The Shadowrage Legacy

Now this is a new legacy all together. I’ve decided that I won’t be moving one of my lvl 50 legacies over, just to start out entire fresh. New Characters, New Legacy the whole works.

This legacy also sits on the Red Eclipse server. I took a fellow blogger/friends advice and decided to go at a lower level tier in PVP, and it’s working out nicely. I’ve made some new friends, found a guild that I could be recruited in just to see if they are a good fit for me, while we pvp our hearts content. So thanks for the advice you’ve given this noob PVP player “” and hope we can meet up on the RC one day and pvp ourselves silly

First up


Sith Warrior – Pureblood Sith- Male-

Name: Tsoiztar

Faction: Empire (Of Course)

More to come at a later date….