Decoration addict maybe?!?!?!

Voss Room in SH for Republic

Now I don’t know about anyone else but I could see having a SH on Voss. All because it reminds of my 2nd favorite time of the year. Fall, the atmosphere there is just so pleasant and inviting. It doesn’t matter which side I’m in the game. It’s just that kind of place. I know a lot want SHs on Manaan, and various other places, but I honestly would love to have one on Voss. Also I’d like some Voss type personnel to be able to put into the SH rooms like we can with everything else.

I was so happy to see that the SWTOR Cartel team had put out more Decos for Voss, all because I wanted to do a special room in SWTOR dedicated to just the Voss, so on my Coruscant SH I took a small room since there really isn’t a lot of Decos for Voss yet, and decided to place what I got off the GTN and the prefab vendors, and from the Cartel Packs. The outside of the room has two standing Voss Banners that I thought were just inviting to let others know it was a voss area. Once inside you see all the items minus a few plants that are everything to do with Voss. This was just something I wanted to do. I really hope in the future they bring us another SH and that it would be on Voss, because then I’d have a blast decorating it. Unsure if it would ever happen, but eh, a girl can dream right?



Some awesome

Things have happened recently.

With the release of Chapter XIII I won’t go into detail, but I overall enjoyed the chapter, it had a lot of highlights that well I couldn’t resist doing, specially for the Warrior and Bounty Hunter. I haven’t taken all my characters through it yet, and probably will later on, just right now I’m excited about finally getting Trayvae’s mission log back down to manageable. I did the Heroic 4 Alchemy of Evil with 3 others that needed to have it done as well. We started out on Illum doing the Gree event that is going on at the moment, and well while I was finishing up my dailies there I see in chat “LFG Heroic4 Alchemy of Evil”, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to say I need that done as well or not, as I wanted to get back to my new bounty hunter that I’ve been leveling up this past week. So I went yeah, I need that done. I’ll help out. We started out with 4 players, None of us were healers, and none could change their specs, well 1 could, but we weren’t going to ask that of them. So once we seen we had no healers, we were like, It’s gonna be a challenge, but we accept it. We made it all the way to the Evil Dreadseed Sithspawn, and had a hell of a time getting him killed, until we remembered the old videos on YouTube that suggested having him jump on the barrels to explode, and we needed someone to interrupt his healing ability which I took it upon myself to disrupt whenever I could. One of group buddies kept getting disconnected so they left and never could get back, Course their re-log also put them on a different instance from us, and they couldn’t get back, Sorc. pulls out his level 50 companion and sets it to heal so we can attempt to kill the Sithspawn a 4th time I Believe. We got him down and went “F*** Yeah we did it.” , now is the final boss , and we stayed on him as the other sniper went around killing the color crystals and we defeated him with one attempt. Over all it was a blast to do. Not sure if I’m ready to take Radqa through it so he can get it done as well. Only thing left on Tray’s log is Oricon Ops, and The Shroud’s jumping barge game. I may try to do them again soon as with level sync his #2 shouldn’t be hard to kill, so that way I can have the final mission set up, and just look for a group for it somewhere. I know you still need a group to finish that quest line out completely.

2016-05-05_15-43-39 So yeah this deserved a screen shot for it’s sharing purposes only cause I am proud to not be afraid to group up anymore in the game when things need to get done. I decided to stop playing around with my high level characters after this and go back and take advantage of the Double XP this week, so I’ve leveled up another Bounty Hunter (female) and another Sith Inquisitor (Male), not sure why my SI’s are always male, probably cause I love the voice actors better, then that of the female, and I have a female Consular waiting to be leveled up as well. If I don’t get back to her before the Double XP is over. I’ll just wait until later in the month when they run it again to run it through the leveling system. I think with my female Bounty Hunter since she’s romanced Torian I am just going to wait before running her through KotFE until next month when Chapter is released so that she won’t be without her main squeeze for long. Course Torian is also a close to Rank 30 influence with some gifts, but mostly from the game’s conversations as he’s not to picky on what I choose.

Eternal Championship

I’ve tried to do this, and got up to the Drake and Noc fight and lost badly and after 4 repair bills of being 7k or better, I called it quits, course I think a lot had to do with the fact that I wasn’t properly geared for my warrior, so I’ve been working on him. But I’ve also sent a message to our GM who is offline at the moment, probably due to his wife about to drop a newborn any time now. But we were talking a while back and the term Operations came up, and well from what I’ve seen and experienced a little on my own. EC would be a great place for him and I go group up, and learn how mechanics run in Ops as that I’ve heard so many say that. So I dropped him an in-game mail about that and how he can access it only through having gone through 9 chapters of KotFE, I know he hasn’t taken any of his characters through it yet cause he told me so. I couldn’t stop and ask well “Why not?” , yeah some parts of KotFE are boring, and overkill on fighting, but it gets better trust me. This last chapter is the most fun I’ve had since the beginning of any story for me. Now I think they are priming us with all these companions coming back into our lives after 5 long years cause we all know the end of the season is coming up soon, and we will be facing the main man himself, and prove that he should have listened to those damn scions and understand that he is mortal just like everyone else, well except maybe Valkorion , we just don’t know what the hell he is, even though I thought it would have been interesting to see the Inquisitor to force bind him like the other ghosts, but I don’t think Valkorion is a normal ghost.

Epic Burn

Not sure if this is what is said for all characters, but when I decided to run Jordelli through Fallen Empire,I picked an option that well would fit the smart ass smugness of the smuggler. And the epic burn that followed through was quite interesting to say the least.








2016-04-27_11-28-22I picked the option of saying “Not enough room in my head” or something along those lines, and this was the response I got from Valkorion. Not what I expected, but was an Epic burn to a smart ass smuggler. All throughout the smuggler story I tried to pick the funnies all cause I wanted a good laugh, plus I pretty much made it where Jordelli was all about avoiding being killed, shot at, and pain. He even says so a time or two about not liking pain so much. But overall I am finding the game play fun, and I’m enjoying the KotFE so much that I never get bored of going through it, course some of my other characters are now just going back into RotHC and SoR as well as since I’ve taken a good break from them when I level up a new character I go through and relive those days that well were once the end of the game for a good bit unless you were into end game stuff. Which I’m trying too with the guild, but GM and myself are on different times again. So not sure what is going to happen with E.I.V. but I’m sure we’ll figure something out as well.

Disturbing thought

So as I was leveling up my new SI last night, I got this screen shot that well just makes all very disturbing to say the least. For anyone that has done the Inquisitor story then you’ll understand this screenie the most.

2016-05-07_13-34-48This is just plain disturbing coming from Khem Val even though we know Zash is sharing his body on this at the moment, but those words coming from this Beast of a Monster, well it’s remotely disturbing because we know Khem is male, but to hear it with Zash’s voice actor, is just disturbing and funny at the same time. I can never truly get tired of playing an Inquisitor , course this time I’m doing Assassin in Deception, and wow I have learned that class better, course the challenge will come when it’s time to go through KotFE, which I still need Toxi’k to do another chapt. but yeah, for those that have played the SI story and see this line, one must admit that the writers had a sense of humor for half the lines they put into the game and some were just well very disturbed individuals as well. But overall I’m having fun at the moment, and to me that is what this game is all about. Not a competition like some want it to be.

Something I’ve noticed

About Empire and Republic

Over the past week and this weekend I have noticed something I never paid much attention to before. The toxicity in general chat and how someone who is new, or just returning to the game may mistake it for a normal general chat just astounds me to no end. While over on the Republic side last week as I was bringing another trooper up through the levels, I saw helpful, and very interesting general chat on the majority of the planets. Some were silent, but others were talking, helping out players with questions, and being over all friendly. Course I saw the occassional guild recruitment messages mostly on the starter planet Ord Mantell for the trooper, and of course on Courscant as well, but then I’d log into Trayvae or Toxi’k (new alt) to do something for the Empire side, and walked into total toxicity. People belittling each other, making fun of their names, outfits they had chose for themselves and their companions, and I was like “Wow, talk about a total 180 degree turn here.” I get the whole Light vs Dark scenerio here and I understand that some people are well just douche bags in general, but it has me thinking, Do some people that RP their character honestly believe that even out of character they need to be so toxic and degrading to someone who asked a simple question, waited a few minutes then decided to use the infamous cap lock to get attention. I’m sorry but I had to stick up for this person in gen chat, because the pace chat was moving I’m pretty sure he thought his question wasn’t seen, so he decided to grab everyone’s attention by using the cap lock move, and low and behold someone saw it and started belittling him in general chat for it. This was Empire side on Nar Shaddaa as I was there with Toxi’k leveling him up. I was just amazed at the difference between the two, because I know these people play both sides, Empire and Republic, but the chats are usually just so much a like that well this past week or what have you, they were different. One was almost sweet, and helpful, and while the other was just so damn toxic that it made me wanna hurl a lightining ball at them and tell them to grow the hell up and stop acting like douche bags. There was no RP going on in general chat, it was just a bunch of people talking and it just exploded into toxicity fast. Then when I went to Hoth there was a guy there complaining about who knows what, but then he exploded into saying “There is no Santa, no Easter Bunny.”, and then went onto saying how all kids these days do not respect anyone, and that they need to be in bed by 7pm, or how they shouldn’t have spring break, etc. etc. you get the idea? He was just so negative that it blew my mind, because people were egging him on, and some even agreed with his statements that it made me stop and think for a moment. Is this what the future of gaming is becoming? Bitterness and Nastiness because they can get a way with it online , and not in their real lives? Also this has me thinking about my next topic.


As many that have read my blog know that recently I became involved with being a co-founder in a guild, Elite Imperial Vanguard, and well while we were doing good on recruiting, it has stopped. The players joined, and now are not returning or just quitting so it has me thinking that maybe we’re on the wrong side of the board here to be starting a guild. I mean republic side seems so much more laid back then the empire side. Course I also took a look through the guild recruitment forums on SW:ToR as well ,and seen that a ton are recruiting now. So it has me thinking that many are gearing up for the 1000 member limit that will be coming next month. We have talked and decided that we will not be like most and deny someone who has alts, because well lets face it, no one wants to sit on their level 65 main all day and grind heroics, some want or have to play the other stories to get the legandary status, or because they want too. For me it’s about crafting now, I am trying to max all the crafting abilities so that I can have them unlocked in my Legacy. So yeah I have to be on various names as I’m still working on a few , while some of my alts are just gatherings, there are a few that are the crafters in general. Of course though I also think many want to join a guild that has been around for a long time, and etc. But like we talked about it, if it’s just gonna be us for a while, then so be it, at least we are attempting to bring ourselves into the guild’s light, and trying to make something good for us. Eventually we’ll grow, just right now things are chaotic, and hellish for a lot. So who knows what the future holds for E.I.V. it may just end up being a group of friends that want to battle the galaxy and work as a unit instead of going solo.

So I’ve been thinking

And researching….

I recently found a thread on the forums that well I give two thumbs up for because it’s a different version. One I haven’t really seen in the community as of late, or if ever actually. I found a topic that is opposite of Weird people group finder thread, well now there is one called Great and awesome people you meet in Group Finder, and I’ve actually posted a few comments there myself. Mostly to applaud them for wanting to help the new player learn end game content, which is great because after you do the Chapters , there really is nothing left to do besides grind for the alliance, or make a new alt and start over again which after a while gets well boring and tiresome. I left the guild I was in last year because I wanted to spend less time in SW:ToR and I did for a while. I was having issues and etc from a certain form of player that well now I have thicker skin ,and just really don’t care what anyone says. But I still will not let anyone harass me either. I am a female, and I’ve become damn proud of playing my female characters again. Which was the whole reason for me playing more male characters than females. But back to the main reason this post has it’s title at the moment.

Little research into End game content.

That’s right I’ve been doing research into end game content finally. You know the operations, and etc.  Now my research began here at Vulkk’s website. Yes I do try to support a lot in the game community that are trying to do good, and help new players, even old players that are new to end game content. Another site that I use quite a lot too is Dulfy’s SWTOR area. I’ve even used the Guild Wars 2 section as well as I use to play that game, which reminds me it probably needs updated again. Then I also use Tor-Fashion and Tor-Decorating as well for well you know Fashion for my characters and Decorating a strong hold, and etc. Awevae has also reached over 400 in her Artifice crafting so she is going good there. I need to work on the others now that the grind for XP is back to where it’s manageable. I recently also hit lvl 55 with Awevae as I was crafting to build it up. With her I really don’t know if I will be doing SoR or not yet, or even Makeb as well too. She did Illum and broke the false Emperor. While others are prepping for the next chapter to be released next month, I’ll let them figure everything out on what to say and etc about the new chapter coming out. I just want to focus on the here and now. It’s what I’m good at because I know we are not guaranteed a tomorrow and that tomorrow becomes today. So yeah I tend to live for the here and now. I’ve also taken the time to sit back and think as I write this post on how I want to word it too, because well I have an over active mind that changes subjects quicker then you can change your socks. Plus I have Raven in my lap a lot of times too as she’s always at my side. Unless significant other is home, then she’s with him. But 99% of the time it’s Mommy’s lap she’s in , or trying to get in.  But yeah I’ve been thinking of trying to find a guild that is alt friendly on both Republic and Empire side, and trying to get up into doing end game content, because I know I’m missing out on a shit ton of fun. Even if I have to install a VOIP or whatever. I just hope they understand that I can listen, but not talk cause well I don’t have a microphone anymore. I dumped them all when I gave up being a gaming DJ years ago. I do have a headset with one, but doubtful it still works anymore.

In the end of this post though, I am posting this picture, because given the outfit she has on, while on Illum yesterday, she said this, (Awevae) as they were planning the next attack.


Awevae: Do you know the temperature out there? I’ve got frostbite on my….somewhere you really don’t want to get frostbite.


Random oddness

So I decided that I was going to take a break from KotFE and all the chapter X hogwash as I like to call it, with some other choice words as well. I rolled two new characters. A Jedi Knight Sent, and a Sith Warrior Marauder. Now mind you I have them in their Tank forms as Guardian and Juggernaut but this time I wanted to try the dual sabers that they use. Plus I haven’t heard many say they were still squishy. Course now with the companions being like they are. It’s hard to even die as you level up anymore.  Well I killed the Emperor on the Jedi and stopped, she’s currently getting ready to make her republic mark on the planet Illum. So I jumped over to my Sith Warrior and took him from Korriban to DK, now he’s off to Balmorra so he can kill an agent of the dark side.

Jedi Knight-Sentinel-Watchman

2016-02-17_05-39-07 Now this is Awevae who is by chance a pure sith but I thought it would be interesting to have her as a Jedi Knight. I got her to level 51 and decided to take a break from her. She’s also in that slinky Republic Dancer outfit just for GP, I couldn’t decide what to dress her in ,and decided I wanted a different look for her. I have actually kept her pretty neutral when it came to Light Side and Dark Side decisions. I no longer go just for Dark Side, even though some of my natural instincts tell me too. Yes I am a dark natured person in general outside of SW:ToR, but I am a good person over all, and I try to reflect that in my character now as well. But a fellow SW:ToR player had inspired me to really play with a Dual wielding force user. Vulkk is a great person to learn from as I’ve watched a lot of his videos on YouTube for Jedi Knight-Sentinel spec in Watchman. So this got me thinking and after reading a few forums I decided I wanted to roll a new Sith Warrior as well.

Sith Warrior-Marauder-Annihilation

2016-02-17_19-20-20 Now this is the new Sith Warrior I made, Rhaqdon. I was on the main website watching the progression videos again trying to get an idea of how I wanted to customize him, even though I was not entirely sure of how it would turn out , or if anyone would notice, but some have actually. He looks directly like the progression trailer which you can watch here. The gear he has on is the Reaver set minus the head piece. The head piece I got from the level 8 Common Data Crystal Vendor on the fleet and it’s called Initiate’s Headgear , the light sabers are Dauntless Avenger’s Light Sabers , the color Crystals are Advanced Red Indestructible Crystal that I crafted on Awevae just for him. I may craft more and sale them on the GTN. But yeah I think he pretty much looks like this next image.

WarriorScreen01 This image is from the video I posted as a link above ,and I think I got him fairly close to looking like that one. But I’m happy with it, and as I was running around on the fleet before heading to DK to start his main missions, I got a whisper from someone that had noticed that I made a my marauder close to this progression trailer that we had all seen. It made me feel pretty damn good that someone had recognized that look, because I didn’t think people paid attention to the outfits anymore. Not since it’s so easy to change up, but this is his look for good at the moment. No dye packs, just in his all white glory ,and no He won’t be a nice guy either. The only thing I may change on his is the sabers if I find something else that I like. But with Awevae being a Artifice crafter now that is beginning to be an enjoyment sending idle comps off to either gather materials or craft for me as I play through. Course for as much as I can, I think I will also be using the Nexu companion I have recently unlocked as he does NOT talk at all. The affectionate hairball spit is something to be desired though, but he’s a kick ass companion that I’m happy to have. I’m now on the hunt for an Akk Dog. Then I’ll be happy. I don’t want no damn droids for my companions as HK’s and 2V-R8 and C2-N2 are enough droids for me. Anyways, this is what I’m doing now at the moment to fill the gap in between Chapters and not to burn myself out anymore on just finding fun things to do in SW:ToR.