Not really sure about KotET

swtor-icon-silverNo I won’t post spoilers here, but I will say this though. I’m not sure if this was worth the wait in all honesty. I was excited last year when they talked about releasing KotFE and I played the first 9 chapters then there was the wait for a new chapter each month after the beginning of the year, but this one. 9 Chapters and that is it. After playing the 9 chapters on Early access, it took me roughly about 12 hours to go through 1-9 chapters. I didn’t do the usual exploring and what not, because I just wanted to see the end of it all. I’m not entirely sure I want to continue replaying all this for another 7 times. I’m not a hard core end gamer, so I’ll never have the best gear, and I suck at my rotations and with them changing classes and what not, it’s not impossible for me to learn a new one , but still it’s almost like they are forcing you to come out of your comfort zones. They claim to have listened to the players and decided to make all these changes but in all honesty I doubt they really listened to anyone in the gaming community about changes we wanted. I didn’t voice my opinion and as a matter of fact even though I remained subbed through the entire thing is honestly surprising for some because most dropped their subscription when nothing new came out, but I remained with the ability to play when I wanted to play. I think after the end of Chapter 16 in KotFE I rarely logged in at all. I started some of the DvL event they had over the summer, was 2 parts shy of completing the Eternal level, and knowing that I can’t beat the bosses in the Eternal Championship run. I just opted to not even finish it at all. Then there was the 200% XP Boost they gave, and I started to get one last character to max level of 65 before KotET and just stopped playing.

It was odd because I loved playing this game, and even though still I have some favorite classes that I may replay the older content, I just don’t have it in me to really slug through another 7 times for the same stuff. I have the free Outlander token and doubt I’ll even use it, if I do it will be to get the starter gear and toss it into my cargo hold unless it’s BoE then I’m just stuck with it on one character. I watched the live streams, and kept quiet while doing so because I just didn’t feel like I belong in the SWTOR community anymore. I’m not one that has ever done much of anything in SWTOR. I have no operation experience, I don’t really care much for PVP, I just don’t feel like I fit into the community anymore of SWTOR and hence why this blog has been really quiet as of late. I don’t have friends in the game, I don’t belong to any guilds because again I’ve been burnt on the whole guild thing. I have Legacies all across the US Servers where they are maxed on all except two servers that were once strictly PVP ones, and I think I have a few over in the European servers, but I doubt I’ll ever use them. I loved the story for KotFE and I do love the story for KotET but I just can’t see slugging through all the trash fighting again over and over for 7 more times. I will be going through it again just so Blade can see the first few chapters as I started it and he stayed up with me when early access hit so he could see the boss fights and what not , and I only did it on my Light side Jedi Knight who was apart of the whole DvL event. So I have to take a Dark side character through it, and well it will be harder because I’ll probably use my Agent Trayvae who is a sniper, but since snipers are more mobile now I don’t think I’ll have that much of a hard time. I just have to relearn his rotation and the abilities they added, and fix my hot-bars with the ones they have added.

To be quite honest I didn’t game a whole lot this past summer either. I picked up a few games on sale at Steam, played some 7 Days to die, worked on other things, and spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos and interacting in that community that SWTOR in general became a back burner, then I also started spending more time with Raven, and taking her out for walks, and doing things with her, all because well she’s my best friend, even though some don’t understand the relationship one can have with a dog. For me it’s awesome because she relieves a lot of my anxiety and stress, and gives me a ton of emotional support when days are darker then most for me. Plus I had to make sure I had time to give to Blade as well after he was done with work each day, and spent time with him, so that my gaming life basically took a back burner to everything. In the last few months even though I rarely said much of anything. I also had a lot to deal with my Mother going in for a few surgeries and making sure she was okay and all. Last month was a scary month for me because I had almost lost my mother during one of the surgeries, and well it opened up my eyes even more. I may have not the greatest relationship with her, but I am there for her, even though at times I have had to distance myself from the others in the family that feel they are better for her than her own daughter and they are no longer family in my eyes since their father passed away. Plus I have been worrying about my father as well, even though technically my parents are younger than most. My father is almost 62, he will be on Jan 8th, and my mother just hitting 59 on the 13th of November, they have health issues, and being their only child I worry about them both. They have been divorced since April of 1989, so I keep my share of insanity with both of them.

I may do a fully first thoughts post with spoilers later on after everyone has played Knights of the Eternal Throne, but for right now this is just my entire thought process and where I’ve been since KotFE ended, and I ended up on a long extended break from SWTOR in general. Thanks for reading if you do, and sharing it if you do. Just in general Thank you.


My Own Personal Updates:

To Website/Blog….

Recently I decided that I know a many of my fellow SWTOR fans that do read my blog haven’t ever asked, because if they are like me. We all have a way to make our blogs stand out and shine with our personalities. While yes my is really dark natured which does not mean I’m a bad person. I just prefer the darker side of life. (Yes pun intended), I have now opted to give my fellow fan mates /familia, whatever you may wish to call us a different look on my blog. It may take a few refreshes, dump your cookies (not the kind you eat), but whatever you may, there has been a change here to my personal fan blog. I have redone the color settings for the main articles and what not for it to be easier for people to read. I took this into consideration after reading a forum post on the official forums yesterday about someone asking for a color scheme change because the dark background with like a goldish text was hard for them to read. Yes I do admit at times I hate reading the forums because there is no way to change the colors. When I ran an online gaming forum for my Vampire: The Masquerade , I gave everyone the option to pick the best color suited forum for them. I was not without merit there because I believe in choices, specially since no one but us usually ends up going to the Eye Doctors to have our eyes checked out, and I also know a lot in the gaming community are actually color blind. So I was looking for a new theme for wordpress when I realized that my current one has various theme color schemes built right into it. This is the theme I am using now. It has multiple color schemes, and best part is that it was “FREE” yes I do love the free word in a sense because I am paying for my own hosting, but I don’t want to shell out a ton of cash for a decent theme. I picked today to do it of all days because I knew SWTOR would be down for the maintenance which I tend to call it “break things/then try to fix them a few days later” time. So I figured I’d do some updating on various things, crank up the winamp player, and write a few posts, work on Trayvae’s  back story and what not, while waiting for them to bring the servers back online. Plus I’m also looking into other things at the moment as well so I take pauses in between things. Not sure what I’m going to do though for next topic.

With this guild…

I have recently talked with the kid that wants me to be the new guild master, but yet we are waiting for the switch since according to Bioware, since they have implemented the transfer service to automatically move onto the next subscriber after a period of 30 days of inactivity with current one. I am now running a guild, and now this is where it gets tricky. How do you recruit for something that you can’t control just yet? By that meaning the little display message that pops up when they have a “Daily message” to show, or even change titles, then there’s not able to decorate the SH due to no gold keys being given. Do I feel a little out of my league at the moment? Well yeah I do because this is hard. While the other active member that was in the guild with me has decided to leave, claims he just doesn’t want to risk becoming guild leader in case I’m not on. Um hello, that won’t happen, 1 he’s isn’t a co-founder, and 2, I am on daily with Trayvae. I have not once went a day without logging him in. He’s my Armormech crafter, so I log him in daily to craft and sale some things on the GTN for others to use. I’ve also gotten a guild bank and placed it in my stronghold, and have another one waiting to come off timer so I can donate it to the guild as well. All the while I am also looking into websites for guilds.  I know there is Shivtr, Gamer Launch, and Enjin. Which most seem to use Enjin the most, but I’m also looking at it like this, I can’t afford to pay their prices either. Truth be told I am not even sure what exactly Elite Imperial Vanguard is anymore. It originally started to become a RP guild , but at the moment I’m thinking it will be better to keep it as a social guild until more players join. Then again most will bitch about that too, but I’m not giving up. I keep researching information about the guild setups and everything. I know that once I get control of it, the titles will be changed. Course I am also thinking the recruiting message will be changed as well, to something like this. “<Elite Imperial Vanguard> is currently recruiting new and active members, at the moment we are a social guild that would love to become something more. We have a SH ,Bank, and working on everything else, if interested in joining or want more info, Send me a whisper for info/invite and help us create our legacy.”  Course I don’t believe in sitting on starter planets spewing that out every 5-10 minutes. I’ve found some of the best guilds don’t go on recruitment drives like that, but to get our footing into the door I know I have too. So all my time online wasn’t totally wasted while waiting for the game to update, I managed to look into a few guild hosting website, and now my launcher is updating. Sweet. I only have been up since 9:30am est time. So before it all finishes, and I can start playing. I have recently decided that what ever may happen with the guild, it will. I am not going to stress about it because it’s not worth it for me to at the current moment. I still have like 16-17 days before it’s able to become fully mine.

2016-02-27_05-47-46 But I just can’t wait to log in, and finally get chapter x to progress for him. I’ve waited all this time patiently waiting for him to get past the end of Chapter X, and go recruit Blizz. I need to work on my trooper for Chapt. XI

I’m still bugged

Agent stuck in loop

Forever stuck in a loop

Forever stuck in a loop

Yup, it’s been a few days since I tried to complete Chapter X and I am still stuck in a groundhog day movie loop. A little later I will post a clip of the loop from that movie I am talking about, but right now I am just going to focus on what I’ve been doing since I’ve gotten into this damn loop that seems to be forever. So I have decided that I was going to go Rishii , and get the datacrons there, and man I waited for almost 3 hours last night trying to get Wupp to spawn and hung out with a few others that well we grouped up for it, and to avail was not able to get the bugger to spawn. From what I read on the forums, and Dulfy even. Wupp does not like to come out and play often. The other two Grophets I got with no issue what so ever, other than a jedi stealing the first kill for me. But I waited for over 3 hours last night to get him to spawn and just couldn’t. So I gave up and went to bed for the night. I guess I will try for him later on today, since I really have nothing else to do on my agent, and heroic grinding solo just well is mute. Plus I got the Galactic Hero title for doing every damn heroic out there, minus the ones on Makeb, and Illum’s only one. But not onto my next topic.

Guild Headaches

My guild that I was one of 4 members has become a mute point for me. I’m still very much apart of Elite Imperial Vanguard, but yesterday I saw one member log in, and then stayed half an hour, and went offline again. I can’t recruit for the guild if no one is going to be on, and if I can’t do anything more with titles and such as I don’t have ability to change things, I can only wait the 30 days until guild leadership changes to someone that is on, which will most likely be me. Yay! I think. Over the weekend I did not play as much as I just did not feel good, due to various women reasonings. So I slept off and on all weekend. Before I left we had 20 members, and now we’ve dropped down to 15. I don’t understand it, if the original members do not want to be on, then why did they talk me into creating a guild? I understand that Real life happens, but seriously if I don’t have many options to help build the guild, like access to the bank to upgrade Stronghold, or change titles why did they even bother? I have made a main name and I am trying to stick to it, but gesh, with the only one on all the time it’s becoming mute. I have one of my other names in the guild as well Radqa is apart of it, and I was able to log in and use that name for a bit yesterday to do Chapter X, which ironically worked for him, it finished and was able to recruit Blizz, but sadly Trayvae who is my Sniper is stuck in that damn loop. While I have no issue with being in a guild that is quiet , I just wish I could do more at the moment but best I could do is try to recruit people , and explain to them that guild leadership is quiet at the moment as the other 3 co-founding members are not online. The kid that brought us together and I use the term loosely here, is only 14 years old, while one of the other is just 17 years, and the guy that created it is 26, married with child or children, did not ask for full details, but yeah. Here I am, 38 years old, a pet, a significant other, and still able to find game time at least. Then again I’m also fully mentally disabled so I can play all day if I want, and lately I have been. Going 8-16 hours a day game play. During that time I would love to have others on, and hang around with them and talk to them, but alias I can’t really create this guild if none of the other members are on. At least for the moment.


Future plans

Should the guys that help create guild come back on, and I do not know what will happen. I just know that well things will have to change, or something. I started creating Trayvae’s RP Background and once it’s finished it will go on my other blog for SWTOR Character stories, I tend to write his story in between things as I just get bored and well his character starts to come to life in my mind, so I have to write it out on paper before transferring it over to a notepad or a draft in a blog. I always write in pencil so I can either erase a word, sentence, or whatever or if I’m really lazy just draw a line through it so I know to cut out that sentence. But for the time loop, here is a movie clip to Groundhog Day where it’s repeated a lot, and this is what I feel like at the moment with Chapter X in agent mode.


This is what it feels like playing the agent at the moment and being stuck on Chapter X while still no official word on when or if a fix is going to be applied for this chapter for us agents. Here is the forum topic on the main website. We are up to at least for me 7 pages, and I have posted a few times there myself. I have 3 agents on Ebon Hawk, 1 was able to complete it back on the 8th during early access, the other one just before the weekend hit, and now stuck in a time loop, and I will not be leveling up my 3rd agent to take through until this fix this bug. Of all things to gate Blizz behind it is unfair to us that are playing as agents because we can’t even recruit the little jawa bugger into our alliance since chapter x does not complete. I hope we get an answer soon as many are saying they are leaving to go play other MMOs where nothing is broke,(Yeah right in their dreams), No game is perfect, but honestly I will not leave SWTOR as it is the game for me. I just hate alliance grinding for a name that can’t even recruit the one companion I think would mix well into an Agents field. Anyways happy gaming, and thanks for reading.

The Slow Wait

Is Killing me!!!

So I’ve been playing a lot of various games lately. I keep forgetting that once you install games on an external hard drive that no matter how many times you have to refresh your PC, said games are already installed so no need to reinstall them. So yesterday I played a little SW:ToR in the morning, went into second life, and then updated GW2 while I watched a little TV. I’m doing all this now because I’m patiently waiting for Chapter X to be released next month. So if this is what it will be like to wait for these damn chapters Monthly. I’m gonna go more insane than I already am. As for the friend I had in the game, well that lasted not to long. I have went back to doing what I do best, and that is play on my own.  Course I found out about the games being installed on Sunday night because the log in service for SW:ToR was down for a good few hours by my guess and what I read on the forums. Not that I’m missing much as I don’t really go near the forums again, and I don’t really check my twitter. Course I’ve also been playing some games on my facebook accounts. I have multiple accounts because I love to live a quiet life. I have very few friends anywhere anymore and I don’t know why. My RL account on Facebook has my parents, and I try to keep them away from my gaming life because even though I’m cleverly disguised as an adult. They don’t understand why I’m in my late 30s and love to play video games on the computer instead of my old generation consoles. Bless my parents for having me while they were young, I’m a lucky one even though a lot of bad shit happened as a child with them and etc. I’m lucky to  this day to say I have my parents both alive and kicking. My father just turned 61 on the 8th of this month, and my mother is 58, 20 years older than me. So when she hits 59 in Nov, a month later I will hit 39. Even though they are divorced from each other, they did have a common ground and still do. Just now neither has to deal with the other. But yet I’m still often conflicted between them even as an adult. But enough of that shit. Back to gaming. I really wanna take Raynasia through Knights of the Fallen Empire, but don’t want to reach chapter 9 just yet and be stuck at that grinding for alliances. Even though with her, I plan on romancing Theron Shan for a change. I never romanced nor tried too in SoR. So this will be a fun twist for this inquisitor.


Radqa has been in KotFE

I have him currently going through it and stop with him from time to time because well I’m trying to drag it out, and as fast as these chapters are. Well I want to experience the whole thing over and over again. Call me crazy if you will, but I am enjoying the story even though I’ve already seen it play out so far. Course I’m also taking different choices than I have with the other characters. Course Zanedyl is still stuck on a heroic Mission 2 for star fortress, Even with Companion at rank 20, and base alliances at level 10 or better. I get stuck on the last boss, and I just hate the idea of asking for help, but I may have too.

swtor 2016-01-18 10-42-30-99 Course though I am also still loving the comments made by HK-55. I still can not wait for him to join my crew next month as well. And even more so can’t wait until August to play his chapter. I can’t wait to see the twists and turns they are putting together for HK in general. I know a lot of hate is still going around about this being a subscriber perk to get new players to join, but in all honesty I feel this was a great perk to keep some of us as subscribers to the game. Also I was happy to hear in the latest  stream that pvp will be getting a small amount of love. Granted it’s not like how many were wanting, but at least they are getting some new love here in KotFE. I just know the PVP community is still highly upset about the lack of PVP for them and I truly do feel for them as I have tried PVP, but it just is not my cup of tea so to speak. So I stick with what I know better and that is PVE, I haven’t heard much about new operations and what not for the ones that love to do end game stuff. Hell I still have my last two quests for Seeker and Macro in a few characters quest logs, also have Op for the Dread Masters. I doubt I will ever get them done unless I find a bunch of noobs  that looking for Ops groups to do that one at least. But at least I still play the stories.


Poor Zanedyl

Zanedyl As I stated above I have tried to solo one of the heroic star fortresses and only to fail towards the end. He has decent gear now, 208 I believe, level 20 influence with Lana and Level 11 influence with Alliance base, and I get him to the last boss, and get the last boss to about 3% of health and he kills off Lana before I know it, and then kills me. I tried about 5 times but when my repair bill was 5k or better each time, I just left and went about other things. I think the Rakghoul event is running so may hop over and get what I need done for Lokin and be done with that quest as well. Like the Gree event I really do have fun hooking up with various people that want to group up for the heroics there, and etc. So yeah to make some extra credits I may just log in and go do some Rakghoul events and build my rep up on that as well. But yeah the slow wait is literally killing me I want to do more things in KotFE but must wait for new content. Hey, thanks for reading, feel free to drop a comment down below, and happy gaming whatever.

Update on Planet Lists

Before you start KotFE


I stated on Friday in my post that you could run planetary heroics to start your grind fest for the alliance before even jumping into KotFE and I have been checking over the weekend. Planets I know for sure that you can do your alliance grind are as follows below


  • Alderaan
  • Balmorra
  • Belsavis
  • Corellia
  • Coruscant
  • Dromund Kaas
  • Hoth
  • Hutta (Agent and Bounty Hunter, Unsure about SW and SI)
  • Ilum
  • Korriban (I know Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor , Unsure about Agent or Bounty Hunter)
  • Makeb
  • Nar Shaddaa
  • Ord Mantell (Only for those that start here, Trooper and Smuggler can go back and  grind)
  • Quesh
  • Taris
  • Tatooine
  • Tython (Haven’t tested yet for Consular and Knight)
  • Voss

I really did not play much over the weekend as I’m enjoying a late birthday/xmas gift from my father. He went out and bought a brand new 43 Inch TV and gave us his old 32 Inch TV , and I’m really enjoying it because now I can see everything clearer. He even told me to go with HDMI cable instead of standard cause the picture is so much clearer, and like any adult kid with a new toy, I had to try out EVERYTHING and hit EVERY BUTTON on it. Course now it has me  thinking of upgrading my monitor when I can to at least a 32 inch. Since I know TVs are now coming with VGA ports in the back and what not. I do want to add a new one to this computer at least. A bigger screen. Plus on top of that , we are designing a shelf to sit a TV and my small surround system on so that I can have more space on the desk than I do already, and also to lift up my computer screen. But I’ve also been thinking and I have another blog about to start up  too. I have finally decided that I want to create a true strong back story for my characters on the Ebon Hawk server, and once I start writing these stories out, I will publish them on my blog and on my facebook page that I have set up for the characters. I may try to do the others on the other servers, but for the time being I’m going to focus solely on the Ebon Hawk Server. I have a started story for one of my characters, but I never finished it, and since I’m sitting here waiting patiently for the next chapter to unlock in the KotFE story line. I thought in between leveling up new characters that I would also start to work on their back stories, to give them more of a personal history and what not to show in the Community.

Link Back to Friday’s Post it will help you understand why this post is called an “Update” and what not. So you can find out first hand what I was  talking about when I said I would update this again in the future. But for now I think I’ll go play some SW:ToR and think while I’m playing.