What is this page?



Ok so as most know that I’m a fellow SWTOR gamer from time to time, well this time I decided since I’ve had the game for over a month, and haven’t really gotten into it, that I’d make another blog for Guild Wars 2. Plus when you own your domain, you can add whatever you want for sub-domains and what not, and  then find a way to link them all together. Now I won’t be giving up my SWTOR Legacies Blog, but figured it was time for some new adventures. So I decided I would make yet another blog, and use stories about the Characters from that game as well. It’s an avid imagination that I have. So for now, I’ll be working on this when I’m not playing SWTOR and working on The Legacies in SWTOR.

So enjoy as I update, and try to maintain two blogs in one sitting. You’re welcomed to share it, and save it in your RSS reader. Thanks again for reading.