The War for Iokath

So like many of the others yesterday I jumped right into War for Iokath on my Trooper over on the Begeren Colony. Well to be honest. It didn’t feel like a Star Wars: The Old Republic game to me. Maybe because I honestly still believe that Iokath has no place in the galaxy at all. I did get my trooper companion back instead of getting Quinn all because she is a light side trooper, well mostly. It was great to explore a new area, and what not, but after the main quest is over, it’s really not worth doing over and over again. I have a mission on my trooper that I am just going to dump all because it’s the Operation to get to Tyth. As I don’t play the game all that much again because I have lost the desire to try anymore. I won’t give up my subscription to it, but this seems to happen every year for me around this time. I lose a dire interest in the game. I will take a few more characters through it just to see what happens for Quinn who isn’t my Hunter’s companion, but still the talk up about this latest thing is a HUGE let down. Once you complete the main story and are given the dailies, well if the vendors had more things for me to purchase with their Iokath Currency, I would have considered doing the dailies, Rep for the week got maxed quickly. I believe I hit newcomer status after all the killing and what not. Still just something feels totally off about Iokath to me at least, not sure about anyone else, as I haven’t really stayed around to see what was being said about it and what not.  The SWTOR tried to hype up this patch with this minor story to play, and yet after a weeks delay we finally get it,and to me , well it was a sheer let down totally. I was not enjoying myself, and having fun. It was just to bland, and etc. Of course though in a story wise, it was well written, but it just wasn’t well executed in a good brand to play. Of course I am pretty sure even though some End gamers are happy with the Operation but giving them 1 new Op boss isn’t enough to slate their thirst in the galaxy of this game. Maybe it is just me, but I still feel this a whole lot more missing here all because of how we are as a community.

It really is a love/hate with this game. We love it when new stuff is given out, hate it when it gets delayed, or certain things that people want are left out in the dark so to speak, by that I mean with KotFE, and KotET it was all story and that gave the PVE players a lot of love, even though I am sure a lot won’t be dragging all their alts through the story even though I am sure a lot have. I know I said I wasn’t ,but I still have some that are left hanging back on Chapter X in KotFE all together, while others are done totally. Just not sure of those ones I will be wanting to go through them again and again. Then again this is the game we are given to play, no one is forcing us to play it, we play it because we love SW in general, and despite all the negative stuff the developers really do try to give out something. Not sure we always agree with it, but at least they do try. So who knows!!!

Is it really this hard?

So I’m over on yet another server where I have a maxed out legacy (Begeren Colony), and was doing some recording on a new Imperial Agent Trayvae , Yes yes, I know shocker, I would pick and use the same character name from my Agent over on the Ebon Hawk server. Anyways as I was starting the other half of recording, and etc., I get this PM asking if I was looking for a guild. Well yeah I am looking for a guild, but I just don’t want any guild. My time of hopping in and out of guilds is done. I want something causal, friendly , and so forth. I want to make sure I will fit in with the people there. I’m not being a jerk about it. Just given my track record with Guilds in SWTOR is well, not the greatest at all. So this person proceeds to tell me how they are 500+ and looking for new members, Great I think, right? Well okay I have to answer 3 questions before the invite will be sent. First question was doable. Having alts in their guild and make it my primary guild. Sure yeah, I don’t have a ton of alts on Imp side over there yet, but yeah I could do that. Second question comes and now this is the ultimate deal breaker for me. They ask if I can refrain from using profanity in gen guild chat, sure that’s no biggie, being nice to others, etc, again not an issue, but the major deal breaker for me, “Give respect to our senior officers” , now that there stopped me right in my tracks and caused me to respond with this, “Sorry but I am a firm believer that respect is earned and not demanded,  the moment you demand others to give respect then you lose footing. I am sorry, but I do not think your guild is suited for me.” I wasn’t disrespectful or anything, but I don’t care what a person has done in the game, if you demand respect from me, you won’t get it, sorry but I grew up respecting the ones older than me, but then it failed because once I got to know them, they didn’t deserve that respect, so I revoked it. I treat others how I want to be treated, and sometimes that is like the worse thing for me, because in the long run it turns out bad, but when you ask for respect from someone that doesn’t even know you, that just sends all kinds of red flags up to me. I’m sorry but that is how I am, and how I will always be. You can’t demand anything from me. It just doesn’t work. It’s got to be earned and earned by the actions a person does. I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words.

I just can not wrap my head around people demanding respect from people they do not know. No matter how it was worded, it still came across as a demand. I am finally beginning to believe this is my curse in life. Not to be in a guild in SWTOR all cause so many do not understand you can’t demand certain things from people, everything has to be earned, at least it has to be with me. If you treat me good, I treat you good, but if you treat me like an ass, well I’ll just do one better, place you on ignore, and forget you even exist at all. I don’t deal with drama, and when I see questions like those, well it makes me sit back and wonder. But now that I also think about it, they were also spamming gen chat with their guild seeking, which to me says that with 500+ members, they are not doing that great as some have probably left the game with the drop of patch 5.0 and so forth. Yeah to me that makes even more sense. But oh well, my quest for a guild will still be going on. Just will be taking longer that I expected.



A Delay in 5.2

So within mere hours before the deployment of 5.2 patch in SWTOR, we were told via twitter and then on the forums that 5.2 The War for Iokath would be delayed, and it caused a huge uprising in rage within the community. Most of the rage I had seen was on the forums and so forth. I saw very little rage on twitter, but still none the less it qued up all the rage. It also makes me kind of disappointed as well, all because over the last week I spent a lot of time researching information about developers and coding in our games, that well to be perfectly honest I am glad they have decided to delay the patch release instead of releasing and it breaking even more things in the game then what is already broken. So like I said it qued all the rage in the forums. After all the research I did last week on game development, the developers of indie games I play, and coding that it all goes into a game and to make the game engine run semi-smoothly. I still don’t get the idea of all the rage because something gets delayed. To be honest I’m happy they decided to delay this patch instead of just releasing it out live and giving us a ton of issues with it.

In my opinion I would rather a developer delay a game patch then release it out into the public and cause even more rage from the patches being broken. I’m even sure the developers themselves were disappointed when they found out they couldn’t release this patch out in time, but instead of releasing it, they went on Twitter, and the forums and let us know that it would be delayed another week. I mean that’s 7 days from now. It’s not a huge game breaker, but I understand from reading the forums that some took the time off from work, and now they don’t know what to do because this will not be out for them to play on the initial release date. Call me whatever name you will because I fully back SWTOR’s development team for not releasing patch 5.2 The War for Iokath. I’d rather have to wait a week, go offline for the time period they need to run whatever they need to let patch 5.2 come out. So yeah, I congratulate the SWTOR Developers for pulling this patch back, and holding off for a week before releasing it to us. I don’t care what the nay-sayers say, I think they did the right thing for this patch. I wouldn’t want to play something that is extremely broken, semi-broken is the normal for this game, but still it’s worth it.

How I got my start in SWTOR

So today I finally decided to write a blog post that will explain how I got into Star Wars: The Old Republic, and how over the last few years it’s become a game that I have enjoyed a lot. Like I have told a few in the past. I came from a Virtual Chat world called Second Life. As I was hanging out with a few friends in there, we were talking about video games and how Second Life was becoming a bore for me, I only really stayed in there for the fact that I use to DJ, I owned a shop (Still do), plus I was role playing a lot as a vampire, then in another system I became what they called a Hybrid (Lycan/Vampire), and I had a lot of fun doing it , but it was becoming trouble some for me, all because I didn’t always get along with others in the clans/hordes, and etc. So eventually I just stopped Role-playing, and opted to become a DJ where I would entertain the masses, and play some wicked music for everyone to dance too. I really enjoyed it, but when I started to get burned out. I retired from it. At one time I was DJing 7 days a week, My Role playing wasn’t just Vampire either, it was also in a world called Gor which is short for Gorean. I allowed myself to become a slave which wasn’t hard for me, as it’s part of my personality in real life as well, but no one really knows that. I tend to want to please others, and say hell with what I want, which after so long I opted to not do that anymore and now I focus on what I want and what have you, and put everyone else 2nd after taking care of myself. I still have my premium account for Second Life and I won’t give that up for anyone or anything. That is a place that I still hold dear to me, because I do have friends there that I go and visit from time to time, but we talk mostly on Facebook, and other means.

So this image I am sure everyone has seen a time or two is my main avatar in Second Life. I have recently changed her look, and I’m not sure if I am keeping it or not. But anyways I was hanging out one night and a friend of mine told me about Star Wars: The Old Republic. He told me he was playing it as he was hanging out with us in Second Life. Well this intrigued me, so I asked him all about it, like the questions, “Do I have to pay for it?”, if so How much? , what can you do in there, etc. I wasn’t really all that familiar with MMORPGs online, and such, hell my most extensive experience with MMOs was well WoW  (World of Warcraft), and that just didn’t seem to fit me, but being a huge Star Wars fan I was interested in this one. So I went over to the website and signed up for it. Didn’t take me long to drop cash into SWTOR and become a preferred player which I remained one for a good while too. Then as him and I were playing, we got into an argument because I wanted to do my class story and not help him out with his. Which was par for the course for me, I wanted to do things on my own, learn the class I was using, and etc. and he was having none of that, so he logged out and that was the last time I saw him in game too. Course this was on the Shadowlands server, so I decided to just keep playing for a while, then when I got so far into the game I think around Chapter 3 on some classes, I just opted to quit playing and delete the game. It wasn’t fun without friends in the game, so I went back to Second Life, and started Djing again, and I was going 7 days a week. Sometimes 2 shows on the weekends , by that I mean I’d Dj in one club, then later on that day/night I would go to my next one.

So I didn’t play it for a good year and totally forgot about it as well, until Blade and I reconnected and we were talking about video games and I said “You’re like me, we both like Star Wars, and I use to play a game online called Star Wars: The Old Republic.” He wanted to see what it was about, so I reinstalled it, and started playing it then came late 2014, he said I have something for you. He had me go to the bank and put money into the account, and said , “Along with Second Life, I want you to have a Premium account to SWTOR as well.” So it was my early birthday gift that year. December 10, 2014 I finally became a premium member to SWTOR. I haven’t regretted it since. I have taken quite a few breaks from the game though and that is because again it’s lonely playing by oneself , and when I have thought I was in a good guild and what not, it turned out to not be the case for me. So I just opted to go on breaks. Plus last year I opted to go into other games and see what they are like. It’s good to have a variety of games to play so that you don’t get bored with one. I may one day go back to LOTR , but right now I have to subscriptions for STO (Star Trek Online) and SWTOR. I’m having fun in both, still looking for the places where I can fit in nicely. So yeah that is the new thing for me. Finding a guild and Fleet where I fit in and can just have fun playing the games I love. So this was just a random post about how I got my start into SWTOR and etc.

On the search yet again

So after a long hard thought and etc. last night I opted to leave the guild I was in , after a month I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t for me. I want a causal friendly guild that wants to do all content, mostly Story stuff together, some PVP, and etc. My RP days in SWTOR have not been the greatest, and I really no longer care about RPing my character, yes I will create a back story for him, give out detailed information and such, but I won’t be RPing it to death like most want, or wanted me to do. I just want to do what most want to do now, have fun and be in a causal active friendly guild that does content, not get upset and rearrange a Stronghold when things start to look bleak. So I’m back to searching for the guild for me. Of course so many have told me to just make it, but that is where the problem lies for me. I don’t have friends in game that aren’t apart of a guild, and I honestly don’t know them all that well to ask for an invite to their guild.

I love being apart of something like I was, but in the long run when trying to rebuild something and everyone has a different vision of what it is they are looking for, it just doesn’t seem to fit right with anyone. Unlike the guild Trayvae helped Co-found, where everyone left ,and didn’t say a word, or was kicked by the GM because it wasn’t with people he wanted in the guild. So now I’m back on the search on the Ebon Hawk server to find my place in a good casual guild that just wants to have fun and play the game in all aspects. Whether it be Random Flashpoints, PVP, PVE stuff, or just overall goofing around. I am sure I will find my place one day in SWTOR but right now I’m also thinking of doing a let’s play video series for my YouTube channel as well, maybe by doing that I will find the people that want to create a fun , friendly guild where Alts will not be an issue. Only thing I ask if and when that day comes is to log into the alts once in a while. I know some will think of me being a tad picky, but in reality I’m not, I just want to find something to do in game with a lot of people and have fun doing so.

Even got myself some new guns for my healer as well. I am not deleting him, I plan on keeping him, and using him, just not sure where yet. Course each day I do log in and see what the CXP bonus for the day is with him, because before I jump into doing Star Fortresses and what not, I want the level 10 so when it’s  time to jump into the heroics of it , I can do that, plus I want to grind for more alliance crates by doing heroics and etc. I just want to have fun in the game, and while I do love some of the stories and what have you, I just crave more in game now. It’s the whole reason for me taking on different roles, and right now I just want to focus on being a healer, from a Merc down to a Sorc healer, sadly though there aren’t all that many specs for healing, when the time comes I plan on making a new trooper and making them into a healer, since I know that Mercs and Troopers are mirror classes, just like when I do the Operative Healer, I will be replaying through the Smuggler story as I know that is a Mirror class to Agent, and same with Sorc, I will make a healing Sage since I know that is yet another mirror class. I do love the fact that people all over our wonderful community takes the time to write guides for us that don’t know what most of what we’re doing.


I don’t want to do solo stuff anymore, yeah sometimes it’s fine, but let’s face it, in a game like SWTOR there is so many more options, and that is what I always thought the joy of being here was. I love the stories, but I also crave more. I don’t want to be that person that just keeps going on and on as a solo player. It gets boring, and lonely at times where I just log out, and go off into a solo style game like my driving simulators. Of course though if I can’t find a guild I like on the Ebon Hawk, I have other servers to try and find that perfect guild for me. The one that just lets us have fun within the game and not demand things. Role playing is not for everyone, and as I have stated in the past, and above. I am no longer really interested in it anymore. Oh well  the hunt will continue for a guild where I fit into it. Until then, happy gaming!!