Thoughts about

Various things

So this blog post will be my thoughts about various things throughout the SW:ToR game, and etc. I decided today I wanted to do a blog post about things that I have had some time to think about and etc. I understand that some may agree or disagree with this, but these are my thoughts about various things. First up I want to give my thoughts about Eternal Championship, then who knows what will appear next. So if you don’t want to read, you don’t have too, but I am doing this because I want too.

Eternal Championship

I have tried it on Radqa, Reinjasa, and Trayvae, and I must say. I just suck. I have watched the videos provided by others like Vulkk, and etc. But I just can’t do it. I ran first with Radqa who is my Immortal Jugg Sith Warrior, and got up to Noc and Drake, and wiped. I retried it and wiped again. Then I started reading forums and what not and found out that best gear is like 216, well since I don’t have a group to get Ops gear, or the right Crystals for it. I am not going through it anymore. I got 6 of the trophies unlocked but would like to have the last 4, but once I found out that it resets after 15 minutes ah, No, I won’t be going back through it. Reinjasa has mostly 208-216 gear, augmented and all, and still wiped even with Aric at rank 50. And well Trayvae, lets just say a sniper does not play well in that either. I followed the simple line of “Don’t stand in stupid”, meaning when a red circle or whatever appeared to move quickly so not to get hit as much, but with Trayvae being a sniper,he’s suppose to be stationary for most of his abilities so yeah he got punched on a lot. And while I  could buy gear from other players that have RE and gotten the 220 gear, I just can’t afford it. On Ebon Hawk server most of the 220 gear made by other players on the GTN is over like 2million in credits. I refuse to spend that much for a piece of gear regardless how they made it, so I’ll be taking Reinjasa through the Star Fortress Heroics again here soon, all cause with Aric being rank 50, and all. Hopefully it won’t take an hour to two hours to complete one. Course I have found out though you can Farm the TEC for the Exotic Isotope stabilizer needed to craft with. So that is a good thing, not sure if it’s a bug or not, but when I took Radqa through a 2nd time and wiped on Ripper and etc. I got at least 3 pieces of the Exotic Isotope so I was happy about that.  The only thing I do not like is the most about TEC and I’m sure a lot have voiced their opinion about this, is if you are doing it just to do for yourself. Like I was. I didn’t like the fact that if you went inactive for 15 minutes, or you get a DC from the game for even 2 minutes. You have to restart it all over again cause it’s set to a timer, not sure if this will stay that way the entire time or if they did it for the speed-run contest they are currently having. But regardless I don’t like it. So regardless since a companion is gated behind TEC I don’t think the wookie will be making an appearance in any of my other characters that I have taken through KotFE so far. Jordelli got him back easy because of his high level of influence being at like 22 when I met up with the fur-ball again.

Comfort Zones and moving out of them.

Recently I blogged and talked about moving out of my comfort zone of playing hybrids, or even close to a hybrid, and straight DPS and went into Healing game play. I’ve been having fun playing a healer, even though I haven’t tried to group up with anyone yet. I’m still working on my own ways to heal, even though with our companions being like they are now playing a healer in solo mode well sucks a monkeys left , whatever. But I’ve also been playing around with how I want my abilities set up and etc. I tend to put all my DPS ones on the main bar, and healing abilities as I get them on the 2nd, and 3rd is set up for random ones , 4,5 ,6 all pretty much have my buff one , and quick travel along with Random Mount, and instant Fleet jumps, it also has my stims that I craft on Toxi’k  since he’s my maxed out Biochemist. I have found that I have now saved a butt ton of credits since I became a crafter for my own stims. The ones he crafts for my alts give an 8 hour buff so that’s cool. I don’t have to carry those 60 minute stims anymore. I can go and craft a ton, but end up only using 1-5 depending on how long I am playing that day or on that character. I haven’t went back to my agent yet as I’ve been on the Trooper kick again as a Combat Medic, and I enjoy it. I really did like the Trooper Story once I gave it a real option. Despite what the nay-Sayers have said about it. I enjoy the trooper. Only this time there won’t be no romancing Aric, cause well I have a male trooper this time. I just can’t bring myself to make a female trooper and romance Aric all over again. I think I’ll mix it up and play the Agent today, or just say bump it, and go make a Sorc, or Smuggler Healer and start. I have the room to do so.

From Guild to Guildless again

This is a big step for me, and it wasn’t an easy one to swallow either, but after recently events and all I have decided for the time being to just stay away from guilds. Even though HK-51 gave me a great idea for one in a conversation he had with my female Bounty Hunter. If you’ve done the HK-51 quest and have him on a bounty hunter, he does give a piece of information that well when he said it, I thought out loud to myself, “Now that would make a kick ass guild name.” I am staying away from the guilds and the ideas of making one again for a good while. I just hate being right a lot of the time in the game like this. I don’t have a big circle of friends, hell I don’t have any friends in the game to be honest least ones I could team up with and play with. So I’m back to being a solo player again. So yeah just for the time being I am just myself in the game, with hopes of maybe one day finding a group of friends that aren’t trying to force me into things I don’t like or don’t want to do. Sadly though I doubt that day will ever come for me, as even though I tend to keep my socializing to a bare minimum in game again. It’s just a big part of who I am, or why I play in an MMO.  Me+Guilds+Friends= Disaster usually. Enough of this, time to talk about something else.

Thoughts about Chapter XIII and other specs I play now.

I enjoyed Chapter XIII a lot. Especially on the Warrior and Hunter when they were reunited with companions. I have another warrior and hunter to take through, but my hunter and warrior are married to two of the companions, and on my female hunter she’s married to Torian, and at the moment on Makeb trying to finish that up before hitting SoR, and then off to KotFE, so she’ll be going through all this next. As for my warrior, well he did marry Vette, and yes I ditched psycho Jaesa as much as I could even though she flirted with me, I did not once flirt with her. I wanted to see the warriors cut-scene with Vette, and he is now in the process of finishing Rishii then hitting Yavin, then he’ll be going through KotFE here shortly.  When I created my last warrior I went with a different spec ,he is still very much a juggernaut but he is not immortal. I didn’t pick a tank this time, I went with I believe is Rage in his Advance Class, all because I wanted to see how he fairs up to others. I do this all cause I want to learn all the difference Advance Classes ,so that I have a wider spec to pick from then just what I normally go with. It has always been my comfort zone and now I am starting to break free from it all and enjoying it a lot. I have a Marauder that I need to finish with as well, but I was also going for certain achievements in my legacy for the Loyal to Imperial and Loyal to Republic for their legacy titles. I am collecting those odd things again. I doubt I will ever get the datacron Master one as I can’t ever find the damn things on Belsavis to get the last datacron there, or the ones on the fleet. I will have to take a screenie of what ones I am missing and post it here. Plus I’d like to have the Deco’s for it as well. I do know I need to redo some pages here on the blog about various things, and I will eventually. Like an update on what legacies are where, and who’s on them again.

Why I chose certain guides from people in the community?

I thought I would touch base on this one because well let’s face it, not a lot of people will say Thank you often to others in the community for all the hard work they do. Vulkk is one I support a lot cause his guides have helped me a lot of the time, Dulfy is another one I use a lot too for the hard work of others with their gearing up guides as well, along with other various guides there. But mostly I use Dulfy when I want to know which stat I should be stacking up on as I progress through my game play, even though I don’t do much end game content, if none at all, it’s just the general purpose of being able to gear up for the end until they come up with something else that will throw me off the beaten path again. But I give a huge thanks to Vulkk for his videos and commentary during this guides, and I give another huge thanks to Dulfy for all the hard work that community provides as well. Without these two out there, I would be at a loss on what to do and etc in the game. I don’t have a lot of money to provide them with a monetary thanks but a big shout out to them through a blog does help spread the word as well. They are also in my links as favorites, and I am subscribed to them both through RSS and email when something new comes out. My referral is on someone I thought was a friend and since I’ve never unsubscribed from SW:ToR I couldn’t use their referrals, but a link here on my blog, and now this shout out is a good way to say “THANK YOU” both for all the hard work you do.

Some Changes

Have been made.

For a few months I was one of the co-founders to a guild on the Empire side of the Ebon Hawk server, and well at first I thought I would inherit the guild cause the GM was offline, but he came back. Granted I didn’t care that he came back, matter of fact I was kind of happy about it, cause I thought great, we could work on building up the guild. We were for a while there, until he said to stop, so I did. Then it just went to being just us in the guild as our other members stopped logging in, or created new alts or whatever. Wasn’t important, but it was sad too. He got the SH, opened up the Guild bank, and we were starting to save up for a Flagship and all. I thought okay we’re taking a break from recruiting, but will go back out there and do it again soon. Soon never came. I understand that everyone of us has a life outside of SWTOR and I totally get that some have families too, but our times were crossed on when we both were online. He works and is on late nights, I don’t work and am on all day long, but couldn’t do much guild wise cause my hands were tied. So it all just started to remind me of how much of a solo player I was actually. So this past weekend I called it quits on my names. If he wasn’t going to be at least a little invested, and give me a little more leg room in the guild. What good was I there then? So not in a rage mode or anything I just went into SWTOR on Trayvae, Radqa, Mahais, and typed in “/gquit” and left. I did mail him a message wishing him good luck with it, as I know he doesn’t really care about the Empire side, as he told me recently he started a new guild over on the Republic Side, and wanted me in that. It was different from what we had, and it just reminded me of how we talked about getting one side of the guild set up, then going and creating another and make it like a sister guild , and with that dream now gone. I just did what was best for me. I quit. I’m not hurt over it at all. It happens. Shit happens really. I just wish that my dream of making a guild for people like me, would actually work out. I wanted the goal of the guild to be something for new and veteran players that just didn’t feel like they fit in anywhere in the SW:ToR galaxy. That’s just the type of person I am. I also think a lot had to do with the name of the guild as well. It just reminds me of how people perceive others in MMOs in general. The guilds name really annoyed me to no ends. I did not like it, and didn’t feel it fit us. “Elite Imperial Vanguards” or “E.I.V.” I think I wouldn’t have had much trouble with it if that damn word “ELITE” wasn’t in it. Just made me think that it’s something you see with the Elite mentality and thinking you’re better than everyone, in reality you’re not. I know for a fact I’m not better than anyone. I am just myself, and I play the way I want to play. That was my whole purpose for even attempting to create guild. I wanted a place for those that have a tough time with being social in a game to come, sit back, relax get a few perks that it has with being a guild, and getting help along the way. It was a noble cause, but it’s gone now. I’m not upset, just disappointed in it. So for trayvae, he’s just an Alt now, no more mains again. Unless I can be convinced to try again at a later date.

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Now what doe the title above mean? Easy, I stepped out of my comfort zone by creating new names, and new characters. I have two I am working on at the moment. A Commando Combat Medic, and an Imperial Agent Operative Healer. Normally I tried to steer clear of the Healers in SWTOR, all cause of the flak they take for not doing their jobs properly in group settings, but I also did this because of a few reasons that I will list below.

  1.  I am bored being a DPS or a hybrid mix of Tank/dps
  2. I wanted to try my hand at healing just for myself
  3. I wanted to learn a new talent in SWTOR
  4. Just to better myself over all.

That is just my small list of why I decided to start rolling healers in SW:ToR, I wanted to break free of my every day normal and try something new for me. Now why did I pick the Agent and Trooper knowing that their classes are not the mirrored ones. Easy, it gives me a challenge to break free from the everyday normal. I will have a Bounty Hunter Healer, and a Smuggler Healer, just right now I wanted to focus on Agent and Trooper cause of 2 reasons. 1 is that I love the stories for the 2, and because it’s my play style. Eventually I will have two force users as healers as well. I just have to find a way to stomach through the Consular story line again. Inquisitor I could do to the end of times because I love that story , but Consular I have so much trouble with. It’s to bland for me. Maybe next time I do roll a consular, I will turn them into a dark side consular. In a nutshell though I just wanted to do something different and try something new that I haven’t tried in the past. Course doesn’t change the fact that I am still myself, and that I will always find a way to better myself in the game. Course now I also think it’s time I sit down and learn all I can about a good Keybind, and I know of a great place to watch. Vulkk has a video on keybindings, and etc. so I think  I’m going to head over to his website and watch his video about keybindings so I can understand them better. I hope at least. Anyways Have a good day/night, Monday, or whatever where ever you are. Thanks again for reading.

Some awesome

Things have happened recently.

With the release of Chapter XIII I won’t go into detail, but I overall enjoyed the chapter, it had a lot of highlights that well I couldn’t resist doing, specially for the Warrior and Bounty Hunter. I haven’t taken all my characters through it yet, and probably will later on, just right now I’m excited about finally getting Trayvae’s mission log back down to manageable. I did the Heroic 4 Alchemy of Evil with 3 others that needed to have it done as well. We started out on Illum doing the Gree event that is going on at the moment, and well while I was finishing up my dailies there I see in chat “LFG Heroic4 Alchemy of Evil”, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to say I need that done as well or not, as I wanted to get back to my new bounty hunter that I’ve been leveling up this past week. So I went yeah, I need that done. I’ll help out. We started out with 4 players, None of us were healers, and none could change their specs, well 1 could, but we weren’t going to ask that of them. So once we seen we had no healers, we were like, It’s gonna be a challenge, but we accept it. We made it all the way to the Evil Dreadseed Sithspawn, and had a hell of a time getting him killed, until we remembered the old videos on YouTube that suggested having him jump on the barrels to explode, and we needed someone to interrupt his healing ability which I took it upon myself to disrupt whenever I could. One of group buddies kept getting disconnected so they left and never could get back, Course their re-log also put them on a different instance from us, and they couldn’t get back, Sorc. pulls out his level 50 companion and sets it to heal so we can attempt to kill the Sithspawn a 4th time I Believe. We got him down and went “F*** Yeah we did it.” , now is the final boss , and we stayed on him as the other sniper went around killing the color crystals and we defeated him with one attempt. Over all it was a blast to do. Not sure if I’m ready to take Radqa through it so he can get it done as well. Only thing left on Tray’s log is Oricon Ops, and The Shroud’s jumping barge game. I may try to do them again soon as with level sync his #2 shouldn’t be hard to kill, so that way I can have the final mission set up, and just look for a group for it somewhere. I know you still need a group to finish that quest line out completely.

2016-05-05_15-43-39 So yeah this deserved a screen shot for it’s sharing purposes only cause I am proud to not be afraid to group up anymore in the game when things need to get done. I decided to stop playing around with my high level characters after this and go back and take advantage of the Double XP this week, so I’ve leveled up another Bounty Hunter (female) and another Sith Inquisitor (Male), not sure why my SI’s are always male, probably cause I love the voice actors better, then that of the female, and I have a female Consular waiting to be leveled up as well. If I don’t get back to her before the Double XP is over. I’ll just wait until later in the month when they run it again to run it through the leveling system. I think with my female Bounty Hunter since she’s romanced Torian I am just going to wait before running her through KotFE until next month when Chapter is released so that she won’t be without her main squeeze for long. Course Torian is also a close to Rank 30 influence with some gifts, but mostly from the game’s conversations as he’s not to picky on what I choose.

Eternal Championship

I’ve tried to do this, and got up to the Drake and Noc fight and lost badly and after 4 repair bills of being 7k or better, I called it quits, course I think a lot had to do with the fact that I wasn’t properly geared for my warrior, so I’ve been working on him. But I’ve also sent a message to our GM who is offline at the moment, probably due to his wife about to drop a newborn any time now. But we were talking a while back and the term Operations came up, and well from what I’ve seen and experienced a little on my own. EC would be a great place for him and I go group up, and learn how mechanics run in Ops as that I’ve heard so many say that. So I dropped him an in-game mail about that and how he can access it only through having gone through 9 chapters of KotFE, I know he hasn’t taken any of his characters through it yet cause he told me so. I couldn’t stop and ask well “Why not?” , yeah some parts of KotFE are boring, and overkill on fighting, but it gets better trust me. This last chapter is the most fun I’ve had since the beginning of any story for me. Now I think they are priming us with all these companions coming back into our lives after 5 long years cause we all know the end of the season is coming up soon, and we will be facing the main man himself, and prove that he should have listened to those damn scions and understand that he is mortal just like everyone else, well except maybe Valkorion , we just don’t know what the hell he is, even though I thought it would have been interesting to see the Inquisitor to force bind him like the other ghosts, but I don’t think Valkorion is a normal ghost.

Epic Burn

Not sure if this is what is said for all characters, but when I decided to run Jordelli through Fallen Empire,I picked an option that well would fit the smart ass smugness of the smuggler. And the epic burn that followed through was quite interesting to say the least.








2016-04-27_11-28-22I picked the option of saying “Not enough room in my head” or something along those lines, and this was the response I got from Valkorion. Not what I expected, but was an Epic burn to a smart ass smuggler. All throughout the smuggler story I tried to pick the funnies all cause I wanted a good laugh, plus I pretty much made it where Jordelli was all about avoiding being killed, shot at, and pain. He even says so a time or two about not liking pain so much. But overall I am finding the game play fun, and I’m enjoying the KotFE so much that I never get bored of going through it, course some of my other characters are now just going back into RotHC and SoR as well as since I’ve taken a good break from them when I level up a new character I go through and relive those days that well were once the end of the game for a good bit unless you were into end game stuff. Which I’m trying too with the guild, but GM and myself are on different times again. So not sure what is going to happen with E.I.V. but I’m sure we’ll figure something out as well.

Disturbing thought

So as I was leveling up my new SI last night, I got this screen shot that well just makes all very disturbing to say the least. For anyone that has done the Inquisitor story then you’ll understand this screenie the most.

2016-05-07_13-34-48This is just plain disturbing coming from Khem Val even though we know Zash is sharing his body on this at the moment, but those words coming from this Beast of a Monster, well it’s remotely disturbing because we know Khem is male, but to hear it with Zash’s voice actor, is just disturbing and funny at the same time. I can never truly get tired of playing an Inquisitor , course this time I’m doing Assassin in Deception, and wow I have learned that class better, course the challenge will come when it’s time to go through KotFE, which I still need Toxi’k to do another chapt. but yeah, for those that have played the SI story and see this line, one must admit that the writers had a sense of humor for half the lines they put into the game and some were just well very disturbed individuals as well. But overall I’m having fun at the moment, and to me that is what this game is all about. Not a competition like some want it to be.

FOTM and how they are wrong

Flavor of the MONTH…..

I recently read a few twitter posts about how some are only playing FOTM short term for Flavors of the Month, give or take how one spells “Flavor”, some countries add a u, others don’t. USA doesn’t they spell words funky, we know this. LOL, anyways I don’t believe in FOTM or anything in that nature. Most find playing as a force user fun, others don’t, me, I’m in a cross at the moment, while playing a force user can be fun at times, it really doesn’t spark much of a challenge for me often. I do love my Force using characters minus the Jedi Consular, I keep wanting to replay them, but the voice actors, and the over all story for Consular is just well to damn vanilla for me. So I tend to avoid making a new character there. Even though I think that maybe the one class I may try as a healer. I’ve never played a healer before because well I’m only into saving my own ass and not everyone else, plus I hear healers get a lot of shit in group stuff, and etc. hence why I never played it, but I just may because it’s something different for me, and I would expect it to be a challenge for me since I’ve never done it. But all that aside I see on the fleet during various times, even start planets and capital planets this infamous questions “Which class and spec should I pick?”, Normally I just tell them to play whatever the hell they want to play, because let’s face it, no one but you is paying for the game right?, even if you are not paying, it’s still your game to play the way you want and not how anyone should say you need to play. Now I’m not suggesting that you don’t take advice from others about what classes and specs they think is good, or looking up certain guides and etc. Because it’s good to get some general knowledge, but don’t let anyone dictate how you are going to play this game, or any game for that matter. It’s one thing to ask for advice on certain classes, specs, and etc, but it’s another to make that choice for that person because so-so is the FOTM , nah, don’t fall into that hype.

How I pick a new class and it’s specs.

This is just one way I play and like I said it’s meant to be leaning towards a guide more so then an option. I look at all the classes, both Empire and Republic, then I look at all the specs on both sides again. Reading over the information provided, looking up the talent trees and so forth. I hover all the abilities and read which each one does and how much of a CD they have, and what not. Then I go back to the main page where it says to chose your path. After a good 10-15 minutes, also moving so often as they don’t log me out during this time period, I pick the AC I want, and then I go over the specs again, and re-read everything, but then I stop and go to dulfy’s guides for PVE gearing and rotations, all because even though gearing while low level is not required, I want to know what I should be stacking overall as I do level up. I don’t buy mods the entire time, I let all my Common Data Crystals grow til I hit SoR Prelude, do those flashpoints, get the 99×3 CDCs, then I’ll upgrade my weapons all the time, but that is like every 5-10 levels or so. I don’t use the Crystals again til I hit 65 and can at least get the new level 65 gear from the vendors. I’m not talking the 216-220 gear, I’m talking about the 208 gear, the basic starter gear for end game stuff, I do that because then it helps me go through KotFE if I chose too, which I normally do, cause I’m a creature of habit, plus I do like the story so far, and when I’ve leveled up a new character that hasn’t played all the way through, it’s more challenging too, instead of stopping at Chapt. IX, I can now play Chapter X-XII, which next time I level a character up it will be through chapter XIII, so yeah that’s my fun, and how I pick and decide things.

Guilds and their FOTM

I’ve seen a lot of guilds recently since the QoL changes moving from 500 members to 1000 members and how they are wanting to grow their numbers fast. I understand that a good guild runs multiple times a day and I’m all for that, but guilds should not be looking just for certain classes and specs. I have went to the other servers where I have characters at just to watch the guild invites spam from one end to the next. It’s like it is some sort of contest now to see who can max their guild out at 1000 members, then I know what will happen, for those that don’t play all the time, or have alts ,will get the boot after a period of inactivity. Then there is their FOTM , again I’m not entirely into this FOTM kind of hype I think it falls more on PVP then anything else,but still I just prefer to play the class I am comfortable with, and what I want to play since no one is paying for my subscription but me. I see a lot more guilds wanting force users than any other class now and it is mostly on the RP servers like The Ebon Hawk server, unsure about the others as I just have storage characters there. Ones I’ve played, and never went back too for some odd unknown reason, other than to have multiple legacies across the U.S.A servers. There isn’t a given time on the fleet, starter planets, even Capital planets that I don’t see at least 15 guild recruitment messages, now the guild I’m in “Elite Imperial Vanguard”, well we don’t spam gen chat with recruitment messages. But our GM and myself are usually on same time sometimes usually when my insomnia is around, or totally different times, we use to have rules and everything, but lately when we have talked we’ve decided to just drop them. Like I told him I want our guild to be more than just a guild, I would like it to become something along the lines of a support group for people who have a tough time doing group content, or wanting to interact with others. Even new players that want to belong somewhere but not sure where, so in retro spec, “Elite Imperial Vanguard” is an outcast guild, for those that just don’t fit in anywhere, whether it be a main , or an alt, it’s welcomed. But we don’t follow the FOTM , or anything in that nature because let’s face it. FOTM only last for so long then it’s moved on, and then you’re told you have to make a new FOTM and level them up as well. Nah, don’t fall into that hype with FOTM, or anything in that nature. Join a guild to make friends, help out on things, and become a force of friends that enjoys the game together or solo, don’t join because of a FOTM type deal.

Summary of it all

Play this game how you want to play and not how others want you to play. After all it is on your computer  that you installed it, created a log in , and decided to start playing. This game can be tons of fun with friends, and without, but it can also become quite toxic as well. Just don’t let others dictate how you should play a certain class, or how you should look, etc. It does nothing but make them feel like they have it all and you have nothing. That is no way to play a game with people. Regardless if they say this and that , and you decide to go another route and they kick you, well then that place was not for you after all. FOTM’s only last a few days, weeks, even a month, then it’s onto the next big thing. Just like I hear people talk about various VoIPs and what not, How they say Team-speak is the best, and etc, but I’ve heard some say others are good too and price cost is well good enough for them. Again don’t let others dictate how you do anything with your time online. It is after all your time online that matters the most, not theirs. So pick a Class you want, then pick it’s AC (Advance Class), that you want to play, not what everyone else is playing at the moment. Overall your choice matters to you in this game not anyone else.

My Own Personal Updates:

To Website/Blog….

Recently I decided that I know a many of my fellow SWTOR fans that do read my blog haven’t ever asked, because if they are like me. We all have a way to make our blogs stand out and shine with our personalities. While yes my is really dark natured which does not mean I’m a bad person. I just prefer the darker side of life. (Yes pun intended), I have now opted to give my fellow fan mates /familia, whatever you may wish to call us a different look on my blog. It may take a few refreshes, dump your cookies (not the kind you eat), but whatever you may, there has been a change here to my personal fan blog. I have redone the color settings for the main articles and what not for it to be easier for people to read. I took this into consideration after reading a forum post on the official forums yesterday about someone asking for a color scheme change because the dark background with like a goldish text was hard for them to read. Yes I do admit at times I hate reading the forums because there is no way to change the colors. When I ran an online gaming forum for my Vampire: The Masquerade , I gave everyone the option to pick the best color suited forum for them. I was not without merit there because I believe in choices, specially since no one but us usually ends up going to the Eye Doctors to have our eyes checked out, and I also know a lot in the gaming community are actually color blind. So I was looking for a new theme for wordpress when I realized that my current one has various theme color schemes built right into it. This is the theme I am using now. It has multiple color schemes, and best part is that it was “FREE” yes I do love the free word in a sense because I am paying for my own hosting, but I don’t want to shell out a ton of cash for a decent theme. I picked today to do it of all days because I knew SWTOR would be down for the maintenance which I tend to call it “break things/then try to fix them a few days later” time. So I figured I’d do some updating on various things, crank up the winamp player, and write a few posts, work on Trayvae’s  back story and what not, while waiting for them to bring the servers back online. Plus I’m also looking into other things at the moment as well so I take pauses in between things. Not sure what I’m going to do though for next topic.

With this guild…

I have recently talked with the kid that wants me to be the new guild master, but yet we are waiting for the switch since according to Bioware, since they have implemented the transfer service to automatically move onto the next subscriber after a period of 30 days of inactivity with current one. I am now running a guild, and now this is where it gets tricky. How do you recruit for something that you can’t control just yet? By that meaning the little display message that pops up when they have a “Daily message” to show, or even change titles, then there’s not able to decorate the SH due to no gold keys being given. Do I feel a little out of my league at the moment? Well yeah I do because this is hard. While the other active member that was in the guild with me has decided to leave, claims he just doesn’t want to risk becoming guild leader in case I’m not on. Um hello, that won’t happen, 1 he’s isn’t a co-founder, and 2, I am on daily with Trayvae. I have not once went a day without logging him in. He’s my Armormech crafter, so I log him in daily to craft and sale some things on the GTN for others to use. I’ve also gotten a guild bank and placed it in my stronghold, and have another one waiting to come off timer so I can donate it to the guild as well. All the while I am also looking into websites for guilds.  I know there is Shivtr, Gamer Launch, and Enjin. Which most seem to use Enjin the most, but I’m also looking at it like this, I can’t afford to pay their prices either. Truth be told I am not even sure what exactly Elite Imperial Vanguard is anymore. It originally started to become a RP guild , but at the moment I’m thinking it will be better to keep it as a social guild until more players join. Then again most will bitch about that too, but I’m not giving up. I keep researching information about the guild setups and everything. I know that once I get control of it, the titles will be changed. Course I am also thinking the recruiting message will be changed as well, to something like this. “<Elite Imperial Vanguard> is currently recruiting new and active members, at the moment we are a social guild that would love to become something more. We have a SH ,Bank, and working on everything else, if interested in joining or want more info, Send me a whisper for info/invite and help us create our legacy.”  Course I don’t believe in sitting on starter planets spewing that out every 5-10 minutes. I’ve found some of the best guilds don’t go on recruitment drives like that, but to get our footing into the door I know I have too. So all my time online wasn’t totally wasted while waiting for the game to update, I managed to look into a few guild hosting website, and now my launcher is updating. Sweet. I only have been up since 9:30am est time. So before it all finishes, and I can start playing. I have recently decided that what ever may happen with the guild, it will. I am not going to stress about it because it’s not worth it for me to at the current moment. I still have like 16-17 days before it’s able to become fully mine.

2016-02-27_05-47-46 But I just can’t wait to log in, and finally get chapter x to progress for him. I’ve waited all this time patiently waiting for him to get past the end of Chapter X, and go recruit Blizz. I need to work on my trooper for Chapt. XI