that has been since this past spring I believe. But yeah I’m back home in the guild I once helped start, things are looking up, and I’m back on my main again.

Recent Achievements

Aside from working on various things at the moment, by that I mean, my pen name blog, along with other things. While I am playing SW:ToR I am also working on things for my legacy. Even though it has been Legacy Lvl 50 for almost a year now if not over a year, well I’ve done some amazing things. I’ve gotten two new titles in the past week. I got the “Master Craftsman” title for achieving all crew skills to max to get the legacy title Unlocked. Just last night I hit the “Galatic Explorer” Legacy Title. A few weeks back I got the one for doing all the planetary Heroics, along with “Fallen Knight”, “Follower of the old ways”, and etc. So yeah I’m pretty damn proud of myself on my list of recent achievements, not to mention all 5 SHs are now fully decorated ,while some may change in the future once I get more decos I like and etc, I’m content with how they turned out.

This is just a few snapshots I took over the last few days. I will take more when time permits, and I remember too. Also I have been playing with outfit designer on a few of my characters and gave them different looks for my various moods. Jordelli has a few decent smugglers outfits that I like, and now with everyone maxed out in crafting. I am having a blast making dyes that I like, and keeping everyone in Stims, Med pacs, and other various things, but now this also has me thinking as well about starting a new character, but not a consular, I ended up deleting the other one, I did the story once, and just can’t bring myself to do yet another consular. So now I’m thinking of doing a new character, not sure about the main class, spec, and or species yet. I tend to stick with Human, Rattataki, Cyborg, Sith. I have them all , but I just can’t get over some of their looks. Others I tend to try to make them look more human than they really are. But back to what I’m thinking about doing. The GM of the guild I’m co-founder in has been doing a lot of PVPing lately, and I’ve been thinking about making this new character, bring them up to level 10, and start learning how to PVP and work on leveling up, collecting WZ Comms, and etc. Figure if I start out low-level, I can learn how to use Keybindings as I’m still and all fashion clicker, and also to help me learn my class even better. I know I will probably be laughed at all and but I was thinking of doing this as something else besides stories all the time. I mean you can only grind a story for so long before you just say piss on it and walk away. Plus it has me thinking if I learn how to play at a low-level, then save up enough Comms and etc to transfer over to one of my level 65’s and work on them as well to unlock both 4x and Pierce on other characters in each faction, so yeah I’m thinking of doing two new characters, 1 for Pub side, and 1  for Imp side. I have 13 characters at the moment on Ebon hawk, so figured I’d might as well really try to work on other things, then eventually we wanna get a good Op group built so we can do them, cause he’s never done them, and I’ve never done them, plus we want to build up this guild that we called “Elite Imperial Vanguard”, a guild where you’re welcome to come in with your alts, we’ll help you, you help us, and we build a small tight-knit little group from within. Eh, it’s just a thought anyways.

On that note, I’m finish this post, and have my last cup of coffee for a few hours, then crash, I’ll tell ya what, insomnia is a bitch at times, and so are odd sleeping patterns, up all afternoon/evening/night, sleep a few hours, and do it all over again the next day. Have a great weekend where ever you are!!

Can’t Believe

It’s been a year

Since I’ve started this blog up again. I never thought I’d keep at it from time to time, yeah I was looking back in past posts and everything and it dawned on me that Dragosani-Legacy has under went some major changes over the last year. New layouts every so often. Various random information thrown out here and there, and of course the fact that when I originally thought of this blog I wanted to do it with one legacy name only until the epic XP boost came last summer, and I grew bored of being on one server and ventured out into multiple servers, but ironically I still landed up on only one server where I do everything. I even done some pvp on other servers where I still won’t send a completed level 50 Legacy over there just so I could have one that is strictly untouched by anything I’ve done in the PVE world. Of course though I am thinking of using my significant other’s account as one to start completely fresh on since he’s never really played with it. It’s in preferred status, but I think that will be in the far future when our RL stop being so chaotic at the moment. Back to this blog being a year old now, it just amazes me that I only started blogging a lot more after being invited last year into the NBI2015 and even though I didn’t get a lot of the posts done because I didn’t pay attention to it all that much. I have met some wonderful people from the SW:ToR community that way as well as twitter too. Of course though I haven’t heard anything more about one for this year or not just yet. Last year I was invited in April, but didn’t really get into all that blogging stuff til about late May early June, where this blog really took off. It became a place for me to vent about the negativity I’ve seen on various things including PVP and why I avoided it along with Guilds like a plague, course now all that has changed in the last year. I am part Co-founder of a guild on Ebon Hawk server, Imp side, but lastly no one really logs in, so I’m at a loss there. Not even the GM logs in hardly. So what I thought was a good idea, turned out to be well, Blahhh for me.

Legacy Achievements

I’ve done so much more in my achievements for the Spyderbane legacy than I ever dreamed possible. I’ve started pushing myself harder as a serious player but finally sticking with a set of mains, and a few minor alts. My alts I use now mostly for crafting or maxing out gathering abilities, and keeping everyone or at least trying to keep everyone in credits to use while still farming for them on the alts as well through various things like Solo Flashpoints, Heroics, and etc. I guess you could finally say that I have adapted and accepted myself as a gamer (wow and I hate labels) but yeah I’ve started to do things I never dreamed possible for me as I was just stuck in the midset of being a mild player. But hitting rank 50 on influence on one companion, not to mention that I now try to bring all my companions up to at least 30 in influence. Yeah sure they are over powered and I don’t have to use the Heroic ability as much, but that is the point for me. Not having to rely on that extra boost all the time. Sometimes I hit it just to hit because I forget it’s there mostly, but I’m enjoying the new level sync even though a lot still hate it. I’ve revisited planets where I just did main story quest and left never wanting to return. Now I go back, hit the Heroics, and if the mood strikes do the side quests as well as I really wasn’t into doing side quests during the Epic XP boosts. Plus lets not forget to mention that a lot of my other names were done pre Epic XP boost, and pre KotFE so it’s a bit of learning curve for me and there are some that I was able to bring over to Ebon Hawk that I loved the characters as did my significant other as well. Like my pain in the ass dark side Sith Inquisitor Raynasia who once sat on a different server but now sits on Ebon Hawk and I’m currently relearning her madness tree again. Darjade who also made the recent move, so I could have at least one Jedi Knight going through KotFE.

What the future holds

For all my characters on Ebon Hawk is uncertain, but the overall Love I have for the community as a whole is good and bad feelings. I guess you get that on every server though. The good and the bad, the non toxic and the extremely toxic. On a few characters I have even went back to doing the SoR story as I once started to loathe doing it since I’ve done it so many times solo. But Reinjasa and Toxi’k have went through it. I am trying to bring my new smuggler up to level and play it now, but still I get bored with that, I even brought of my 1st level 60 Bounty Hunter Tazdes and am now taking him through KotFE since he is “Above the Law”. I still have a few missions on Radqa that I’d love to get done, but alias I don’t think I will in the end and those are the Heroic 4’s for Seeker and Shroud, as you still need a team or at least a minium of 4 players on it. Oricon I don’t think I will ever get it done as so many that do it now are mostly wanting the achievements for it when it hits the Op weekly , and I have never done it, I’ve watched the youtube videos and pretty much know some of the mechanics, but alias I’ve never done it, and won’t attempt to try and put a team together to get it done, same with the Lance breaker Achievement on Yavin-4 as well. But who knows, maybe one day I will have a team of my own that will want to help me tackle those achievements and want to help me become a better player. Right now though I am working on maxing my gear to at least 216, so I’ll keep grinding heroics and etc until I achieve that moment.

Stronghold Addiction

Course now that I own all 5 strongholds I am also working on maxing them out to at least 100% complete even though since bringing Darjade over and he’s a bad Jedi Knight trying to do good now, I’m redoing the main SH for him there and named it Darjade’s Jedi Academy. Toxi’k has his Lair of Shadows on Yavin-4, Reinjasa has her Republic Sanctuary on Nar Shaddaa, and of course Trayvae has his Chamber of Deception on DK, and Radqa has his on Tatooine, so there is all 5 ,and I’m trying decorate them as I want, but some pieces I want are either way to expensive, or impossible to get since I have never done an Op in my life in SW:ToR, but ahh, I’ll figure something out along those lines. All 5 SH are publicy listed for anyone to visit. I’m happy that now I own all 5 SH and have unlocked all 5 fully so that I can decorate them. I won’t lie and say I didn’t do it an easy way, I did a lot of grinding, saving, and selling items that I would never use because I just did not like them on the GTN from the cartel packs. But I was smart, and played it the way I wanted too, course a few names have since left Ebon Hawk and went to various other servers, where I know I’ll have to pay the inintal unlock cost and get the rest by clicking manually on everything to unlock them all, but at least it’s a start should I decide to go back to one of the other servers I use to play on a lot. But that’s for another time I guess.

My Smuggler

Even though I had Kostos and I loved playing her, I recently brought a new smuggler up through the story as well, and well I love him. I lucked out in one of the Cantina packs and got a black/black dye so when I got that I knew instantly that I wanted him in a trench coat, and hat, and lucky enough the hat from the Bounty Brokers is Bind to Legacy, so I was able to send it over to him to wear, and then stash it back into inventory for legacy again. I love the outfit designer now as this has been his look since level 10.


Enjoy and happy gaming friday as it’s friday for me, and I’m going to be logging in and going to play.