Some awesome

Things have happened recently.

With the release of Chapter XIII I won’t go into detail, but I overall enjoyed the chapter, it had a lot of highlights that well I couldn’t resist doing, specially for the Warrior and Bounty Hunter. I haven’t taken all my characters through it yet, and probably will later on, just right now I’m excited about finally getting Trayvae’s mission log back down to manageable. I did the Heroic 4 Alchemy of Evil with 3 others that needed to have it done as well. We started out on Illum doing the Gree event that is going on at the moment, and well while I was finishing up my dailies there I see in chat “LFG Heroic4 Alchemy of Evil”, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to say I need that done as well or not, as I wanted to get back to my new bounty hunter that I’ve been leveling up this past week. So I went yeah, I need that done. I’ll help out. We started out with 4 players, None of us were healers, and none could change their specs, well 1 could, but we weren’t going to ask that of them. So once we seen we had no healers, we were like, It’s gonna be a challenge, but we accept it. We made it all the way to the Evil Dreadseed Sithspawn, and had a hell of a time getting him killed, until we remembered the old videos on YouTube that suggested having him jump on the barrels to explode, and we needed someone to interrupt his healing ability which I took it upon myself to disrupt whenever I could. One of group buddies kept getting disconnected so they left and never could get back, Course their re-log also put them on a different instance from us, and they couldn’t get back, Sorc. pulls out his level 50 companion and sets it to heal so we can attempt to kill the Sithspawn a 4th time I Believe. We got him down and went “F*** Yeah we did it.” , now is the final boss , and we stayed on him as the other sniper went around killing the color crystals and we defeated him with one attempt. Over all it was a blast to do. Not sure if I’m ready to take Radqa through it so he can get it done as well. Only thing left on Tray’s log is Oricon Ops, and The Shroud’s jumping barge game. I may try to do them again soon as with level sync his #2 shouldn’t be hard to kill, so that way I can have the final mission set up, and just look for a group for it somewhere. I know you still need a group to finish that quest line out completely.

2016-05-05_15-43-39 So yeah this deserved a screen shot for it’s sharing purposes only cause I am proud to not be afraid to group up anymore in the game when things need to get done. I decided to stop playing around with my high level characters after this and go back and take advantage of the Double XP this week, so I’ve leveled up another Bounty Hunter (female) and another Sith Inquisitor (Male), not sure why my SI’s are always male, probably cause I love the voice actors better, then that of the female, and I have a female Consular waiting to be leveled up as well. If I don’t get back to her before the Double XP is over. I’ll just wait until later in the month when they run it again to run it through the leveling system. I think with my female Bounty Hunter since she’s romanced Torian I am just going to wait before running her through KotFE until next month when Chapter is released so that she won’t be without her main squeeze for long. Course Torian is also a close to Rank 30 influence with some gifts, but mostly from the game’s conversations as he’s not to picky on what I choose.

Eternal Championship

I’ve tried to do this, and got up to the Drake and Noc fight and lost badly and after 4 repair bills of being 7k or better, I called it quits, course I think a lot had to do with the fact that I wasn’t properly geared for my warrior, so I’ve been working on him. But I’ve also sent a message to our GM who is offline at the moment, probably due to his wife about to drop a newborn any time now. But we were talking a while back and the term Operations came up, and well from what I’ve seen and experienced a little on my own. EC would be a great place for him and I go group up, and learn how mechanics run in Ops as that I’ve heard so many say that. So I dropped him an in-game mail about that and how he can access it only through having gone through 9 chapters of KotFE, I know he hasn’t taken any of his characters through it yet cause he told me so. I couldn’t stop and ask well “Why not?” , yeah some parts of KotFE are boring, and overkill on fighting, but it gets better trust me. This last chapter is the most fun I’ve had since the beginning of any story for me. Now I think they are priming us with all these companions coming back into our lives after 5 long years cause we all know the end of the season is coming up soon, and we will be facing the main man himself, and prove that he should have listened to those damn scions and understand that he is mortal just like everyone else, well except maybe Valkorion , we just don’t know what the hell he is, even though I thought it would have been interesting to see the Inquisitor to force bind him like the other ghosts, but I don’t think Valkorion is a normal ghost.

Epic Burn

Not sure if this is what is said for all characters, but when I decided to run Jordelli through Fallen Empire,I picked an option that well would fit the smart ass smugness of the smuggler. And the epic burn that followed through was quite interesting to say the least.








2016-04-27_11-28-22I picked the option of saying “Not enough room in my head” or something along those lines, and this was the response I got from Valkorion. Not what I expected, but was an Epic burn to a smart ass smuggler. All throughout the smuggler story I tried to pick the funnies all cause I wanted a good laugh, plus I pretty much made it where Jordelli was all about avoiding being killed, shot at, and pain. He even says so a time or two about not liking pain so much. But overall I am finding the game play fun, and I’m enjoying the KotFE so much that I never get bored of going through it, course some of my other characters are now just going back into RotHC and SoR as well as since I’ve taken a good break from them when I level up a new character I go through and relive those days that well were once the end of the game for a good bit unless you were into end game stuff. Which I’m trying too with the guild, but GM and myself are on different times again. So not sure what is going to happen with E.I.V. but I’m sure we’ll figure something out as well.

Disturbing thought

So as I was leveling up my new SI last night, I got this screen shot that well just makes all very disturbing to say the least. For anyone that has done the Inquisitor story then you’ll understand this screenie the most.

2016-05-07_13-34-48This is just plain disturbing coming from Khem Val even though we know Zash is sharing his body on this at the moment, but those words coming from this Beast of a Monster, well it’s remotely disturbing because we know Khem is male, but to hear it with Zash’s voice actor, is just disturbing and funny at the same time. I can never truly get tired of playing an Inquisitor , course this time I’m doing Assassin in Deception, and wow I have learned that class better, course the challenge will come when it’s time to go through KotFE, which I still need Toxi’k to do another chapt. but yeah, for those that have played the SI story and see this line, one must admit that the writers had a sense of humor for half the lines they put into the game and some were just well very disturbed individuals as well. But overall I’m having fun at the moment, and to me that is what this game is all about. Not a competition like some want it to be.

FOTM and how they are wrong

Flavor of the MONTH…..

I recently read a few twitter posts about how some are only playing FOTM short term for Flavors of the Month, give or take how one spells “Flavor”, some countries add a u, others don’t. USA doesn’t they spell words funky, we know this. LOL, anyways I don’t believe in FOTM or anything in that nature. Most find playing as a force user fun, others don’t, me, I’m in a cross at the moment, while playing a force user can be fun at times, it really doesn’t spark much of a challenge for me often. I do love my Force using characters minus the Jedi Consular, I keep wanting to replay them, but the voice actors, and the over all story for Consular is just well to damn vanilla for me. So I tend to avoid making a new character there. Even though I think that maybe the one class I may try as a healer. I’ve never played a healer before because well I’m only into saving my own ass and not everyone else, plus I hear healers get a lot of shit in group stuff, and etc. hence why I never played it, but I just may because it’s something different for me, and I would expect it to be a challenge for me since I’ve never done it. But all that aside I see on the fleet during various times, even start planets and capital planets this infamous questions “Which class and spec should I pick?”, Normally I just tell them to play whatever the hell they want to play, because let’s face it, no one but you is paying for the game right?, even if you are not paying, it’s still your game to play the way you want and not how anyone should say you need to play. Now I’m not suggesting that you don’t take advice from others about what classes and specs they think is good, or looking up certain guides and etc. Because it’s good to get some general knowledge, but don’t let anyone dictate how you are going to play this game, or any game for that matter. It’s one thing to ask for advice on certain classes, specs, and etc, but it’s another to make that choice for that person because so-so is the FOTM , nah, don’t fall into that hype.

How I pick a new class and it’s specs.

This is just one way I play and like I said it’s meant to be leaning towards a guide more so then an option. I look at all the classes, both Empire and Republic, then I look at all the specs on both sides again. Reading over the information provided, looking up the talent trees and so forth. I hover all the abilities and read which each one does and how much of a CD they have, and what not. Then I go back to the main page where it says to chose your path. After a good 10-15 minutes, also moving so often as they don’t log me out during this time period, I pick the AC I want, and then I go over the specs again, and re-read everything, but then I stop and go to dulfy’s guides for PVE gearing and rotations, all because even though gearing while low level is not required, I want to know what I should be stacking overall as I do level up. I don’t buy mods the entire time, I let all my Common Data Crystals grow til I hit SoR Prelude, do those flashpoints, get the 99×3 CDCs, then I’ll upgrade my weapons all the time, but that is like every 5-10 levels or so. I don’t use the Crystals again til I hit 65 and can at least get the new level 65 gear from the vendors. I’m not talking the 216-220 gear, I’m talking about the 208 gear, the basic starter gear for end game stuff, I do that because then it helps me go through KotFE if I chose too, which I normally do, cause I’m a creature of habit, plus I do like the story so far, and when I’ve leveled up a new character that hasn’t played all the way through, it’s more challenging too, instead of stopping at Chapt. IX, I can now play Chapter X-XII, which next time I level a character up it will be through chapter XIII, so yeah that’s my fun, and how I pick and decide things.

Guilds and their FOTM

I’ve seen a lot of guilds recently since the QoL changes moving from 500 members to 1000 members and how they are wanting to grow their numbers fast. I understand that a good guild runs multiple times a day and I’m all for that, but guilds should not be looking just for certain classes and specs. I have went to the other servers where I have characters at just to watch the guild invites spam from one end to the next. It’s like it is some sort of contest now to see who can max their guild out at 1000 members, then I know what will happen, for those that don’t play all the time, or have alts ,will get the boot after a period of inactivity. Then there is their FOTM , again I’m not entirely into this FOTM kind of hype I think it falls more on PVP then anything else,but still I just prefer to play the class I am comfortable with, and what I want to play since no one is paying for my subscription but me. I see a lot more guilds wanting force users than any other class now and it is mostly on the RP servers like The Ebon Hawk server, unsure about the others as I just have storage characters there. Ones I’ve played, and never went back too for some odd unknown reason, other than to have multiple legacies across the U.S.A servers. There isn’t a given time on the fleet, starter planets, even Capital planets that I don’t see at least 15 guild recruitment messages, now the guild I’m in “Elite Imperial Vanguard”, well we don’t spam gen chat with recruitment messages. But our GM and myself are usually on same time sometimes usually when my insomnia is around, or totally different times, we use to have rules and everything, but lately when we have talked we’ve decided to just drop them. Like I told him I want our guild to be more than just a guild, I would like it to become something along the lines of a support group for people who have a tough time doing group content, or wanting to interact with others. Even new players that want to belong somewhere but not sure where, so in retro spec, “Elite Imperial Vanguard” is an outcast guild, for those that just don’t fit in anywhere, whether it be a main , or an alt, it’s welcomed. But we don’t follow the FOTM , or anything in that nature because let’s face it. FOTM only last for so long then it’s moved on, and then you’re told you have to make a new FOTM and level them up as well. Nah, don’t fall into that hype with FOTM, or anything in that nature. Join a guild to make friends, help out on things, and become a force of friends that enjoys the game together or solo, don’t join because of a FOTM type deal.

Summary of it all

Play this game how you want to play and not how others want you to play. After all it is on your computer  that you installed it, created a log in , and decided to start playing. This game can be tons of fun with friends, and without, but it can also become quite toxic as well. Just don’t let others dictate how you should play a certain class, or how you should look, etc. It does nothing but make them feel like they have it all and you have nothing. That is no way to play a game with people. Regardless if they say this and that , and you decide to go another route and they kick you, well then that place was not for you after all. FOTM’s only last a few days, weeks, even a month, then it’s onto the next big thing. Just like I hear people talk about various VoIPs and what not, How they say Team-speak is the best, and etc, but I’ve heard some say others are good too and price cost is well good enough for them. Again don’t let others dictate how you do anything with your time online. It is after all your time online that matters the most, not theirs. So pick a Class you want, then pick it’s AC (Advance Class), that you want to play, not what everyone else is playing at the moment. Overall your choice matters to you in this game not anyone else.

Not Impressed

Maybe it’s just me…..

I won’t spoil this chapter for those that haven’t even played it yet, but yeah I was not really impressed with it. Then again I was not really a huge fan of Kaliyo Djannis when I played the Agent’s story line the moment I was able to dump her for either Treek or HK-51 I did just that. I was not a fan of her voice actor, or her part in the Agent’s story all together. Now I know some of the fan lovers will say , “She’s the best at what she does.” That is all well and fine with me. If you like her, use her, but me, I could do without her. Now I haven’t ran through Chapter X yet with my Agent, I may do that later today. I did it last night on my Smuggler and did not care for the attitude she still has. I am sorry but out of all the characters I only have a select few that just did not play a role for me when I was leveling up. Course I am going to add my list of all the Companions and with a little note on how I truly feel about them, and whether or not I want them back.

Sith Warrior
Vette – Depends on which Warrior I’m using. I have romanced her on one.
Malavai Quinn – No, Just no
Jaesa Willsaam – Sure Psycho is a good quality to have for a companion.
Lieutenant Pierce – Only when I use a warrior to recruit, other than that, forever locked to PVP
Broonmark – Not sure about him yet.

Bounty Hunter
Mako – God NOOOOOOO , she zaps the fun out of what it is to a bounty hunter.
Gault Rennow -Be interesting to see what Hylo Viz does to him once they are in the same room.
Torian Cadera – Kick ass fighter, so yeah, I’d love to have him back.
Blizz – He’s a jawa, Need I say more, perfect mate for an Ewok (just no Eawa babies)
Skadge – Can’t I lock him back up again?

Sith Inquisitor
Khem Val – Loved my Beloved Dashade from the moment I ever got him.
Andronikos Revel – Sure why not , is easy to please.
Ashara Zavros – God noooooo , No more whining about the Jedi Ways when fighting at the side of a Sith.
Talos Drellik – He’s funny when he says he doesn’t know how to fight.
Xalek – Silent Assassin. So yeah.

Imperial Agent
Kaliyo Djannis – Nope only be accepted in Once, other than that, I could care less about her.
Vector Hyllus – Wonder where Bug Boii went while frozen in Carbonite.
Dr. Eckard Lokin – Only to get the damn quest outta my log. I love the Rakghoul Plague though.
Raina Temple – Undecided
SCORPIO – Really wish I could have said NO to her.
Jedi Knight
T7-O1 – He’s good in tight places.
Kira Carsen – Hate her Voice Actor and way she is too.
Doc – No thanx I hate ladies men, or men that believe they are a ladies man.
Sgt. Fideltin Rusk – Eh, on the fence with him.
Lord Scourge – Most Def. How could you not love having a Sith Warrior fight along side a Jedi Knight.

Aric Jorgan – Eh, on the fence
Elara Dorne – Nope, Not a fan of females
M1-4X – Only on Trooper, other than that, Quest is locked to PVP so No to others.
Tanno Vik – Forgot how many times I have killed him already
Sgt. Yuun – Really another I wanted to say NO too

Jedi Consular
Qyzen Fess – another I wanted to say NO too
Tharan Cedrax – Nope, Dont like him either.
Zenith – Undecided
Lt. Felix Iresso – On the fence
Nadia Grell – Noooooo

Corso Riggs – Undecided
Bowdaar – Depends on his quest
Risha – Eh, A maybe
Akaavi Spar – Sure why not, a BH hooked up with a Smuggler
Languss Tuno – Only for comic relief.

So there sits my list and my opinions on them. For the ones stuck behind the gated wall of PVP , well they can stay there. I am not jumping into level 50+ PVP to just get them. I do like PVP, but I won’t punish those that are in it to win it so to speak. I’ve seen all the hate rage that is going on in the PVP forums and chats when playing about the players that just stand there to get these Companions unlocked. Forcing us to play PVP when we don’t want too, is a little to much for me.

Overall Summary of Chapter X

Without spoiling it for those that have not played it. I will just say this, an hours worth of game play, with Trash mobs that you can’t bypass at all, dealing with a Companion that you really don’t want, and then are forced to take. Over all I give it a 1 outta 10 only cause of who the companion was.  I was happy to see the interaction with my Smuggler and Koth remained. I know some are saying Goodbye to him, but after spending time with him on the smuggler, I have come to actually like him now. I can’t wait to see how the romance thing will play out with him. But on the back end of this story I understand about Koth too. I have taken the time to work up my influence with him, heard what he was saying and everything before Chapter X hit yesterday. I guess in a way Koth is just like anyone else that is trying to protect their home. For him all of Zakuul is his home, the people matter to him. So yeah choices are going to matter when it comes to these new companions and all.


hk_55Now I was pleased to see that he was coming back, and I was excited. For his part alone, I would give it a 10 out of 10 all because well, it’s HK series, and well this time around you can decide what he is allowed to kill and what he isn’t. So this will be fun, and I was impressed that they gave us a Customization for him to use right away. I know many have complained about him being gated behind Chapter IX, but I think it is only fair since we only know of HK-51 early on during the earlier chapters of SW:ToR, so yeah, who knew how they decided to design an upgraded model of HK series unit. His personality is different from HK-51, but the comments are what make HK well HK. For the nay sayers that are complaining at the moment about him being locked to having to complete Chapter IX of the KotFE story. I’m sorry but I approve of how they put HK in this one. It was just like with HK-51 in the beginning. You could only unlock him through the story then it was added to Legacy perk, give it time, they may just add HK-55 there as well. Never really know with BioWare. Overall though I am happy with having HK-55 in my list for companions. Sad to see his memory core wouldn’t be the same, but alias can always make new memories with him as a side kick

It’s possible to

Level up

So I was over on Twitter today and seen this from the Old Republic.


Now me, I started a brand new Jedi Knight the other day and decided I was going to try and go at a slower pace. By that I mean doing Solo Flashpoints and Heroics that I haven’t done ever or did them in the past , and just never did them again. So I decided I was going to write a post about this since the servers are down at the moment for the usual maintenance that usually happens on Tuesdays. My newly created Jedi Knight is a Jedi Sentential with I believe watchman spec. Thanks to Vulkk for having his streams that I even wanted to try my hand at the Watchman spec for Jedi Sentential. So I spent the entire day playing this new Sent, on Coruscant and did most of the main missions along with story mission, also did all the Heroics, solo of course with my trust T7 at my side until I was forced to use Kira, I am not much of a fan with her because I just don’t like her. Her voice acting is one of those ones that I wanna rip the vocal cords out and etc. So I prefer to have T7 with me now. Course in the past it was Treek that I took with me all the time because of her epic healing abilities. Since 4.0 has went live and they changed how our companions are now, I don’t see the need to have Treek at my side all the time now. I still use her from time to time but not like I did in the past. She is and always will be the main companion for my Sith Inquisitor Daeqius because she was there from the door at level 10 when I was able to get her, and used her the most. But back to the story at hand. I decided I wanted to level up the long way, usually I do only story missions and forget everything else, so I arrive on Coruscant and take all the heroics, and do the Gree quest that you can do for the title. At the end of this starting main planet for her, she was leaving as a level 23, I believe. Next up was Taris, so they level sync’ed me down and I still walked away from the planet after all the main story arcs, the class missions and all the heroics at around 30 in my level. Before I left last night I used the famous “/played” to see how much time was used according to game time on them I did, it was sitting at 11 hours and 48 minutes of time played on that one character. So from level 1-31 I believe it took me almost 12 hours to get her up there. Now I’m on Nar Shaddaa and doing the same thing. Picking up heroics I missed in the past and said I would go back and do but never did. What I like the most about the leveling system is that if you only still do the class missions, and story arcs, you get decent XP and credits afterwards. With me, I decided I wanted to take the time and try to find a renewed interest in SW:ToR all the way around and I believe I found it this way. Plus with Heroics giving Common Data Crystals, and two pieces of gear it’s a great way for a new player to get what they need. The Relics are not bad, the implants and earpieces too, along with the other gear you get. I mean I really am enjoying this way to level up. It has also resparked an interest in my husband who stopped watching because it was the same old shit just a different character. He watched me go through the heroics, and different ways I did the class missions this time and it really sparked a good interest into him.

Life Day and Events

This month is all about events and celebrating Life Day, now for those of us that also have birthdays this month, along with Christmas, and New Years just gently knocking on our doors, it’s a great way for the community to have fun  too. Now ironically this years life day starts on my birthday to be exact. So  that’s a nice birthday gift from SW:ToR themselves. I celebrate my 38 years on this joyful planet we call “Earth” (Pun intended), But also today marks the start for the 4th Anniversary of SW:ToR as well. What an amazing feat this has been. So for those that do not know what current events are going on or will be going on, here is a snippet from the main website.


  • Dec 8 – Dec 15: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 8 – Jan 5: Log in for 4th Anniversary Rewards!
  • Dec 15 – Dec 22: The Rakghoul Plague
  • Dec 15 – Jan 5: Life Day
  • Dec 18 – Jan 1: Double XP
  • Dec 22 – Dec 29: Bounty Contract Week

For Life Day this year we have made a few changes to the rewards. All previously available rewards, including some items previously only available on the, are available for purchase with Snow-Covered Parcels from the Master of Ceremonies on each Faction’s Fleet. Additionally, we have a few new Cartel Market items in honor of Life Day and one of them might be a tank that shoots snowballs, seriously.


  • Dec 8: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 15: Rakghoul Resurgence
  • Dec 22: Death Mark
  • Dec 29: The Balance of Power

So there you have it in a nutshell all the goodies that are and will be going on for this month. Now me, well I don’t do conquests as I believe those are designed for Guilds, and since I still don’t join them anymore. I will just do what I normally do. I may take a few of my 65’s and try to build up my rep with the Gree , but other than that, I don’t normally do it. Anyways it’s time to load the launcher, update it, and go play for a few hours. Happy gaming Tuesday, and thanks for reading.


Just a little help

Knights of the Fallen Empire - Star Wars- The Old Republic 2015-10-19 03-46-22

Not a spoiler, but little well known fact.

I’ve decided that I would write this post for anyone that reads this blog and did not get early access to KotFE, as it was stated by Bioware themselves through their streams they do advise anyone that hasn’t finished their companion stories to do so, also to make sure you have everything set for your journey into the expansion, all because once you hit “Launch” there is no backing out. You must start the expansion. I won’t tell you what goes on through out the expansion because if you are like me, you want to start it with a spoiler free ride. Even though with all the leaked data-mined information that became available before the early release hit live on the streams. I was able to avoid all that information all because I did not look on twitter, dulfy , and or reddit to often when I wanted to know something about previous stories that we had done. I tend to avoid data-mined information for that sole purpose. I want to experience the story without spoilers, and I won’t be adding them at all for a good while. I will say this, once you start the story you really don’t want to stop and once you finish chapter 9 it does leave you wanting more. I feel 9 chapters was not a good start. I’m craving more and more at the moment, but alias I can go play other level 60’s now and get them up to 65 with ease. Hell I started listening to the companions I had and was instantly taken up to at least level 62 just by their stories and what not. So far I’ve used my 1 instant 60( He was made into a Sith Warrior (Juggernaut), a Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Sith Inquisitor, and thinking about starting with one my agents or whatever character I want, it’s totally unsure at this moment. But the most important advice I can give when this goes live tomorrow for everyone else is really just enjoy the game. Don’t let anyone ruin your star wars experience. It truly has become a better game with this latest expansion regardless of the nay-sayers and all. Now onto the next helpful topic


Shut off……………….

Right here and right now, shut off your general chat if you don’t want spoilers, because some in the community are heartless to other players that are just starting the first chapter, and will throw spoilers out left and right. And since we’ve had early access a whole week before the rest, well I won’t judge anyone that just didn’t subscribe during the summer. Most did not have the money, couldn’t be boggled down by the commitment, or well real life matters came up that they didn’t see the reason to renew a subscription,then there are the others that missed a reward by mere days and while Bioware did try to accommodate those that may have missed at least the 1st perk, Even though I was just mere hours late getting started I had to shut off general chat when I jumped into the chapters. I did not want anyone spoiling my start into the new stories. Even now that I’ve played through it. I still will not answer questions that pop up on my screen in whispers about it. I’m not going to be an asshole and spoil it for someone no matter how much they beg me. Now we all had the sneak peak into the first chapter that you will jump into via stream on Twitch with Eric, and at Twitch-con , but I’ve been asked what my answer was to “Did you kneel?” , my response to that question is well I’ll tell you in a blog post about it some time, and I’ll let you know in the far future. I may set up a thing here on the blog to see how many did kneel and did not kneel. But right now, I want the rest of the community to catch up and feel the impact of this story line. Now onto my final topic for this morning.


Have some damn fun playing this game 

Stop all the damn bickering about how this is the downfall of SW:ToR, while yes most are wanting end game content still and are whining on the forums and in chat about it. Give these guys some credit where credit is due. It was not easy to get the voice actors to act, nor was it easy to design at least 9 chapters for us to play, it was also not easy to build the worlds we have been given to play on. And for the love of all things in the Star Wars galaxy, stop crying about the stories. Past and present, and future. Seems most are only following along the lines of MMO and forget that there is an RPG at the end for this game. Right now Bioware has decided to focus on the RPG part of this game. Which for those that do not understand RPG it means Role playing game , if you were like me in the 90s and in 2000 with the launch of PlayStation (Original) not that small thing they called psone. But the bulky one and you played Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and so forth, then you understand the terms of RPG and how they work. Course even now for those that play Guild Wars , Guild Wars 2, Lord of the Rings, WOW and yes even the new Final Fantasy you are essentially playing a role playing game. Even those that play Star Trek Online you are playing an MMORPG, so your complaining is falling on deaf ears when you believe that the RPG part of these games should be erased, because let’s see, a break down of at least star wars without the RPG in it is just what.

  • PVP only
  • Group content that has no back story
  •  No lore or back story of each planet
  • Your classes would be mute and pointless
  • The list goes on and on

This is just a small list of what happens when you remove a story element from an RPG and make it strictly an MMO which seems to be what most are wanting. No stories, no involvement into creating back story or history (aka lore) into anything from planets, classes, and so forth. From what I’ve read on the forums and everything lately is most are upset about the PVP , endgame content, but what they have forgotten is to get new PVP worlds and new endgame content, one must have a back story (lore) to go with it in an RPG. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be upset about no new endgame content, Star Fighter, and PVP, it’s just give these guys time to create a story line to go with what we are now doing, and let it develop within from the writers. The writers are what I would call the Story tellers for the game , they are setting the scenes for us to play, and we act them out accordingly to each class and etc. So don’t get your pants in a tight spot because nothing new is here at the moment. Give these guys time to create, and let the graphic artists do what they do best. So before you throw out the infamous “Rage Quit” because of nothing new, just remember they dropped 9 wonderful chapters into our laps, and it will come in time, just right now, holiday season is coming up, the new star wars movies is set to be released in Dec. Just have a little patience and all good things will come to those that wait. Yes waiting suck, but alias we must wait to get new stuff handed to us. After all the bitching and whining has been exhausted, think back for a moment they just gave us access to a new content that could have easily cost us their normal fee of $19.99 plus taxes to access this content, even though few seem to believe that paying the $14.99 a month or how ever they pay for game time is still paying for the content. It’s free as long as you remain a subscriber to get the new chapters as they will be released, but right now you could drop your subscription and still have access to the 9 chapters once it’s live for everyone. So say next month you decide to drop your subscription, you still have access to 9 chapters. I see that as a win-win for everyone, because while we wait for the next set of chapters to be released you can play the previous ones, get ready at your own pace. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. It was a little longer then I intended, but ahhh, I had a few things going on in my head all at once, so if looks clustered, well welcome to my mind, it’s how my mind works!!